The Legend of Maian

Vol.15 Ch.075 Kaiser, The Ultimate Life Form

Vol.01 Ch.001 Juhnhwan (The Transfer) Vol.01 Ch.002 The Boy and The Witch Vol.01 Ch.003 Personal Seal Vol.01 Ch.004 The Release Ceremony Vol.01 Ch.005 Majestic Air Vol.01 Ch.006 Party Vol.02 Ch.007 Barcy`s Invasion Vol.02 Ch.008 Overwhelming Strength Vol.02 Ch.009 Vol.02 Ch.010 The Quality of a Hero Vol.02 Ch.011 Journey Vol.02 Ch.012 Mireim Girl Vol.02 Ch.013 Forest Guardian Vol.03 Ch.014 Ma Jin's Cliff Vol.03 Ch.015 Fierce Vol.03 Ch.016 Leiblande Vol.03 Ch.017 The Witch With Red Mane Vol.03 Ch.018 Settling Land Vol.03 Ch.019 Lyna's Conflict Vol.03 Ch.020 A New Threat Vol.04 Ch.021 Prelude Vol.04 Ch.022 Screams Of Grief Vol.04 Ch.023 Lend Zewst's Majesty Vol.04 Ch.024 End Vol.04 Ch.025 Port City, Windrad Vol.04 Ch.026 Past Vol.04 Ch.027 The Tournament Vol.05 Ch.028 Conspiracy of the Magus Vol.05 Ch.029 The Meidien Girl Vol.05 Ch.030 Her Name, Anna Maise Vol.05 Ch.031 Night of Recollections Vol.05 Ch.032 Misplaced Candidate Vol.05 Ch.033 Felix's Worry Vol.05 Ch.034 The First Match Vol.06 Ch.035 Continued Battle Vol.06 Ch.036 Ring of Fate Vol.06 Ch.037 The Shadow of the Magical Creature Vol.06 Ch.038 Consciousness Vol.06 Ch.039 Warrior God's Talent Vol.06 Ch.040 First Victory Vol.06 Ch.041 Surprise Kiss Vol.07 Ch.042 Sword Dance Vol.07 Ch.043 Resolution Vol.07 Ch.044 Bet Vol.07 Ch.045 Close Combat Vol.08 Ch.046 Reminiscence Vol.08 Ch.047 Relic Of His Past Life Vol.08 Ch.048 Another Misfortune Vol.08 Ch.049 Done Reminiscing Vol.09 Ch.050 Blood Fines Vol.09 Ch.051 Rand Deisman Vol.09 Ch.052 Finals Vol.09 Ch.053 Shurian's Heart Vol.10 Ch.054 Our Feelings Vol.10 Ch.055 Schuitenbach Castle Vol.10 Ch.056 Diha Sion Vol.10 Ch.057 Farewell Vol.11 Ch.058 Vol.11 Ch.061 Vol.11 Ch.062 The Berserker Vol.12 Ch.063 Lezaroth Sylvie Vol.12 Ch.064 Signs of War Vol.12 Ch.065 center of Reunion Vol.12 Ch.066 Blood Fines Vol.13 Ch.067 Brothers Vol.13 Ch.068 Dancer of Areize Vol.13 Ch.069 Rand Seyron Vol.13 Ch.070 Sacrifice Vol.14 Ch.071 Legacy from an Ancient Era Vol.14 Ch.072 The Goddess' Three Holy Artifacts Vol.14 Ch.073 The Elemental King Vol.14 Ch.074 Kaiseria Vol.15 Ch.075 Kaiser, The Ultimate Life Form
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Caution to under-aged viewers: The series The Legend of Maian contain themes or scenes that may not be suitable for very young readers thus is blocked for their protection. If you are 18 and above, Please click here to continue reading.


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