Uramiya Honpo

Vol.01 Ch.006 Unpleasant Woman

Vol.01 Ch.001 The Grudge Equation Vol.01 Ch.002 The Killing Equation Vol.01 Ch.003 Angel's Hammer Vol.01 Ch.004 A man with Nothing to Lose Vol.01 Ch.005 Privacy in Broad Daylight Vol.01 Ch.006 Unpleasant Woman Vol.02 Ch.007 Employee Training Vol.02 Ch.008 Level of Resentment Vol.02 Ch.009 The Cost of Revenge Vol.02 Ch.010 Invisible Enemy Vol.02 Ch.011 Rampaging Teens Vol.02 Ch.012 Curled up Back Vol.03 Ch.013 Crowded Train Trap Vol.03 Ch.014 Egocentric Dog Lover Vol.03 Ch.015 Johoya will not Forget Vol.03 Ch.016 Family Meeting Vol.03 Ch.017 Message Vol.03 Ch.018 Uramiya's Principles Vol.03 Ch.019 Counterattack Vol.04 Ch.020 Fire Boy Vol.04 Ch.021 Unjustified Resentment Vol.04 Ch.022 Mangaka’s Misfortune Vol.04 Ch.023 Stalker Woman’s Suffering Vol.04 Ch.024 A Man Who Does Not Help Vol.04 Ch.025 Selfish Wife and Slave Husband Vol.05 Ch.026 You Never Know What the Future Holds Vol.05 Ch.027 Musical Chairs Game Vol.05 Ch.028 Upbringing Vol.05 Ch.029 Older Sister and Younger Brother Vol.05 Ch.030 Final Mission Vol.05 Ch.031 Evil Heart Vol.06 Ch.032 Heart-Catcher Vol.06 Ch.033 Path to Ruin Vol.06 Ch.034 Vol.06 Ch.035 Vol.06 Ch.036 Stepping Stone Life Vol.06 Ch.037 A Future With Only Darkness Vol.07 Ch.038 God's Smile Vol.07 Ch.039 Deploy The Stalker Vol.07 Ch.040 Put Your Life on the Line Vol.07 Ch.041 Enduring Hardships to Obtain One’s Goal Vol.07 Ch.042 Resented Mangaka Vol.07 Ch.043 Eccentric Neighbor Vol.07 Ch.044 Molting Vol.08 Ch.045 Safe Paradise Vol.08 Ch.046 Paradise's Risk Vol.08 Ch.047 Shu Returning the Favor Vol.08 Ch.048 The Man Who Preys on the Past Vol.08 Ch.049 Path Vol.08 Ch.050 The Man Facing Revenge Vol.08 Ch.051 Life as a Supporting Character Vol.08 Ch.052 Reset Vol.09 Ch.053 Absence of a Client Vol.09 Ch.054 Family Love Vol.09 Ch.055 Rina, Johoya, Morota Vol.09 Ch.056 Shido and Morota Vol.09 Ch.057 Morota's Great Success Vol.09 Ch.058 Oven Vol.09 Ch.059 Vol.09 Ch.060 Vol.10 Ch.061 Vol.10 Ch.062 Vol.10 Ch.063 What Comes and Goes Vol.10 Ch.064 House Destroyer Vol.10 Ch.065 Directing Resentment Part 1 Vol.10 Ch.066 Directing Resentment Part 2 Vol.10 Ch.067 Delete Vol.10 Ch.068 The Woman Who Lost Her Face Vol.11 Ch.069 Revival! Rina Sugikawa Vol.11 Ch.070 Otaku Hunting Vol.11 Ch.071 The Privileged Part 1 Vol.11 Ch.072 The Privileged Part 2 Vol.11 Ch.073 The Privileged Part 3 Vol.11 Ch.074 Vol.11 Ch.075 The Devils ? Vol.11 Ch.076 The Devils ? Vol.12 Ch.077 Mask and Video ? Vol.12 Ch.078 Mask and Video ? Vol.12 Ch.079 Markings Vol.12 Ch.080 Woman Who Moves Around Vol.12 Ch.081 Collective Responsibility Vol.12 Ch.082 Collective Responsibility ? Vol.12 Ch.083 Boss That Doesn't Work 1 Vol.12 Ch.084 Boss That Doesn't Work 2 Vol.13 Ch.085 The Heart's Statute of Limitations 1 Vol.13 Ch.086 The Heart's Statute of Limitations 2 Vol.13 Ch.087 Urashima Tar? 1 Vol.13 Ch.088 Vol.13 Ch.089 Maid 1 Vol.13 Ch.090 Maid 2 Vol.13 Ch.091 Okinawa Branch Vol.14 Ch.092 Vol.14 Ch.093 Smoking and Walking Vol.14 Ch.094 Okinawa Branch - US Military Base Vol.14 Ch.095 VS Fortune Teller 1 Vol.14 Ch.096 VS Fortune Teller 2 Vol.14 Ch.097 VS Fortune Teller 3 Vol.14 Ch.098 VS Fortune Teller 4 Vol.15 Ch.099 Animal Welfare Vol.15 Ch.100 Drunk Woman Vol.15 Ch.101 Okinawa Branch - Migration Vol.15 Ch.102 ID Vol.15 Ch.103 Chain of Resentment 1 Vol.15 Ch.104 Vol.15 Ch.105 Okinawa Branch - Garbage Road Vol.16 Ch.106 Rina's Misfortune Vol.16 Ch.107 Mistaken Identity Vol.16 Ch.108 Moai Vol.16 Ch.109 Back to Before Vol.16 Ch.110 Watching by the Tree Vol.16 Ch.110.5 Shiwasuda VS Drunken Fist Vol.17 Ch.111 Business Trip Host Scam Vol.17 Ch.112 Okinawa Branch - Hole Vol.17 Ch.113 Siblings From Hell 1 Vol.17 Ch.114 Siblings From Hell 2 Vol.17 Ch.115 Siblings From Hell 3 Vol.17 Ch.116 Siblings From Hell 4 Vol.17 Ch.117 Shiwasuda Honpo Vol.18 Ch.118 Mommy and Me 1 Vol.18 Ch.119 Mommy and Me 2 Vol.18 Ch.120 Medicine 1 Vol.18 Ch.121 Drug 2 Vol.18 Ch.122 Texting Buddy 1 Vol.18 Ch.123 Texting Buddy 2 Vol.18 Ch.124 Texting Buddy 3 Vol.18 Ch.125 Okinawa Branch - Military Land and Alibi Vol.19 Ch.126 Okinawa Branch - Execution Vol.19 Ch.127 A Woman's Tears Vol.19 Ch.128 Goodbye Rina 1 Vol.19 Ch.129 Vol.19 Ch.130 Bullying Club 1 Vol.19 Ch.131 Bullying Club 2 Vol.19 Ch.1311 Bullying Club 2 Vol.19 Ch.132 Bullying Club 3 Vol.19 Ch.133 Okinawa Branch - Unfinished Business Vol.20 Ch.134 Johoya's Dilemma Vol.20 Ch.135 VS Holy Fortune - Request Vol.20 Ch.136 Vol.20 Ch.137 VS Holy Fortune - Fate Vol.20 Ch.138 VS Holy Fortune - Starting Vol.20 Ch.139 VS Holy Fortune - Intersection Vol.20 Ch.140 VS Holy Fortune - Showdown Vol.20 Ch.141 VS Holy Fortune - Death Vol.20 Ch.142 You Will Dig Two Graves if You Curse Someone
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