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Vol.05 Ch.033 Stay Strong, Dduckchil!

Vol.01 Ch.001 My way of life Vol.01 Ch.002 Boy meets girl Vol.01 Ch.003 How in the world! Vol.01 Ch.004 Coward Vol.01 Ch.005 Toubled Shingi Vol.01 Ch.006 Should I protect her or not? Vol.02 Ch.007 What did I do... Vol.02 Ch.008 Troubled Youth Vol.02 Ch.009 Emergency, Kang Shingi Vol.02 Ch.010 Go until the end! Vol.02 Ch.011 Goddess of Ipchae Tech High Vol.02 Ch.012 Fluttering Skirt Vol.03 Ch.013 Trouble! Discovered! Run! Vol.03 Ch.014 Thrown away Trash, Collected Resources Vol.03 Ch.015 Shingi's Day of Peace? Vol.03 Ch.016 Who's Michael? Vol.03 Ch.017 Beauties and the Perverts Vol.03 Ch.018 Man of Night Life Vol.03 Ch.019 Horror of a Rainy Day Vol.03 Ch.020 Delivery Will Continue Vol.04 Ch.021 Crazy in the Night Vol.04 Ch.022 Mourning In The Basement Vol.04 Ch.023 You're My Destiny Vol.04 Ch.024 Little Girl, Wake Up From Your Dream! Vol.04 Ch.025 Prelude To Love And Vengeance Vol.04 Ch.026 Hot! Hot! Hot! Vol.04 Ch.027 Getting Out of Habit Just Might Kill You Vol.05 Ch.028 Before the Storm Vol.05 Ch.029 Side Story Vol.05 Ch.030 Approaching Nightmares Vol.05 Ch.031 Love in the Rain Vol.05 Ch.032 Between Strong and Weak Vol.05 Ch.033 Stay Strong, Dduckchil! Vol.05 Ch.034 D-Day Vol.05 Ch.035 Shattering Reality Vol.06 Ch.036 True Woman Vol.06 Ch.037 Approaching Darkness Vol.06 Ch.038 Transfer Student Jang-hyun Vol.06 Ch.039 Good Boy Vol.06 Ch.040 Start of Temptation Vol.06 Ch.041 Crumbled Dignity Vol.06 Ch.042 Trap Vol.06 Ch.043 Falling Down The Cliff! Vol.06 Ch.044 Niki Gangsters Vol.07 Ch.045 Father's Advice Vol.07 Ch.046 Shin-Gi - Michael Union Vol.07 Ch.047 Ultimate Stalking Vol.07 Ch.048 Jang Hyun's Nightmare Vol.07 Ch.049 Uncovered Shin-gi? Vol.07 Ch.050 Two Retested Vol.07 Ch.051 Disappeared Um Seung-hui Vol.07 Ch.052 Unfair Challenge Vol.07 Ch.053 Jang Hyun's Revenge Vol.08 Ch.054 Ddukchil Collapses! Vol.08 Ch.055 Kang Shin-gi vs Niki Vol.08 Ch.056 Niki's Identity Vol.08 Ch.057 Kang Shingi, Utterly Destroyed Vol.08 Ch.058 In 3 days... Vol.08 Ch.059 D-DAY Vol.08 Ch.060 Kang Shingi's Punch Vol.08 Ch.061 Ddukchil's Funeral Vol.09 Ch.062 Hey! It's Summer! Vol.09 Ch.063 Kang Shingi's Humiliation Vol.09 Ch.064 Who's the Coalition President? Vol.09 Ch.065 Fanta's Insult Vol.09 Ch.066 Three--Dimensional Horror Vol.09 Ch.067 Fun At Ip-Chae High School Vol.09 Ch.068 Drop-out Student Kim Dukchil Vol.09 Ch.069 Results of the Exam... Vol.10 Ch.070 Set for Inchon Terminal! Vol.10 Ch.071 CRUISE BEGINS! Vol.10 Ch.072 Queen Of Charisma Vol.10 Ch.073 Read Online Vol.10 Ch.074 To The Hidden Camera World... Vol.10 Ch.075 Secret Of The 8th Island Vol.10 Ch.076 Adventure Begins Vol.10 Ch.077 Landing On The 8th Island Vol.11 Ch.078 Midnight Rollercoaster Vol.11 Ch.079 To Hell... Vol.11 Ch.080 Shingi And Seung Hui Meet Again Vol.11 Ch.081 Photo's Secret Vol.11 Ch.082 Greedy Scene Vol.11 Ch.083 Dance Of Tears Vol.11 Ch.084 You've Got A Friend Vol.11 Ch.085 Time Of Confession Vol.11 Ch.086 Dreams Come True!
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