Tuxedo Gin

Vol.04 Ch.009 First Date

Vol.01 Ch.000 Vol.02 Ch.000 Vol.03 Ch.000 Vol.04 Ch.001 So Kind... Vol.04 Ch.002 Illegitimate Child!! Vol.04 Ch.003 Farewell, Mike... Vol.04 Ch.004 First Kiss Vol.04 Ch.005 Miss Shirakawa High Vol.04 Ch.006 And the Winner is... Vol.04 Ch.007 Ginji's Back?! Vol.04 Ch.008 Reunion?! Vol.04 Ch.009 First Date Vol.05 Ch.001 It's All Over Vol.05 Ch.002 Anything for Love Vol.05 Ch.003 Kotone Vol.05 Ch.004 Which Me is Best...? Vol.05 Ch.005 Heaven, Hear My Call... Vol.05 Ch.006 Splash Vol.05 Ch.007 Beware of Penguins!! Vol.05 Ch.008 Nana-chan Vol.05 Ch.009 I've Fallen for You Vol.06 Ch.001 The Killer Kin-Gin Kombo Vol.06 Ch.002 The Valentine Stalker Vol.06 Ch.003 Ko-chan Vol.06 Ch.004 What Is "Pervy"...? Vol.06 Ch.005 Mini Weather Report Vol.06 Ch.006 Key Vol.06 Ch.007 The Call Of The Walrus Vol.06 Ch.008 'Tis The Season Vol.06 Ch.009 Grilled Cod-Roe Rice Balls Vol.07 Ch.001 One Was A Boxer Vol.07 Ch.002 Pinky Ring Vol.07 Ch.003 A Penguin's Lifespan Vol.07 Ch.004 The Ceiling Vol.07 Ch.005 A Boss To Be Reckoned With Vol.07 Ch.006 Shinnosuke's Love Vol.07 Ch.007 Love Song Vol.07 Ch.008 A Woman's Intuition Vol.07 Ch.009 But...Stil... Vol.08 Ch.001 Just For The Heck Of It Vol.08 Ch.002 Just As Much As Ginji Vol.08 Ch.003 White Osprey Vol.08 Ch.004 It's A Curse Vol.08 Ch.005 Completely Naked! Vol.08 Ch.006 Our Lady Of Heat Exhaustion Vol.08 Ch.007 Nan Da Na!! Vol.08 Ch.008 What Is...This Feeling? Vol.08 Ch.009 The Heartbreak Haunted House Vol.08 Ch.010 The Cause Of The Suntain Vol.09 Ch.001 Reputation Vol.09 Ch.002 Pierced Earings Vol.09 Ch.003 Room Vol.09 Ch.004 Flower Vol.09 Ch.005 Pager Vol.09 Ch.006 Really Dirty! Vol.09 Ch.007 Hight-Voltage Uppercut Of Mercy Vol.09 Ch.008 A Time To Molt Vol.09 Ch.009 I'm Sorry, Ko... Vol.10 Ch.001 Coach Ilda Vol.10 Ch.002 Brain Vs. Groin Vol.10 Ch.003 White Lie Vol.10 Ch.004 I'll Show You A Real Man! Vol.10 Ch.005 The Night Of Revenge Vol.10 Ch.006 Escape Vol.10 Ch.007 Water Melons Vol.10 Ch.008 Homesick Vol.10 Ch.009 Bonus Short Story Double Lesson Vol.11 Ch.001 Lost & Found Vol.11 Ch.002 Grandma, Get A Grip! Vol.11 Ch.003 Penguin Hunting Season!? Vol.11 Ch.004 Sudden First Kiss Vol.11 Ch.005 Chocolate Vol.11 Ch.006 A Missed Opportunity Vol.11 Ch.007 Not A Dream Vol.11 Ch.008 Is this My Destiny? Vol.11 Ch.009 Anomaly!? Vol.12 Ch.001 Just The Two Of Us Vol.12 Ch.002 Mike's Anguish Vol.12 Ch.003 Popo-Chan Vol.12 Ch.004 Spring Storm Vol.12 Ch.005 Sister Vol.12 Ch.006 Phantom Bandit "Moonshadow" Vol.12 Ch.007 A Matter Of Male Pride Vol.12 Ch.008 The Fullness Of Youth Vol.12 Ch.009 Boys Are Pathetic Vol.13 Ch.001 Demoted Knight Vol.13 Ch.002 She Has Her Reasons Vol.13 Ch.003 Encounter Vol.13 Ch.004 A Star Is Born Vol.13 Ch.005 Summer Love Vol.13 Ch.006 Animal Out Of Control Vol.13 Ch.007 Train Ride From Hell! Vol.13 Ch.008 A Girl's Best Friend Vol.13 Ch.009 Just The Two Of Us... Vol.13 Ch.010 How Do I Look?... Vol.14 Ch.001 Decision!! Vol.14 Ch.002 A Huge Mistake Vol.14 Ch.003 Renewed Determination!! Vol.14 Ch.004 From Despair To... Vol.14 Ch.005 Superstar Of The Land Vol.14 Ch.006 A Smooch And A Caress Vol.14 Ch.007 A Man's Worth...!! Vol.14 Ch.008 Speaking More Than Words... Vol.14 Ch.009 I Want Love!! Vol.15 Ch.001 Stupid Men II Vol.15 Ch.002 Tsutomu Yamaguchi Vol.15 Ch.003 Popo's First Love!? Vol.15 Ch.004 Up Close And Personal...!! Vol.15 Ch.005 Changing World Vol.15 Ch.006 The Shape Of Love Vol.15 Ch.007 He's Back... Vol.15 Ch.008 Rescue Vol.15 Ch.009 Decision Vol.15 Ch.010 Ginji Kusanagi Vol.15 Ch.011 Gin-chan...
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