Tokyo Underground

Vol.03 Ch.013 Magnetic User Rou

Vol.01 Ch.001 Rose-Colored School Life Vol.01 Ch.002 The Flame Master Seki Vol.01 Ch.003 The Priestess (Miko) of Life Vol.01 Ch.004 Every Thought Vol.01 Ch.005 The Wind Ability Vol.01 Ch.006 School Vol.02 Ch.007 The Two Water Users Vol.02 Ch.008 Parting Vol.02 Ch.009 The Unknown Underground World Vol.02 Ch.010 Grandfather's Training Sessions Vol.02 Ch.011 The Journey Vol.03 Ch.012 In Between the Railway Vol.03 Ch.013 Magnetic User Rou Vol.03 Ch.014 Isuzu's Feelings Vol.03 Ch.015 Ginosuke and Sui Vol.03 Ch.016 Underground Hole Vol.03 Ch.017 Goodbye Water User Vol.04 Ch.018 Frost Cage Vol.04 Ch.019 Wind! Launch! Vol.04 Ch.020 Rorec's Fan Club Vol.04 Ch.021 Escape Vol.04 Ch.022 Ruri and Ciel 1 Vol.04 Ch.023 Ruri and Ciel 2 Vol.05 Ch.024 Truth within the Eye Vol.05 Ch.025 Tower Battle Vol.05 Ch.026 Final Battle 1 Vol.05 Ch.027 Final Battle 2 Vol.05 Ch.028 Final Battle 3 Vol.05 Ch.029 Final Battle 4 Vol.06 Ch.030 Reunion Vol.06 Ch.031 The Priestess's Secret Vol.06 Ch.032 Afterwards... Vol.06 Ch.033 Kasshin Vol.06 Ch.034 Company's Assassin Vol.06 Ch.035 Two Magnetism Users Vol.07 Ch.036 Traitor Vol.07 Ch.037 A Tour in the Slums Vol.07 Ch.038 Messenger from the Slums Vol.07 Ch.039 Ruler of the Slums?! Vol.07 Ch.040 Exploring the Slums Street Vol.07 Ch.041 The Reason to Participate Vol.08 Ch.042 Killing Field Preliminaries 1 Vol.08 Ch.043 Read Online Vol.08 Ch.044 Memories of the Two Vol.08 Ch.045 Quarter Finals Vol.08 Ch.046 The Destruction of Slum? Vol.09 Ch.047 The Princess's Power
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