Ch.024 Taunting

Ch.001 The Tournament in Sunpu Castle Ch.002 Rules for the Contest Between Representatives of Two Different Schools Ch.003 The Tiger and Two Dragons Ch.004 The Sticky Bean Ch.005 A Visit in the Night Ch.006 Kama'itachi Ch.007 Children's Song Ch.008 Beast Ch.009 Marionettes Ch.010 Hairpin Ch.011 Passing on the Secret Art Ch.012 Instant Ch.013 Bonfire Ch.014 Wrath Ch.015 Birth Cry Ch.016 Fangs Ch.017 Face Ch.018 Cicada's Cry Ch.019 Blind Man Ch.020 Tiger's Cub Ch.021 The Angel of Kakegawa Ch.022 Futawa Ch.023 Kengyou's Estate Ch.024 Taunting Ch.025 Binding Agreement Ch.026 Moonlight Ch.027 Firelock Ch.028 Transformation Ch.029 Blind Dragon Ch.030 Nagare Boshi Ch.031 Death Flash Ch.032 Mumyou Sakanagare Ch.033 Bully Ch.034 Bamboo Spear Ch.035 Nemesis Ch.036 Fellow Student Ch.037 Sealed Art Ch.038 Vengeance Ch.039 Execution Ground Ch.040 Thundering Of The Earth Ch.041 Doppelganger Ch.042 A Pair of Eyes Ch.043 Arm Ch.044 Bull Demon Ch.045 Red Cord Ch.046 Asura Ch.047 Newborn Ch.048 Free of Avidya Ch.049 Hallucination Ch.050 The Promised Cherry Tree Ch.051 One Eye Ch.052 Wail of the wraith Ch.053 Bonds Ch.054 Decree Ch.055 Helmet Ch.056 Battle Ch.057 Scab Ch.058 Great Serpent Ch.059 Phantom Limb Ch.060 Couple Ch.061 Rain Shower Ch.062 Black Hair Ch.063 Clairvoyance Ch.064 Disappearance Ch.065 The Dead Ch.066 The Great Palace Ch.067 Dungeon Ch.068 Ape Ch.069 Demon with a Spear Ch.070 Changing Clothes Ch.071 Tiger Killing Ch.072 Makiwara Ch.073 Avatar Ch.074 Ichinoji Ch.075 Love Ch.076 One-Eyed Dragon Ch.077 Audience Ch.078 Instant Ch.079 Shizakura Ch.080 Dragon Gate Ch.081 Before the Jaws of Death Ch.082 White Blade Ch.083 Tsubazemari Ch.084 Pure Crimson (END)
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