Vol.07 Ch.050 Magnetic Force Of Lightning Space

Vol.01 Ch.001 Boy, Meets the Master Vol.01 Ch.002 My Name is Magangryoung! Vol.01 Ch.003 Admittance To The School Vol.01 Ch.004 The Successors of The School Vol.01 Ch.005 Lightning Fist !! Vol.01 Ch.006 Explosion ! Thunder Break Vol.01 Ch.007 Enter Gu Honse Vol.02 Ch.008 Vol.02 Ch.009 Training in Fighting Vol.02 Ch.010 Dark Fight Vol.02 Ch.011 Dark Fight II Vol.02 Ch.012 Dark Fight III Vol.02 Ch.013 Dark Fight IV Vol.02 Ch.014 Trump Card Vol.03 Ch.015 Guhoo´s Release Vol.03 Ch.016 Reckless Vol.03 Ch.017 The Battle of the Bests Vol.03 Ch.018 Battle of The Very Best II Vol.03 Ch.019 Battle of The Very Best III Vol.03 Ch.020 The Fight of The Very Best IV Vol.03 Ch.021 Vera´s Reminiscence Vol.04 Ch.022 Vera and Gangryong Vol.04 Ch.023 The Way of EOTL Vol.04 Ch.024 Electric Yo-Yo Vol.04 Ch.025 What Needs to be Done Now Vol.04 Ch.026 Makihara Madoka I Vol.04 Ch.027 Makihara Madoka II Vol.04 Ch.028 Rud's Reminiscence Vol.05 Ch.029 Reenter! The Nine Dragons! Vol.05 Ch.030 The Nine Dragon´s Initiation Test I Vol.05 Ch.031 Nine Dragon´s Initiation Test II Vol.05 Ch.032 The Nine Dragon´s Initiation Test III Vol.05 Ch.033 Nine Dragon´s Initiation Test IV Vol.05 Ch.034 Explode! Life Wish! Vol.05 Ch.035 Madoka and Chun Guesong Vol.06 Ch.036 Heart of EOTL Vol.06 Ch.037 Lightning Flash Vol.06 Ch.038 Madoka's Reminiscence 1 Vol.06 Ch.039 Madoka's Reminiscence 2 Vol.06 Ch.040 Madoka´s Reminiscence 3 Vol.06 Ch.041 Madoka And Chun Guesong's Fight 1 Vol.06 Ch.042 Madoka And Chun Guesong's Fight 2 Vol.06 Ch.043 Madoka And Chun Guesong's Fight 3 Vol.07 Ch.044 Madoka And Chun Guesong's Fight 4 Vol.07 Ch.045 Vera`s Intrusion Vol.07 Ch.046 Vacuum Strike Vol.07 Ch.047 Kusanagi Hayato Vol.07 Ch.048 Northern Broad Strike's Successor Vol.07 Ch.049 Vera And Fire Dragon Vol.07 Ch.050 Magnetic Force Of Lightning Space Vol.07 Ch.051 Vera's Reminiscence Vol.08 Ch.052 Yuri Linus Vol.08 Ch.053 The End Of All Preparations Vol.08 Ch.054 Vera's Verdict Vol.08 Ch.055 Vol.08 Ch.056 The Blue Dragon Of Heaven Guk Taeyang Vol.08 Ch.057 Hayato Vs Ma Gangryong Vol.08 Ch.058 Hayato Vs Ma Gangryong II Vol.08 Ch.059 Hayato's Confession Vol.08 Ch.060 Vol.09 Ch.061 Dummy 1 Vol.09 Ch.062 Dummy 2 Vol.09 Ch.063 Gom-Bang-E-Shae 1 Vol.09 Ch.064 Gom-Bang-E-Shae 2 Vol.09 Ch.065 Confused Fight Vol.09 Ch.066 Confused Fight II Vol.09 Ch.067 Arthur Linus Vol.09 Ch.068 Confused Fight III Vol.09 Ch.069 Confused Fight IV Vol.09 Ch.070 Confused Fight V Vol.10 Ch.071 Four Months Later Vol.10 Ch.072 Gangryongs Growth Vol.10 Ch.073 Gangryong Vs. Guhoo, Shinra. Vol.10 Ch.074 Natural Born Fighter Vol.10 Ch.075 Vol.10 Ch.076 Resurrection of Gu Honse Vol.10 Ch.077 Vera Linus' Veritas Vol.10 Ch.078 Vera Linus' Veritas II Vol.10 Ch.079 Vera Linus' Veritas III Vol.10 Ch.080 All Of Our Veritas Vol.10 Ch.081 All Of Our Veritas II
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