Sengoku Youko

Vol.06 Ch.033 Beast God - Part 1

Vol.01 Ch.001 Time for Our Troubled Those Who Worry Vol.01 Ch.002 Demon`s World Vol.01 Ch.003 Shakugan Vol.01 Ch.004 Dangaishu Vol.01 Ch.005 Castle Vol.01 Ch.006 Eiroku Year Seven Vol.02 Ch.007 Jinka and the humans Vol.02 Ch.008 Raidou Zanzou Vol.02 Ch.009 Duel Vol.02 Ch.010 Higan Vol.02 Ch.011 Human Transformation Vol.02 Ch.012 Departure Vol.03 Ch.013 Legend of the Strongest Swordsman Vol.03 Ch.014 Fukou Vol.03 Ch.015 The Orangutan's Sake Vol.03 Ch.016 The Rock Village Vol.03 Ch.017 Fist of the Soul Vol.03 Ch.018 Kagan and Shakuyaku Vol.04 Ch.019 Evil Swordsman Vol.04 Ch.020 Real Names Vol.04 Ch.021 Mountain God Vol.04 Ch.022 Mountain God 2 Vol.04 Ch.023 Mountain God 3 Vol.04 Ch.024 Mountain God 4 Vol.05 Ch.025 Mountain God 5 Vol.05 Ch.026 Mountain God 6 Vol.05 Ch.027 Dangaishu's Strongest Vol.05 Ch.028 At the Entrance of Dangaishu's Head Temple Vol.05 Ch.029 The Way We Were Vol.05 Ch.030 Jinka and Douren Vol.06 Ch.031 Takekichi and Barry Vol.06 Ch.032 Taizan and the Mountain God Vol.06 Ch.033 Beast God - Part 1 Vol.06 Ch.034 Beast God - Part 2 Vol.06 Ch.035 Beast God - Final Part Vol.06 Ch.036 The Night Parade of One Thousand Demons Vol.06 Ch.037 Mad God Vol.06 Ch.037.5 Omake Vol.07 Ch.038 Senya's Journey Vol.07 Ch.039 Along the Way Vol.07 Ch.040 Black Dragon Vol.08 Ch.041 Shinsuke's and Tama's Timeskip Vol.08 Ch.042 The Mad God of the Wild City Vol.08 Ch.043 The King of Kyoto Vol.08 Ch.044 Senya and Tsukiko Vol.08 Ch.045 Spirit World Vol.09 Ch.046 Memories Vol.09 Ch.047 The Promised Time Approaches Vol.09 Ch.048 To the Tops of the Clouds - 1 Vol.09 Ch.049 To the Tops of the Clouds - 2 Vol.09 Ch.050 To the Tops of the Clouds - 3 Vol.09 Ch.051 To the Tops of the Clouds - 4 Vol.10 Ch.052 The End of the Journey Vol.10 Ch.053 Encounter Vol.10 Ch.054 Genki Era Year 4 Vol.10 Ch.055 Barrier Island Vol.10 Ch.056 Prediction Vol.10 Ch.057 Furuon Vol.11 Ch.058 Rat Illusion, Playground Mountain Vol.11 Ch.059 Request Vol.11 Ch.060 Senya and Jinun Vol.11 Ch.061 Senya's Eight Years Vol.11 Ch.062 Dragon of the Spirit World Vol.11 Ch.063 Cheat Vol.12 Ch.064 Yazen and Senya Vol.12 Ch.065 Senya's Village Vol.12 Ch.066 Chasing the Thousand Demon Devil Vol.12 Ch.067 Mudo and Douren 1 Vol.12 Ch.068 Mudo and Douren 2 Vol.12 Ch.069 Location of the Final Battle Vol.13 Ch.070 Outbreak Vol.13 Ch.071 Reunion Vol.13 Ch.072 Hostage Vol.13 Ch.073 Fierce Battle Vol.13 Ch.074 Super War God Combination! Bishamonten Dangai Vol.13 Ch.075 Awakening Vol.14 Ch.076 Shakugan and Kazamatsuri Shinsuke Vol.14 Ch.077 Tsukiki and Mudo Vol.14 Ch.078 In One Go Vol.14 Ch.079 Banshouou Descends Vol.14 Ch.080 Jinun and Douren Vol.14 Ch.081 Dousuke and Kumozou Vol.15 Ch.082 Gaze Into Weakness Vol.15 Ch.083 Banquet of the Monstrous Vol.15 Ch.084 Sanity of the Mad Vol.15 Ch.085 Succession Vol.15 Ch.086 Flying Over the Cloud Vol.15 Ch.087 Playing In the Spiritual World Vol.16 Ch.088 Twisted Star of Fate Vol.16 Ch.089 The Tribe of the Void Vol.16 Ch.090 Daybreak Vol.16 Ch.091 Family Meeting Vol.16 Ch.092 One Together with Many Vol.16 Ch.093 The Thousand Tailed Demon Fox Vol.16 Ch.094 Awakening Vol.16 Ch.095 Break In Vol.16 Ch.096 Jinka and Tama Vol.17 Ch.097 Filling the Nothingness Vol.17 Ch.098 Life's Journey Vol.17 Ch.099 The POem of Time's Colors in Bloom [End]
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