Nana to Kaoru: Black Label

Vol.05 Ch.045 Last Summer Holiday

Vol.01 Ch.001 My Summer Vacation Vol.01 Ch.002 Let's Spend the Night in the Country Vol.01 Ch.003 Go by Train! Vol.01 Ch.004 How About Pierced Nipples? Vol.01 Ch.005 Consent to Being Tied Vol.01 Ch.006 I Don't Need Supper Vol.01 Ch.007 Gilgamesh "SM" Night Vol.01 Ch.008 Serious Talk Among Teens and Fifty-Somethings Vol.01 Ch.009 The Beasts That Shouted Love at the Edge of Japan Vol.02 Ch.010 Between Calmness and Passion Vol.02 Ch.011 JUON -The Grudge- Vol.02 Ch.012 JUON 2 - The Grudge 2 - Vol.02 Ch.013 There's No Way Playing in the River Is This Much Fun Vol.02 Ch.014 Coming Up on 11 PM (The 2nd Day) Vol.02 Ch.015 Tachibana’s Room Vol.02 Ch.016 Rope Talk! Vol.02 Ch.017 Rope Talk! Vol.02 Ch.018 Professional ~ The Way of a Tie ~ Vol.03 Ch.019 Tie and Persevere! Vol.03 Ch.020 Lively Bashful Beauty in the Morning Vol.03 Ch.021 Mitsuko Tachibana's ?? Stories Vol.03 Ch.022 Sarashina-Tachibana Hour, Is It Okay to Laugh? Vol.03 Ch.023 Nanakao and the Cute Adults, Burning Up! Vol.03 Ch.024 Partner Vol.03 Ch.025 Summertime Dance Blues Vol.03 Ch.026 Super Touch Me Vol.03 Ch.027 Fireworks Vol.04 Ch.028 The Man and Woman Who Leapt Through Time Vol.04 Ch.029 Runnin Up Hills-In The Dark Vol.04 Ch.030 Confession Vol.04 Ch.031 Only Yesterday Vol.04 Ch.032 Weathering a Typhoon Vol.04 Ch.033 It's Time for a Storm! Vol.04 Ch.034 The Kaoru Thing Or I Can't Believe You Would Tie Nana Up Vol.04 Ch.035 Get Ropes Vol.04 Ch.036 A Noisy Night with Nana and Kaoru Vol.05 Ch.037 Be My Dom Vol.05 Ch.038 From the Heavens! A Bondage Legend Vol.05 Ch.039 Even So, the Depths Remain Dark Vol.05 Ch.040 Chigusa Nana in the Mirror Vol.05 Ch.041 Nana & Kaoru in the Dark Vol.05 Ch.042 Hangover! Vol.05 Ch.043 Nana and Kaoru's Binding Palace Vol.05 Ch.044 Our Four Day Battle Vol.05 Ch.045 Last Summer Holiday
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Caution to under-aged viewers: The series Nana to Kaoru: Black Label contain themes or scenes that may not be suitable for very young readers thus is blocked for their protection. If you are 18 and above, Please click here to continue reading.


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