Love Junkies

Vol.10 Ch.077 Separation

Vol.01 Ch.001 A Mischievous Insurance Agent Vol.01 Ch.002 The Invincible Student Part 1 Vol.01 Ch.003 The Invincible Student Part 2 Vol.01 Ch.004 The Trap Of The New Secretary Vol.01 Ch.005 Modeling for Scandal Vol.01 Ch.006 The Mysterious Woman Vol.01 Ch.007 Stop that university girl Vol.01 Ch.008 Ai-chan in Tokyo Vol.01 Ch.009 Ai-chan's Syndrome Vol.01 Ch.010 Be Careful with The Packed Trains Vol.02 Ch.011 Let's Get the Criminal! Vol.02 Ch.012 Do You Like Your Beautiful Boss? Vol.02 Ch.013 Be My Baby Vol.02 Ch.014 Kei Vol.02 Ch.015 The Bra-less Girl Attack! Vol.02 Ch.016 Secrets in the Dark Vol.02 Ch.017 Taste Of A Love Hamburger!? Vol.02 Ch.018 The Day Eitaro Gets A Girlfriend Vol.02 Ch.019 The Ultimate Dessert Part 1 Vol.02 Ch.019.5 Omake - And Suddenly Her Vol.03 Ch.020 The Ultimate Dessert Part 2 Vol.03 Ch.021 Lover From Fukuoka Vol.03 Ch.022 I Will Protect You Vol.03 Ch.023 Boyfriend-Girlfriend's Moment Vol.03 Ch.024 Kimono's Vals Vol.03 Ch.025 Problems With The Kimono Vol.03 Ch.026 Saturday's Decisive Battle Vol.04 Ch.027 The Maiden's Mission Vol.04 Ch.028 Heaven and Hell Vol.04 Ch.029 Deadly Drive Vol.04 Ch.030 Love's Accelerator Vol.04 Ch.031 Trouble At The Year's End Vol.04 Ch.032 You Should Be More Docile Vol.04 Ch.033 Chocolate Vol.05 Ch.034 Maiko's Chance Vol.05 Ch.035 What's Love? Vol.05 Ch.036 How a man and a woman end up? Vol.05 Ch.037 Date Under The Sakura Trees Vol.05 Ch.038 At Last Vol.05 Ch.039 A Tempestuous Party Vol.05 Ch.040 Karaoke's Hot Battle Vol.05 Ch.041 It All Started In A Laundromat Vol.05 Ch.042 Nobody stop the apple Vol.06 Ch.043 Inopportune People Vol.06 Ch.044 You Always Involve Me In Scandals Vol.06 Ch.045 Let's Play In The Pool Vol.06 Ch.046 Forgive Me Vol.06 Ch.047 An Unhappy Wedding Vol.06 Ch.048 And We Will Broadcast It Later Vol.06 Ch.049 Is This Infidelity? Vol.06 Ch.050 True Love Vol.06 Ch.050.5 Omake - Splash Island Vol.07 Ch.051 Proof of Love Vol.07 Ch.052 It Doesn't Matter That There Is Love? Vol.07 Ch.053 Long Time No See Vol.07 Ch.054 A woman's heart is complicated Vol.07 Ch.055 I Screwed Up Vol.07 Ch.056 Wash Up! Vol.08 Ch.057 Your True Name Vol.08 Ch.058 Eitaro-maniac Vol.08 Ch.059 And When I Couldn't Stop Myself From Going Crazy Vol.08 Ch.060 Come and Play with Us Vol.08 Ch.061 Double Danger Vol.08 Ch.062 Punishment Vol.08 Ch.063 What I Was Always Looking For Vol.08 Ch.064 It's Tonight or Never, Baby! Vol.09 Ch.065 The Duel Vol.09 Ch.066 Yamazaki Returns Vol.09 Ch.067 A Tough Life Vol.09 Ch.068 Miho's Twin Sister!? Vol.09 Ch.069 Hospitalization? Vol.09 Ch.070 The Private Nurse Vol.09 Ch.071 Their True Feelings Vol.09 Ch.072 I Wanna See You... Vol.10 Ch.073 Stay Away Vol.10 Ch.074 Sunk in Pleasure Vol.10 Ch.075 Look Only at Me Vol.10 Ch.076 Mismatched Hearts Vol.10 Ch.077 Separation
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Caution to under-aged viewers: The series Love Junkies contain themes or scenes that may not be suitable for very young readers thus is blocked for their protection. If you are 18 and above, Please click here to continue reading.


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