Vol.01 Ch.007 The Hero is Shocked

Ch.006 Vol.01 Ch.001 The Hero Journey's Forth Vol.01 Ch.002 The Hero's Encounter Vol.01 Ch.003 The Hero Regrets Vol.01 Ch.004 The Hero Gets Flustered Vol.01 Ch.005 The Hero Gets Excited Vol.01 Ch.006 The Hero Runs Vol.01 Ch.007 The Hero is Shocked Vol.01 Ch.008 The Hero Gets Tired Vol.01 Ch.009 The Hero is at a Loss Vol.01 Ch.010 The Hero is shocked Vol.01 Ch.011 The Hero Considers Vol.01 Ch.012 The Hero Gets Depressed Vol.01 Ch.013 The Hero Is Baffled Vol.01 Ch.014 The Hero Fears Vol.01 Ch.015 The Hero is Left Behind Vol.01 Ch.016 The Hero Ponders Vol.01 Ch.017 The Hero is Dazed Vol.01 Ch.018 The Hero is Set Up Vol.01 Ch.019 The Hero is Overwhelmed Vol.01 Ch.020 The Hero is Terrified Vol.01 Ch.021 The Hero Becomes Speechless Vol.01 Ch.022 The Hero Falls Silent Vol.01 Ch.023 The Hero Transforms Vol.01 Ch.024 The Hero Clashes Vol.01 Ch.025 The Hero Reunites Vol.01 Ch.025.5 The Journey of the Head Butler Part 2 Vol.01 Ch.026 The Hero Freezes Vol.01 Ch.027 The Hero Uses up Vol.01 Ch.028 The Hero Unleashes Vol.01 Ch.029 The Hero Encounters Vol.01 Ch.030 The Hero Decides Vol.01 Ch.031 The Hero Returns Vol.01 Ch.031.1 Extra First Popularity Poll Results Announcement Vol.01 Ch.031.2 Extra Senyuu Academy, a Story of Youth Vol.02 Ch.001 Alba,Strike Again Vol.02 Ch.002 Alba,Fighting Vol.02 Ch.003 Alba,Return to the Castle Vol.02 Ch.004 Foyfoy,decide Vol.02 Ch.005 Hime-chan,Stopping Vol.02 Ch.006 Alles,Deterring Vol.02 Ch.007 Alles,Encouraging Vol.02 Ch.008 Hime-chan,Determined Vol.02 Ch.009 Hime-chan,Deduct Vol.02 Ch.010 Alba, Planning Vol.02 Ch.011 Ruki,Recalling Vol.02 Ch.012 Demon Lord,Dying Vol.02 Ch.013 Demon Lord,Struggling Vol.02 Ch.014 Queen,Smiling Vol.02 Ch.015 Alba,Confused Vol.02 Ch.016 Rudolf,Furious Vol.02 Ch.017 Alba,Lost Vol.02 Ch.018 Alba,Arrives Vol.02 Ch.019 Alba,Explores Vol.02 Ch.020 Alba, Retraces Vol.02 Ch.021 Ross, Helping Vol.02 Ch.021.5 New Year Special Vol.02 Ch.022 Rchimedes, Awakens Vol.02 Ch.023 Ross, Awakens Vol.02 Ch.024 Alba, Wakes Up Vol.02 Ch.025 Ruki, Confess Vol.02 Ch.026 Janua, Being Targeted Vol.02 Ch.027 Janua, Resolves Vol.02 Ch.028 Ross, Confused Vol.02 Ch.029 Elf, Questioning Vol.02 Ch.030 Demon Lord, Planning Vol.02 Ch.031 Alba,Convey Vol.02 Ch.032 Ross,Knows Vol.02 Ch.033 Ross, Surprised Vol.02 Ch.034 Janua, Suggests Vol.02 Ch.035 Samejima, Dashes Vol.02 Ch.036 Alba, Bewildered Vol.02 Ch.037 Ross, Encounters Vol.02 Ch.038 Shadow Guy, Shows Off Vol.02 Ch.039 Justice, Quickly Dumps Vol.02 Ch.040 Alba, Being Dumped Vol.02 Ch.041 Ruki, Becoming an Adult Vol.02 Ch.042 Hime-chan, Scheming Vol.02 Ch.043 Sister, Going Berserk Vol.02 Ch.044 Foyfoy, Standing Still Vol.02 Ch.045 Head Butler, Working Vol.02 Ch.046 Head Maid, Working Vol.02 Ch.046.5 Senyuu Police Vol.02 Ch.047 Demon Lord, Returns Vol.02 Ch.048 Alba, Determined Vol.02 Ch.049 Head Butler, Shy Vol.02 Ch.050 Foyfoy, Inspired Vol.02 Ch.051 Ross, Thinking Vol.02 Ch.052 Alba, Strives Vol.02 Ch.053 Demon Lord, Overwhelming Vol.02 Ch.054 Foyfoy, Unleashes Vol.02 Ch.055 Alba, Awakens Vol.02 Ch.056 Rchimedes, on the Verge Vol.02 Ch.057 Demon Lords, Face Off Vol.02 Ch.057.5 Senyuu Second Popularity Poll Vol.02 Ch.058 Ross, Chooses Vol.02 Ch.059 Demon Lord, Born Vol.02 Ch.060 Ross, Departs Vol.02 Ch.060.5 Extra Vol.02 Ch.061 Alba, Returns Vol.03 Ch.001 The Hero and a Reason to Fight Vol.03 Ch.002 The Hero and the Determination to Move Forward Vol.03 Ch.003 The Hero and the Hero Academy Vol.03 Ch.004 The Hero and the Visitors of the Demon World Vol.03 Ch.005 The Hero and the Legendary Hero Vol.03 Ch.006 The Hero and His Missing Comrades Vol.03 Ch.007 The Hero and the Person of Adoration Vol.03 Ch.008 The Hero and the Demon Lord Vol.03 Ch.009 The Hero and the Demon Lord's Daughter Vol.03 Ch.010 The Hero and the School Event Vol.03 Ch.011 The Hero and the Creeping Shadow Vol.03 Ch.012 The Hero and the Hidden Truth Vol.03 Ch.013 The Hero and the Awakened Power Vol.03 Ch.014 The Hero and the Prepared Path Vol.03 Ch.015 The Hero and the Rescue Operation Vol.03 Ch.016 The Hero and the Outcome of the Match Vol.03 Ch.017 The Hero and the Sudden Reunion Vol.03 Ch.018 The Hero and the Revealed Past Vol.03 Ch.019 The Hero and the Feeling Beyond Time Vol.03 Ch.020 The Hero and the Mysterious Adventurer Vol.03 Ch.021 The Hero and the Demon Lord's Family Vol.03 Ch.022 The Hero and Recurrent Battle Vol.03 Ch.023 The Hero and a New Threat Vol.03 Ch.024 The Hero and a New Era Vol.03 Ch.025 The Hero and the Birth of the New Demon Lord Vol.03 Ch.026 The Hero and the Premeditation Vol.03 Ch.027 The Hero and the Hero Candidates Vol.03 Ch.028 The Hero and the Result of Effort Vol.03 Ch.029 The Hero and Everyone's Preparation Vol.03 Ch.030 The Hero and the New Demon Lord's Invasion Vol.03 Ch.031 The Hero and the Hidden Past Vol.03 Ch.032 The Hero and the Union of Friends Vol.03 Ch.033 The Hero and the Fated Reunion Vol.03 Ch.034 The Hero and the Bond of Best Friends Vol.03 Ch.034.5 New Year Omake Vol.03 Ch.035 The Hero and the Inherited Power Vol.03 Ch.036 The Hero and the Hidden Plan Vol.03 Ch.037 The Hero and an Unexpected Appearance Vol.03 Ch.038 The Hero and Things to Protect Vol.03 Ch.039 The Hero and the Whereabouts of the Soul Vol.03 Ch.040 The Hero and the Linked Souls Vol.03 Ch.041 The Hero and a Voice to Deliver Vol.03 Ch.042 The Hero and the Will to Fight without Hesitation Vol.03 Ch.043 The Hero and Someone Who Lurks in the Depths of the Soul Vol.03 Ch.044 The Hero and the Last Sentiment Vol.03 Ch.045 The Hero and the Demon’s Grief Vol.03 Ch.046 The Hero and the Demon's Past Vol.03 Ch.047 The Hero and an Unwavering Heart Vol.03 Ch.048 The Hero and the Courage to Fight Vol.03 Ch.049 The Hero and the Power of Courage Vol.03 Ch.050 The Hero and the Battle's Conclusion Vol.03 Ch.051 The Hero and the Real Motive Vol.03 Ch.052 The Hero and a Place to Return To Vol.03 Ch.053 The Heroes and Their Respective Paths Vol.03 Ch.053.1 Extra Third Popularity Poll Results Announcement Vol.03 Ch.053.2 Extra Special Chapter Vol.04 Ch.000 Elf and Alf Vol.04 Ch.001 Elf and Alba Vol.04 Ch.002 Elf and an Unyielding Heart Vol.04 Ch.003 Elf and a Method to Save the World Vol.04 Ch.004 Elf and the Journey to the Past Vol.04 Ch.005 Rchimedes and Magic Vol.04 Ch.006 Alf and Rchimedes' Family Vol.04 Ch.007 Alf and a Man's Resolve Vol.04 Ch.008 Cecily and the Moment of Destiny Vol.04 Ch.009 Elf and the Intervention in History Vol.04 Ch.010 Elf and Shion Vol.04 Ch.011 Alba and Ross Vol.04 Ch.012 Alf and the Person of Admiration Vol.04 Ch.012.5 Extra Special Chapter Vol.04 Ch.013 Elf and the Fragments of Memory Vol.04 Ch.014 Elf and Crea Vol.04 Ch.015 Elf and the Unknown Plan Vol.04 Ch.016 Elf and the Hero's Battle Vol.04 Ch.017 Elf and a Bond Connecting to the Future Vol.05 Ch.001 Alba Part #1 Vol.05 Ch.002 Vol.05 Ch.003 Vol.05 Ch.004 Vol.05 Ch.005 Vol.05 Ch.006 Vol.05 Ch.007 Vol.05 Ch.008 Vol.05 Ch.009 Vol.05 Ch.010 Vol.05 Ch.011 Vol.05 Ch.012 Vol.05 Ch.013 Vol.05 Ch.014 Vol.05 Ch.015 Vol.05 Ch.016 Vol.05 Ch.017 Vol.05 Ch.018 Vol.05 Ch.019 Vol.05 Ch.020 Vol.05 Ch.021 T-shirt Part - A Thousand Years of Progress Vol.05 Ch.022 Vol.05 Ch.023 Vol.05 Ch.024 Vol.05 Ch.025 Vol.05 Ch.026 Vol.05 Ch.027 Vol.05 Ch.028 Vol.05 Ch.029 Vol.05 Ch.030 Vol.05 Ch.031 The Holiday of July Part #1 - Relaxation Vol.05 Ch.032 The Holiday of July Part #2 - Lulunlulun Vol.05 Ch.033 Relaxation Part - An Invitation Vol.05 Ch.034 Friends of the Forest Part #1 - Backstory Vol.05 Ch.035 Friends of the Forest Part #2 - State of Emergency Vol.05 Ch.036 Friends of the Forest Part #3 - Rescue Vol.05 Ch.037 Friends of the Forest Part #4 - Adaptability Vol.05 Ch.038 Originia Part #1 - Business Vol.05 Ch.039 Originia Part #2 - The Town's Past Vol.05 Ch.040 Originia Part #3 - Creasionland Vol.05 Ch.041 House Call Parts #1 - The Hero's Friends Vol.05 Ch.042 House Call Parts #2 - Looking After The Hero Vol.05 Ch.043 A Cat's Life Part #1 - How to Spend Each Day Vol.05 Ch.044 Handmade Chocolate Part #1 - Hime-chan's Consultation Vol.05 Ch.045 Handmade Chocolate Part #2 - Begins Now! Vol.05 Ch.046 Vol.05 Ch.047 Vol.05 Ch.048 Vol.05 Ch.049 Vol.05 Ch.050 Vol.05 Ch.051 Dododon-sama #1 Rescue Vol.05 Ch.052 Dododon-sama #2 Value Vol.05 Ch.053 To The Sea - Vacation Vol.05 Ch.054 Papa's Gift #1 The Beginning of a Miracle Vol.05 Ch.055 Papa's Gift #2 Sacrifice Vol.05 Ch.056 Papa's Gift #3 Can't forgive Vol.05 Ch.057 Papa's Gift #4 Death Hot Dog-kun Vol.05 Ch.058 Seventh Anniversary Commemoration Special - New Game+ Vol.05 Ch.059 Vol.05 Ch.060 The Sleepers Vol.05 Ch.061 Body Measurement Height - Figure Vol.05 Ch.062 Vol.05 Ch.063 Vol.05 Ch.064 Vol.05 Ch.065 Vol.05 Ch.066 His Story #1 Rchimedes The Sorcerer Vol.05 Ch.067 His Story #3 The Reason for His Resolve Vol.05 Ch.068 His Story #4 Happiness Vol.05 Ch.069 His Story #5 Unhappiness Vol.05 Ch.070 World Domination #1 Observation Vol.05 Ch.071 World Domination #2 True Intentions Vol.05 Ch.072 Himendam Role Vol.05 Ch.073 Dango Shop Advice Vol.05 Ch.074 A Mysterious Power Another World Vol.05 Ch.075 Vol.05 Ch.076 The Blue Flames at Dawn #1 That Man Vol.05 Ch.077 The Blue Flames at Dawn #2 Lucop Vol.05 Ch.078 Getting Serious The First Cry of Resolve Vol.05 Ch.079 Crea's Life Plan Savings Vol.05 Ch.080 The Next Generation Change Vol.05 Ch.081 Useless Adults Stick to Your Guns Vol.05 Ch.082 Angels #1 Impact Vol.05 Ch.083 Angels #2 Unification Vol.05 Ch.084 Plan Greetings Vol.05 Ch.085 Reemployment Challenge Vol.05 Ch.086 Vol.05 Ch.087 Vol.05 Ch.088 The Final Episode #1 Soon Vol.05 Ch.089 The Final Episode #2 Pitch-Black Master Dragon Vol.05 Ch.090 The Final Episode #3 Again Vol.05 Ch.091 The Final Episode #4 The End Vol.05 Ch.092 Neun's Business A Genius Vol.05 Ch.093 Monster Extermination Ceremony Vol.05 Ch.094 Party Celebrating the Final Episode Hero Vol.06 Ch.001 Vol.06 Ch.001.5 Vol.06 Ch.002 Recruitment Vol.06 Ch.003 Solicitation Vol.06 Ch.004 Vol.06 Ch.005 Vol.06 Ch.006 Vol.06 Ch.007 Vol.06 Ch.008 Vol.06 Ch.009 Conversation Vol.06 Ch.010 What You Want To Do Vol.06 Ch.011 Responsibility Vol.06 Ch.012 Cicada Vol.06 Ch.013 Newcomer Vol.06 Ch.014 The 16th Floor Incident Vol.06 Ch.015 Vol.06 Ch.016 University Vol.06 Ch.017 Signature Vol.06 Ch.018 Notebooks Vol.06 Ch.019 The Day Of Vol.06 Ch.020 Hairy Vol.06 Ch.021 Stairwell Vol.06 Ch.021.5 Vol.06 Ch.022 Vol.06 Ch.023 Vol.06 Ch.024 Vol.06 Ch.025 Vol.06 Ch.026 Vol.06 Ch.027 Vol.06 Ch.028 Vol.06 Ch.029 Vol.06 Ch.031 Vol.06 Ch.032 Vol.06 Ch.033 Vol.06 Ch.034 Vol.06 Ch.034.1 Vol.06 Ch.034.2 Vol.06 Ch.035 Vol.06 Ch.036 Vol.06 Ch.037 Vol.06 Ch.038 Vol.06 Ch.039 Vol.06 Ch.040
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