Shounan Junai Gumi

Ch.267 Finale Goodbye, Shonan

Ch.001.1 Summer of Lover's Dream - Yoron Shima Island Part 1 Ch.001.2 Read Online Ch.002 Summer of Lover's Dream - Yoron Shima Island Part 2 Ch.003 Wild Vigorous NEW FACE Ch.004 Awakened Blond Wolf Ch.005 OVER HEAT NIGHT! Ch.006 Goodbye! My Youth Ch.007 Onibaku Legend! Ch.008 All-female School Bazaar! Ch.009 Dangerous Love Ch.010 Street Fighters Ch.011 Arrogant Wolf Ch.012 Yokohama Gig Night!! Ch.013 Different Person, Different X-mas Ch.014 I Need You Ch.015 Take Me Skiing! Ch.016 X-mas Eve Part 1 Ch.017 X-mas Eve Part 2 Ch.018 Transfer Student Ch.019 The Three Requirements Ch.020 Valentine's Day Car Exhibition Ch.021 Dead End Ch.022 Doomed Fate Ch.023 Last Resort Ch.024 Unexpected Outcome! Ch.025 Dangerous Sign Ch.026 Hunt Onibaku! Ch.027 The Duel Starts! Ch.028 The Battle of Teki High! Ch.029 No Mercy! Ch.030 Retaliation! Ch.031 Declaration of the Winner! Ch.032 Comedy "Public Bath" Ch.033 Shounan Love Story 1 "The Picture in the Wallet" Ch.034 Shounan Love Story 2 "You Don't Know Just How Much I Like You" Ch.035 Shounan Love Story 3 "It's All for You" Ch.036 Shounan Love Story 4 "Longing Heart" Ch.037 Shounan Love Story 5 "You're My Everlasting Memory" Ch.038 Shounan Love Story 6 "Thank You, Sakai" Ch.039 Kaoru's Secret Ch.040 To See You Again Ch.041 After the Fair Ch.042 A Man Named Shindouji Fumiya Ch.043 Born Violent Ch.044 WHy Do You Have to Marry Someone Else!? Ch.045 Two Onibaku Ch.046 DEAD END Ch.047 Can't Be Stopped!! Ch.048 My Friends Ch.049 Midnight Carnival 1 Ch.050 Midnight Carnival 2 Ch.051 SAYONARA Ch.052 What I Could Do for You Ch.053 And... Ch.054 Ookubo Ch.055 No Turning Back Ch.056 Revisited Ch.057 Can't Tell that Guy Ch.058 Onibaku Disbanded! Ch.059 I Won't Forgive Him Ch.060 Dangerous Gamble Ch.061 Can' Return to that Time Anymore Ch.062 Bye Bye Eikichi Ch.063 War War War (1) Ch.064 War War War (2) Ch.065 War War War (3) Ch.066 For the Time We Have Together Ch.067 I Love You Ch.068 Farewell Ch.069 There's Always Tomorrow Ch.070 Legendary Hero Tsukai Ch.071 BABY! RUN! (1) Ch.072 BABY! RUN! (2) Ch.073 BABY! RUN! (3) Ch.074 Got a Problem!? Ch.075 Premonition of Spring!? Ch.076 Nanno, Nanno!? Ch.077 The Secret of Minamino Yoko Ch.078 I Lost! Ch.079 Problematic Guy Ch.080 First Day in School Ch.081 Taking the Nation Ch.082 Old Friend Ch.083 Shinomi Fujisaki Ch.084 What I Was, What I've Become Ch.085 I Love You Ch.086 Love Game Ch.087 Love Is Over Ch.088 Unstoppable Love Ch.089 Taking Responsibility Ch.090 Declaration Ch.091 A Dangerous Summer Ch.092 The Beginning of a Very Long Summer 1 Ch.093 The Beginning of a Very Long Summer 2 Ch.094 Premonitions Ch.095 Return of Midnight Angel?! Ch.096 Tattoo Girl Ch.097 Yasha (The Female Demon) Ch.098 To Be Continued Ch.099 Saturday Midnight Part 1 Ch.100 Saturday Midnight (Part 2) Ch.101 Saturday Midnight (3) Ch.102 Saturday Midnight (4) Ch.103 Saturday Midnight (5) Ch.104 Angels and Demons (1) Ch.105 Angels and Demons (2) Ch.106 Nanno Returns Ch.107 Friends of Makoto Ch.108 Kiyoma the Psychic Ch.109 Read Online Ch.110 Read Online Ch.111 Read Online Ch.112 Read Online Ch.113 Read Online Ch.114 Read Online Ch.115 Read Online Ch.116 Read Online Ch.117 The Massacre Game Ch.118 New Enoshima Gate (1) Ch.119 Ch.120 Ch.121 The legendary coat Ch.122 A warrior in the night Ch.123 Midnight Angel Ch.124 Showdown Night Ch.125 Shonan War Ch.126.1 Ch.126.2 Legend of the ZII Ch.127 The Long Long Summer Nears Its Finish (Part 1) Ch.128.1 The Long Long Summer Nears Its Finish (Part 2) Ch.128.2 The Long Long Summer Nears Its Finish (Part 2) Ch.129.1 Endless Summer Ch.129.2 Endless Summer Ch.130.1 My Wonderful 400CC (Part 1) Ch.130.2 My Wonderful 400CC (Part 1) Ch.131.1 My Wonderful 400CC (Part 2) Ch.131.2 My Wonderful 400CC (Part 2) Ch.132.1 Blue Light Yokohama Ch.132.2 Blue Light Yokohama Ch.133.1 Memories of Natsu Ch.133.2 Memories of Natsu Ch.134.1 Young Runaways Ch.134.2 Young Runaways Ch.135 Night of the Young Lovers Ch.136 The Hardcore Lawless Demon Gig Ch.137 Reunion Ch.138 The Wrath of Natsu Ch.139 The Death Demon Contract (Part 1) Ch.140 The Death Demon Contract (Part 2) Ch.141 Connections from the Past Ch.142 End of Oni-Baku? Ch.143 Boys Be Ambitious Ch.144 Read Online Ch.145 Read Online Ch.146 Read Online Ch.147 Read Online Ch.148 Read Online Ch.149 Read Online Ch.150 Read Online Ch.151 Setting the Trap... Ch.152 Friends and Dreams (Part 1) Ch.153 Friends and Dreams (Part 2) Ch.154 Stand by Me Ch.155 Good luck Kamata Ch.156 Life after Kamata Ch.157 Kiwamezawa's secret Ch.158 Duel Ch.159 The Heart Has It's Reasons... Ch.160 Warrior Who Came From The North (1) Ch.161 Warrior Who Came From The North (Part 2) Ch.162 Promise Under The Moon Ch.163 Become Strong Ch.164 Hundred Demons Of Shonan Ch.165 The City Where A Demon Lives Ch.166 Home Sweet Home Ch.167 The Demon's True Identity Ch.168 The Man On GPZ-900R Ch.169 In The Name Of Yagyo Atsuki Ch.170 Land Without A Legend Ch.171 Granddad's Gift... Ch.172 The Worth Of A Man Ch.173 Pink Elephant Ch.174 Cool!! Ch.175 It's Decided!! Ch.176 What It Takes Ch.177 Fight!!! Ch.178 Rising Storm Ch.179 Bloodstained Friendship Ch.180 Slow Love Ch.181 Enoshima Line Theater Ch.182 Rassionate Blast Serenade Ch.183 Cinderella Dream Ch.184 An Important Promise Ch.185 Creeping Shadow Ch.186 What It Means to Be a Man Ch.187 I'll Be Back Ch.188 The One From Juvie Ch.189 Yokosuka L-Club Ch.190 Under 1 Roof Ch.191 His Feelings, Signs Of Winter Ch.192 Dead End Junkie Ch.193 DoA Ch.194 DoA Drag Star Ch.195 No Effect?! Ch.196 Convenience Store Springtide Ch.197 Brother Ch.198 Yesterday's Woman, Today's Woman Ch.199 Room Ch.200 My Sweet Home Ch.201 Seisho Speed King 1 Ch.202 Seisho Speed King 2 Ch.203 Seisho Speed King 3 Ch.204 Seisho Speed king 4 Ch.205 Seisho Speed king 5 Ch.206 Egg Club, Chick Club Ch.207 Give Me Body Ch.208 On Nights You Fall in Love Ch.209 To My Son Ch.210 Sand Ship Ch.211 Run, Run Baby!! Ch.212 The Great Part-Time Plan Ch.213 The Strangest Part-Time Job Ch.214 The Man Who Came From the Sea Ch.215 Today's Neighbour Ch.216 Judo Paradise Ch.217 The Woman in the Red Stingray Ch.218 The Woman With the Blue Eyes Ch.219 The Legendary Board Ch.220 The Board Where Neptune Dwells Ch.221 Blonde Alisa Ch.222 Daybreak Rendezvous Ch.223 Unwaking Dream Ch.224 An Impossible Courtship Ch.225.1 Just Like My Brother Ch.225.2 Terror!!! The Delivery Video Man Ch.226 The Ouija Murder 1 Ch.227 The Ouija Murder 2 Ch.228 Unkind Adolescence Ch.229 Chateau De Riverside Ch.230 John Q. Darkness Ch.231 Fight!! The Night Vision Battle Ch.232 The Mouth of Truth Ch.233 Holes, Women, Men, Tears Ch.234 The Girl Two Doors Down Ch.235 Mary's Stomach Ch.236 45 Minutes to Her Back Ch.237 Diving in Love Ch.238 The Emperor Of Rochambeau Ch.239 Cross Ch.240 Last Signal 1 Ch.241 Last Signal 2 Ch.242 Tomorrow Ch.243 Spring Is a Lonely Season Ch.244 Phone Call From Space Ch.245 Eikichi Non-Stop Ch.246 Countdown to the Big loss Ch.247 A Girlfriend Appears! Ch.248 Please Save Me Ch.249 Serious for the First Time Ch.250 It's a Secret Ch.251 Her Confession Ch.252 Departure Ch.253 Yokosuka Kyoko Ch.254 My Graduation Ceremony Ch.255 Her Feelings Ch.256 For You... ♡ Ch.257 We Rarely Meet, So... Ch.258 P.S. I Love You Ch.259 A Good Person Ch.260 My Neighbour Hinagata Ch.261 Mission Impossible Ch.262 The Shonan War Erupts Ch.263 A New Legend?! Ch.264 Our Path Ch.265 Final Choice Ch.266 An Old Score Ch.267 Finale Goodbye, Shonan
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