Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna

Vol.08 Ch.038 The Scanner of Darkness

Vol.01 Ch.001 The Invisible Murderer on the Balcony (First Half) Vol.01 Ch.002 The Invisible Murderer on the Balcony (Last Half) Vol.01 Ch.003 Arrow of Revenge Vol.01 Ch.004 The Room with the Special Lock (Part 1) Vol.01 Ch.005 The Room with the Special Lock (Part 2) Vol.02 Ch.006 The Room with the Special Lock (Part 3) Vol.02 Ch.007 Explosion Incident Vol.02 Ch.008 Mysterious Rib Bone Vol.02 Ch.009 Happiness of the Believer (Part 1) Vol.02 Ch.010 Fortune of the Believer (Part 2) Vol.03 Ch.011 The Strength of Youth Vol.03 Ch.012 Vs Rio Vol.03 Ch.013 Break Through the Heavily Guarded Net Vol.03 Ch.014 The Choice of the Believer Vol.04 Ch.015 The Follower's Decision Vol.04 Ch.016 Only the Loser's Day Vol.04 Ch.017 5 O'Clock Thunder Vol.04 Ch.018 A Cold Equation Vol.04 Ch.019 All That You Can Do Vol.05 Ch.020 Only One Way to Disappear Vol.05 Ch.021 Good Night Sweet Hearts Vol.05 Ch.022 Dried Eyes Vol.05 Ch.023 Night Comes Again Vol.05 Ch.024 Moving Target Vol.05 Ch.025 Like a Swan Vol.06 Ch.026 Distant Dawn Vol.06 Ch.027 Waltz into Darkness Vol.06 Ch.028 Death Is My Dancer Vol.06 Ch.029 Black Angel Vol.06 Ch.030 Dark Path of Terror Vol.06 Ch.031 The Mockers' Position Vol.07 Ch.032 The Sound of a Cookie Crumbling Vol.07 Ch.033 The Existence of the Glass Box Vol.07 Ch.034 Who Knows Heaven's Fate Vol.07 Ch.035 La Campanula Vol.07 Ch.036 The Darkness Must Not Fall Vol.08 Ch.037 The Game of the Rats and the Dragon Vol.08 Ch.038 The Scanner of Darkness Vol.08 Ch.039 Brothers Vol.08 Ch.040 The Choice of Life Vol.09 Ch.041 Ritual of Surrender Vol.09 Ch.042 The Small Dust in God's Eye Vol.09 Ch.043 Time for Love Vol.09 Ch.044 Is Shredinger's Cat Alright? Vol.09 Ch.045 The Eagle Has Swooped Down Vol.10 Ch.046 The End of Childhood Vol.10 Ch.047 Your Fighting Song Vol.10 Ch.048 The Temporary Life Now Vol.10 Ch.049 Curtain Fall Vol.10 Ch.050 The War Is Over, the End of the World Begins Vol.11 Ch.051 Reaching Tomorrow Vol.11 Ch.052 The Creator's Choice Vol.11 Ch.053 Blood Music Vol.11 Ch.054 The Human's Hand Hasn't Been Touched Yet Vol.11 Ch.055 The Enemy on the Board Vol.11 Ch.056 As a Person Who Doesn't Believe in Spite of That Vol.12 Ch.057 The Two Faces of the Future Vol.12 Ch.058 This Face Is Many Doors, This Mouth Is Many Lights Vol.12 Ch.059 The Weirdness of Them Being Here Vol.12 Ch.060 And What I Was Afraid of Became Worse Vol.12 Ch.061 Walking Beneath the Days Vol.13 Ch.062 Holy Invasion Vol.13 Ch.063 Wing's Rustle Vol.13 Ch.064 In a Graceful Hand That Can Go Out of Order Vol.13 Ch.065 Towards the Zeroth Hour Vol.13 Ch.066 The Lost World Vol.14 Ch.067 The Paradox of the Twins Vol.14 Ch.068 The Freedom of Happiness Vol.14 Ch.069.1 The Sky of Two Vol.14 Ch.069.2 The Sky of Two (2) Vol.14 Ch.070 In your Darkness Vol.14 Ch.071 The Song Sung the Day You Parted Ways (1) Vol.15 Ch.072 The Song Sung the Day You Parted Ways (2) Vol.15 Ch.073 Headed for Babel Vol.15 Ch.074 One Certain Thing Vol.15 Ch.075 God's Beautiful World Vol.15 Ch.076 Affectionate Feather Decoration Vol.15 Ch.077 ~If All Is As It Should Be There Will Be Many Good Days~ Vol.15 Ch.077.1 Omake
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