Rurouni Kenshin

Vol.28 Ch.255.5 Yahiko Special

Vol.01 Ch.001 Vol.01 Ch.001.1 Oneshot Vol.01 Ch.002 The Rurouni comes to town Vol.01 Ch.003 descendant of tokyo samurai myoujin yahiko Vol.01 Ch.004 the revival of the kasshin school Vol.01 Ch.005 Vol.01 Ch.006 showdown sagara sanosuke Vol.02 Ch.007 the symbol of evil Vol.02 Ch.008 and so another joins them Vol.02 Ch.009 kurogasa Vol.02 Ch.010 One-Sided Heart Vol.02 Ch.011 Vol.02 Ch.012 two hitokiris Vol.02 Ch.013 the origin of a patriot's name Vol.02 Ch.014 a final act under the moon Vol.02 Ch.015 a runaway beauty Vol.03 Ch.016 a reason to act Vol.03 Ch.017 attack of the oniwaban Vol.03 Ch.018 kenshin gumi charges Vol.03 Ch.019 a girl from aizu Vol.03 Ch.020 a reason to act Vol.03 Ch.021 a wind of rage Vol.03 Ch.022 assault on kanryuu's state Vol.04 Ch.023 spy and kempoist, hanya Vol.04 Ch.024 Hanya's costume, shikijou's scars Vol.04 Ch.025 a showdown of strength Vol.04 Ch.026 the okashira, shinimori aoshi Vol.04 Ch.027 fierce fight Vol.04 Ch.028 the end of a duel to the death Vol.04 Ch.029 two destinies - megumi Vol.04 Ch.030 two destinies - aoshi Vol.05 Ch.031 extra story yahiko's fight Vol.05 Ch.032 yahiko's fight (middle part) Vol.05 Ch.033 yahiko's fight (the end) Vol.05 Ch.034 patterns of meiji swordsmanship Vol.05 Ch.035 this man, raijuuta Vol.05 Ch.036 the secret sword Vol.05 Ch.037 conversation at the tsukayama estate Vol.05 Ch.038 youtaro's skill Vol.05 Ch.039 collision Vol.06 Ch.040 a man of ideals Vol.06 Ch.041 another secret sword Vol.06 Ch.042 you don't know Vol.06 Ch.043 conclusion Vol.06 Ch.044 no need for worries Vol.06 Ch.045 sanosuke and the nishiki-e (the beginning) Vol.06 Ch.046 sanosuke and the nishiki-e (the middle) Vol.06 Ch.047 sanosuke and the nishiki-e (the end) Vol.07 Ch.048 the wolf revived Vol.07 Ch.049 the cruelty of a wolf Vol.07 Ch.050 maneuvers of a plan Vol.07 Ch.051 confrontation Vol.07 Ch.052 the wolf bares its fangs Vol.07 Ch.053 a call and an anwer Vol.07 Ch.054 the one who stopped them Vol.07 Ch.055 the request of okubo toshimichi Vol.07 Ch.056 May 14th 1878 "Morning" Vol.07 Ch.057 May 14th 1878 "Evening" Vol.08 Ch.058 to kyoto (part 1) Vol.08 Ch.059 to kyoto.... the end Vol.08 Ch.060 megumi's feelings, kaoru's feelings Vol.08 Ch.061 a cruel man Vol.08 Ch.062 on the meiji toukai way Vol.08 Ch.063 makimachi misao Vol.08 Ch.064 playing tag Vol.08 Ch.065 each on their way Vol.08 Ch.066 a village abandoned Vol.09 Ch.067 the budding violence Vol.09 Ch.068 portrait of an ambitious man Vol.09 Ch.069 battle tactics Vol.09 Ch.070 soujirou the tenken Vol.09 Ch.071 once again to kyoto Vol.09 Ch.072 meeting in the forest (the beginning) Vol.09 Ch.073 meeting in the forest (the end) Vol.09 Ch.074 arrival in kyoto Vol.09 Ch.075 searching for a new sakabatou Vol.10 Ch.076 the juppongatana acts Vol.10 Ch.077 the curtain rises on a brush with death Vol.10 Ch.078 juppongatana chuo Vol.10 Ch.079 the thin-bladed sword Vol.10 Ch.080 the katana which may not be drawn Vol.10 Ch.081 shakkuu's thoughts Vol.10 Ch.082 the threads that lead me to you Vol.10 Ch.083 hiko seijuuro Vol.10 Ch.084 master and student of the sword Vol.11 Ch.085 half feelings Vol.11 Ch.086 aoshi and okina Vol.11 Ch.087 a violent meeting Vol.11 Ch.088 overture to destruction Vol.11 Ch.089 aoshi versus okina Vol.11 Ch.090 a death-place of a fresh blood Vol.11 Ch.091 misao's resolve Vol.11 Ch.092 the rooster and the broom Vol.11 Ch.093 that name is usui Vol.12 Ch.094 the beginning of the instruction Vol.12 Ch.095 even if i throw my life Vol.12 Ch.096 between life and death Vol.12 Ch.097 the great kyoto fire Vol.12 Ch.098 one more target Vol.12 Ch.099 fly like the wind Vol.12 Ch.100 the great kyoto fire (beginning) Vol.12 Ch.101 the great kyoto fire (middle) Vol.12 Ch.102 the great kyoto fire (end) Vol.13 Ch.103 one dawn Vol.13 Ch.104 tears Vol.13 Ch.105 a beautiful night Vol.13 Ch.106 like snakes and scorpioins Vol.13 Ch.107 enlightened one Vol.13 Ch.108 a difference of strength Vol.13 Ch.109 fists of conviction Vol.13 Ch.110 a world hard to save Vol.13 Ch.111 fists can't tell Vol.14 Ch.112 progress Vol.14 Ch.113 usui's mind's eye, saito's mind's eye Vol.14 Ch.114 the stabbing fang Vol.14 Ch.115 the promised time is now Vol.14 Ch.116 the final battle begins Vol.14 Ch.117 Aoshi's fierce attack Vol.14 Ch.118 By A Hair's Breadth Vol.14 Ch.119 The Time to Awaken is Now Vol.14 Ch.120 The First Amakakeru Ryuu no Hirameki Vol.15 Ch.121 offense and defense of the aoiya Vol.15 Ch.122 the youth's battle Vol.15 Ch.123 the maidens' battle Vol.15 Ch.124 shadow of a true desirew Vol.15 Ch.125 the coming Vol.15 Ch.126 The Giant vs. the Great Man (start) Vol.15 Ch.127 The Giant vs. the Great Man (end) Vol.15 Ch.128 soujirou takes the field Vol.15 Ch.129 shukuchi Vol.16 Ch.130 soujirou's past - a chance meeting on a moonlit night Vol.16 Ch.131 soujirou's past - thunder and madness Vol.16 Ch.132 soujirou's past - a smile in the freezing rain Vol.16 Ch.133 a spirit broken Vol.16 Ch.134 the second amakakeru ryu no hirameki Vol.16 Ch.135 those who gather, those who live Vol.16 Ch.136 when did the battle begin? Vol.16 Ch.137 nourishment Vol.16 Ch.138 divine providence Vol.17 Ch.139 a loud laugh Vol.17 Ch.140 not yet gone to one's fate Vol.17 Ch.141 flame of a double edged sword Vol.17 Ch.142 the final situation Vol.17 Ch.143 the third amakakeru ryu no hirameki Vol.17 Ch.144 yumi - forms of love' Vol.17 Ch.145 conclusion the one to decide the age Vol.17 Ch.146 houji's devotion Vol.17 Ch.147 the end of juppon gatana (the beginning) Vol.17 Ch.148 the end of juppon gatana (the end) Vol.18 Ch.149 an early summer morning Vol.18 Ch.150 an early summer afternoon Vol.18 Ch.151 in the blue sky Vol.18 Ch.152 do you still have the scar Vol.18 Ch.153 the one armed man Vol.18 Ch.154 signal flare of revenge Vol.18 Ch.155 jinchuu Vol.18 Ch.156 comrades Vol.18 Ch.157 yahiko's impatience Vol.18 Ch.158 the twin storms rage Vol.19 Ch.159 the invincible tekkou Vol.19 Ch.160 an assassin's tool Vol.19 Ch.161 a piercing question Vol.19 Ch.162 thoughts at dawn Vol.19 Ch.163 overture to the end Vol.19 Ch.164 phantoms and reality Vol.19 Ch.165 remembrance - part 1 - hitokiri Vol.19 Ch.166 remembrance - part 2 - the battousai is born Vol.19 Ch.167 remembrance - part 3 - a man and a woman in a rain of blood Vol.20 Ch.168 remembrance - part 4 - yukishiro tomoe Vol.20 Ch.169 remembrance - part 5 - madness Vol.20 Ch.170 remembrance - part 6 - turmoil Vol.20 Ch.171 remembrance - part 7 - a brief intermission Vol.20 Ch.172 remembrance - part 7 - in the country Vol.20 Ch.173 remembrance - part 8 - enishi's visit Vol.20 Ch.174 remembrance - part 9 - white snow Vol.20 Ch.175 remembrance - part 10 - forest of barriers Vol.20 Ch.176 remembrance - part 11 - dark arts Vol.20 Ch.177 remembrance - part 12 - harsh fight Vol.21 Ch.178 remembrance - part 13 - the cross scar Vol.21 Ch.179 remembrance - part 14 - and so, time passed Vol.21 Ch.180 the night wears on... Vol.21 Ch.181 a ray of hope Vol.21 Ch.182 the confession (part one) Vol.21 Ch.183 the confession (part two) Vol.21 Ch.184 fireworks Vol.21 Ch.185 against the armstrong cannon Vol.21 Ch.186 the new invincible tekkou Vol.22 Ch.187 The Tides of Battle Vol.22 Ch.188 Artist of Karakuri Vol.22 Ch.189 Battle on Three Fronts Round 1, Part 1 Vol.22 Ch.190 Battle on Three Fronts Round 1, Part 2 Vol.22 Ch.191 Battle on Three Fronts Round 2, Part 1 Vol.22 Ch.192 Battle on Three Fronts Round 2, Part 2 Vol.22 Ch.193 Battle on Three Fronts Round 2, Part 3 Vol.22 Ch.194 Battle on Three Fronts Round 3, Part 1 Vol.22 Ch.195 Battle on Three Fronts Round 3, Part 2 Vol.22 Ch.196 Smoke of the Wolf Vol.23 Ch.197 The Wolf once again Vol.23 Ch.198 No intention to lose Vol.23 Ch.199 A naive plan Vol.23 Ch.200 The fated duel Vol.23 Ch.201 Another strenght Vol.23 Ch.202 Talk of the past Vol.23 Ch.203 A Pure and Simple End to a 15-Year Duel Vol.23 Ch.204 The consciousness of crime and punishment Vol.23 Ch.205 The True Intent of the Jinchū Vol.23 Ch.206 The Clouded Darkness Vol.24 Ch.207 A dark change unto death Vol.24 Ch.208 The end of a dream Vol.24 Ch.209 Bye Vol.24 Ch.210 Oibore - the man of unknown origins Vol.24 Ch.211 Not zero Vol.24 Ch.212 The beginnings of action Vol.24 Ch.213 Bargaining point Vol.24 Ch.214 Enishi's lapse Vol.24 Ch.215 Three days later Vol.24 Ch.216 The two dressed in black (part one) Vol.24 Ch.217 The two dressed in black (part two) Vol.25 Ch.218 Madness set loose Vol.25 Ch.219 Yahiko's true battle (part one) Vol.25 Ch.220 Yahiko's true battle (part two) Vol.25 Ch.221 Yahiko's true battle (part three) Vol.25 Ch.222 Yahiko's true battle (part four) Vol.25 Ch.223 Dreams, reality and illusions Vol.25 Ch.224 The truth (Shinjitsu) Vol.25 Ch.225 At that moment, a gust of wind Vol.25 Ch.226 From a Samurai to the Shizoku Vol.25 Ch.227 Four more days, one more person Vol.26 Ch.228 A man's back - part one - fight merchant reestablished Vol.26 Ch.229 A man's back - part two - two of a kind Vol.26 Ch.230 A man's back - part three - portrait of a family Vol.26 Ch.231 A man's back - part four - explosion Vol.26 Ch.232 A man's back - part five - character for evil Vol.26 Ch.233 A man's back - part six - cry of the mountain Vol.26 Ch.234 A man's back - part seven - the back tells tales Vol.26 Ch.235 White as the snow seen that day Vol.26 Ch.236 Landing Vol.26 Ch.237 Dischord Vol.27 Ch.238 Vol.27 Ch.239 Vol.27 Ch.240 Vol.27 Ch.241 Vol.27 Ch.242 Vol.27 Ch.243 Vol.27 Ch.244 Vol.27 Ch.245 Vol.27 Ch.246 Vol.27 Ch.247 Vol.28 Ch.248 Vol.28 Ch.249 Vol.28 Ch.250 Vol.28 Ch.251 Vol.28 Ch.252 Vol.28 Ch.253 Vol.28 Ch.254 Vol.28 Ch.255 Vol.28 Ch.255.5 Yahiko Special
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