Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

Ch.233 Epilogue A World To Return To (END)

Vol.01 Ch.001 The World of Beginnings Vol.01 Ch.002 The Price of Memory Vol.01 Ch.003 The Wings of Hitsuzen Vol.01 Ch.004 The Strength to Fight Vol.01 Ch.005 The Instant of Awakening Vol.01 Ch.006 Strength of the Heart Vol.01 Ch.007 Linked Worlds Vol.02 Ch.008 The Country where Gods Live Vol.02 Ch.009 The Magician's Kudan Vol.02 Ch.010 Where the Feather Went Vol.02 Ch.011 The Kudan of Fire Vol.02 Ch.012 The Proof of Bravery Vol.02 Ch.013 The reason for Tears Vol.02 Ch.014 Time to Get Under Way Vol.03 Ch.015 The Country of Mysteries Vol.03 Ch.016 The Hollow Memories Vol.03 Ch.017 The Source of Magic Vol.03 Ch.018 The Heavily Protected Castle Vol.03 Ch.019 The Strongest Kiishim Vol.03 Ch.020 The Final Battle Vol.03 Ch.021 The Mirror of the Greatest Love Vol.04 Ch.022 Everyone's Ending Vol.04 Ch.023 The Country of Mist Vol.04 Ch.024 The Whereabouts of the Smile Vol.04 Ch.025 The Country of Fairytail Vol.04 Ch.026 Golden-haired Princess Vol.04 Ch.027 Densetsu no Tsuzuki Vol.04 Ch.028 Futari no Hime Vol.04 Ch.028.5 Read Online Vol.05 Ch.029 The Unfallen Castle Vol.05 Ch.030 The Dreamlike Fairytale Vol.05 Ch.031 The Final Confrontation Vol.05 Ch.032 The Never-ending Fairytale Vol.05 Ch.033 The Stormy Night Vol.05 Ch.034 The Country of Sakura Vol.05 Ch.035 Price Paid Cannot Be Returned Vol.06 Ch.036 Lonely Eyes Vol.06 Ch.037 Between Life and Death Vol.06 Ch.038 The Look of Happiness Vol.06 Ch.039 A New Strength Vol.06 Ch.040 The Sword of Flame Vol.06 Ch.041 Eternal Friends Vol.06 Ch.042 The Unerasable Memory Vol.07 Ch.043 The Unseen Future Vol.07 Ch.044 The Stongest Demon Vol.07 Ch.045 Sakura Tree of Farewell Vol.07 Ch.046 The Dream World Vol.07 Ch.047 Sunset Long Gone Vol.07 Ch.048 The End of the Dream Vol.07 Ch.049 The Last Enemy Vol.08 Ch.050 The Country of Illusion Vol.08 Ch.051 The Demon's True Form Vol.08 Ch.052 The Demon's Gift Vol.08 Ch.053 The Door of Tomorrow Vol.08 Ch.054 The Two Gods Vol.08 Ch.055 Tears of God Vol.08 Ch.056 Men and Women Vol.08 Ch.057 Parallel Lines Vol.08 Ch.057.5 Read Online Vol.09 Ch.058 The World of the Sky Vol.09 Ch.059 The King's Hospitality Vol.09 Ch.060 Inner Heart Vol.09 Ch.061 The Strongest Two Vol.09 Ch.062 The Unwavering Desire of the Heart Vol.09 Ch.063 Another Child Vol.09 Ch.064 Fragmented Memories Vol.09 Ch.065 It All Begins to Move Ch.100 The Dream of a Bat Vol.10 Ch.066 Eternal Emotions Vol.10 Ch.067 The Gods' Beginning Vol.10 Ch.068 Vol.10 Ch.069 Vol.10 Ch.070 Vol.10 Ch.071 Vol.10 Ch.072 Vol.10 Ch.073 Ch.101 The Book Sheltered by Magic Ch.102 The Whistling Magician Ch.103 The Ruins of Memory Ch.104 The Troubled Pair Ch.105 Vanished Magic Ch.106 The Escape with No Tomorrow Ch.107 Unrecovered Memory Ch.108 The Country on Shifting Sands Ch.109 Ch.110 Vol.11 Ch.074 Vol.11 Ch.075 Vol.11 Ch.076 Vol.11 Ch.077 Vol.11 Ch.078 Vol.11 Ch.079 Vol.11 Ch.080 Vol.11 Ch.081 Vol.11 Ch.082 Ch.111 Ch.112 Ch.113 Ch.114 Ch.115 Ch.116 Ch.117 Ch.118 Ch.119 Ch.120 Vol.12 Ch.083 Vol.12 Ch.084 Vol.12 Ch.085 Vol.12 Ch.086 Vol.12 Ch.087 Vol.12 Ch.088 Vol.12 Ch.089 Vol.12 Ch.090 Ch.121 Ch.122 Ch.123 Ch.124 Ch.125 Ch.126 Ch.127 Ch.128 Ch.129 Ch.130 Vol.13 Ch.091 The World of Memory Vol.13 Ch.092 The Boy in the Country of the Book Vol.13 Ch.093 The Strength to Protect Vol.13 Ch.094 Father and Son Vol.13 Ch.095 The Eternal Prayer Vol.13 Ch.096 The Young Man's Howl Vol.13 Ch.097 The Boy and the Princess Vol.13 Ch.098 The Final Promise Vol.13 Ch.099.1 The Unending Yesterday Ch.131 Ch.132 Ch.133 Ch.134 Ch.135 Ch.136 Ch.137 Ch.138 Ch.139 Ch.140 Ch.141 The Momentary Fugitive Ch.142 The Solitary Princess Ch.143 The Future Decision Ch.144 The Most Important Ch.145 The Unraveling World Ch.146 That Which Was Seen in a Dream Ch.147 The Three Worlds Ch.148 The Two Choices Ch.149 The Beloved Future Ch.150 Those Left Behind Ch.151 A Lie in the Rain Ch.152 Four Prices Paid Ch.153 The Most Painful Ch.154 The Magician Returns Ch.155 The Damned Twins Ch.156 The Beginning of Sorrow Ch.157 The Final Choice Ch.158 One Other Cure Ch.159 The Magician's Lie Ch.160 A Promise for a Day Long Off Ch.161 Smiling Wizardry Ch.162 The Past Unraveled Ch.163 The Unfulfillable Promise Ch.164 Kindheartedness and Weakness Ch.165 The Tower of Memory Ch.166 The Closed World Ch.167 The Wounded Ninja Ch.168 The Promise in the Dream Ch.169 The Witch's Gift Ch.170 The Second Envoy Ch.171 The Beautiful Battleground Ch.172 The Crumbling Refusal Ch.173 A wish not undermined Ch.174 The Path to Believe in Ch.175 Crossed Blades Ch.176 The Unmoving Body Ch.177 The Unending Dream Ch.178 One More Trap Ch.179 Two Images Ch.180 Where the Princess Lies Ch.181 The Country of the Future Ch.182 Night of the Vow Ch.183 World of Sand Ch.184 The Separated Time Ch.185 Repeating Time Ch.186 Stagnant Time Ch.187 The Consequences of Wishes Ch.188 The Ruins on That Day Ch.189 Inherited Resolve Ch.190 Those Who Know the World Ch.191 the seven-day promise Ch.192 Overflowing Memories Ch.193 Seventh Birthday Ch.194 The Tone That Calls The Princess Ch.195 The Border of the World Ch.196 A Moment's Hesitation Ch.197 Two Lives Ch.198 Invisible Mark Ch.199 Power to Survive Ch.200 Halted Time Ch.201 The Truth in the Ruins Ch.202 Distorted Wish Ch.203 Those In Darkness Ch.204 Wishes Upon Wishes Ch.205 Crumbled Providence Ch.206 The Current Future Ch.207 Evolving Incarnation Ch.208 The Blade That Cannot Reach Ch.209 The Demon King and the Puppet Ch.210 The Words I Want to Know Ch.211 The Scorched Smile Ch.212 Time Flows Once More Ch.213 Unparalleled Power Ch.214 The Final Chain Ch.215 The True Being Ch.216 The Point Between Life and Death Ch.217 Magic Words Ch.218 Memory Fragments Ch.219 Inherited Magic Ch.220 The Ultimate Magic Ch.221 The Providence That Was Reserved Ch.222 The Dream Begins Ch.223 Days Of Happiness Ch.224 A Circle Without End Ch.225 The Power of Belief Ch.226 The Demon King and the Witch Ch.227 The Only Proof Ch.228 Overlapping Emotions Ch.229 Way To Proceed Ch.230 A World Reborn Ch.231 The Time-Space Void Ch.232 World of Beginnings Ch.233 Epilogue A World To Return To (END)
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