Vol.07 Ch.078 Setup

Vol.01 Ch.001 Jin Vol.01 Ch.002 Ordinary Life Vol.01 Ch.003 A Violent Rescue Vol.01 Ch.004 Awaken Vol.01 Ch.005 Doctor Kanzaki Vol.01 Ch.006 Raw Emotion Vol.01 Ch.007 Sweeper Vol.01 Ch.008 Warmth Vol.01 Ch.009 Eve Vol.01 Ch.010 Accident Vol.01 Ch.011 Dissapointment Vol.01 Ch.012 Hope Vol.02 Ch.013 Konoha Vol.02 Ch.014 From the Sky Vol.02 Ch.015 Future Dreams Vol.02 Ch.016 Secret Mobilization Vol.02 Ch.017 Inside the Crimson Lotus Flower Vol.02 Ch.018 Concerning Hell Vol.02 Ch.019 Confrontation Vol.02 Ch.020 Difference Vol.02 Ch.021 Hero Vol.02 Ch.022 Light and Dark Vol.02 Ch.023 A Good Day Vol.02 Ch.024 Incomplete Vol.02 Ch.025 Memory Display Vol.02 Ch.026 Three Stages Vol.03 Ch.027 Silent Anger Vol.03 Ch.028 After That Vol.03 Ch.029 99.25% Vol.03 Ch.030 New Morning Vol.03 Ch.031 Amagi Family Vol.03 Ch.032 Kouga Vol.03 Ch.033 Brother Vol.03 Ch.034 Mod that Won't Improve Vol.03 Ch.035 Trial Vol.03 Ch.036 Failure Vol.03 Ch.037 Same as Humans Vol.03 Ch.038 This Time for Sure Vol.03 Ch.039 Lonely Heart Vol.03 Ch.040 Smile Vol.04 Ch.041 Party Vol.04 Ch.042 The Next Room Vol.04 Ch.043 Shaken Warrior Vol.04 Ch.044 Orgy Vol.04 Ch.045 Cleanly at the End Vol.04 Ch.046 The Prattle of Evil Vol.04 Ch.047 Demise Vol.04 Ch.048 Transformation Vol.04 Ch.049 Heartless Person Vol.04 Ch.050 Answer Vol.04 Ch.051 Evil's True Face Vol.05 Ch.052 N-E-T Vol.05 Ch.053 Jirou Vol.05 Ch.054 16 Years of Darkness Vol.05 Ch.055 Boundary of Sin Vol.05 Ch.056 Superhuman Vol.05 Ch.057 Insect Possession Vol.05 Ch.058 Escape Vol.05 Ch.059 Abyss of Death Vol.05 Ch.060 Resuscitation Vol.06 Ch.061 The Fallen Vol.06 Ch.062 The Start Vol.06 Ch.063 Therapy for the Heart Vol.06 Ch.064 Problem Child Vol.06 Ch.065 Removal Vol.06 Ch.066 Unfortunate Vol.06 Ch.067 Urgent Situation Vol.06 Ch.068 Reason to Live Vol.06 Ch.069 Unusual Figures Vol.06 Ch.070 Pestilence Vol.07 Ch.071 Faint Affection Vol.07 Ch.072 Side Effect Vol.07 Ch.073 For the Sake of Others Vol.07 Ch.074 To the Forbidden place Vol.07 Ch.075 The Light of Hope Vol.07 Ch.076 Life with a Mission Vol.07 Ch.077 Tears Vol.07 Ch.078 Setup Vol.07 Ch.079 Sincerity Vol.07 Ch.080 The Shattered Future Vol.08 Ch.081 Mission Vol.08 Ch.082 While Dying Vol.08 Ch.083 Long Shot Vol.08 Ch.084 The Choice Vol.08 Ch.085 Alfasz Vol.08 Ch.086 The Only One Vol.08 Ch.087 Lost and Found Vol.08 Ch.088 Magic Medicine Vol.08 Ch.089 That's Just... Vol.08 Ch.090 Fighting with Shadows Vol.08 Ch.091 Fear Vol.08 Ch.092 Hostages Vol.09 Ch.093 Opening Vol.09 Ch.094 Initiative Vol.09 Ch.095 The Third Vol.09 Ch.096 Kaleidoscope Vol.09 Ch.097 Back to the Wall Vol.09 Ch.098 Unbelievable One Vol.09 Ch.099 Lifeboat Vol.09 Ch.100 Payback Vol.09 Ch.101 Stake Vol.09 Ch.102 Ring of Awakening Vol.09 Ch.103 I Will End Your Life Vol.09 Ch.104 Gravestone of a Memory Vol.09 Ch.105 Administering Justice Vol.10 Ch.106 Even so, I Will... Vol.10 Ch.107 Intersection Vol.10 Ch.108 The Power of Deceit Vol.10 Ch.109 Weakpoint Vol.10 Ch.110 Final Blow Vol.10 Ch.111 Damaged Vol.10 Ch.112 A True Hero Vol.10 Ch.113 Thank You Vol.10 Ch.114 Resolution Vol.10 Ch.115 Words of Penitence Vol.10 Ch.116 People's Smiling Faces Vol.10 Ch.117 A Rainy Night Vol.10 Ch.118 Shivering Vol.11 Ch.119 The Smile that Hides the Heart Vol.11 Ch.120 The Road Home, a New Road Vol.11 Ch.121 Freeloader Vol.11 Ch.122 A Normal Family Vol.11 Ch.123 Suspicion Vol.11 Ch.124 Air Booster Vol.11 Ch.125 Character Designer Vol.11 Ch.126 Commission Vol.11 Ch.127 Seen Vol.11 Ch.128 Impenetrable Darkness Vol.11 Ch.129 Dubious Guest Vol.11 Ch.130 Error Vol.11 Ch.131 Brat Vol.12 Ch.132 Repulsive Machine Vol.12 Ch.133 Key Item Vol.12 Ch.134 Evol, the Organisation Vol.12 Ch.135 Location of the Keepsake Vol.12 Ch.136 One of Me Vol.12 Ch.137 Clone Rejection Vol.12 Ch.138 Equal Power Vol.12 Ch.139 Waiting One Vol.12 Ch.140 Links Vol.12 Ch.141 Cards Vol.12 Ch.142 Tactician Vol.12 Ch.143 Vanished Confidence Vol.12 Ch.144 Suspect Vol.13 Ch.145 After-effects Vol.13 Ch.146 Discord Vol.13 Ch.147 Shibaki's Last Will Vol.13 Ch.148 It's Not Your Fault Vol.13 Ch.149 The Jirou Incident Vol.13 Ch.150 The Past Is Always... Vol.13 Ch.151 What the Hell? Vol.13 Ch.152 Bird with a Broken Wing Vol.13 Ch.153 Justice Freak Vol.13 Ch.154 Kouga & Mayu Vol.13 Ch.155 Jin & Hanako Vol.13 Ch.156 (TV-Jacked) Vol.13 Ch.157 World Domination Vol.13 Ch.158 Dumbfounded Audience Vol.14 Ch.159 Loss Vol.14 Ch.160 Criminal Motive Vol.14 Ch.161 New Stage Vol.14 Ch.162 Next Generation Evol Vol.14 Ch.163 Discarded Memories Vol.14 Ch.164 Plan B Vol.14 Ch.165 Awakening Gum v2 Vol.14 Ch.166 Hitani's Message Vol.14 Ch.167 Grand Play Vol.14 Ch.168 Vol.14 Ch.169 Vol.14 Ch.170 Conductor of Death Vol.15 Ch.171 Fatality Vol.15 Ch.172 Corpse Rider Vol.15 Ch.173 The Ugly One Vol.15 Ch.174 Puppet Vol.15 Ch.175 Latecomer Vol.15 Ch.176 Conspiracy of the Dead Vol.15 Ch.177 The Last Piece Vol.16 Ch.178 Weakling Vol.16 Ch.179 Equal Power Vol.16 Ch.180 The Crimson Stake Vol.16 Ch.181 Corrosive Darkness Vol.16 Ch.182 The Door to Truth Vol.16 Ch.183 Why Protect? Vol.17 Ch.184 Statue Vol.17 Ch.185 The Value of Life Vol.17 Ch.186 Funeral Vol.17 Ch.187 Awakening Vol.17 Ch.188 The Beast Vol.17 Ch.189 Lost Heart Vol.17 Ch.190 Uncertainty Vol.18 Ch.191 Uncertainty and Conviction Vol.18 Ch.192 Degel Vol.18 Ch.193 Touching Display Vol.18 Ch.194 Anvil Vol.18 Ch.195 Neutralising Powers Vol.18 Ch.196 The Limit of Ambition Vol.18 Ch.197 Escape Vol.18 Ch.198 Devil or Angel Vol.18 Ch.199 Suspicious Suit Vol.18 Ch.200 Read Online Vol.18 Ch.201 Undeserving Vol.18 Ch.202 Talk Time Vol.18 Ch.203 Strength In Numbers Vol.18 Ch.204 Black or White Vol.18 Ch.205 Justice Is Here Vol.19 Ch.206 Harmony Born of Chaos Vol.19 Ch.207 The Cruel Truth Vol.19 Ch.208 Those Who Judge- Those Who Save Vol.19 Ch.209 Dark World Vol.19 Ch.210 You Vol.19 Ch.211 A Human Existence Vol.19 Ch.212 Throbbing Left Hand Vol.19 Ch.213 Birth of a Hero Vol.19 Ch.214 Nothingness Vol.19 Ch.215 Friendship and Death Vol.20 Ch.216 Contract Vol.20 Ch.217 Collision Vol.20 Ch.218 No Kindness There Vol.20 Ch.219 Friend Vol.20 Ch.220 Empathy Vol.20 Ch.221 In Place of Chaos Vol.20 Ch.222 Not Human Vol.20 Ch.223 A Dark Soul Vol.20 Ch.224 A world overflowing with kindness(version2) Vol.20 Ch.225 Countermeasures Vol.20 Ch.226 ZET
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