Ushio to Tora

Vol.12 Ch.105 Part 11 Counterattack~ Asako

Vol.01 Ch.000 Prologue Ushio's Fated Meeting Vol.01 Ch.001 Story 1 "The Stone Eater" Part 1 Disappearance at the Old Schoolhouse Vol.01 Ch.002 Part 2 The Beast Spear Revealed Vol.01 Ch.003 Part 3 The Centipede Transforms Vol.01 Ch.004 Story 2 "The Oni in the Painting" Part 1 Reiko Vol.01 Ch.005 Part 2 Masaki Vol.01 Ch.006 Part 3 Oni Vol.02 Ch.007 Part 4 Howl Vol.02 Ch.008 Part 5 Portrait of Reiko Vol.02 Ch.009 Story 3 "Tora Goes to Town" Part 1 Lord Gamin Vol.02 Ch.010 Part 2 A Town Full of Dangers Vol.02 Ch.011 Part 3 Tora's Civilization Allergy Vol.02 Ch.012 Part 4 Tora Intervenes Vol.02 Ch.013 Part 5 Tora's False Charge Vol.02 Ch.014 Story 4 "Seal Magician Hyou" Part 1 The Man Who Hunts Monsters Vol.02 Ch.015 Part 2 The Assassin Calls! Vol.03 Ch.016 Part 3 Hyou's Past Vol.03 Ch.017 Part 4 Troubled Ushio Vol.03 Ch.018 Part 5 Hyou vs. Ushio Vol.03 Ch.019 Story 5 "Ayakashi Sea" Part 1 Ushio and Tora Go to the Beach Vol.03 Ch.020 Part 2 The Ayakashi Vol.03 Ch.021 Part 3 Tora and Asako Get Eaten Vol.03 Ch.022 Part 4 In the Belly of the Ayakashi Vol.03 Ch.023 Part 5 Showdown!! Vol.03 Ch.024 Part 6 The Limits of the Soul Vol.04 Ch.025 Story 6 "Legend" Part 1 My Father's Secret Vol.04 Ch.026 Part 2 My Father's Determination Vol.04 Ch.027 Part 3 My Father's Decision Vol.04 Ch.028 Part 4 Setting Out Vol.04 Ch.029 Story 7 "He's in the Sky" Part 1 Taxing Vol.04 Ch.030 Part 2 Take Off Vol.04 Ch.031 Part 3 Flight Vol.04 Ch.032 Part 4 Mayday Vol.04 Ch.033 Part 5 Approach Vol.04 Ch.034 Part 6 Landing Vol.05 Ch.035 Story 8 "The Houriki Heretic" Part 1 Kyoura Vol.05 Ch.036 Part 2 First Attack Vol.05 Ch.037 Part 3 Counterattack Vol.05 Ch.038 Part 4 Rending Attack Vol.05 Ch.039 Story 9 "Chaotic Wind" Part 1 Ushio Is Asked a Favor by Youkai Vol.05 Ch.040 Part 2 Tora Meets with Misfortune, Ushio Battes a Youkai Vol.05 Ch.041 Part 3 Tora and Ushio Pursue Juurou Vol.05 Ch.042 Part 4 Ushio Stands Still the Wind Whirls in the Sky Vol.05 Ch.043 Story 10 "The House with a Child" Part 1 Saya of Taktori Vol.06 Ch.044 Part 2 The Sealed Room Vol.06 Ch.045 Part 3 The Child Dance Vol.06 Ch.046 Story 11 "The One-blow Mirror" Vol.06 Ch.047 Story 12 "The Toono Youkai Are on the Warpath" Part 1 Ushio Is Attacked by the Youkai Vol.06 Ch.048 Part 2 The Youkai Confer Vol.06 Ch.049 Part 3 The Youkai Hate that Woman Vol.06 Ch.050 Part 4 The Youkai Pursue Ushio Vol.06 Ch.051 Part 5 The Youkai Have an Audience with Tora Vol.06 Ch.052 Part 6 The Youkai's Fight with Hakumen No Mono Vol.07 Ch.053 Part 7 The Youkai Watch Tora and Hitotsuki's Decisive Battle Vol.07 Ch.054 Story 13 "You'll Be Dry Here" Part 1 Death Carried a Knife Vol.07 Ch.055 Part 2 Fumio and Shiori Vol.07 Ch.056 Part 3 Under the Demon's Mask Vol.07 Ch.057 Part 4 To the Pyramid Tower Vol.07 Ch.058 Part 5 You Will Be Dust Vol.07 Ch.059 Story 14 "The Strait of Souls in Repose" Vol.07 Ch.060 Story 15 "You, Come from the Warped Night" Part 1 Man Vol.07 Ch.061 Part 2 Night Vol.07 Ch.062 Part 3 Crescent Moon Vol.08 Ch.063 Part 4 Return to the Night Vol.08 Ch.064 Story 16 "The Guardian God of the Lake" Part 1 Kagami, Katayama, and Ayumi Suffer Vol.08 Ch.065 Part 2 The God of the Land and the Snake God Vol.08 Ch.066 Part 3 Drink the God Sake Vol.08 Ch.067 Part 4 The Spear's Seal Vol.08 Ch.068 Part 5 Guardian Gods of the Lake Vol.08 Ch.069 Story 17 "The Mist Comes" Part 1 Misty Road Vol.08 Ch.070 Part 2 Escape from the Mist Vol.08 Ch.071 Part 3 Pursuit of the Mist Vol.09 Ch.072 Part 4 Meikai Gate Vol.09 Ch.073 Part 5 The Mist Sprint Vol.09 Ch.074 Part 6 Am I Standing Tall? Vol.09 Ch.075 Story 18 "Pursuit of the Hiyou~ The Chosen" Part 1 Sekimori Hinawa (1) The Hiyou Set Loose Vol.09 Ch.076 Part 2 Sekimori Hinawa (2) The Beast Spear Discovered Vol.09 Ch.077 Part 3 Sekimori Hinawa (3) The Chosen of the Spear Vol.09 Ch.078 Part 4 Akiba Nagare (1) The Chosen on the Motorcycle Vol.09 Ch.079 Part 5 Akiba Nagare (2) Bakemono Vol.09 Ch.080 Part 6 Akiba Nagare (3) The Hiyou Bus Vol.09 Ch.081 Part 7 Akiba Nagare (4) The End of the Hard Run Vol.10 Ch.082 Story 19 "Beastly Karakuri" Part 1 Asako and Mayuko (First Part) Vol.10 Ch.083 Part 2 Asako and Mayuko (Second Part) Vol.10 Ch.084 Part 3 Asako and Mayuko (Last Part) Vol.10 Ch.085 Story 20 "Crossed Pursuits~ The Chosen" Part 1 Moritsuna Satoru (1) Battle of the Chosen Vol.10 Ch.086 Part 2 Moritsuna Satoru (2) Repelling the Shikigami Vol.10 Ch.087 Part 3 Moritsuna Satoru (3) Old Wounds Vol.10 Ch.088 Part 4 Moritsuna Satoru (4) Satora Awakens Vol.10 Ch.089 Part 5 Moritsuna Satoru (5) Ushio Goes into the Body Vol.10 Ch.090 Part 6 Moritsuna Satoru (6) The Cry Inside the Body Vol.10 Ch.090.5 Extra Vol.11 Ch.091 Part 7 Moritsuna Satoru (7) Invasion of the Brain Vol.11 Ch.092 Part 8 Moritsuna Satoru (8) Chibakama's Resounding Laugh Vol.11 Ch.093 Part 9 Moritsuna Satoru (9) The Blow Reflecting in the Retina Vol.11 Ch.094 Part 10 Moritsuna Satoru (10) As Many as You Wish Vol.11 Ch.095 Stroy 21 "Change of Face" Part 1 The Directive Vol.11 Ch.096 Part 2 Mobilization Vol.11 Ch.097 Part 3 To Kamuikotan Vol.11 Ch.098 Part 4 Invasion of the Hiyou Vol.11 Ch.099 Part 5 Encounter Vol.12 Ch.100 Part 6 Reiko / Saya Vol.12 Ch.101 Part 7 Hinowa / Jun / Yuu Vol.12 Ch.102 Part 8 To the Cave~ Mayuko Vol.12 Ch.103 Part 9 Mayuko / Tora Vol.12 Ch.104 Part 10 Asako Vol.12 Ch.105 Part 11 Counterattack~ Asako Vol.12 Ch.106 Part 12 Resurrection~ And Then, Finally... Vol.12 Ch.107 Story 22 "The Time-reversing Bakemono" Part 1 Bakemono of the Cave Vol.12 Ch.108 Part 2 Go Back in Time Vol.12 Ch.109 Part 3 The 2,200 Year Memory Vol.13 Ch.110 Part 4 Creating the Holy Blade Vol.13 Ch.111 Part 5 The White-faced Demon Vol.13 Ch.112 Part 6 Into Utter Darkness Vol.13 Ch.113 Part 7 The Demon of the Beast Spear Vol.13 Ch.114 Part 8 Guiding Demon Vol.13 Ch.115 Part 9 Bakemono, Take Us Home Vol.13 Ch.116 Story 23 "The Snow Does Not Vanish at Dawn" Part 1 The City Covered in Snow Vol.13 Ch.117 Part 2 Snow Daughter Vol.13 Ch.118 Part 3 Sakuma Vol.14 Ch.119 Part 4 Frozen Tears Vol.14 Ch.120 Part 5 Tora Returns Vol.14 Ch.121 Part 6 Snow Doesn't Disappear at Dawn Vol.14 Ch.122 Story 24 "Ushio Casts Away the Beast Spear" Ushio this Is a Major Pinch!? Vol.14 Ch.123 Story 25 "Countdown Railroad" Part 1 Advancing Vol.14 Ch.124 Part 2 Breaking In Vol.14 Ch.125 Part 3 32 Minutes To Go Vol.14 Ch.126 Part 4 18 Minutes To Go Vol.14 Ch.127 Part 5 13 Minutes to Go Vol.14 Ch.128 Part 6 10 Minutes To Go Vol.15 Ch.129 Part 7 6 Minutes to Go Vol.15 Ch.130 Part 8 Just Before Passage Out Vol.15 Ch.131 Part 9 Passage Out of the Tunnel Vol.15 Ch.132 Part 10 Back on Track! Vol.15 Ch.133 Story 26 "High Speed Eater" Part 1 The Start Vol.15 Ch.134 Part 2 Biker Vol.15 Ch.135 Part 3 Attack Vol.15 Ch.136 Part 4 Ignition Vol.15 Ch.137 Part 5 Battle Vol.15 Ch.138 Part 6 Overdrive Vol.16 Ch.139 Story 27 "The Fourth One, Kirio" Part 1 Hakumen Quickens Vol.16 Ch.140 Part 2 Crisis at the Head Temple Vol.16 Ch.141 Part 3 Oyakume-sama Vol.16 Ch.142 Part 4 The Battle with Kuragi Vol.16 Ch.143 Part 5 I Am Coming, Shodai-sama Vol.16 Ch.144 Part 6 From Ushio to Kirio Vol.16 Ch.145 Story 28 "Incitement~ Destroy the Beast Spear" Part 1 Nagatobimaru Tora Vol.16 Ch.146 Part 2 Shikigami Use / Moritsuna Satoru, Shinjutsu / Jun Vol.16 Ch.147 Part 3 The Empty Corpse's Thread Vol.16 Ch.148 Part 4 The Red Cloth Vol.17 Ch.149 Part 5 Theft of the Beast Spear Vol.17 Ch.150 Part 6 House of the Whisperers Vol.17 Ch.151 Part 7 Nagare and Tora (1) Vol.17 Ch.152 Part 8 Nagare and Tora (2) Vol.17 Ch.153 Part 9 Hinowa and Ushio (1) Vol.17 Ch.154 Part 10 Hinowa and Ushio (2) Vol.17 Ch.155 Part 11 Inasa's Diary Vol.17 Ch.156 Part 12 Materia Vol.17 Ch.157 Part 13 Kuin versus Tora Vol.17 Ch.158 Part 14 Destruction of the Beast Spear Vol.18 Ch.159 Part 15 The Avatar Towako Vol.18 Ch.160 Part 16 House Of Scorn Vol.18 Ch.161 Part 17 The Beast Spear Rumbles Vol.18 Ch.162 Part 18 Violence Vol.18 Ch.163 Part 19 Demon Of Destruction, God Of Destruction Vol.18 Ch.164 Part 20 Eternal Solitude Vol.18 Ch.165 Part 21 Incitement~ Failure Vol.18 Ch.166 Story 29 "Asako's Sports Day" Vol.18 Ch.167 Story 30 "Fools Gather at a Party" Part 1 An Invitation to a Party Vol.18 Ch.168 Part 2 Metamorphosis Vol.19 Ch.169 Part 3 Battle Mayuko Vol.19 Ch.170 Part 4 Tayura • Nadoka Vol.19 Ch.171 Part 5 A Bit of Play Vol.19 Ch.172 Part 6 Mud and the Hat Vol.19 Ch.173 Part 7 Mayuko Runs Vol.19 Ch.174 Part 8 Mayuko and Tora Vol.19 Ch.175 Story 31 “The Day I Swung the Swing” Part 1 Minoru Vol.19 Ch.176 Part 2 Bad Dream Vol.19 Ch.177 Part 3 Satori Vol.19 Ch.178 Part 4 The Day Before Surgery~ The Day Of Vol.20 Ch.179 Part 5 The Day I Swung the Swing Vol.20 Ch.180 Story 32 "Ushio and Tora Start the New Year" Vol.20 Ch.181 Story 33 "The Seal of the Gedou" Part 1 Coming from Shinkoku Vol.20 Ch.182 Part 2 The Manifestation of the Gedou Vol.20 Ch.183 Part 3 Minoo Vol.20 Ch.184 Part 4 Possession Vol.20 Ch.185 Part 5 Confusion Vol.20 Ch.186 Part 6 Woman Gedou Vol.20 Ch.187 Part 7 Minoo Dances Vol.20 Ch.188 Part 8 True Form Vol.21 Ch.189 Part 9 School House Quake Vol.21 Ch.190 Part 10 Gedou Possession Vol.21 Ch.191 Part 11 Gedou Doesn't Return Vol.21 Ch.192 Story 34 "The Western Bakemono War" Part 1 Osa of the West Vol.21 Ch.193 Part 2 The Toono Bakemono Vol.21 Ch.194 Part 3 Bakemono Vol.21 Ch.195 Part 4 The Battle Begins Vol.21 Ch.196 Part 5 Jayou Hitotsuki Vol.21 Ch.197 Part 6 Kamaitachi Raishin and Kagari Vol.21 Ch.198 Part 7 Raijuu Tora Vol.22 Ch.199 Part 8 Ushio and Ibuki Vol.22 Ch.200 Part 9 Shinno vs. Ushio Vol.22 Ch.201 Part 10 The Gamble Vol.22 Ch.202 Part 11 Kamaitachi of the East / Kamaitachi of the West Vol.22 Ch.203 Part 12 The Demon Blade Sparkles Vol.22 Ch.204 Part 13 Kagari Advances Vol.22 Ch.205 Part 14 Dancing Slice Vol.22 Ch.206 Part 15 Sharp Practices Vol.22 Ch.207 Part 16 Izuna's One Second Vol.22 Ch.208 Part 17 Escape for the Sky Mansion Vol.23 Ch.209 Part 18 Simultaneous Advance Vol.23 Ch.210 Part 19 The Western Bakemono Attack Vol.23 Ch.211 Part 20 Hakumen no Mono's Counterattack Vol.23 Ch.212 Part 21 Hakumen's Memories Vol.23 Ch.213 Part 22 Scream of the Beast Spear Vol.23 Ch.214 Part 23 Two Powers - Mutual Destruction Vol.23 Ch.215 Part 24 The Battle's End Vol.23 Ch.216 Part 25 Beyond The Storm Vol.23 Ch.217 Part 26 The End of the War for a Time Vol.23 Ch.218 Story 35 "Full Moon" Vol.24 Ch.219 Story 36 "Kagari and Tora Run an Errand" Vol.24 Ch.220 Story 37 "Tatari Breaker" Part 1 Kidnapping Vol.24 Ch.221 Part 2 The H.A.M.M.R Organization Vol.24 Ch.222 Part 3 Thunder Metamorphose Vol.24 Ch.223 Part 4 Examination Vol.24 Ch.224 Part 5 Baldanders Vol.24 Ch.225 Part 6 Emergency Vol.24 Ch.226 Part 7 Critical Condition Vol.24 Ch.227 part 8 Death Floor Vol.24 Ch.227.5 Extra Vol.25 Ch.228 Part 9 The Kirlian Machine Operators Vol.25 Ch.229 Part 10 Clash and Destroy Vol.25 Ch.230 Part 11 Tatari Breaker Vol.25 Ch.231 Story 38 "The Sky Reflected in His Eyes" Part 1 White Feathers Vol.25 Ch.232 Part 2 Dog Vol.25 Ch.233 Part 3 Tarou Vol.25 Ch.234 Part 4 Shippeitarou ">Vol.25 Ch.235 Story 39 "Gouki" ">Vol.25 Ch.236 "Gouki" Vol.25 Ch.237 Story 40 "A Journalist's Soliliquy" Vol.26 Ch.238 Story 41 "Resurrection of the Beast Horde" Part 1 Resurrection Vol.26 Ch.239 Part 2 The Gathering Process Vol.26 Ch.240 Part 3 Arrival Vol.26 Ch.241 Part 4 Azafuse Vol.26 Ch.242 Part 5 Guren Vol.26 Ch.243 Part 6 Grudge Vol.26 Ch.244 Part 7 The Jet Black Horde Vol.26 Ch.245 Story 42 "Night of the Crescent Moon" Vol.26 Ch.246 Story 43 "Before the Wind Blows" Part 1 Ordinary Scenes Vol.26 Ch.247 Part 2 The Wind Vol.27 Ch.248 Part 3 The Wind Blows Vol.27 Ch.249 Story 44 "A Season Turning to Stone" Part 1 The Main Temple Vol.27 Ch.250 Part 2 Head Wind Vol.27 Ch.251 Part 3 Abduction • Pursuit Vol.27 Ch.252 Part 4 The Cause Vol.27 Ch.253 Part 5 Mayuko Discovered Vol.27 Ch.254 Part 6 To the Divine Forge Vol.27 Ch.255 Part 7 Thing I Couldn't Hold on To Vol.27 Ch.256 Part 8 Within the Blaze Vol.27 Ch.257 Part 9 The Kokuen (Black Blaze) Vol.28 Ch.258 Part 10 A One Demon Battle Vol.28 Ch.259 Part 11 The Crushing Demon Pair Vol.28 Ch.260 Stroy 45 "Emerging from Rain, Disappearing in Rain" Part 1 Passing, Disappearing... Vol.28 Ch.261 Part 2 Passing, Appearing... Vol.28 Ch.262 Part 3 Appearing, Passing... Vol.28 Ch.263 Part 4 Appearing and Appearing Again... Vol.28 Ch.264 Part 5 Progressing Through Rain Vol.28 Ch.265 Part 6 To Have and Lose... Vol.28 Ch.266 Part 7 Appearing and Destroying... Vol.29 Ch.267 Part 8 Appearing, Disappearing... Vol.29 Ch.268 Story 46 "A Journey Not Homeward" Vol.29 Ch.269 Story 47 "To the Sea of Chaos" Part 1 To Okinawa Vol.29 Ch.270 Part 2 Nagare, Obstructing Vol.29 Ch.271 Part 3 The Letter from Hammr Vol.29 Ch.272 Part 4 Asako, to Okinawa Vol.29 Ch.273 Part 5 To the Sea Vol.29 Ch.274 Part 6 Nagare vs. Tora (1) Vol.29 Ch.275 Part 7 Nagare vs. Tora (2) Vol.29 Ch.276 Part 8 Nagara vs. Tora (3) Vol.30 Ch.277 Part 9 The Wind that Blows to the Sea Vol.30 Ch.278 Story 48 "Sea of Thunder" Part 1 To the Abyss Vol.30 Ch.279 Part 2 Mother Vol.30 Ch.280 Part 3 Collapse of the Stone Pillar Vol.30 Ch.281 Part 4 The Time of Resurrection Vol.30 Ch.282 Part 5 The Thunderous Roar of Its Rise Vol.30 Ch.283 Part 6 Fear, on the News Vol.30 Ch.284 Part 7 Breaking Point Vol.30 Ch.285 Part 8 Breakdown Vol.30 Ch.286 Part 9 Sea of Hate Vol.31 Ch.287 Part 10 4 minutes 27 seconds Vol.31 Ch.288 Story 49 "The Destruction of the Beast Spear" Vol.31 Ch.289 Story 50 "Tora" Part 1 He Who Returned Vol.31 Ch.290 Part 2 Perspective I Vol.31 Ch.291 Part 3 Perspective II Vol.31 Ch.292 Part 4 Perspective III Vol.31 Ch.293 Part 5 The Birth of Hakumen Vol.31 Ch.294 Part 6 Vicissitudes Begin Vol.31 Ch.295 Story 51 "Stopping the Descent, Rising Up" Part 1 Stopping the Descent Vol.32 Ch.296 Part 2 Bakemono of Destruction Vol.32 Ch.297 Part 3 Hope Vol.32 Ch.298 Part 4 Memory Recovery Vol.32 Ch.299 Part 5 Stopping the Descent, Rising Up Vol.32 Ch.300 Story 52 "Rumbling Heavens Opening the Gate" Part 1 The Meikai Gate Again Vol.32 Ch.301 Part 2 Opening the Gate Vol.32 Ch.302 Part 3 The Beast Spear Resurrected Vol.32 Ch.303 Story 53 "To the Promised Night" (First Part) Vol.32 Ch.304 "To the Promised Night" (Last Part) Vol.33 Ch.000 Chapters 305 - 309 Story 54 "Till Our Lives Reach the Sun" (Parts 1 - 5); Chapters 310 - 312 Final Story "Ushio and Tora" (Parts 1 - 3) Vol.33 Ch.310 Vol.34 Ch.001 Bakemono Konjaku Monogatari Vol.34 Ch.002 A Tale in the Shadow of Plum Trees Vol.34 Ch.003 Rain Falling on a Village Vol.34 Ch.004 Thunder Dance Vol.34 Ch.005 Present Vol.35 Ch.000 The Flame Special Express Shiranui
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