Soul Land

Ch.029 Killing The Beast

Ch.001 The Tang apprentice Ch.002 Double Spirits! Ch.003 Teacher? Master! Ch.004 Hunting In The Spirit Forest (Part One) Ch.005 Hunting In The Spirit Forest (Part Two) Ch.006 Romanti Snake Ch.007 First Spirit Skill Ch.008 Academy War Ch.009 Returning Home Ch.010 Evil Eyed Tiger Ch.011 Monster Academy Ch.012 Acala Ch.013 Power of the Spirit Saint Ch.014 Tang San's Secret Weapon Ch.015 Needle Dragon Whiskers Ch.016 Titled Douluo Ch.017 Chicken Phoenix Ch.018 A Devious Girl's True Nature Ch.019 Spirit Colosseum Ch.020 Tears of a Devious Girl's Ch.021 Weirdos? Monsters? Ch.022 Thousand Year Phoenix Tail Ch.023 Sky Dominating Dragon and Snake Ch.024 Third Spirit Halo Ch.025 King of the Forest Ch.026 Giant Titan Gorilla Ch.027 Crisis!! Ch.028 Human Faced Demon Spider Ch.029 Killing The Beast Ch.030 Reinforcements Ch.031 For You, I‘ve Come Ch.032 You Again Ch.033 The Grandmaster Has Come Ch.034 Time to Eat Ch.035 External Spirit Bone Ch.036 Grandmaster's Menu Ch.037 Special Traning Diary Ch.038 Third Spirit Skill Ch.039 The Devil's Road Ch.040 Back at Combat Colosseum Ch.041 Absolute Offense and Defense Combo Ch.042 Unique Divine Power Ch.043 Eight Step Breaker Ch.044 Hidden Battle Ch.045 Controlling the Wild Rhino Ch.046 Breaking The Deadlock Ch.047 Berserk Mode Ch.048 The Deciding Battle Ch.049 Royal Combat Team Ch.050 An Immediate Battle Ch.051 Tyrant Dragon of Blue Lightning Ch.052 Surrounding the Tyrant Dragon Ch.053 Royal Combat's Counterattack Ch.054 Nether White Tiger Ch.055 The Deciding Eight Spider Lances Ch.056 Reunion Ch.057 Borrowing From Others (Parts One & Two) Ch.058 Zhu Ge Liang's Godly Crossbow Ch.059 Tian Dou Royal Academy Ch.060 Poison Douluo Ch.061 Golden Iron Triangle Ch.062 Life or Death Situation Ch.063 Twin Fire And Ice Orbit Ch.064 Golden Saint Dragon Ch.065 Gamble Ch.066 Poison Experiment Ch.067 Farewell Ch.068 Top Notch Heavenly Items Ch.069 Something On Your Mind Ch.070 The Chichen Transformed Into A Phoenix Ch.071 Fighting Against The "Birdman" Ch.072 Say You Love Me Ch.073 Present Ch.074 Identity Ch.075 Origin Ch.076 The Answer Ch.077 Training Ch.078 Brother, Please Comb My Hair Ch.079 Earthen King Ch.080 Pink Mistress Ch.081 Howling Phoenix's Uppercut Ch.082 Attracting Spirit Beasts By Silky Fragrance (Part One) Ch.083 Attracting Spirit Beasts By Silky Fragrance (Part Two) Ch.084 Choice Ch.085 Keeping Watch Ch.086 Ten Thousand Years Spirit Halo Ch.087 Preparations For the Tournament Ch.088 The Tournament Begins Ch.089 The Complete Victory In One Minute Ch.090 Invitation Ch.091 Fighting Elephant Armored Academy (Part One) Ch.092 Fighting Elephant Armored Academy (Part Two) Ch.093 Fighting Elephant Armored Academy (Part Three) Ch.094 Illusion Ch.095 Cranial Spirit Bone Ch.096 Fighting Against Blazing Academy (Part One) Ch.097 Fighting Against Blazing Academy (Part Two) Ch.098 Fighting Against Blazing Academy (Part Three) Ch.099 The Illusion of Shura Ch.100 Memory Ch.101 Breaking the Illusion Ch.102 The Supreme Pontiff Writ Ch.103 Return Ch.104 Arctic Tornado Ch.105 Ice Phoenix Ch.106 The Last Victory Ch.107 Inheritance Ch.108 Find Ch.109 Choice Ch.110 Ranking Round Ch.111 Botanic Academy Ch.112 Journey to Gigantic Sword Mountain Ch.113 Meeting With Blazing Again Ch.114 Fused Ring Ch.115 Recuperate Ch.116 Keep Going Ch.117 The Battle With Thunderclap Academy Ch.118 Strong Opponent, Thunderclap Ch.119 White Tiger VS Tyrant Dragon Ch.120 Evil Eyes Sage Ch.121 Legend of the Sage Ch.122 Bu Zhi Dao's Plot Ch.123 Give Me Your Eye Ch.124 Clear Sky Reappearance Ch.125 Titled Douluo! Ch.126 Help Ch.127 5 Titled Douluos Ch.128 Supreme Pontiff Ch.129 The Fight Between Brothers Ch.130 Truth Ch.131 Imminemet Battle Ch.132 Champion's Battle Ch.133 Shrek's Counter-Attack Ch.134 Xiao Wu's Secret Ch.135 Wu Tian Real Body Ch.136 The Date in 5 Years Ch.137 Blue SIlver King Awakens Ch.138 Capital of Massacre Ch.139 Ashura Path Ch.140 Clear Vast Sky Ch.141 Return to Clear Sky Clan Ch.142 Meeting Again With Hu Li Na Ch.143 Battle of Spirit Beasts Ch.144 The Anger of Titled Douluo Ch.145 Speed Escape Ch.146 Immolation Ch.147 Spirit Hunting Operation Ch.148 Spirit Hunting Operation 2 Ch.149 Spirit Hunting Operation 3 Ch.150 Advancement! Ch.151 Gathering at Shrek Ch.152 Rong Rong's Signature Ch.153 Tang Sect Ch.154 Fight Against Niu Gao Ch.155 Speed Clan Ch.156 Ch.157 Brother Jun's Fury Ch.158 Ch.159 Break Clan - Yang Wu Di Ch.160 Tang Sect Established Ch.161 Four Elements Academy Ch.162 Ch.163 City of Metal Ch.164 The Ultimate Hidden Weapon Ch.165 Meeting With The Old Enemy Ch.166 Getting Treasures Ch.167 Change in Heaven Dou Palace Ch.168 Soul Breaking Spear Ch.169 Deathgod VS Angel Ch.170 Disorderly Wind Splitting Dance Ch.171 Brother, I'm Back Ch.172 Nullifying The Poison Ch.173 Sea God Island Ch.174 Releasing The Seal Ch.175 Crown Prince Imperial Tutor Ch.176 Companion To Sea God Island Ch.177 Cooking Competition Ch.178 Shrek's Number Eighth Ch.179 Battle Against Titled Dou Luo (Up) Ch.180 Battle Against Titled Dou Luo (Down) Ch.181 Goodbye, Shrek Ch.182 The Blood Thirsty Wolf Bandits Ch.183 Westbound Ch.184 One Thousand and One Nights Ch.185 Chen Xiang's Fire Fight Ch.186 Into Sea City Ch.187 SEA SPIRIT EXPERT BATTLE Ch.188 Sea Spirit Expert Battle (2) Ch.189 Sea Spirit Expert Battle (3) Ch.190 Boiling Pool Ch.191 Boiling The Water Field Ch.192 Ready To Go! Ch.193 Ocean, We Are Coming! Ch.194 Encounter With Pirates Ch.195 Whale King Of The Depth Ch.196 Strongest Sea Spirit Beast Ch.197 The Struggle To Live Ch.198 Ch.199 Ch.200 Ch.201 Ch.202 Ch.203 Ch.204 Ch.205 Shrek Reunited Ch.206 Reunite! Shrek's Seven Devils! Ch.207 Battle Between Mutants Ch.208 Discussion With Zi Zhenshu Ch.209 Violet Pearl's Story Ch.210 I’m coming, Sea God Island! Ch.211 Arrival at Sea God Island! Ch.212 Ch.213 Highest Level 7 Trial Ch.214 Light of The Sea God Ch.215 9 Gods Ch.216 Red Level Test Ch.217 Crossing The Light of The Sea God Ch.218 Trying to Go Up Ch.219 Mimesis Training Ch.220 Soul Land Ch.221 Inheritance Ch.222 The Ultimate Spirit Ring Ch.223 A Simple Test Ch.224 Flying in the wind Ch.225 Flourishing Ch.226 Phoenix Ch.227 Ch.228 Ch.229 Ch.230 Ch.231 Ch.232 Ch.233 The Sea Gives Birth to a Shining Moon Ch.234 Advancement to Spirit Saint! Ch.235 Ch.236 Starting Our Training Ch.237 100,000 Years of Trial Ch.238 Nine-knot Ichthyosaur Ch.239 Fighting the Ring Ch.240 Poison Plant Ch.241 Everything Ch.242 Duel to The Death Ch.243 Deep Abyss Ch.244 Ring Forming and Absorbing Ch.245 The First Test Commences! Ch.246 Upward! Onward! Ch.247 Ice Realm Ch.248 The Diligent Phoenix Ch.249 Illusory Realm Ch.250 Holy King's Test Ch.251 Holy King's Bloodline Ch.252 Seahorse Douluo's Pointers Ch.253 The Last Dangerous Situation Ch.254 Oscar's Skills Displayed Ch.255 One Hundred and Eight Ch.256 The Rich Person Ch.257 World's Storehouse Ch.258 Difficult Decisions Ch.259 A Rich Girl is also Hardworking Ch.260 PERFECT FOOD Ch.261 Ch.262 Ch.263 Ch.263.5 Ch.264 Ch.264.5 Ch.265 Ch.265.5 Ch.266 Ch.266.5 Ch.267 Ch.267.5
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