Zhiran Chenghun

Ch.065.1 Special Chapter

Ch.001 Ch.002 The Troublesome Belt Ch.003 Ch.004 Wet Body Ch.005 Going Home Ch.006 Encountering That Man Again? Ch.007 Awkward Incident Ch.008 Forced.. Kiss? Ch.009 Turn Tail and Run Ch.010 Midnight Talk Between Uncle & Nephew Ch.011 Uncle Ch.012 He's My Teacher?.. Ch.013 Skipping Class? To Meet Elders Ch.014 Intrigue? Underhanded Means Ch.015 A Broad Arm & A Mop Ch.016 Challenge and Loss Ch.017 Not A Night Attack Ch.018 His Woman Ch.019 Break-Up Free Ch.020 Another Misfortune Ch.021 An Honest Man Doesn't Do Anything Underhand Ch.022 He Saved Me Ch.023 Bandaged the Wound Ch.024 Don't Think You Can Have An Affair! Ch.025 We're Living Together? Ch.026 Started Living Together Ch.027 Making an Appointment Ch.028 Sudden Power Outage Ch.029 Are You Afraid? Ch.030 Except For Me Ch.031 Thank You Ch.032 The CEO Does Laundry Ch.033 There's Still A Lot of Time Ch.034 You Shameless Person! Ch.035 This Is A Heartless Place With Nothing But Schemes! Ch.036 Help!! Ch.037 Run And Escape!! Ch.038 Let's Go Back Home Ch.039 Hall and Kitchen Ch.040 Living Room and Kitchen Ch.041 I... I'm Not NanNan Ch.042 Let's Eat Together Ch.043 Encounter at the Dinner Party Ch.044 Wine Was Poured for Me Ch.045 Kissed the Prince Ch.046 Do I Like Him? Ch.047 Sleep Well Ch.048  Who Is His Honey?! Ch.049 Do You Remember Or Not! Ch.050 Kissing Again to Make It Even Ch.051 Pursuer Appears! Ch.052 The Pestering School Hunk Ch.053 Master Lu, What Do You Want? Ch.054 Lu Muqing Has A Child?! Ch.055 Bringing Baby Home Ch.056 Promise Me A Wish Ch.057 Save Me! Ch.058 Even You Don't Believe Me Ch.059 Conversation That Shouldn't Be Heard Ch.060 Shouldn't Have Listened to the Details Ch.061 not translated yet Ch.062 Working as a KTV Princess? Ch.063 Lending a Helping Hand Ch.064 Closeness Ch.065 Playing with Fire Ch.065.1 Special Chapter
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