Vol.01 Ch.000 The Oath of the Peach Garden Chapters 1 - 5

Vol.01 Ch.000 The Oath of the Peach Garden Chapters 1 - 5 Vol.02 Ch.000 Decimation of the Yellow Scarf Rebels Chapters 1 - 5 Vol.03 Ch.000 The State of Affairs of the Han Court Chapters 1 - 5 Vol.04 Ch.000 A Villianous Hero in the Age of Chaos Chapters 1 - 5 Vol.05 Ch.000.1 Eradicating Dong Zhou Chapters 1 - 3, part of Chapter 4 Vol.05 Ch.000.2 Eradication Dong Zhou rest of Chapter 4, Chapters 5 & 6 Vol.06 Ch.000 The Imperial Seal Chapters 1 - 5 Vol.07 Ch.000 Upheaval of Jiangdong Chapters 1 - 5 Vol.08 Ch.000 Lu Bu and Cao Cao Chapters 1 - 5 Vol.09 Ch.001 Locusts Vol.09 Ch.002 The Wandering Army Vol.09 Ch.003 Escape from Chang'an Vol.09 Ch.004 Ruins of Louyang Vol.09 Ch.005 The Land of the Earth Element Vol.10 Ch.001 Two Tigers and One Prey Vol.10 Ch.002 Tiger Against Wolf Vol.10 Ch.003 Betrayal Vol.10 Ch.004 Retreat Vol.10 Ch.005 Hidden Dragon Vol.10 Ch.006 The Little Conqueror, Sun Ce Vol.11 Ch.001 Maneuver Vol.11 Ch.002 Taishi Ci Vol.11 Ch.003 A New Wave Vol.11 Ch.004 Pacification of Jiangnan and Jiangdong Vol.11 Ch.005 Lu Bu's Wit Vol.11 Ch.006 Horse Thief Vol.12 Ch.001 Nanyang Campaign Vol.12 Ch.002 Zhang Xiu's Scheme Vol.12 Ch.003 The Chen Father and Son Vol.12 Ch.004 False Emperor Vol.12 Ch.005 A Bitter Victory Vol.13 Ch.001 Battle of Stratagems Vol.13 Ch.002 Detection Vol.13 Ch.003 Fall of Xiaopei Vol.13 Ch.004 Battle of Mt. Taishan Vol.13 Ch.005 The Chens' Secret Plot Vol.14 Ch.001 The Autumn Winds Vol.14 Ch.002 Lu Bu's Wandering Vol.14 Ch.003 Marriage Proposal Vol.14 Ch.004 Prohibition Vol.14 Ch.005 Lu Bu's End Vol.15 Ch.001 A Retainer's Conduct Vol.15 Ch.002 Blood Signed Pledge Vol.15 Ch.003 The Makings of a Hero Vol.15 Ch.004 Loose Tiger Vol.15 Ch.005 Yuan Shu's End Vol.16 Ch.001 Assassination Order Vol.16 Ch.002 A Single Letter Vol.16 Ch.003 Drawing Straws Vol.16 Ch.004 Zhang Fei's Stratagem Vol.16 Ch.005 Diplomacy Vol.16 Ch.006 The Physician, Ji Piang Vol.17 Ch.001 Attempted Poisoning Vol.17 Ch.002 Fall of Xuzhou Vol.17 Ch.003 Conditions of Surrender Vol.17 Ch.004 A Retainer's Morals Vol.17 Ch.005 Fields of Baima Vol.18 Ch.001 The 1000Li Journey of Conviction Vol.18 Ch.002 Notice of Non-disturbance Vol.18 Ch.003 Breaking Through the Gates Vol.18 Ch.004 Zho Kang of the West Vol.19 Ch.001 Gucheng Vol.19 Ch.002 Reunion of Lord and Servant Vol.19 Ch.003 The Three Servants' Revenge Vol.19 Ch.004 Saint Yu Ji Vol.19 Ch.005 Sun Ce's End Vol.20 Ch.001 The Revolt of Jiangxia Vol.20 Ch.002 Hex Marked Horse Vol.20 Ch.003 Crossing the Tan Torrent Vol.20 Ch.004 Shui Jing Vol.20 Ch.005 The Wanderer Shan Fu Vol.21 Ch.001 Liu Feng Vol.21 Ch.002 Shan Fu's True Identity Vol.21 Ch.003 Fake Letter Vol.21 Ch.004 Zhuge Liang Kongming Vol.21 Ch.005 Mother and Son Vol.21 Ch.006 Visiting Kongming Vol.21 Ch.007 Visit Amidst the Snowstorm Vol.21 Ch.008 The Third Visit Vol.22 Ch.001 Domestic Strife Vol.22 Ch.002 Cao Cao's Invasion Vol.22 Ch.003 Battle of Bowang Slope Vol.22 Ch.004 Unsatisfying Victory Wine Vol.22 Ch.005 Liu Biao's Death Vol.22 Ch.006 Surrender Vol.22 Ch.007 Kongming Burns Xinye Vol.23 Ch.001 Refugees Vol.23 Ch.002 Assassination Vol.23 Ch.003 Battle of Changban Vol.23 Ch.004 Changban Bridge Vol.23 Ch.005 Reinforcements Vol.23 Ch.006 Million-man Army Vol.24 Ch.001 Battle of Words Vol.24 Ch.002 Cat's Paw Vol.24 Ch.003 Admiral Zhou Yu Vol.24 Ch.004 Outbreak of War Vol.24 Ch.005 Killing Intent Vol.24 Ch.006 Assassination Plot Vol.24 Ch.007 Grand Naval Fortress Vol.24 Ch.008 Meeting of Old Friends Vol.25 Ch.001 Deception Vol.25 Ch.002 Veiled Fleet Vol.25 Ch.003 Poisoned Bait Vol.25 Ch.004 Deceiving the Deceivers Vol.25 Ch.005 The Young Phoenix Rises Vol.25 Ch.006 The Trickery Seen Through Vol.25 Ch.007 Chained Fleet Vol.26 Ch.144 Gust Vol.26 Ch.145 Southeast Winds Vol.26 Ch.146 Written Oath Vol.26 Ch.147 Blue Dragon Flag Vol.26 Ch.148 Battle Of Red Cliffs Vol.26 Ch.149 Endless Retreat Vol.26 Ch.150 Smoke Vol.26 Ch.151 Huarong Valley Vol.26 Ch.152 Fruitless Ambush Vol.27 Ch.153 Right of First Attack Vol.27 Ch.154 Wu Blunders Vol.27 Ch.155 Capture of Yiling Vol.27 Ch.156 A Single Scroll Vol.27 Ch.157 Cao Cao's Secret Strategy Vol.27 Ch.158 Dispirited Troops Vol.27 Ch.159 Without a Drop of Blood Vol.27 Ch.160 Jingzhou's Master Vol.28 Ch.161 The Man on the Chariot Vol.28 Ch.162 Deceit Upon Deceit Vol.28 Ch.163 Capture of Guiyang Vol.28 Ch.164 Sister-in-Law Vol.28 Ch.165 Zhang Fei Captures Wu Ling Vol.28 Ch.166 Guan Yu and His 500 Troops Vol.28 Ch.167 Huang Zhong's Arrow Vol.29 Ch.168 Defense of Hefei Vol.29 Ch.169 Taishi Ci's End Vol.29 Ch.170 Promissory Note Vol.29 Ch.171 Marriage Plot Vol.29 Ch.172 Temple of Sweet Dew Vol.29 Ch.173 Cross-Split Rock Vol.29 Ch.174 Decay Vol.29 Ch.175 Escape Vol.29 Ch.176 Female Warrior Vol.30 Ch.177 Kongming's Foresight Vol.30 Ch.178 Bronze Bird Terrace Vol.30 Ch.179 Back-and-Forth Vol.30 Ch.180 Zhou Yu's End Vol.30 Ch.181 Eulogy Vol.30 Ch.182 The Phoenix Sets Forth Vol.30 Ch.183 Ma Teng and the Ma Family Vol.30 Ch.184 Secret Informer Vol.31 Ch.185 Conquest of Wu Vol.31 Ch.186 Xiliang's Army Vol.31 Ch.187 Chang'an Falls Vol.31 Ch.188 Derision Vol.31 Ch.189 Frontal Clash Vol.31 Ch.190 River Crossing Plan Vol.31 Ch.191 Empty Camps Vol.31 Ch.192 Attack by Fire and Water Vol.32 Ch.193 A Fortress Overnight Vol.32 Ch.194 Challenge to a Duel Vol.32 Ch.195 Reconcile Vol.32 Ch.196 Estrangement Vol.32 Ch.197 Ma Chao Flees Vol.32 Ch.198 Daoist State Hanzhong Vol.32 Ch.199 Shu Vol.32 Ch.200 New Writings of Mengde Vol.32 Ch.201 100 Beatings Vol.33 Ch.202 Grand Map of 41 Counties of Shu Vol.33 Ch.203 Fa Zheng and Meng Da Vol.33 Ch.204 Advance Vol.33 Ch.205 Sword Dance Vol.33 Ch.206 A Most Valuable Asset Vol.33 Ch.207 Cao Cao Marches South Vol.33 Ch.208 The Two Suns Vol.33 Ch.209 Three Options Vol.34 Ch.210 Safeguard Vol.34 Ch.211 High Priest of the Azure Realm Vol.34 Ch.212 To Steal A March Vol.34 Ch.213 Lake Bottom Vol.34 Ch.214 Fall Of The Phoenix Vol.34 Ch.215 Ebbing Tide Vol.34 Ch.216 Falling Star Vol.34 Ch.217 Clearing the Forest Vol.34 Ch.218 Lure Vol.35 Ch.219 Arrival Of Reinforcements Vol.35 Ch.220 Jinyan Bridge Vol.35 Ch.221 Luocheng Falls Vol.35 Ch.222 Hanzhong sends Ma Chao Vol.35 Ch.223 Behind The Scenes Maneuvening Vol.35 Ch.224 Ma Chao's Capitulation Vol.35 Ch.225 Capture of Chengdu Vol.35 Ch.226 Linjiang Pavillion Vol.35 Ch.227 Fatal Mission Vol.36 Ch.228 Western Expansion Vol.36 Ch.229 Battle in Thick Fog Vol.36 Ch.230 Pang De of Xiliang Vol.36 Ch.231 Debt of Gratitude Vol.36 Ch.232 Pacification of Hanzhong Vol.37 Ch.233 Wu Is Moved Vol.37 Ch.234 Battle of Xiaoyao Ford Vol.37 Ch.235 400,000 Wei Army Vol.37 Ch.236 Hundred Hoesemen Vol.37 Ch.237 All-out Attack Vol.37 Ch.238 An Eccentric Old Man Vol.37 Ch.239 Sorcery Vol.37 Ch.240 The Dvinator of Pingyuan Vol.37 Ch.241 Prophecy Vol.38 Ch.242 Lunar New Year Vol.38 Ch.243 Storm Clouds Vol.38 Ch.244 Fine Wine at Camp Vol.38 Ch.245 Wakou Pass Vol.38 Ch.246 Shortcut Vol.38 Ch.247 Old-Timers Vol.38 Ch.248 Exploiting Hubris Vol.38 Ch.249 Mt. Dingjun Vol.38 Ch.250 Dingjun Offensive Vol.38 Ch.251 Hostage Trade Vol.38 Ch.252 Leering Down Vol.38 Ch.253 Read Online Vol.39 Ch.254 Lone Cavalryman Vol.39 Ch.255 To Put the River to One's Rear Vol.39 Ch.256 Psychological Warfare Vol.39 Ch.257 The Wise Drown in Their Own Wisdom Vol.40 Ch.258 Cao Zhang Vol.40 Ch.259 Chicken Ribs Vol.40 Ch.260 Desperate Rretreat Vol.40 Ch.261 King of Hanzhong Vol.40 Ch.262 Non-Aggression Pact Vol.40 Ch.263 Smoke Beacons Vol.40 Ch.264 Coffee Vol.40 Ch.265 Pang De of Nan'An Vol.41 Ch.266 Death Ground Vol.41 Ch.267 Doctor and Patient Vol.41 Ch.268 Deliberation at Jianye Vol.41 Ch.269 Guan Yu and Lu Xun Vol.41 Ch.270 Capture of Jingzhou Vol.41 Ch.271 Rainstorm Vol.41 Ch.272 Fu Shiren and Mi Fang Vol.41 Ch.273 Stinging Defeat Vol.41 Ch.274 Holding Off Pursuit Vol.41 Ch.275 Well-Laid Plan Vol.42 Ch.276 Retreat to Maicheng Vol.42 Ch.277 No Reinforcements Vol.42 Ch.278 Guan Yu's End Vol.42 Ch.279 Much Ado About a Head Vol.42 Ch.280 Shu's Anguish Vol.42 Ch.281 Cao Cao's Illness Vol.42 Ch.282 The Great Physician Hua Tuo Vol.42 Ch.283 Cao Cao's Death Vol.42 Ch.284 New King of Wei Vol.42 Ch.285 Fraternal Conflict Vol.42 Ch.286 Poem in Seven Paces Vol.42 Ch.287 Seeds of Rebellion Vol.43 Ch.288 Betrayal Vol.43 Ch.289 Defeat Vol.43 Ch.290 Liu Feng's Death Vol.43 Ch.291 New Emperor Vol.43 Ch.292 Emperor Of Shu Vol.43 Ch.293 Zhang Fei's Demise Vol.43 Ch.294 Zhang Bao and Guan Xing Vol.43 Ch.295 Contest of Talent Vol.43 Ch.296 Victory After Victory Vol.43 Ch.297 Loss Of Three Tigers Vol.44 Ch.298 Rapid Advance Vol.44 Ch.299 One Step Closer to Revenge Vol.44 Ch.300 Afterlife Appeasement Vol.44 Ch.301 The Young Commander-in-Chief Vol.44 Ch.302 War of Patience Vol.44 Ch.303 Attack by Fire Vol.44 Ch.304 Maze of Stone Sentinels in 8 Arrays Vol.45 Ch.305 Defence by Offence Vol.45 Ch.306 Liu Bei Departs Vol.45 Ch.307 500,000 By 5 Approaches Vol.45 Ch.308 Envoy Deng Zhi Vol.45 Ch.309 Floating Fortress Vol.45 Ch.310 Fire and Wind Vol.45 Ch.311 Revolt of Yizhou Vol.45 Ch.312 Alienation Strategy Vol.46 Ch.313 Separation of Rebel Forces Vol.46 Ch.314 Yizhou Pacified Vol.46 Ch.315 Southern March Vol.46 Ch.316 Five Valleys Vol.46 Ch.317 Nanman King Meng Huo Vol.46 Ch.318 Meng Huo Released Vol.47 Ch.319 Toxic River Vol.47 Ch.320 Jiashan Gorge Vol.47 Ch.321 100 Floggings Vol.47 Ch.322 Again Captured and Released Vol.47 Ch.323 Surprise Attack at Night Vol.47 Ch.324 Third Release Vol.47 Ch.325 Quiet Stance Vol.47 Ch.326 Fourth Time Bound By Rope Vol.48 Ch.327 Tulong Ravine Vol.48 Ch.328 Toxic Springs Vol.48 Ch.329 Hermit of Eternal Peace Vol.48 Ch.330 Dance Vol.48 Ch.331 Shower of Poison Arrows Vol.48 Ch.332 Lady ZhuRong Vol.48 Ch.333 King Mu Lu Vol.48 Ch.334 Wooden Beasts Vol.49 Ch.335 Wuguo Kingdom Vol.49 Ch.336 Rattan Armour Vol.49 Ch.337 Fifteen Retreats Vol.49 Ch.338 Heartfelt Submission Vol.49 Ch.339 Triumphal Return Vol.49 Ch.340 Manifesto Vol.49 Ch.341 Sima Yi Dismissed Vol.49 Ch.342 Chu Shi Biao(Petition For War) Vol.50 Ch.343 Read Online Vol.50 Ch.344 Predicament Vol.50 Ch.345 Passage Of Time Vol.50 Ch.346 Capture of Anding Vol.50 Ch.347 Scheme Behind Stratagem Vol.50 Ch.348 Young Warrior Jiang Wei Vol.50 Ch.349 Kongming Defeated Vol.50 Ch.350 Estrangement Vol.51 Ch.351 Bird Without A Roost Vol.51 Ch.352 A Single Arrow Vol.51 Ch.353 Battle at Qishan Hills Vol.51 Ch.354 Iron Chariots of Western Qiang Vol.51 Ch.355 Battle on Snowy Plans Vol.51 Ch.356 A Pillar of Wei Vol.52 Ch.357 Meng Da's Rebellion Vol.52 Ch.358 Exposed Vol.52 Ch.359 Meng Da's End Vol.52 Ch.360 Road to the Decisive Battle Vol.52 Ch.361 Ma Su's Misjudgment Vol.52 Ch.362 Water Trouble Vol.52 Ch.363 Battle of Jieting Vol.52 Ch.364 Empty Fort Strategy Vol.52 Ch.365 General Retreat Vol.52 Ch.366 Tearful Execution Vol.53 Ch.367 Relinquishing the Chancellorship Vol.53 Ch.368 By Three Roads Vol.53 Ch.369 Battle of Shiding Vol.53 Ch.370 Latter Chu Shi Biao (Petition for War) Vol.53 Ch.371 Siege of Chencang Vol.53 Ch.372 Mighty Wang Shuang Vol.53 Ch.373 To Qishan Hills Again Vol.54 Ch.374 Fire and Rock Vol.54 Ch.375 Read Online Vol.54 Ch.376 Useful Bait Vol.54 Ch.377 Sea of Fire Vol.54 Ch.378 Crux of Strategy Vol.54 Ch.379 Wang Shuang Falls Vol.54 Ch.380 Emperor Sun Quan Vol.54 Ch.381 Capture of Chencang Vol.54 Ch.382 Seal of Command Vol.55 Ch.383 First Attempt Vol.55 Ch.384 Second Attempt Vol.55 Ch.385 Breaking Camp Vol.55 Ch.386 Setting up The Decisive Battle Vol.55 Ch.387 Decisive Clash Vol.55 Ch.388 Questioning Vol.55 Ch.389 Wei Invasion Vol.55 Ch.390 Rainfall Vol.55 Ch.391 Wager Vol.56 Ch.392 Phony Troops Vol.56 Ch.393 Death by Rage Vol.56 Ch.394 Eight Arrays Vol.56 Ch.395 Resentment Vol.56 Ch.396 Throwing away a Vivtory Vol.56 Ch.397 Cooking Furnace Vol.56 Ch.398 Dispelling Rumours Vol.56 Ch.399 Big Dipper Banner Vol.56 Ch.400 Battle Amidst the Wheat Fields Vol.57 Ch.401 Battles at Qishan Vol.57 Ch.402 A Single Letter Vol.57 Ch.403 Mumen Road Vol.57 Ch.404 Sixth Time for Qishan Vol.57 Ch.405 Reading Two Steps Ahead Vol.57 Ch.406 Defeat Vol.57 Ch.407 Discerning Prescience Vol.57 Ch.408 Defector Vol.57 Ch.409 Night Ambush Vol.58 Ch.410 Wooden Oxen Vol.58 Ch.411 Unmovable Vol.58 Ch.412 Discarded Cap Vol.58 Ch.413 Night Attack Vol.58 Ch.414 Exposed Plan Vol.58 Ch.415 Seeds of Rebellion Vol.58 Ch.416 Fire Trap Vol.58 Ch.417 Fire And Water Vol.59 Ch.418 50 Strikes Vol.59 Ch.419 Woman's Dress Vol.59 Ch.420 Praying To Stars Vol.59 Ch.421 Autumn Winds of Wuzhang Vol.59 Ch.422 Horn Dream Vol.59 Ch.423 The Dead Chases Away the Living Vol.59 Ch.424 Burning the Gallery Roads Vol.59 Ch.425 Wei Yan's Uprising Vol.59 Ch.426 Wei Yan's End Vol.59 Ch.427 Kong Ming's Will Vol.60 Ch.428 Yang Yi's Death Vol.60 Ch.429 Power Struggle Vol.60 Ch.430 Coup d'État Vol.60 Ch.431 Mobilization Vol.60 Ch.432 Dried Up Vol.60 Ch.433 Battle of Ox Head Hills Vol.60 Ch.434 Jiang Wei Alone Vol.60 Ch.435 Impenetrable Pass Vol.60 Ch.436 Forging a Path Vol.60 Ch.437 Death of Liu Chen Vol.60 Ch.438 The Fall of Shu [End]
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