Vol.07 Ch.024 The Scary Shin Lai

Vol.01 Ch.001 Child of the Dragon Vol.01 Ch.002 First Vol.01 Ch.003 Rescue of Lian Hua! Vol.02 Ch.004 The Croughing Dragon's Resolve Vol.02 Ch.005 The Dragon Hunter Vol.02 Ch.006 The Rescue of Masumi Vol.02 Ch.007 The Three Kingdoms Vol.03 Ch.008 Kong Ming's First War Strategy Vol.03 Ch.009 Two Dragons Unite! Vol.03 Ch.010 Vol.03 Ch.011 The Cry of Heaven Princess Vol.04 Ch.012 Bloody War Begins! Vol.04 Ch.013 Knights Honor Vol.04 Ch.014 Those Foolish Warriors Vol.04 Ch.015 A Man Named Cao Meng-Te Vol.05 Ch.016 Liu Bei's Army Head South!! Vol.05 Ch.017 The Fight Against Cold and Loneliness Vol.05 Ch.018 We Must Plan? Vol.05 Ch.019 A Time of Separation Vol.06 Ch.020 To the Dearly Departed Vol.06 Ch.021 The Journey to Po-feng Vol.06 Ch.021.1 Vol.06 Ch.021.2 Vol.06 Ch.022 Counter Attack and Tragedy Vol.06 Ch.022.1 Vol.06 Ch.023 For the Sake of the Soldiers and the People Vol.06 Ch.023.1 Vol.07 Ch.024 The Scary Shin Lai Vol.07 Ch.025 Bloody Tang Yang Bridge Vol.07 Ch.026 The Return of the Dragon's Son Vol.07 Ch.027 Reinforcement Coming? Vol.08 Ch.028 Non-stop Battle Vol.08 Ch.029 A Distant Memory Vol.08 Ch.030 Quite Opening Battle Vol.08 Ch.031 The Fearsome Reputation of the Hidden Dragon Hero Vol.09 Ch.032 As the Dragon's Son... Vol.09 Ch.033 Vol.09 Ch.034 Between Light and Darkness Vol.09 Ch.035 For the Sorrowful Princess Vol.10 Ch.036 Five Miles of Fog Vol.10 Ch.037 Revealing the Diversional Stratagem Vol.10 Ch.038 The River's Opposite Shore Vol.11 Ch.039 Trouble of Birth Vol.11 Ch.040 Flight from Danger! Vol.11 Ch.041 Devil from Darkness Vol.11 Ch.042 The Cursed Night Vol.12 Ch.043 Secret Orders Vol.12 Ch.044 An Unwelcome Guest Vol.12 Ch.045 Footprints of the Phoenix Vol.12 Ch.046 The Fortress of the Eight Spirits Vol.13 Ch.047 Rescuing Yue Yin Vol.13 Ch.048 Hostage!? Vol.13 Ch.049 Rebellion Vol.13 Ch.050 Awakening of the Dragon Goddess Vol.14 Ch.051 Killer Disease Vol.14 Ch.052 The Invisible Terror Vol.14 Ch.053 Sacrifice Vol.14 Ch.054 Face Off Vol.15 Ch.055 The Fledgling Phoenix Vol.15 Ch.056 Helmed in by Tigers and Wolves Vol.15 Ch.057 Homesickness Vol.15 Ch.058 For Tomorrow Vol.16 Ch.059 Niao Lin Burns Vol.16 Ch.060 Rise Above the Flames Vol.16 Ch.061 Confrontation of Mighty Rivals Vol.16 Ch.062 Dragon's Descent Vol.17 Ch.063 Purgatory Vol.17 Ch.064 Chaos on the Yangtze Vol.17 Ch.065 Roar of the Transcendental Beings Vol.17 Ch.066 Legend of Rising Dragon Vol.18 Ch.067 Betting My Life Vol.18 Ch.068 Potential of Human Intellect Vol.18 Ch.069 All or Nothing Vol.18 Ch.070 Conclusion of the Battle of Chi Bi Vol.19 Ch.071 Traveler from the Cloud of Sand and Dust Vol.19 Ch.072 Toward the Capital Vol.19 Ch.073 Where the Emperor Resides Vol.19 Ch.074 One Who Dwells in Darkness Vol.20 Ch.075 The Assassin Wu Hu Vol.20 Ch.076 Subtle Tremors Vol.20 Ch.077 Incense of Ruin Vol.20 Ch.078 The Grand Banquet Vol.21 Ch.079 A sorrowful dance Vol.21 Ch.080 After the Banquet Vol.21 Ch.081 The Prime Minister Goes to War Vol.21 Ch.082 Know Thy Self, Know Thy Enemy Vol.22 Ch.083 The Emperor's Secret Vol.22 Ch.084 The Cruelty of Beasts Vol.22 Ch.085 Whereabouts of the Dragon Maiden Vol.22 Ch.086 The Awakening of the Dragon Maiden Vol.22 Ch.087 The Burning Royal Harem Vol.23 Ch.088 Fierce Tiger of Xi Liang Vol.23 Ch.089 Return to Silence Vol.23 Ch.090 Determination of the Dragon Maiden Vol.23 Ch.091 For a Brighter Tomorrow Vol.24 Ch.092 Demon Mountain Vol.24 Ch.093 Supernatural Existence Vol.24 Ch.094 A Chance Encounter Vol.24 Ch.095 To Die For The "Path" Vol.24 Ch.096 The True Nature Of Dou Xian Shu Vol.25 Ch.097 Life of a Wanderer Vol.25 Ch.098 Determination Vol.25 Ch.099 The Lord of Darkness Vol.25 Ch.100 Escaping Ye Cheng Vol.26 Ch.101 Treaty with the Xiongnu Vol.26 Ch.102 Withering Destiny Vol.26 Ch.103 The Xiongnu Legend Vol.26 Ch.104 A Powerful Opponent Vol.27 Ch.105 The Challenge of Facing God Vol.27 Ch.106 Unrelenting Will Vol.27 Ch.107 Spirit of Lovingkindness Vol.27 Ch.108 Qualifications of A Supreme Ruler Vol.28 Ch.109 Country of Xiongnu Vol.28 Ch.110 Shadow of Destroying Phoenix
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