Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Ch.191 My Soul

Vol.01 Ch.001 The Days We Lost Vol.01 Ch.002 It is a Promise! Vol.01 Ch.003 Garland of Reunion Vol.01 Ch.004 Defeated Vol.01 Ch.005 The Cathedral Vol.01 Ch.006 Awakening Vol.02 Ch.007 Comrades Vol.02 Ch.008 Reunion Vol.02 Ch.009 Separation Vol.02 Ch.010 The Castle of Evil Vol.02 Ch.011 Evil Stars Vol.02 Ch.012 Mysterious Warrior Vol.02 Ch.013 Jamir Vol.02 Ch.014 Yomotsu Hira Mountain Vol.02 Ch.015 Restraint Vol.03 Ch.016 Friends Vol.03 Ch.017 Puppet Master Vol.03 Ch.018 Poisonous Roses Vol.03 Ch.019 Immunity Vol.03 Ch.020 Untamable Vol.03 Ch.021 Withered Vol.03 Ch.022 Flower and Rain Vol.03 Ch.023 Procession of Funeral Roses Vol.03 Ch.024 The Two News Vol.04 Ch.025 Hell Vol.04 Ch.026 Meeting Vol.04 Ch.027 The Sinner Vol.04 Ch.028 Reason Vol.04 Ch.029 Heaven's Treasure Vol.04 Ch.030 Mokurenji Vol.04 Ch.031 Return to Life Vol.04 Ch.032 The Essence of Cosmos Vol.04 Ch.033 The Immortal Warriors Vol.05 Ch.034 Vicissitudes Vol.05 Ch.035 Giant Star Vol.05 Ch.036 Fierce Warrior Vol.05 Ch.037 Black Flames Vol.05 Ch.038 Motion of Fire Vol.05 Ch.039 It Is Not Effective! Vol.05 Ch.040 Loneliness Vol.05 Ch.041 Wail Vol.05 Ch.042 The Arrival Vol.06 Ch.043 The Return Vol.06 Ch.044 The God and the Human Vol.06 Ch.045 Sealed Land Vol.06 Ch.046 Pandora Vol.06 Ch.047 Lost Canvas Vol.06 Ch.048 Shadow Vol.06 Ch.049 Killers Vol.06 Ch.050 Live with Strength Vol.06 Ch.051 Bad Omen Ch.061 Lightning Attack! Ch.062 Sekishiki Ch.063 Interference Ch.064 Gods and Pawns Ch.065 Master and Disciple Ch.066 Kaleidoscope Ch.067 Divine Land Ch.068 Lost Body Ch.069 The Last Ploy Ch.070 Ideals Carried On Vol.07 Ch.052 Determination Vol.07 Ch.053 Imprisonment Vol.07 Ch.054 The Journey Starts Vol.07 Ch.055 The Two Gods Vol.07 Ch.056 The Forest of Death Vol.07 Ch.057 Temptation Vol.07 Ch.058 I Will Not Run Away! Vol.07 Ch.059 The Manipulator of Corpses Vol.07 Ch.060 The Queen of Flies Ch.071 Laceration Ch.072 Lineage of Dreams Ch.073 The World of Dreams Ch.074 A Strange Feeling Ch.075 True Feelings Ch.076 Ch.077 Sharpening Ch.078 Poppies of the World of Dreams Ch.079 Oneiros, the God of Dreams Ch.080 The Four Souls Ch.081 Breaking Free Ch.082 The Path of the Highest Duty Ch.083 Common Fight Ch.084 Trigger Ch.085 Pain Ch.086 Union for Victory Ch.087 In an Instant Ch.088 Evil Ch.089 Marching Forward Ch.090 A Twist of Fate Ch.091 The Tenacity of the Warrior Ch.092 Final Destination Ch.093 A God Beyond Reach Ch.094 Deadly Gift Ch.095 Means of Escape Ch.096 Towards the End Ch.097 Kanon Island's Demon Ch.098 Trial of Fire Ch.099 Last Test Ch.100 Eruption Ch.101 Bluegard Ch.102 Atlantis Ch.103 Wrath Ch.104 The Scorpion's Poison Ch.105 Hidden Power Ch.106 Heart Ch.107 Antares Ch.108 Reunion at the Bottom of the Sea Ch.109 Marine General Unity Ch.110 Friends Ch.111 Deliverance Ch.112 Ch.113 Future Ch.114 Light-Speed Attack Ch.115 Repairs Ch.116 Ch.117 Monster Ch.118 The Wild Beasts Collide Ch.119 Ch.120 Natural Talent Ch.121 Surpass Ch.122 Perseverance Ch.123 Bonds Ch.124 Now Together Ch.125 Ch.126 Battle of the Strongest Ch.127 The Ship of Darkness vs. the Ship of Hope Ch.128 As Leader Ch.129 Cruelty Ch.130 The Shield Ch.131 The Fall of Garuda Ch.132 Punisher Ch.133 Decisions Ch.134 Burst of Life Ch.135 The Final Point Ch.136 Desired Outcome Ch.137 Dark Castle of the 108 Stars Ch.138 Demonic Harp Ch.139 The Wings of Truth Ch.140 Beyond Loyalty Ch.141 Return to the Battlefield Ch.142 Goodbye in the Sea of Clouds Ch.143 The Ferryman Ch.144 The Goddess's Seal Ch.144.5 Yuzuriha Gaiden - the Blood Crest Ch.145 Return to the Sanctuary Ch.146 Athena's Cloth Ch.147 The Strongest Weapon Ch.148 The Scent of Blood Ch.149 Poisonous Wind Ch.150 Isolated Wings Ch.151 The Cloth's Revival Ch.152 Traitor Ch.153 Replica Ch.154 Demon Emperor Fist Ch.155 Murder Ch.156 Sin Ch.157 As a Demon Ch.158 Incomplete Ch.159 Destruction Ch.160 Their True Form Ch.161 Mephistopheles Ch.162 Father Ch.163 But a Drop Ch.164 Human Pain Ch.165 Salvation Ch.166 One's Place Ch.167 Time to Salvation Ch.168 Authority Ch.169 Playground Ch.170 Past History Ch.171 Heir Ch.172 Cocytus Ch.173 Echo Through History Ch.174 Tombstone Ch.175 Duty Ch.176 The Hour of the Beast Ch.177 Demon of Fire Ch.178 Red Flames Ch.179 Phoenix Bird Ch.180 Obedience Ch.181 Master Ch.182 Loyalty Ch.183 As a Specter Ch.184 3 vs. 3 Ch.185 While There Is Life Ch.186 Ashen Day Ch.187 Partita Ch.188 Mother's Eyes Ch.189 Decision Ch.190 Emptiness Ch.191 My Soul Vol.19 Ch.165 Salvation Vol.19 Ch.166 One's Place Vol.19 Ch.167 The Time Of Salvation Ch.192 Divine Cloth Ch.193 Road to Follow Ch.194 The Lion's Memories Ch.195 Ilias Ch.196 Destined Day Ch.197 A New Star Ch.198 Ultimate Ch.199 Rise Above Ch.200 Talking with Earth Ch.201 What The Man Was Looking For Vol.20 Ch.169 Playground Ch.202 Love and Sadness Ch.203 What Must Be Done Ch.204 Right by Your Side Ch.205 Athena's Strike Ch.206 The Future Ch.207 Demon Brothers Ch.208 God of Time Ch.209 Kairos Ch.210 The Curtain Drops Ch.211 A Single Human Ch.212 Gathering Ch.213 Answer Ch.214 Alone Ch.215 Conclusion Ch.216 Voice Ch.217 Straight Ch.218 To that Day! Ch.219 True Darkness Ch.220 Golden Light Ch.221 Connected Petals Ch.222 Three Together Ch.223 Final Chapter The Future Begins Vol.25 Ch.223.5 243 Years Later
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