Shoukoku no Altair

Vol.01 Ch.001 The Golden Eagle General

Vol.01 Ch.001 The Golden Eagle General Vol.01 Ch.002 The Poison General Vol.01 Ch.003 The Decorated Governor-General Vol.01 Ch.004 Tragic Clansmen Vol.01 Ch.005 The Citadel Vol.02 Ch.006 The Council of Generals Vol.02 Ch.007 The Town of Oasis Vol.02 Ch.008 The Thief in the Slum Vol.02 Ch.009 The Falcon's Homeland Vol.02 Ch.010 Chief of the Eyes and Ears Vol.02 Ch.011 The Falcons' Joint Struggle Vol.03 Ch.012 The City by the Lighthouse Vol.03 Ch.013 The Lizard of the Back Alley Vol.03 Ch.014 The Iron Chains Vol.03 Ch.015 The Snowy Wolf Vol.03 Ch.016 The Sinking City Vol.04 Ch.017 City of the Sea Vol.04 Ch.018 Wasp of the Whitecaps Vol.04 Ch.019 Masquerade of Sincerity Vol.05 Ch.020 The Great Assembly Vol.05 Ch.021 The Stratocracy of Spears Vol.05 Ch.022 The Red Lion Sultan Vol.05 Ch.023 The Crimson Palace Vol.05 Ch.024 FasilSance of the Moonlit Beauty Vol.06 Ch.025 The Stratocracy of Daggers Vol.06 Ch.026 Stratocracy of Swords Vol.06 Ch.027 The 45th Heir Vol.06 Ch.028 The General of the Floodgate Vol.06 Ch.029 The Princess of Pears Vol.06 Ch.030 The Prince of Swords Vol.07 Ch.031 Stratocratic Civil War Vol.07 Ch.032 Battle at the Unusual Rock Formations Vol.07 Ch.033 The Wretched Tiger King Vol.07 Ch.034 Cruelty Between Parent and Child Vol.07 Ch.035 End of Civil War Vol.08 Ch.036 Summoning of the Golden Eagle Vol.08 Ch.037 The Silver City Vol.08 Ch.038 Daughter of a Caravan Vol.08 Ch.039 A recluse of the east Vol.08 Ch.040 Far away schemes of the Golden Eagle Vol.08 Ch.041 Battle at Poinikia Bay Vol.09 Ch.042 Ambition and Resolution Vol.09 Ch.043 The Northern Kingdom Vol.09 Ch.044 Craving of the King Vol.09 Ch.045 The Northern Country's Crossroads Vol.09 Ch.046 Conspiracy and Departure Vol.09 Ch.047 The Island City Vol.09 Ch.048 Tripartite Alliance Meeting Vol.09 Ch.049 Beginning of the Great War Vol.09 Ch.050 City of Rock, City of Rivers Vol.09 Ch.051 City of Flowers Vol.10 Ch.052 The Flower's Plan Vol.10 Ch.053 Heart of the Continent Vol.10 Ch.054 Wishing On Stars Vol.11 Ch.055 The Mercenaries of Taurus Vol.11 Ch.056 Golden Eagle's Tutorial Vol.11 Ch.057 An Equestrian Tribe's Techniques Vol.11 Ch.058 Budding Counterattack Vol.11 Ch.059 Boy from the City of Bells Vol.12 Ch.060 The Heavenly City Vol.12 Ch.061 The Urban General Vol.12 Ch.062 The Cage of Paradise Vol.12 Ch.063 The Beast Tamer Vol.12 Ch.064 A Storm of Spears Vol.12 Ch.065 A Far-Off Funeral Bell Vol.12 Ch.066 Front Line of the Centro Sea Vol.13 Ch.067 Triton's Children Vol.13 Ch.068 The Queen and the Clown Vol.13 Ch.069 An Equestrian Tribe's Techniques II Vol.13 Ch.070 Alliance Against Imperialism Vol.14 Ch.071 Double Envelopment Battle Vol.14 Ch.072 The Allies Fight Back Vol.14 Ch.073 The New World Under Strain Vol.14 Ch.074 Clash at the City of Sabres Vol.14 Ch.075 The Heavenly Key Vol.14 Ch.076 The Death of Paradise Vol.15 Ch.077 Steward of a Province Vol.15 Ch.078 The Imperial Prime Minister Vol.15 Ch.079 The Imperial Prime Minister Vol.15 Ch.080 Descendants of Royalty Vol.15 Ch.081 Poison ans Medicine Vol.16 Ch.082 Saddle Song Vol.16 Ch.083 An Equestrian Tribe's Techniques III Vol.16 Ch.084 Highway Cavalry Raid Vol.16 Ch.084.5 Extra Vol.16 Ch.085 The Shield & the Hornet Vol.16 Ch.086 City of Faith Vol.16 Ch.087 The Last Dash Vol.16 Ch.087.5 Extra Vol.17 Ch.088 Forest of Faith Vol.17 Ch.089 New Year Festival Vol.17 Ch.090 The Walled City Vol.17 Ch.091 Turning Point Vol.17 Ch.092 Alarm Bells Vol.17 Ch.093 The Duchess is Married Vol.18 Ch.094 Gravestone of an Ancient Empire Vol.18 Ch.095 Descendants of Warriors Vol.18 Ch.096 The New Aristocracy Attacks Vol.18 Ch.097 Two Traps Vol.18 Ch.097.5 Extra The King of Mizrak Vol.18 Ch.098 Vol.19 Ch.099 Wheels Within Wheels Vol.19 Ch.100 The Empire Invades Vol.19 Ch.100.1 Guest Special 1 Vol.19 Ch.100.2 Guest Special 2 Vol.19 Ch.101 Burning Homeland Vol.19 Ch.101.5 Extra Niki & Margit's Favourite Food Vol.20 Ch.102 The Sultans Rise Up Vol.20 Ch.103 Vol.20 Ch.104 Vol.20 Ch.105 Vol.20 Ch.106 Vol.20 Ch.106.5 The Golden Eagle Boy Vol.21 Ch.107 Vol.21 Ch.108 Vol.21 Ch.109 Vol.21 Ch.110 Vol.21 Ch.111 Vol.21 Ch.112 Vol.21 Ch.112.5 The General's Hat Vol.22 Ch.019.5 Vol.22 Ch.100.5 Vol.22 Ch.100.6 Vol.22 Ch.113 Vol.22 Ch.114 Vol.22 Ch.115 Vol.22 Ch.116 Vol.22 Ch.117 Vol.22 Ch.118 Vol.22 Ch.119 Vol.22 Ch.120 Vol.22 Ch.121 Vol.22 Ch.122 Vol.22 Ch.123 Vol.22 Ch.124 Vol.22 Ch.125 Vol.22 Ch.126 Vol.22 Ch.127 Vol.22 Ch.128 Vol.24 Ch.129 Vol.24 Ch.130 Vol.24 Ch.131 Vol.24 Ch.132 Vol.24 Ch.133 Vol.24 Ch.134 Vol.24 Ch.135 Vol.24 Ch.136 Vol.24 Ch.137 Vol.24 Ch.138 Vol.24 Ch.139 Vol.24 Ch.140 Vol.24 Ch.141
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