Tetsunaki no Kirinji - Kabukichou Seiatsu Hen

Vol.04 Ch.036 Maneater in Trance

Vol.01 Ch.001 Wild Rose Mahjong Business Vol.01 Ch.002 Animals Of The Forest Vol.01 Ch.003 Twittering And Licking Lips Vol.01 Ch.004 Gray Smile Vol.01 Ch.005 Savage Rookie Vol.01 Ch.006 Overcooked Jaguar Vol.01 Ch.007 Chirp Chirp Songbird Vol.01 Ch.008 Ambitious Small Bird Vol.01 Ch.009 Bamboo Pattern Take-Off Vol.01 Ch.010 Decisive Black and White Stripes Vol.02 Ch.011 Bulky Boss Monkey Vol.02 Ch.012 Brutal Monkey Oho! Vol.02 Ch.013 Steaming Snake Pilaf Vol.02 Ch.014 Prodigy and Genius Vol.02 Ch.015 The Goddess Who Never Smiled Vol.02 Ch.016 Electrified Tiles! Vol.02 Ch.017 Kind Beast Vol.02 Ch.018 Inexperienced Climber Vol.02 Ch.019 Defeated, Going Home Vol.02 Ch.020 Cornered Mouse Big Mouse Vol.03 Ch.021 Wall-Reading Holmes Vol.03 Ch.022 It's Not Lego Vol.03 Ch.023 Comfortable Place Vol.03 Ch.024 Rose-Colored Dream Vol.03 Ch.025 Mismatched Away Vol.03 Ch.026 Pastel Crayon Colored Face Vol.03 Ch.027 Fun Boy Teaching Chubby Girl Vol.03 Ch.028 Tiger With Muddy Paws Vol.03 Ch.029 Save-A-Life Vol.03 Ch.030 Beast Went Night-Night Vol.04 Ch.031 Desktop Child Vol.04 Ch.032 Dreaming Nonsensist Vol.04 Ch.033 The Splash Returns Vol.04 Ch.034 Steady Revenge Vol.04 Ch.035 Yutory-Surroundedy Vol.04 Ch.036 Maneater in Trance Vol.04 Ch.037 Smiling Swamp Master Vol.04 Ch.038 Retaliation of the Underestimated Vol.04 Ch.039 Something Like This Vol.04 Ch.040 Gege-Game Vol.05 Ch.041 Death Wish Beans Vol.05 Ch.042 Remember Passion Vol.05 Ch.043 Unpleasant Step Vol.05 Ch.044 Beasts of Darkness Vol.05 Ch.045 Blue Face, Black Face Vol.05 Ch.046 Phantom of the Devil Vol.05 Ch.047 Expected Tedium Vol.05 Ch.048 Awakening Vol.05 Ch.049 Bullet Toss Vol.05 Ch.050 Final Punch Vol.06 Ch.051 Clicking Heights Vol.06 Ch.052 The Fairy of the Bottom of the Swamp Vol.06 Ch.053 Child Under Table Vol.06 Ch.054 Phil So Good Vol.06 Ch.055 The Morning Comes Vol.06 Ch.057 Vol.06 Ch.058 Vol.06 Ch.059 Depositary Mambo Vol.06 Ch.060 The Knowledge of a Celebrity Vol.07 Ch.061 Vol.07 Ch.062 Bluffing Cuckoo Vol.07 Ch.063 Silent Cuckoo Vol.07 Ch.064 Winding Maximum Vol.07 Ch.065 White Majin Vol.07 Ch.066 Vol.07 Ch.067 15 Monkeys Vol.07 Ch.068 Vol.07 Ch.069 Vol.07 Ch.070 Vol.07 Ch.071 Vol.08 Ch.072 Chorus of Insects Vol.08 Ch.073 Vol.08 Ch.074 Vol.08 Ch.075 Vol.08 Ch.076 Vol.08 Ch.077 Vol.08 Ch.078 Vol.09 Ch.079 Vol.09 Ch.080 Vol.09 Ch.081 Vol.09 Ch.082 Vol.09 Ch.083 Flapping Papa Vol.09 Ch.084 Holding Hands, Oh My God Vol.09 Ch.085 The Eve of the Final Battle Vol.09 Ch.086 Vol.09 Ch.087 Vol.09 Ch.088 Vol.09 Ch.089 Vol.09 Ch.090 Vol.09 Ch.091 Vol.09 Ch.092 Vol.09 Ch.093 Vol.09 Ch.094 Vol.09 Ch.095 Vol.09 Ch.096 Vol.09 Ch.097 Vol.11 Ch.098 Vol.11 Ch.099 Vol.11 Ch.100 Vol.11 Ch.101 Vol.11 Ch.102 Vol.11 Ch.103 Vol.11 Ch.104 Vol.11 Ch.105
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