Vol.03 Ch.019 The Person I Like

Vol.01 Ch.001 The Girl Who Fell From The Sky Vol.01 Ch.002 Great Escape Of Love Vol.01 Ch.003 A Messenger From The Galaxy Vol.01 Ch.004 After School Memory Vol.01 Ch.005 Approach Vol.01 Ch.006 Targeted Girl Vol.01 Ch.007 Intruder From Outer Space Vol.02 Ch.008 Real Form Vol.02 Ch.009 Shopping Panic Vol.02 Ch.010 Confession, Again!? Vol.02 Ch.011 Is A Workplace Also A Battlefield? Vol.02 Ch.012 Mid-Summer Paparazzi Vol.02 Ch.013 The Lust Whirling Underwater Vol.02 Ch.014 You Stupid Typhoon Vol.02 Ch.015 Steamy & Heart Thumping Emotions Of A Traveller Vol.02 Ch.016 Dare of Fate Vol.03 Ch.017 Tale Of Love At The Beach Vol.03 Ch.018 Assault! Secret Garden Vol.03 Ch.019 The Person I Like Vol.03 Ch.020 The Transfer Student Who Brings a Storm Vol.03 Ch.021 Eye-Witness Vol.03 Ch.022 Rito Vs Ren Vol.03 Ch.023 Scramble For The Lips Vol.03 Ch.024 The Time of the Animals!? Vol.03 Ch.025 The Queen's Temptation Vol.04 Ch.026 The Sainan Festival Is a Great Disaster Vol.04 Ch.027 Rito's Long Day Vol.04 Ch.028 Dreadful Invention Vol.04 Ch.029 Small Adventure Vol.04 Ch.030 Ladies, Be Modest Vol.04 Ch.031 Don't Be Angry! Vol.04 Ch.032 I Want To Know More Vol.04 Ch.033 Get The Present Vol.04 Ch.034 Heavy Christmas Vol.05 Ch.035 Golden Darkness Vol.05 Ch.036 Darkness's Ability Vol.05 Ch.037 Princess Vs Assassin Vol.05 Ch.038 The Darkness Lightens Up? Vol.05 Ch.039 Tool And Transformation Vol.05 Ch.040 A Brutal Valentine's Day Vol.05 Ch.041 Chocolate And Panic Vol.05 Ch.042 Confession Vol.05 Ch.043 Wan-derful Life Vol.06 Ch.044 Wan-derful Life 2 Vol.06 Ch.045 Yami's Clinic Vol.06 Ch.046 Shocking ♥ Birthday Vol.06 Ch.047 Wild Youngster Vol.06 Ch.048 Decision Vol.06 Ch.049 Once More, From Here Vol.06 Ch.050 The Greatest Class in History Vol.06 Ch.051 Luring Manifest Vol.06 Ch.052 The Strongest Womanizer Vol.07 Ch.053 The Person Haruna Likes Vol.07 Ch.054 Welcome To The Yuuki Household! Vol.07 Ch.055 Infiltration! Old School Building Vol.07 Ch.056 Approaching Terror Vol.07 Ch.057 The Old School Building's Inhabitants Vol.07 Ch.058 An Unexpected End Vol.07 Ch.059 The Princess Who Fell In Love Vol.07 Ch.060 Troublesome, Isn't It? Vol.07 Ch.061 Yami-Yami Fashion Vol.08 Ch.062 Like Lovers At The Summer Festival Vol.08 Ch.063 In The Name Of Revenge... Vol.08 Ch.064 A Strange Haruna Vol.08 Ch.065 Return My Body Vol.08 Ch.066 Swim, Dolphin-Kun! Vol.08 Ch.067 The Strange Forest's Inhabitants Vol.08 Ch.068 Heart Throbbing Survival Vol.08 Ch.069 The Lost Children Vol.08 Ch.070 Night Tutor Vol.09 Ch.071 The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend? Vol.09 Ch.072 The Strongest In The Universe Vol.09 Ch.073 Bad Mood? Good Mood? Vol.09 Ch.074 Demerit Points!!?? Vol.09 Ch.075 Strange Connection Vol.09 Ch.076 Sleepover Party Vol.09 Ch.077 An Uneasy Night Vol.09 Ch.078 Crisis Vol.09 Ch.079 Choice Vol.10 Ch.080 Master Of Love Vol.10 Ch.081 Queen Of Love!? Vol.10 Ch.082 Transformation Vol.10 Ch.083 Love + Sport = !? Vol.10 Ch.084 Dark Side Of The Athletic Festival... Vol.10 Ch.085 Let's Play Vol.10 Ch.086 Oh My Little Sister Vol.10 Ch.087 War At The Public Bath Vol.10 Ch.088 War At The Public Bath 2 Vol.10 Ch.088.5 Omake- Explosing Heat Girl Magical Kyoko Flame!! Vol.11 Ch.089 A Resurrected Transfer Student Vol.11 Ch.090 Allow Us To Serve You Vol.11 Ch.091 Honest Feelings Vol.11 Ch.092 A Rare Guest Comes Vol.11 Ch.093 Trouble Quest Vol.11 Ch.094 Trouble Quest 2 Vol.11 Ch.095 Trouble Quest 3 Vol.11 Ch.096 Trouble Quest 4 Vol.11 Ch.097 Trouble Quest 5 Vol.12 Ch.098 Trouble Quest Final Vol.12 Ch.099 The Proportion That Make Up The Heart Vol.12 Ch.100 Trouble x Trouble x To-Love-Ru Vol.12 Ch.101 Maiden-Esque Boy Vol.12 Ch.102 Sexual Conversion! Vol.12 Ch.103 I'll Become An Idol Vol.12 Ch.104 Siblings Vol.12 Ch.105 Wonderful Love Vol.12 Ch.106 You Are The Lovely Cinderella ♥ Vol.12 Ch.106.5 Omake- Marron's Day Vol.13 Ch.107 The Prickling Sound of Love ♥ Vol.13 Ch.108 Twins Escape Vol.13 Ch.109 What I See Through The Lens Is... Vol.13 Ch.110 The Night Of The Festival Vol.13 Ch.111 Under The Fireworks Vol.13 Ch.112 The Festival Is Still... Vol.13 Ch.113 Beach Girls Vol.13 Ch.114 Watermelon Panic! Vol.13 Ch.115 Excerise Elegy Vol.14 Ch.116 Dandy Mad Dog Vol.14 Ch.117 Predicting Love Vol.14 Ch.118 The Power of Love Vol.14 Ch.119 The First Step In Falling In Love Vol.14 Ch.120 Wonder Drug Vol.14 Ch.121 Metamorphosis Vol.14 Ch.122 Friends of Love Vol.14 Ch.123 The Antagonist Vol.14 Ch.124 Let's Go To Outer Space! Vol.15 Ch.125 Planet Mistletoe Vol.15 Ch.126 In the Fog Vol.15 Ch.127 Germination Vol.15 Ch.128 Flower Petal Princess Vol.15 Ch.129 Pollen Telephaty Vol.15 Ch.130 For Whom The Bell Rings Vol.15 Ch.131 The Rebellious Queen Vol.15 Ch.132 The Returning of the Queen Vol.15 Ch.133 Trouble Game Vol.16 Ch.134 Trouble Game 2 Vol.16 Ch.135 Trouble Game 3 Vol.16 Ch.135.5 Valentine Special Vol.16 Ch.136 The Young Man and Chocolate and...Me Vol.16 Ch.137 The Flavour of Chocolate is a Sweet Sensation Vol.16 Ch.138 Happening Weather Vol.16 Ch.139 The Trance of Feelings Vol.16 Ch.140 Footsteps of Spring Vol.16 Ch.141 The Unknown Love? Vol.16 Ch.142 A Draft Vol.17 Ch.143 Hand & Tail Vol.17 Ch.144 Ghost Versus Vol.17 Ch.145 The Things Projected In Those Eyes Vol.17 Ch.146 Those Warped Into The Midst Of Darkness Vol.17 Ch.147 A Girl's Feelings Vol.17 Ch.148 Silent Island Vol.17 Ch.149 The Smiling Cat Vol.17 Ch.150 The Determined Cat Vol.17 Ch.151 Friends Vol.17 Ch.152 Rito Style Vol.18 Ch.153 The Troubling Rampage Vol.18 Ch.154 His Loving Idol Vol.18 Ch.155 Doki Doki ☆ E-Mail Vol.18 Ch.156 The Enlargement Experience Vol.18 Ch.157 All Quiet On The "Sister" Front Vol.18 Ch.158 The False Love? Vol.18 Ch.159 Summer Memories Vol.18 Ch.160 That Love...Those Feelings... Vol.18 Ch.161 The Important Person Vol.18 Ch.162 Love (END) Vol.18 Ch.162.5 Afterwards... Vol.CLR Ch.001 The Girl Who Fell from the Sky Vol.CLR Ch.002 Great Escape of Love Vol.CLR Ch.003 A Messenger from the Galaxy Vol.CLR Ch.004 After School Memory Vol.CLR Ch.005 Approach Vol.CLR Ch.006 Targeted Girl Vol.CLR Ch.007 Intruder from Outer Space Vol.CLR Ch.008 Real Form Vol.CLR Ch.009 Shopping Panic Vol.CLR Ch.010 Confession, Again! Vol.CLR Ch.011 Is a Workplace also a Battlefield? Vol.CLR Ch.012 Mid-Summer Paparazzi Vol.CLR Ch.013 The Lust Whirling Underwater Vol.CLR Ch.014 You Stupid Typhoon Vol.CLR Ch.015 Steamy & Heart Thumping Emotions of a Traveller Vol.CLR Ch.016 Dare of Fate Vol.CLR Ch.017 Tale of Love at the Beach Vol.CLR Ch.018 Assault! Secret Garden Vol.CLR Ch.019 The Person I Like Vol.CLR Ch.020 The Transfer Student Who Brings a Storm
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