Shaman King

Vol.X Ch.001 Funbari no uta 1

Vol.01 Ch.001 The Boy who dances with Ghosts Vol.01 Ch.001.1 The Boy who dances with Ghosts (1) Vol.01 Ch.001.2 The Boy who dances with Ghosts (2) Vol.01 Ch.001.3 Volumes 1-2 Extras Vol.01 Ch.002 The Waiting Samurai Vol.01 Ch.003 Unfinished Billboard Vol.01 Ch.004 Soul Boxing ! Vol.01 Ch.005 Samurai Bodyguard Vol.01 Ch.006 Another Shaman Vol.01 Ch.007 Shaman X Shaman Vol.01 Ch.008 100% Acceptance Vol.02 Ch.009 Shaman King Vol.02 Ch.010 A fashionable Shaman Vol.02 Ch.011 Shaman Life Vol.02 Ch.012 Kung-Fu Master Vol.02 Ch.013 Corpse Doll Vol.02 Ch.014 Run Manta! Vol.02 Ch.015 Pyron's Fist's of Fury Vol.02 Ch.016 Invocation Vol.02 Ch.017 The Way of Pyron's Daodando Vol.03 Ch.018 Best Place Trekkers Vol.03 Ch.019 A 600 Year Old Fate Vol.03 Ch.020 Tokageroh's Assault Vol.03 Ch.021 Spring Rain Vol.03 Ch.022 Our Ryu-San Vol.03 Ch.023 Tokagerohs Blues Vol.03 Ch.024 Merge with Tokageroh Vol.03 Ch.025 Ryu Repays his Dept Vol.03 Ch.026 The Star that Signals the Beginning Vol.04 Ch.027 A New Fight Vol.04 Ch.028 Silva Style Vol.04 Ch.029 Over Soul Vol.04 Ch.030 His Totem Pole Vol.04 Ch.031 Get a Oracle Bell Vol.04 Ch.032 Teachings of the Patch Vol.04 Ch.033 Horo Horo Vol.04 Ch.034 Kororo's Power Vol.04 Ch.035 Horo Horo's Dream Vol.05 Ch.036 Strong Soul, Strong Sword Vol.05 Ch.037 The Final Strike Vol.05 Ch.038 Furo and Hoshisora Vol.05 Ch.039 Master of Bones Vol.05 Ch.040 Let's have an Open Stomach Conversation Vol.05 Ch.041 Natural Bone Killers Vol.05 Ch.042 Doctor's Desire Vol.05 Ch.043 Yoh's Story Vol.05 Ch.044 Innocent Lovers Vol.06 Ch.045 Faust's Love Vol.06 Ch.046 That Courage Vol.06 Ch.047 Goodbye June Vol.06 Ch.048 A Journey of Two Men to Isumo Vol.06 Ch.049 The Best Place Debate Vol.06 Ch.050 Ball Hell Vol.06 Ch.051 Yoh Vol.06 Ch.052 Evolution Vol.06 Ch.053 The Pair's Big Soul Vol.07 Ch.054 Slogan Vol.07 Ch.055 Reunion in the Park Cemetery Vol.07 Ch.056 Carefree Guy Vol.07 Ch.057 Soul Mata Park Cemetery Vol.07 Ch.058 Spiritual Power and Spirit Power Vol.07 Ch.059 I'm not unreasonable Vol.07 Ch.060 Reason Vol.07 Ch.061 Before the Opening Ceremony Vol.07 Ch.062 About Ren Vol.08 Ch.063 It's not "impossible" Vol.08 Ch.064 The Opening Ceremony Vol.08 Ch.065 Firey Night Vol.08 Ch.066 Evening Song Vol.08 Ch.067 Lost Pale Spirits Vol.08 Ch.068 The Way to Tao Family Vol.08 Ch.069 Tao En Vol.08 Ch.070 Believe Vol.08 Ch.071 I'm Here... (1) Vol.09 Ch.072 I'm Here... (2) Vol.09 Ch.073 I'm Here... (3) Vol.09 Ch.074 The Immortal Tao En Vol.09 Ch.075 Oversoul Daidouho Vol.09 Ch.076 The End of Tao's Road Vol.09 Ch.077 Shamans on the Road Vol.09 Ch.078 Future King Hao Vol.09 Ch.079 Patch Airline Vol.09 Ch.080 1200FT in the Air Vol.10 Ch.081 Left of Route 66 Turbno Vol.10 Ch.082 The Hymn of Desolation Memories from 500 Years ago Vol.10 Ch.083 Warriors of the Past Returns Vol.10 Ch.084 Canachi Dolls and Seminoa Warriors Vol.10 Ch.085 Burning Ambition Vol.10 Ch.086 Dowsing Revolution (1) Vol.10 Ch.087 Dowsing Revolution (2) Vol.10 Ch.088 Homesick for London Vol.10 Ch.089 The One who is carrying Hao's Shadow Vol.11 Ch.090 Bad News from the Stars Vol.11 Ch.091 When the Gears are oiled Vol.11 Ch.092 Horo Horo's Story (1) Vol.11 Ch.093 Horo Horo's Story (2) Vol.11 Ch.094 Horo Horo's Story (3) Vol.11 Ch.095 5 VS 5 at Mesa Veldede Vol.11 Ch.096 The Cut and the Blood Vol.11 Ch.097 Thanks for the Nice Cut Vol.11 Ch.098 The Movement of Sadness Vol.12 Ch.099 The Legend of the impaled Humans Vol.12 Ch.100 The Parade of all the Spirits Vol.12 Ch.101 To be Tenacious Vol.12 Ch.102 To be really Tenacious Vol.12 Ch.103 Angel's Gun Vol.12 Ch.104 The Sentence while Smiling Vol.12 Ch.105 The Wife Drops by Vol.12 Ch.106 Asakura's Wife Vol.12 Ch.107 When Billy pays back his Debts Vol.13 Ch.108 Billions Years of History Vol.13 Ch.109 Days in the Athlete's Village Vol.13 Ch.110 Forming a New Team Vol.13 Ch.111 The Destiny of L and F Vol.13 Ch.112 In Tokyo Vol.13 Ch.113 Fights Vol.13 Ch.114 The Black Jaguar Vol.13 Ch.115 Peyote and the Man Vol.13 Ch.116 Chocolove's Christmas Vol.14 Ch.117 The Old Man's Name is Orona Vol.14 Ch.118 The Winds of Laughter Vol.14 Ch.119 Slowgun 2 Vol.14 Ch.120 Resting Room used to be an Inn Vol.14 Ch.121 Justice X Vol.14 Ch.122 But it's Really Unfair Vol.14 Ch.123 Crime and X (Punishment) Vol.14 Ch.124 Holy Maiden Vol.14 Ch.125 The Torture Princess Vol.15 Ch.126 Go! Team Funbari Onsen! Vol.15 Ch.127 Pride from the North Vol.15 Ch.128 Amidamaru Returns Vol.15 Ch.129 I will go anywhere as long as it's with You Vol.15 Ch.130 The Return of Faust Vol.15 Ch.131 The Devil Wife Vol.15 Ch.132 Ryu's Performance Vol.15 Ch.133 Yoh's ABILITY Vol.15 Ch.134 Let's do it again, Daigokoujin! Vol.16 Ch.135 The Clash with Ren Vol.16 Ch.136 Paradise Vol.16 Ch.137 The Burning Angels Vol.16 Ch.138 The Thing Justice Needs Most Vol.16 Ch.139 Iron Maiden Forever Vol.16 Ch.140 Logic Vol.16 Ch.141 He is my... Vol.16 Ch.142 That's my Brother!! Vol.16 Ch.143 Grandson Vol.17 Ch.144 Passing on the Special Rights Vol.17 Ch.145 Mikihisa Hurricane Vol.17 Ch.146 Master Arms General Vol.17 Ch.147 Hitchhiker Vol.17 Ch.148 Happy BBQ Gathering Vol.17 Ch.149 DIE Intence Conflict Vol.17 Ch.150 Fumon Tonkou Vol.17 Ch.151 Farewell Forever Vol.17 Ch.152 The Secret of Furyoku Levels Vol.18 Ch.153 The Ren from that Day is no Longer here Vol.18 Ch.154 What Things? Vol.18 Ch.155 My Condition Vol.18 Ch.156 Sorry Vol.18 Ch.157 Thank You Vol.18 Ch.158 emeth Vol.18 Ch.159 Tantantanuki no Senjyoujiki Vol.18 Ch.160 The Mask is Revived Vol.18 Ch.161 The Crying Mask Vol.19 Ch.162 Prologue Vol.19 Ch.163 Osorezan Revoir I Vol.19 Ch.164 Osorezan Revoir II Vol.19 Ch.165 Osorezan Revoir III Vol.19 Ch.166 Osorezan Revoir IV Vol.19 Ch.167 Osorezan Revoir V Vol.19 Ch.168 Osorezan Revoir VI Vol.19 Ch.169 Osorezan Revoir VII Vol.19 Ch.170 Osorezan Revoir VIII Vol.20 Ch.171 Osorezan Revoir IX Vol.20 Ch.172 Osorezan Revoir X Vol.20 Ch.173 Osorezan Revoir XI Vol.20 Ch.174 Osorezan Revoir XII Vol.20 Ch.175 Osorezan Revoir XIII Vol.20 Ch.176 Osorezan Revoir XIV Vol.20 Ch.177 Epilogue Vol.20 Ch.178 Epilogue 2 Vol.20 Ch.179 Epilogue 2 -Purification- Vol.21 Ch.180 Epilogue 2 -The Kiss of Faust- Vol.21 Ch.181 Epilogue 3. Vol.21 Ch.182 Epilogue 3 -The Idiot- Vol.21 Ch.183 Epilogue 3 -The Brave- Vol.21 Ch.184 Epilogue 3 -The King- Vol.21 Ch.185 Epilogue 3 -Victory- Vol.21 Ch.186 Epilogue 4. Vol.21 Ch.187 Epilogue 4 -Boy- Vol.21 Ch.188 Epilogue 4 -Fairy Tale- Vol.22 Ch.189 Epilogue 5. Vol.22 Ch.190 Epilogue 5 -The Third Power- Vol.22 Ch.191 Epilogue 5 -Comedy- Vol.22 Ch.192 Epilogue 5 -Another Circle- Vol.22 Ch.193 Epilogue 5 -The Holes- Vol.22 Ch.194 Epilogue 5 -The Commons- Vol.22 Ch.195 Epilogue 5 -The Trial- Vol.22 Ch.196 Epilogue 5 -Gather Together Everyone- (1) Vol.22 Ch.197 Epilogue 5 -Gather Together Everyone- (2) Vol.23 Ch.198 Epilogue 5 -Friendship- Vol.23 Ch.199 Epilogue 5 -Stop!- (1) Vol.23 Ch.200 Epilogue 5 -Stop!- (2) Vol.23 Ch.201 Epilogue 5 -Stop!- (3) Vol.23 Ch.202 Epilogue 5 -Forbidden Finland- Vol.23 Ch.203 Epilogue 5 -The Power of the Indios- Vol.23 Ch.204 Epilogue 5 -In Indios- Vol.23 Ch.205 Epilogue 5 -Pascal Avaf- Vol.23 Ch.206 Epilogue 5 -Challenge- Vol.24 Ch.207 Epilogue 5 -Wind of Humor- Vol.24 Ch.208 SF Vol.24 Ch.209 Back to Start Vol.24 Ch.210 Starting from the very Beginning Vol.24 Ch.211 Danger! Team Leader Marco Vol.24 Ch.212 Destroy Vol.24 Ch.213 DA Angel Vol.24 Ch.214 Graduation Vol.24 Ch.215 Man of No Fear Vol.25 Ch.216 Spirit of Sword!!! Vol.25 Ch.217 A Killing that Reverses Position Vol.25 Ch.218 Supercar Vol.25 Ch.219 Summit Vol.25 Ch.220 Absolute Victory Vol.25 Ch.221 Muddy Lotus Vol.25 Ch.222 Unconventional Buddhas Vol.25 Ch.223 The Middle Way Vol.25 Ch.224 Not Self-Conceited Vol.26 Ch.225 Fudou Vol.26 Ch.226 A Breath of Freshness Vol.26 Ch.227 Nipopo Gauntlets Vol.26 Ch.228 Staging Vol.26 Ch.229 Vs Magical Princess Vol.26 Ch.230 Mother Vol.26 Ch.231 Countdown to Extermination Vol.26 Ch.232 Spatial Strategy X Vol.26 Ch.233 Brother's Nose Vol.27 Ch.234 Meeting in Hell Vol.27 Ch.235 The Ancestor Vol.27 Ch.236 This isn't O-Bon Vol.27 Ch.237 May I pay my Respect? Vol.27 Ch.238 To Be Neutral Vol.27 Ch.239 A difficult Trial Vol.28 Ch.240 Getting used to Hell Vol.28 Ch.241 Beautiful Lady Vol.28 Ch.242 Ave Marco Vol.28 Ch.243 End of the Dream Vol.28 Ch.244 Get Serious Vol.28 Ch.245 The Man I can't be defeated by Vol.28 Ch.246 Rebirth Vol.28 Ch.247 Hostility Vol.28 Ch.248 Not An Angel Vol.29 Ch.249 Screw the S.F. Vol.29 Ch.250 Kurobina Vol.29 Ch.251 Futaba Vol.29 Ch.252 Feeling Empathy Vol.29 Ch.253 That Day Vol.29 Ch.254 Decisions Vol.29 Ch.255 Power of Nature Vol.29 Ch.256 The Great Spirits and Destiny Vol.29 Ch.257 An Uncertain Outcome Vol.30 Ch.258 The abnormal Day Vol.30 Ch.259 In that Place Vol.30 Ch.260 Bad Girl Vol.30 Ch.261 For the first and the last Time Vol.30 Ch.262 Reiheit's Sene Vol.30 Ch.263 The 2-o'clock Curse Master - Teruko Vol.30 Ch.264 Birth of the King Vol.30 Ch.265 Silva Style 2 Vol.30 Ch.266 Plant Vol.30 Ch.266.5 Extra The World of Mickey Vol.31 Ch.267 Namari of the Desert Vol.31 Ch.268 Handling the Desert Vol.31 Ch.269 Victory With Limited Furyoku Vol.31 Ch.270 The Falling Rain Vol.31 Ch.271 The Heavy Gate Vol.31 Ch.272 The Patch Song Vol.31 Ch.273 Angel's Miracle Vol.31 Ch.274 How Pathetic Vol.31 Ch.275 Calculate the Amount of Furyoku Vol.31 Ch.275.1 Extra The World Of Mickey Vol.32 Ch.276 Announcement of the Current Furyoku Vol.32 Ch.277 Planetarium Vol.32 Ch.278 Mic Performance Vol.32 Ch.279 A Terrible Event Vol.32 Ch.280 Once upon a Time Poem Vol.32 Ch.281 From Now On...Forever... Vol.32 Ch.282 The Cows Vol.32 Ch.283 For the Time Being Vol.32 Ch.284 Good Night Vol.32 Ch.285 After the Dream Vol.32 Ch.286 Vol.33 Ch.287 Good Morning Mu Continent Vol.33 Ch.288 Falling Damuko Vol.33 Ch.289 Invisible Jungle Vol.33 Ch.290 Cats are Attached to Sad People Vol.33 Ch.291 Hate Me, Nichrome, Otherwise I Won't Lose Vol.33 Ch.292 The Gutsy Beanstalk Vol.33 Ch.293 The Real Value of Wind Vol.33 Ch.294 Last Test Shaman Fight Vol.33 Ch.295 After the Dream Vol.33 Ch.296 Encounter with the Patch Vol.33 Ch.297 Shaman King God End Part I Vol.33 Ch.298 Shaman King God End Part II Vol.33 Ch.299 Shaman King God End Part III Vol.33 Ch.300 The Last Words Vol.33 Ch.300.5 Vol.X Ch.001 Funbari no uta 1 Vol.X Ch.002 Funbari no uta 2 Vol.X Ch.003 Funbari no uta 3 Vol.X Ch.004 Funbari no uta 4 Vol.X Ch.005 Funbari no uta 5 Vol.X Ch.006 Mappa Douji Vol.X Ch.007 Relax Vol.X Ch.300.1
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