Sodatechi Maou!

Vol.06 Ch.115 Late Night

Vol.01 Ch.001 Sodatechi Maou! Vol.01 Ch.002 Fun Execution Vol.01 Ch.003 The Devil's Introspection Vol.01 Ch.004 Simple-Minded Slave Vol.01 Ch.005 Demon and Human Vol.01 Ch.006 The Cold Night Vol.01 Ch.007 Want to Go Home Quickly! Vol.01 Ch.008 That Time, The Subordinates Were... Vol.01 Ch.009 Skillful With Building Blocks Vol.01 Ch.010 Playmate? Vol.01 Ch.011 Let's Go To the Graveyard Vol.01 Ch.012 Perfect Fluffy Circle Vol.01 Ch.013 Demon Nursery Vol.01 Ch.014 Important Speech Vol.01 Ch.015 The Old Man Again Vol.01 Ch.016 Major Incident Vol.01 Ch.017 Close Encounters of the Third Kind Vol.02 Ch.018 Before, It Was This Way Vol.02 Ch.019 Maris and the Magical Beast Vol.02 Ch.020 Magical Beast Rodeo Vol.02 Ch.021 The Wedding is Boring Vol.02 Ch.022 Imitation Child Maris Vol.02 Ch.023 You Won't Sleep? Vol.02 Ch.024 No No Time Vol.02 Ch.025 Fibber Maris Vol.02 Ch.026 The Shy Pair Vol.02 Ch.027 Maris is a Good Child Vol.02 Ch.028 The Excitement Doesn't Stop Vol.02 Ch.029 Tour of Hell Vol.02 Ch.030 Barrage of Questions Vol.02 Ch.031 Ball of Mud Vol.02 Ch.032 Returning Home Vol.02 Ch.033 Drawing of Leviathan Vol.02 Ch.034 Maris' Anxiety Vol.02 Ch.035 Children's Day Vol.02 Ch.036 Cake's Secret Vol.02 Ch.037 Hell's Inspection Vol.03 Ch.038 Maris' Pace Vol.03 Ch.039 Big Brother's Childhood Vol.03 Ch.040 Chubby's Reason Vol.03 Ch.041 Myself Time Vol.03 Ch.042 The Magical Beast's Name Vol.03 Ch.043 Heart's Distance Vol.03 Ch.044 Composed Person Vol.03 Ch.045 Childcare Leave Demon King Vol.03 Ch.046 Stay Here Vol.03 Ch.047 Mister Whistle Vol.03 Ch.048 Happy Person Vol.03 Ch.049 Papa's Playing Around Vol.03 Ch.050 National Treasure Vol.03 Ch.051 Dance Dance Dance! Vol.03 Ch.052 Run Run Run! Vol.03 Ch.053 Don't Laugh At My Child-Rearing (Part 1) Vol.03 Ch.054 Don't Laugh At My Child-Rearing (Part 2) Vol.04 Ch.055 Childish Vol.04 Ch.056 Bothersome Guy Vol.04 Ch.057 At Last Vol.04 Ch.058 3186g Vol.04 Ch.059 Fireworks Vol.04 Ch.060 Flustered Vol.04 Ch.061 Good Girl Vol.04 Ch.062 Big Baby Vol.04 Ch.063 Inside Demon Vol.04 Ch.064 Lovely Turtle Vol.04 Ch.065 Always a Friend Vol.04 Ch.066 While Crying Vol.04 Ch.067 Small Difference Vol.04 Ch.068 Stop the Bye-Bye Vol.04 Ch.069 Ikuboss Declaration (Part 1) Vol.04 Ch.070 Ikuboss Declaration (Part 2) Vol.04 Ch.071 The Role Called Father Vol.04 Ch.072 How Much Longer? Vol.04 Ch.073 Maris' Territory Vol.04 Ch.074 The Great Demon King's Worries Vol.04 Ch.075 Obsession Vol.05 Ch.076 How Many Friends Vol.05 Ch.077 Boys and Girls Vol.05 Ch.078 Fwump Vol.05 Ch.079 Parents and Children are the Same Vol.05 Ch.080 Are You Asking or Not? Vol.05 Ch.081 "Make-Believe" Vol.05 Ch.082 Dusk Vol.05 Ch.083 Hell Wrestling Vol.05 Ch.084 Dragon Creation Vol.05 Ch.085 Mother's Love Vol.05 Ch.086 Yawn Vol.05 Ch.087 Riding Beast Vol.05 Ch.088 Good Child, Bad Child Vol.05 Ch.089 Gratitude Time Vol.05 Ch.090 The Door That Shut Vol.05 Ch.091 Hell's Bizarre Story Vol.05 Ch.092 That Boy, Because of the Doctor Vol.05 Ch.093 Maris' Sleepover Vol.05 Ch.094 They Are Talking Vol.05 Ch.095 Nighttime's Story Vol.06 Ch.096 Brush Your Teeth! Vol.06 Ch.097 Playground Vol.06 Ch.098 The Night Storm! Vol.06 Ch.099 This Lot Vol.06 Ch.100 Don't Wanna Go! Vol.06 Ch.101 Tatin's Patience Vol.06 Ch.102 Here You Go x3 Vol.06 Ch.103 Disease Vol.06 Ch.104 Craftmanship Vol.06 Ch.105 Bracing! Vol.06 Ch.106 Gaze Vol.06 Ch.107 Look, Look Vol.06 Ch.108 The Human Village Vol.06 Ch.109 Won't Eat x Hate Vol.06 Ch.110 Assistant Maris Vol.06 Ch.111 Abandoning (Safely) Vol.06 Ch.112 Maris Returning Home Vol.06 Ch.113 Before the Festival Vol.06 Ch.114 Zombie Fest! Vol.06 Ch.115 Late Night Vol.06 Ch.116 We'll Eat You! Vol.07 Ch.117 Boys and Girls Vol.07 Ch.118 Intermission Vol.07 Ch.119 Me and the Opera Vol.07 Ch.120 Milk Vol.07 Ch.121 Genius of Playing Vol.07 Ch.122 Hell Cooking Vol.07 Ch.123 Swim Lessons Vol.07 Ch.124 Lesson! Vol.07 Ch.125 What Maris Likes Vol.07 Ch.126 Mr. Tatin's Job Vol.07 Ch.127 Teacher Vol.07 Ch.128 Piano Lessons Vol.07 Ch.129 Head! Vol.07 Ch.130 Reilios' Dining Table Vol.07 Ch.131 Photo Vol.07 Ch.132 Combustion System Demon Kings Vol.07 Ch.133 Jungle Gym Vol.07 Ch.134 Anger Vol.07 Ch.135 Hell Cup Vol.07 Ch.136 Playing House Without Honor & Humanity Vol.07 Ch.137 Damn It Vol.07 Ch.138 Magical Beast Train GO Vol.07 Ch.139 Crying Child and Hell’s Blues Vol.08 Ch.140 Vol.08 Ch.141 Vol.08 Ch.142 Vol.08 Ch.143 Vol.08 Ch.144 Vol.08 Ch.145 Vol.08 Ch.146 Vol.08 Ch.147 Vol.08 Ch.148 Vol.08 Ch.149 Vol.08 Ch.150 Vol.08 Ch.151 Vol.08 Ch.152 Vol.08 Ch.153 Vol.08 Ch.154 Vol.08 Ch.155 Vol.08 Ch.156 Vol.08 Ch.157 Vol.08 Ch.158 Vol.08 Ch.159 Vol.08 Ch.160 Vol.08 Ch.161
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