Slam Dunk

Vol.31 Ch.278 10 days after

Vol.01 Ch.001 Sakuragi-kun Vol.01 Ch.002 Rukawa Kaede Vol.01 Ch.003 Blood Vol.01 Ch.004 Gori Vol.01 Ch.005 For Love, I Will Win For Sure! Vol.01 Ch.006 Jam Vol.01 Ch.007 I'm Basketman Vol.01 Ch.008 Sakuragi Joins Vol.01 Ch.009 Basics are Important Vol.01 Ch.010 The Afternoon Without Patience Vol.01 Ch.011 White Hair Buddha Vol.02 Ch.010.5 Vol.02 Ch.012 Challenge With Real Power Vol.02 Ch.013 sky-walker Vol.02 Ch.014 new power generation Vol.02 Ch.015 one rainy day Vol.02 Ch.016 Skillful Guy Vol.02 Ch.017 Judo Man Vol.02 Ch.018 What I Am Vol.03 Ch.019 good gorilla humor* Vol.03 Ch.020 The Challenging Commoner's Shot Vol.03 Ch.021 That Kind of Feeling Vol.03 Ch.022 have to be cautious Vol.03 Ch.023 Not The Average Guy Vol.03 Ch.024 The Day Before Tomorrow Vol.03 Ch.025 Deadly Opponent Vol.04 Ch.026 The One Called The Secret Weapon Vol.04 Ch.027 Captain in High Vol.04 Ch.028 The Fiery of Ryonan Vol.04 Ch.029 Super High School Vol.04 Ch.030 Counter Attack Vol.04 Ch.031 Temptation Vol.04 Ch.032 Dangerous Person Vol.04 Ch.033 Heart's on Fire Vol.04 Ch.034 The Star Appears Vol.04 Ch.035 What Is This Guy Doing Vol.05 Ch.036 Taoka's Miscalculation Vol.05 Ch.037 When Gori's Not Here Vol.05 Ch.038 Rebound Vol.05 Ch.039 Rebound King's Troubles Vol.05 Ch.040 Wrong... Vol.05 Ch.041 Genius!! Vol.05 Ch.042 Those Eager To Be Victorious Will Never Stop Vol.05 Ch.043 Last 2 Minutes Vol.05 Ch.044 sendoh Vol.06 Ch.045 Unbelievable Vol.06 Ch.046 No Time Vol.06 Ch.047 Man of Victory Vol.06 Ch.048 Nothing to Lose Vol.06 Ch.049 "Basketball Shoes Vol.06 Ch.050 the one who came in late Vol.06 Ch.051 the problem child Vol.06 Ch.052 Scandal! Vol.06 Ch.053 A bad feeling Vol.07 Ch.054 You Are Really Annoying! Vol.07 Ch.055 punks Vol.07 Ch.056 shoes on Vol.07 Ch.057 so sticky Vol.07 Ch.058 the end of the basketball team Vol.07 Ch.059 Burst Vol.07 Ch.060 So What Vol.07 Ch.061 Righteous Friends Vol.07 Ch.062 Sakuragi's Regiment Vol.08 Ch.063 We Won't Come Again Vol.08 Ch.064 Mitsui Vol.08 Ch.065 Take of your Shoes Vol.08 Ch.066 MVP Vol.08 Ch.067 National Championship Vol.08 Ch.068 Mitsui Hisashi at Age 15 Vol.08 Ch.069 wish Vol.08 Ch.070 it doesn't hurt anymore Vol.08 Ch.071 basketball Vol.09 Ch.072 Start Vol.09 Ch.073 may 19th Vol.09 Ch.074 Team of Problematic Children Vol.09 Ch.075 Who Are Those Guys? Vol.09 Ch.076 Freethrow Vol.09 Ch.077 rookie sensation Vol.09 Ch.078 Proof to be a Genius Vol.09 Ch.079 Genius' Problems Vol.09 Ch.080 Genius' Problems 2 Vol.10 Ch.081 strong opponents Vol.10 Ch.082 Tip Off Vol.10 Ch.083 No. 1 Center Vol.10 Ch.084 Individual Play Vol.10 Ch.085 mismatch Vol.10 Ch.086 shoyo's miscalculation Vol.10 Ch.087 the first half ended Vol.10 Ch.088 Sakuragi King of Rebounds Vol.10 Ch.089 shoyo high's # 4 Vol.11 Ch.090 A Fujima-Led Shoyo Vol.11 Ch.091 60 Seconds Vol.11 Ch.092 Towards Victory Vol.11 Ch.093 Mitsui's Limit Break Vol.11 Ch.094 Damn Bastard Vol.11 Ch.095 4 Fouls Vol.11 Ch.096 Rookies Vol.11 Ch.097 Even Just a Fluke Vol.11 Ch.098 Today's Celebrity Vol.12 Ch.099 Challenging the Champion Vol.12 Ch.100 Central Players Vol.12 Ch.101 Full of Energy Vol.12 Ch.102 Run & Gun Vol.12 Ch.103 No Clue... No Clue at All Vol.12 Ch.104 The unplanned-for player Vol.12 Ch.105 The Tensai and the Pawn Vol.12 Ch.106 Rebound Sakuragi Vol.12 Ch.107 Keep Your Strength Vol.13 Ch.108 Rebound machine Vol.13 Ch.109 Accident Vol.13 Ch.110 Big Gorilla's Open Spot Vol.13 Ch.111 Gorilla's Little Brother Vol.13 Ch.112 Selfish Vol.13 Ch.113 unstoppable Vol.13 Ch.114 rule the game Vol.13 Ch.115 shohoku's ace Vol.13 Ch.116 Gori is back Vol.14 Ch.117 1, 2 Years Vol.14 Ch.118 Two Heroes Vol.14 Ch.119 The Best Vol.14 Ch.120 Silk Vol.14 Ch.121 Anzai's Strategy Vol.14 Ch.122 A Man Full of Energy Vol.14 Ch.123 Disgrace Vol.14 Ch.124 I Play to Win Vol.14 Ch.125 A Guy With Strong Endurance Vol.15 Ch.126 Maximum Strength Capacity Vol.15 Ch.127 Defeat Maki Vol.15 Ch.128 Don't Stain the Genius' Name (1) Vol.15 Ch.129 Don't Stain the Genius' Name (2) Vol.15 Ch.130 Heaven and Hell (1) Vol.15 Ch.131 Heaven and Hell (2) Vol.15 Ch.132 The Need to Climb Steep Cliffs Vol.15 Ch.133 Responsibility Problem Vol.15 Ch.134 Baldy's Revenge Vol.16 Ch.135 Center Mitsui Vol.16 Ch.136 Goal--Shoot Vol.16 Ch.137 3 Days Vol.16 Ch.138 Survival Game Vol.16 Ch.139 Ryonan's Challenge Vol.16 Ch.140 Special Plan Vol.16 Ch.141 Point Guard Vol.16 Ch.142 Fukuda's Secret Vol.16 Ch.143 Kainan's Tidal Rage Vol.17 Ch.144 The Road to the Nationals Vol.17 Ch.145 Showdown of the Superstars Vol.17 Ch.146 Just Work a Little Harder Vol.17 Ch.147 Sendoh's Scenario Vol.17 Ch.148 Old Man Vol.17 Ch.149 The Last Chair Vol.17 Ch.150 Shohoku and Ryonan Vol.17 Ch.151 Above the Rim Vol.17 Ch.152 Isolation Vol.18 Ch.153 Getting Around Vol.18 Ch.154 Gori's Sudden Change Vol.18 Ch.155 Howl of an Ape Vol.18 Ch.156 The Messed Up Two Vol.18 Ch.157 Humiliation 2 Vol.18 Ch.158 Terrible Predictions Vol.18 Ch.159 Praise Me Vol.18 Ch.160 Experience Vol.18 Ch.161 Losing Vol.19 Ch.162 2nd Half Vol.19 Ch.163 The Disappointing First Half Vol.19 Ch.164 Ace Vol.19 Ch.165 Patience Vol.19 Ch.166 No Regrets Vol.19 Ch.167 Fine Play Vol.19 Ch.168 Taoko's Dream Vol.19 Ch.169 Rebound King, Sakuragi Vol.19 Ch.170 Cry of the Victor Vol.20 Ch.171 You All Are Very Strong Vol.20 Ch.172 The Big King's Return Vol.20 Ch.173 Concentration Vol.20 Ch.174 Blue Color Vol.20 Ch.175 Main Strength Vol.20 Ch.176 Uneasy Factor Vol.20 Ch.177 Scoring Machine Vol.20 Ch.178 Sendoh on Fire Vol.20 Ch.179 Shohoku's on Collapse Vol.21 Ch.180 Mitsui's Regret Vol.21 Ch.181 Newbie Sakuragi Vol.21 Ch.182 Newbie Sakuragi 2 Vol.21 Ch.183 Megane-Kun Vol.21 Ch.184 Victory? Vol.21 Ch.185 The Nationals Vol.21 Ch.186 Aichi's star Vol.21 Ch.187 The Freshman Vol.21 Ch.188 Hikoichi, Returns to Osaka Vol.22 Ch.189 The Nation of Basketball Vol.22 Ch.190 Japan #1 Senior High Student Vol.22 Ch.191 1 on 1 Vol.22 Ch.192 1st Round Vol.22 Ch.193 Threat to the Nationals Vol.22 Ch.194 Traning Vol.22 Ch.195 Traning 2 Vol.22 Ch.196 Traning 3 Vol.22 Ch.197 Basketball Shoes (Brand-New) Vol.23 Ch.198 Shinkansen Vol.23 Ch.199 Night Before The First Game Vol.23 Ch.200 A-Ranked Toyotoma, C-Ranked Shohoku Vol.23 Ch.201 A-Rank VS. C-Rank Vol.23 Ch.202 A Mad Genius Vol.23 Ch.203 Gorilla in His Best Shape Vol.23 Ch.204 Jump Shoot Vol.23 Ch.205 The Mysterious Ace Killer Vol.23 Ch.206 We Are Too Naive Vol.24 Ch.207 Face to Face Vol.24 Ch.208 Ace's Proof Vol.24 Ch.209 Shooting Training Vol.24 Ch.210 Shohoku Yakalıyor Vol.24 Ch.211 Split on the Inside Vol.24 Ch.212 For Victory Vol.24 Ch.213 Ace Killer's End Vol.24 Ch.214 The Desire for Winning Vol.24 Ch.215 Sannoh Vol.25 Ch.216 King Vol.25 Ch.217 Morning Tensai Vol.25 Ch.218 Shohoku's Thorough Inspection Vol.25 Ch.219 Strong Team on Stage Vol.25 Ch.220 The Night Before the Battle Vol.25 Ch.221 Hurry and See Sannoh Vol.25 Ch.222 The Biggest Challenge Vol.25 Ch.223 Ambush Vol.25 Ch.224 Tensai? Vol.26 Ch.225 Smooth Shooter Vol.26 Ch.226 Extraordinary Play Vol.26 Ch.227 Just Like I Planned Vol.26 Ch.228 Pride Vol.26 Ch.229 Big Man Vol.26 Ch.230 Area Battles Vol.26 Ch.231 Battle of Power Vol.26 Ch.232 Sayonara Meatball Vol.26 Ch.233 Wild and Tumulthous Second Half Vol.27 Ch.234 Shohoku in Trouble Vol.27 Ch.235 Full Court Trap Vol.27 Ch.236 Speedster Vol.27 Ch.237 The Man Vol.27 Ch.238 In the Middle Vol.27 Ch.239 Big and Skilled Vol.27 Ch.240 Bullheaded and Confused Shohoku Vol.27 Ch.241 4 Points Vol.27 Ch.242 The Last Blow Vol.28 Ch.243 O.R. (Offensive Rebound) Vol.28 Ch.244 Heart of Team Vol.28 Ch.245 Overcome the Doubt in Your Heart Vol.28 Ch.246 The Captain's Decision Vol.28 Ch.247 Never Give Up Vol.28 Ch.248 Those 2 Years Vol.28 Ch.249 Trust Vol.28 Ch.250 4 Points Vol.28 Ch.251 So Arrogant Vol.29 Ch.252 Prodigy Vol.29 Ch.253 The Counter Attack of Ace Sawakita Vol.29 Ch.254 Super Ace Vol.29 Ch.255 Sawakita Vol.29 Ch.256 Challenge Vol.29 Ch.257 Challenge 2 Vol.29 Ch.258 Setup Vol.29 Ch.259 Setup 2 Vol.29 Ch.260 Revenge is a Must Vol.30 Ch.261 Swish Vol.30 Ch.262 1 Versus 2 Vol.30 Ch.263 Making Sense Vol.30 Ch.264 The Savior Vol.30 Ch.265 In Command Vol.30 Ch.266 Starting Point Vol.30 Ch.267 Players Life Vol.30 Ch.268 Strongest Sannoh!! Vol.30 Ch.269 Genius's Short Life Vol.31 Ch.270 The Time of Glory Vol.31 Ch.271 Decisive Moment Shohoku Vol.31 Ch.272 Defend Till Death Vol.31 Ch.273 Fight Till Death Vol.31 Ch.274 5 Against 4 Vol.31 Ch.275 And One Vol.31 Ch.276 Shohoku High School Team Basketball Vol.31 Ch.276.5 Vol.31 Ch.277 FANBOOK&COLORBOOK Vol.31 Ch.278 10 days after
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