Vol.10 Ch.092 Battle of Offense and Defense

Vol.01 Ch.000.1 Prelude 1 - Sekirei Vol.01 Ch.000.2 Prelude 2 - Feathers of Light Vol.01 Ch.000.3 Prelude 3 - Burning City Vol.01 Ch.001 Girl Under the Moonlight Vol.01 Ch.002 The Door to a New House Vol.01 Ch.003 Musubi Vol.01 Ch.004 The Green Girl Vol.01 Ch.005 Inside the Dream Vol.02 Ch.006 A Charming Man Vol.02 Ch.007 A Calling Sound Vol.02 Ch.008 Unforeseen Encounter Vol.02 Ch.009 Conclusion Vol.02 Ch.010 Getting Wings Vol.02 Ch.011 Sekirei Chat Vol.02 Ch.012 Next to Me Vol.02 Ch.013 A Sudden Visit Vol.02 Ch.014 Complications of Each Vol.02 Ch.015 Story of Izumo House Vol.02 Ch.016 Angel in White Vol.03 Ch.017 The Black Sekirei Vol.03 Ch.018 Beginning Sky Vol.03 Ch.019 Promise Vol.03 Ch.020 The Water Sekirei Vol.03 Ch.021 Gorgeous Tsukiumi Vol.03 Ch.022 My Sekirei Vol.03 Ch.023 Sekirei, I Wish You Well Vol.03 Ch.024 Izumo Mansion Flower War Vol.03 Ch.025 Extra Sahashi Sister's Circumstances Vol.03 Ch.026 Extra Sahashi Sister's Circumstances 2 Vol.03 Ch.027 Extra Sahashi Sister's Circumstances 3 Vol.04 Ch.028 Sekirei Dance Vol.04 Ch.029 The Shadow of Darkness Vol.04 Ch.030 All that I Can Do for You Vol.04 Ch.031 Sekirei No.95 Vol.04 Ch.032 Sekirei of the Wind Vol.04 Ch.033 The Reason I Don't Fight Vol.04 Ch.034 A Barricaded City Vol.04 Ch.035 Veil and Wind Vol.04 Ch.036 The Two on a Snowy Day Vol.04 Ch.037 The State of the City Vol.04 Ch.038 Sekirei Pattern, React Vol.05 Ch.039 Night Before the Escape Vol.05 Ch.040 Direction of Happiness Vol.05 Ch.041 Disciplinary Squad Vol.05 Ch.042 Red Sekirei, Blue Sekirei Vol.05 Ch.043 Ebb and Flow!! Vol.05 Ch.044 The Light of a Ritual Prayer Vol.05 Ch.045 A Pure White Moon Vol.05 Ch.046 Sekirei Sign, Disapperance Vol.05 Ch.047 Restoration Vol.05 Ch.047.5 Sekirei Onsen Vol.06 Ch.048 Is Your Love Sufficient? Vol.06 Ch.049 I Can Feel Your Warmth in My Heart Vol.06 Ch.050 Promise of Reopening Vol.06 Ch.051 The Secret Vol.06 Ch.052 A Man's Opinion Vol.06 Ch.053 The Caged Sky Vol.06 Ch.054 The Elongated Walk Vol.06 Ch.055 Flame's Nightmare Vol.06 Ch.056 The Last Wing Vol.06 Ch.056.5 Sea-bathing Sekirei Vol.07 Ch.057 Spiraling Reaction Vol.07 Ch.058 Bud of Conflict Vol.07 Ch.059 Capital City of Chaos Vol.07 Ch.060 Wife Approval Vol.07 Ch.061 Natural Feelings Vol.07 Ch.062 Desired Shadows Vol.07 Ch.063 Sekirei of Flames Vol.07 Ch.064 Companion's Voices Vol.07 Ch.065 The Sound that Can Melt a Broken Heart Vol.07 Ch.065.5 Sekirei's Diagnosis Vol.08 Ch.066 The Form of the Soul Vol.08 Ch.067 The Word of Marriage Vol.08 Ch.068 Your Ashikabi Vol.08 Ch.069 A Far Away Story Vol.08 Ch.070 Captive Ashikabi Vol.08 Ch.071 The "Truth" for You Vol.08 Ch.072 Invasion of Kamikura Island Vol.08 Ch.073 Game Master Vol.08 Ch.074 The Third Stage Vol.08 Ch.075 The Treasure of the Gods Vol.08 Ch.075.5 Sekirei☆Halloween☆Parade Vol.08 Ch.075.6 Sekirei Yukata Villa Vol.09 Ch.076 Sanada of the West Vol.09 Ch.077 Competition Vol.09 Ch.078 End of the 1st Match Vol.09 Ch.079 Inishie No Koiku Vol.09 Ch.080 The 2nd Match Vol.09 Ch.081 Abuse from the Sky, the Meaning of Happiness Vol.09 Ch.082 The You I Think Off Is Somewhere Far Away Vol.09 Ch.083 The Ashikabi of the North Vol.09 Ch.084 Call Vol.09 Ch.085 The Participants Vol.09 Ch.086 Start of the Third Match Vol.09 Ch.086.5 The Hair-raising Tuner Vol.10 Ch.087 Water and Fire Vol.10 Ch.088 The Flame's Norito Vol.10 Ch.089 The Whereabouts of the Pledge Vol.10 Ch.090 The Ashikabi of the Vortex Vol.10 Ch.091 Vs. the Disciplinary Squad Vol.10 Ch.092 Battle of Offense and Defense Vol.10 Ch.093 The Black Shadow Vol.10 Ch.094 The Water Norito Vol.10 Ch.095 The Second Jinki Vol.10 Ch.096 Distant Scenery Vol.10 Ch.096.5 Sekirei Onsen☆Two Vol.11 Ch.097 The Ashikabi of the North Makes His Move Vol.11 Ch.098 The Cloaked Sekirei Vol.11 Ch.099 Souhi's Wings Vol.11 Ch.100 The Original Owner Vol.11 Ch.101 The Light of Hope Vol.11 Ch.102 The Demon from the Reminiscence Vol.11 Ch.103 The Flag of the Counterattack Vol.11 Ch.103.5 Kuu's Summer Party Vol.11 Ch.104 A Friend's Voice Vol.11 Ch.105 My Beloved Person's Beloved Friend Vol.11 Ch.106 Welcome Home Vol.11 Ch.106.5 The Tale of the Kuro's World Vol.11 Ch.107 A Place You'll Come Back to One Day Vol.12 Ch.108 The Devil's Choice Vol.12 Ch.109 The Light on the Other Side Vol.12 Ch.110 Their Return Vol.12 Ch.111 White Winged Pledge Vol.12 Ch.112 The Original Ashikabi Vol.12 Ch.113 The Ancient Blood Vol.12 Ch.114 Whereabouts of the Kushimitama Vol.12 Ch.115 Wings of Determination Vol.12 Ch.116 Resumption Vol.12 Ch.117 Three Ashikabi Vol.12 Ch.118 The 4th Match Vol.12 Ch.119 Footsteps of Chaos Vol.13 Ch.120 Rules of The Final Match Vol.13 Ch.121 Sekirei Expression! Vol.13 Ch.122 Their Respective Wishes Vol.13 Ch.123 Melee Fight on Board a Ship Vol.13 Ch.124 No. 87 Vol.13 Ch.125 Demon and Death God Vol.13 Ch.126 Game Outside the Game Vol.13 Ch.127 East and South Vol.13 Ch.128 Reunion of the Old Disciplinary Squad Vol.13 Ch.129 The Course of Strength Vol.13 Ch.130 Sekirei's Pride Vol.13 Ch.131 Reunion on Board the Boat Vol.14 Ch.132 The Last Jinki Vol.14 Ch.133 Conclusion of the Third Stage Vol.14 Ch.134 Sky During the Intermission Vol.14 Ch.135 Ashikabi and Sekirei [1] Vol.14 Ch.136 Ashikabi and Sekirei [2] Vol.14 Ch.137 God's Seat in the Sky Vol.14 Ch.138 Those First Feelings Vol.14 Ch.139 Reminiscence Vol.14 Ch.140 Island Below the Heavens Vol.14 Ch.141 Disembarkment Vol.14 Ch.141.5 The Bride at Izumo Inn Vol.14 Ch.141.6 Day of Celebration Vol.15 Ch.142 The Eighth Ashikabi Vol.15 Ch.143 Stage 2 Vol.15 Ch.144 Blood-Stained Wings Vol.15 Ch.145 Case of a Certain Ashikabi Vol.15 Ch.146 Binding Hands, Binding Bonds Vol.15 Ch.147 The Strength Of Bonds Vol.15 Ch.148 Connected Hearts Vol.15 Ch.149 Loving Soul, Violent Soul Vol.15 Ch.150 The Sekirei Queen Vol.15 Ch.151 Tactician and Brains Vol.15 Ch.152 Hidden Ball Trick Vol.16 Ch.153 Scary Sekirei of The South Vol.16 Ch.154 Your Voice Calls For Me Vol.16 Ch.155 Sky That Flutters of Ice Vol.16 Ch.156 The Right to Be An Ashikabi Vol.16 Ch.157 Haves And Have-Nots Vol.16 Ch.158 The Outcome of A Serious Battle Vol.16 Ch.159 In the Abyss of Kamikura Island Vol.16 Ch.160 People Become People Through Knowing Each Other, Sekirei Become Sekirei Through Knowing Love Vol.16 Ch.161 Standing Before You Now Is... Vol.16 Ch.162 Light From the Sky Vol.16 Ch.163 Red Flowers, Blue Flowers Vol.17 Ch.164 Buildup In The Capital Vol.17 Ch.165 The Third Invasion of Kamikura Island Vol.17 Ch.166 Light That Pierces The Skies Vol.17 Ch.167 Norito That Swallows the Sea Vol.17 Ch.168 Ashikabi's Principle Vol.17 Ch.169 Those With Wings of Light Vol.17 Ch.170 Toyoashihara Island Vol.17 Ch.171 Rippling Light Vol.17 Ch.172 In the vacant land, a bond is created Vol.17 Ch.173 Wings of the Grim Reaper Vol.17 Ch.174 To the Side of my Pride Vol.17 Ch.175 Maidens Flash of Light Vol.17 Ch.176 Jinki Rampage Vol.18 Ch.177 Decision of Sahashi Minato Vol.18 Ch.178 Bet on a wish Vol.18 Ch.179 To Kouten! Vol.18 Ch.180 The last person and bird Vol.18 Ch.181 The Final Battle in Kouten Vol.18 Ch.182 The Last Wish. Vol.18 Ch.183 Anthem (Part 1) Vol.18 Ch.184 Anthem (Part 2) Vol.18 Ch.185 Anthem (Part 3) Vol.18 Ch.186 Anthem (Part 4) Vol.18 Ch.187 Living On With You Guys. [END] Vol.18 Ch.188
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