Sealed Divine Throne

Ch.128 Chapter 90 The Undead King And The Blazing Phoenix

Ch.001 Attendants' Knight Examination (Part 1) Ch.002 Attendants' Knight Examination (Part 2) Ch.003 The Hunted Girl Ch.004 The Mysterious Man in White Ch.005 Qualification Ch.006 The Mysterious New Instructor Ch.007 The 72 Demon Pillars Ch.008 The Teacher from Hell? Ch.009 The Outcomes of Practicing Ch.010 To Protect or Punish? Ch.011 Lady Knight! Ch.012 The Child Who Astounded Everyone Ch.013 The Legendary Block Ch.014 Adventurer's Guild Ch.015 A Standard Knight's Duel Ch.016 Hell Rose Ch.017 Teacher Xing Yu...! Ch.018 Long Hao Chen's Fury Ch.019 I am your Father! Ch.020 Sacred Awakening Ch.021 Scion of Light! Ch.022 Guardian Knight vs Retribution Knight Ch.023 Devil Race Invasion! Ch.024 The Divine Throne of Doom and Slaughter Ch.025 Salvation Ch.026 Saint Spiritual Stove Ch.027 A parting filled with sorrows Ch.028 Li Xin and Lin Jia Lu Ch.029 Gamble Date Ch.030 Long Hao Chen vs Lin Jia Lu Ch.031 Radiant Light Shield Ch.032 The Instructor from Hell Ch.033 Challenge Success Ch.034 Continuation of his Dream Ch.035 Breaking Past Thousand Spiritual Energy Ch.036 Fate Ch.037 Like Master, Like Father Ch.038 Knight's Sacred Mountain Ch.039 Starlight Unicorn Ch.040 Starlight Unicorn's Refusal Ch.040.1 Ch.040.2 Ch.041 No Gain at All Ch.042 Long Hao Chen's Mount Companion! Ch.043 Darkness Attribute Physique Ch.044 Earthfire Lizard Evolves! Ch.045 Hao Yue Ch.046 Long Rises And Sails Ch.047 Battle Begins Ch.048 Viewing in New Light Ch.049 Zelin Clansman Dual Bladed Ch.050 Dark Green Dual Blanded Demon! Ch.051 Furious Battle Ch.052 Advancing Onwards! The Demon Raid Team Selection Competition! Ch.053 Holy Union's Auction Ch.054 A Strange Tycoon Ch.055 Bet Ch.056 Violent Bald Priest Ch.057 Turning Point Ch.058 Prepare for Battle Ch.059 Heading to Battle Ch.060 Meeting Ch.061 Reuniting Without Recognizing Ch.062 Holding Hands Ch.063 Going Back Hand In Hand Ch.064 The Mysterious Youth Ch.065 Promise Ch.066 The Magician Lin Xin Ch.067 Victory Ch.068 Battle With Fifth Step Ch.069 Fierce Battle Ch.070 Long Hao Chen And Han Yu Ch.071 Returning After Victory Ch.072 Making A Promise (Part 1) Ch.073 Making A Promise (Part 2) Ch.074 Using Their Respective Moves (Part 1) Ch.075 Using Their Respective Moves (Part 2) Ch.076 You Shouldn't Have Hurt Him Ch.077 Meeting Ch.078 Chapter 40 Before the Finals Ch.079 Chapter 41 The Throne of God Ch.080 Chapter 42 Undead World Ch.081 Chapter 43 Invitation Ch.082 Chapter 44 Shared Suppressed Talent Ch.083 Chapter 45 Embrace Ch.084 Chapter 46 Honour Ch.085 Chapter 47 Your Glory is my Glory Ch.086 Chapter 48Glorious Combat Ch.087 Chapter 49 Random Roulette Style Ch.088 Chapter 50 The Embrace Promise, Fullfilled! Ch.089 Chapter 51 The First Demon Raid Team Ch.090 Chapter 52 The First Battle! Ch.091 Chapter 53 The Exorcism Barrier Ch.092 Chapter 54 Night Battle! Ch.093 Chapter 55 Attack at Night! Ch.094 Chapter 56 Trap Ch.095 Chapter 57 Ignition of the Inner Spirit Ch.096 Chapter 58 New Assignment? Ch.097 Chapter 59 In the Body Ch.098 Chapter 60 The Bloodthirsty Beta and Long Hao Chen Ch.099 Chapter 61 The Element Demon Ch.100 Chapter 62 Spiritual Stove Fusion Ch.101 Chapter 63 The Demon Emperor Ch.102 Chapter 64 The Light of Dawn Ch.103 Chapter 65 The Moonlight Merchant Group Ch.104 Chapter 66 Night of the Moon Ch.105 Chapter 67 Chance Ch.106 Chapter 68 Moonlight Princess Ch.107 Chapter 69 Moon Demon Clan's Viscount Ch.108 Chapter 70 Rippling Light Ch.109 Chapter 71 Eternal Slumber Ch.110 Chapter 72 Disruption Ch.111 Chapter 73 Slaughter Ch.112 Chapter 74 Mo Du Core City Ch.113 Chapter 75 The Stunning Maid Ch.114 Chapter 76 Return to the Temple Alliance! Ch.115 Chapter 77 Return to the Temple Alliance! Part 2 Ch.116 Chapter 78 Southern Town's Mountain Pass Ch.117 Chapter 79 Hero Ch.118 Chapter 80 Fantasy Paradise Ch.119 Chapter 81 Fantasy Paradise Selection Competition Ch.120 Chapter 82 Fantasy Temple Ch.121 Chapter 83 The First Encounter In The Fantasy Paradise Ch.122 Chapter 84 Heir Of The Demon God Ch.123 Chapter 85 Guardian Angel Of The Fantasy Temple Ch.124 Chapter 86 The True Body Of The Demon Dragon Ch.125 Chapter 87 Heavenly Physique Ch.126 Chapter 88 Awakened And Fused Ch.127 Chapter 89 Ten Devil Dragon Crystals Ch.128 Chapter 90 The Undead King And The Blazing Phoenix Ch.129 Chapter 91 Hao Yue Evolves! Ch.130 Chapter 92 The Holy Alliance Auction Ch.131 Chapter 93 Aria, The Goddess Of Light Ch.132 Chapter 94 Legendary Gear Ch.133 Chapter 95 16 Assassination Mission Ch.134 Chapter 96 Demon Hunter's Hunters Ch.135 Chapter 97 Meeting Again! Ch.136 Chapter 98 The Fateful Duel and the Divine Awakening Ch.137 Chapter 99 Memory Loss Ch.138 Chapter 100 The Dark Swamp Ch.139 Chapter 101 Hao Yue's Awakening Ch.140 Chapter 102 The Death God's Seven Ultimate Ch.141 Chapter 103 The Snake Demon God and The King of Anacondas Ch.142 Chapter 104 Destroying the Demon God Ch.143 105 Sun & Moon Saint Snail Shield Ch.144 Chapter 106 Ambush at the Demon Repelling Mountain Ch.145 Chapter 107 The Saint War triggered by Long Hao Chen Ch.146 Chapter 108 Goodbye Ch.147 Ch.148 Ch.149 Ch.150 Ch.151 Ch.152 Ch.153 Ch.154 Ch.155 Ch.156 Ch.157 Ch.158 Ch.159 Ch.160 Ch.161 Ch.162 Ch.163 CH.125 Hao Yue's Evolution Ch.164 CH.126 The Lich King's Wrath Ch.165 Ch.166 The Thousand Beasts Fortress Ch.167 Ch.168 Ch.169 Ch.131 Hide and Seek Ch.170 Ch.171 Ch133 Infiltrating the Demons Ch.171.1 Ch.171.2 Ch.172 Ch134 Bright Glimmer of Hope Ch.173 CH135 A Bold Plan Ch.174 Ch. 136 - Star Demon God Vassago Ch.175 Ch.175.1 Ch.175.2 Ch.176 Ch. 138 - Long Hao Chen and the Demon God Emperor Ch.176.1 Ch.176.2 Ch.177 139 The Death of Long Hao Chen Ch.177.5 Ch.178 Ch.179 Ch.180 Ch.181 Ch.182 Ch.182.5 Ch.183 146 - Long Hao Chen's Decision Ch.183.5 Ch.184 Ch.184.5 Ch.185 Ch.185.1 Ch.185.2 Ch.186 Ch.186.1 Ch.186.5 Ch.187 Ch.187.5 Ch.188 Ch.188.5 Ch.189 Ch.189.5 Ch.190 Ch.190.5 Ch.191 Ch.191.5 Ch.192 Ch.192.5 Ch.193 Ch.193.5 Ch.194 Ch.194.5 Ch.195 Ch.195.5 Ch.196 Ch.196.5 Ch.197 Ch.197.5 Ch.198 Ch.198.5 Ch.199 Ch.199.5 Ch.200 Ch.200.5 Ch.201 Ch.201.5 Ch.202 Ch.202.5 Ch.203 Ch.203.5 Ch.204 Ch.204.5 Ch.205 Ch.205.5 Ch.206 Ch.206.5 Ch.207 Ch.207.5 Ch.208.1 Family Gathering (Part 1) Ch.208.2 Family Gathering (Part 2) Ch.209 Unity between Man and Nature Ch.210 Divine Seal Throne Test Ch.211 Eternal Creation "Divine Seal Throne" Test Ch.212 The Light God's Domain Ch.212.1 Ch.212.2 Ch.213 The Legend of Easton's King (Part 1) Ch.213.1 Ch.213.2 Ch.213.5 The Legend of Easton's King (Part 2) Ch.214 Ch.215 Long Hao Chen vs Easton's King Ch.216 Peeling Ch.217 Queen of the Moon and Night Ch.218 The Tree of Destruction Ch.219 Ch.219.5 Ch.220 Ch.220.5 Ch.221 Ch.221.5 Ch.222 Ch.222.5 Ch.223 Ch.223.5 Ch.224 Ch.224.5 Ch.225 Ch.225.5 Ch.226 Ch.227 Ch.228 Ch.229 Ch.230 Ch.231 Ch.232 Ch.233 Ch.233.5 Ch.234 Ch.234.5 Ch.235 Ch.235.5 Ch.236 Ch.236.5 Ch.237 Ch.237.5 Ch.238 Ch.238.5 Ch.239 Ch.239.5 Ch.240 Ch.240.5 Ch.241 Ch.241.5 Ch.242 Ch.242.5 Ch.243 Ch.243.5
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