Ch.002 A Rookie's Dream

Ch.001 Welcome to Paradise Ch.002 A Rookie's Dream Ch.003 Ways to See, Think, and Feel Ch.004 Lies and Diplomacy Ch.005 The Passionate Guy from 20 Years Ago Ch.006 Let's Start with Playing Catch Ch.007 The Truth About the Violent Teacher Ch.008 A Fist if You Squeeze, a Palm if You Open Ch.009 Farewell to Weapons Ch.010 Let's Be Popular Ch.011 A Fulfilling School Life Ch.012 The Day Paradise Disappeared Ch.013 The Salamander Ch.014 Nothing Good Ever Happens Ch.015 Taught by His Own Student Ch.016 Diamond Head Ch.017 Another Story Ch.018 Tomodachi Ch.019 Decision Kawato's 30 Days Ch.020 11 Angry Man + 1 Ch.021 We Are Starting Something Slowly Ch.022 The Only Chance Ch.023 Get Excited About the Club! Ch.024 Cultivate Kawato Germs Ch.025 New Life Ch.026 Compensation for Existance Ch.027 Blah Blah Ch.028 A Rowdy Team Ch.029 Flower of Justice Ch.030 An Improper Member Ch.031 No-hitter Ch.032 Kawato Reflects Ch.033 The Moronic Coach's Stance Ch.034 True Feelings Ch.035 Times of Effect Ch.036 Downpour Rhapsody Ch.037 Adversity Builds Characters Ch.038 9-nine Ch.039 Keep'em Separated Ch.040 Wuss Ch.041 We Like Baseball Ch.042 Teamwork Ch.043 A Relaxing Sunday Ch.044 Let's Go to the Koshien! Ch.045 Speed King Ch.046 A Proud Starter Ch.047 Deep Breaths Ch.048 One for All Ch.049 Sandlot Baseball Ch.050 Hostile Rookies Ch.051 Aniya's 200 Pitches Ch.052 Who Do You Think You Are? Ch.053 With All Your Might Ch.054 They're Here Ch.055 Sparkle Sparkle Ch.056 Accident Ch.057 Carelessness in the Bottom of the 7th Ch.058 How to Counterattack Ch.059 Go, Go, Rookies! Ch.060 Nikogaku, Spirits Ablaze! Ch.061 The Magician Thrower Ch.062 Stainless Honour Ch.063 A Speach from Kawato "Dreams & Glory" Ch.064 The Second Half of the Ninth Inning Ch.065 We're Waiting for Someone... Ch.066 The Replacement Batter Ch.067 Like Him Ch.068 Sentimental Ch.069 The Spoiled Flower Arranging Club Ch.070 Complex Ch.071 Get Pumped for Tests Ch.072 Clear, Serene Ch.073 The Right Man Ch.074 1-D Ch.075 An 8-Month Rookie Ch.076 The Weight of the Stature Books Ch.077 Marathon Man Ch.078 No Smoking Ch.079 The Late Rookie Ch.080 Proof of Wildness Ch.081 Upright and Cleanhanded Ch.082 Well, We're Punks Ch.083 Source of the Stomachache Ch.084 What Happened that Day Ch.085 Dream Power Ch.086 A Great Mind Quietly Perseveres Ch.087 Ghost Ch.088 Ikebe Manual Ch.089 Subject Ch.090 Murogawa High School Baseball Team Ch.091 Assault into Enemy Territory Ch.092 Bloody Play Ball Ch.093 No Outs Ch.094 K.K.K. Ch.095 Aniya's Delight Ch.096 Mikoshiba's Anxiety Ch.097 Premonition Ch.098 Megurogawa Baseball Ch.099 Trick Pitch Ch.100 The Aesthetic of Man Ch.101 The Scenery From 0-2 Ch.102 As One Ch.103 Superstar (for Now) Ch.104 Cut the Wind Ch.105 Three-Month Special Ch.106 The Depression of Dreadhead Okada Ch.107 Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth Ch.108 Kawato Once Again Ch.109 Their First Baseball Ch.110 Miscalculation Ch.111 Full Throttle Ch.112 Engine Ch.113 The Footsteps of Fear Ch.114 Bluff Ch.115 I Don't Like that Confidence Ch.116 The Miracle Grows Further Ch.117 Anger Ch.118 Persistence Ch.119 Begging the Cat Ch.120 A Dream for Some Point Ch.121 Wakana the Spineless Boy Ch.122 Here Comes the Clean-up Ch.123 Top of the Ninth, Two Outs, Bases Loaded Ch.124 All Options Exhausted, Awaiting God's Will Ch.125 Filthy Bastards Ch.126 Requiem Ch.127 Starting Line Ch.128 Sprouts of Winter Ch.129 Glorious Winning Ball Ch.130 Wednesday Sprinter Ch.131 Kawato's Secret Locker Ch.132 King of Pussies Ch.133 Old Friends and a Woman's Heart Ch.134 Making Contact at the Riverside Ch.135 Playing the Hero Ch.136 The 1/10 Throne Ch.137 The Sardine's Head Is Revealed Ch.138 Snapper Ch.139 The Pigeon and Crow Respect Their Elders Ch.140 Mugwort Grows Straight Among the Flax Ch.141 Can't Learn from Fujita-sensei Ch.142 New Kids Gonna Get Ya Ch.143 Spring Gathering Ch.144 The Real Akaboshi Ch.145 There's Always Tomorrow (Going to Georgia Ver.) Ch.146 Big Mouth Ch.147 Battle of the 5th Period Ch.148 Just Wanna Play Baseball Ch.149 No Difference Ch.150 Don't Wear Loafers with Your Jersey Ch.151 Predicament Ch.152 Illusory Den of Demons Ch.153 Akaboshi Gate Ch.154 This Year's Shitty Rookies Ch.155 Murmurs of Early Summer Ch.156 Ace Ch.157 A Wise Man Changes His Mind, a Fool Never Ch.158 Video Love Letter Ch.159 Nikogaku Debut Ch.160 100x Payout Ch.161 RESPONSE Ch.162 Sasazaki Theater Ch.163 The Strkeout King's Perfect Game Ch.164 Virtual Fork Ch.165 Enemies on All Sides Ch.166 What's Done Is Done Ch.167 Habitual Practices Ch.168 The Light of a Star Ch.169 The Man with Big-ass Ears Ch.170 Drop! Ch.171 Positive Ch.172 Nikogaku Style Ch.173 The Index Finger of Wakana's Right Hand Ch.174 Troubleman Ch.175 Indomitable Perseverance Ch.176 The Squeeze Ch.177 Flash Back Ch.178 The Hearts of Edogawa Ch.179 The Mound of Despair Ch.180 The Spirit of Kome-Hyappyo Ch.181 Fool to Cry Ch.182 Weakling Ch.183 This Years Spectacle Ch.184 The Summer of Isolation Ch.185 The Axle of the Champions Ch.186 A Coach's Duty Ch.187 The Defeat of the Fork Ch.188 Farewell, Mikoshiba Ch.189 Pitching Machine Ch.190 Let's Play Real Baseball! Ch.191 Maybe Ch.192 I'm Fine Being a Villain! Ch.193 Only Now Ch.194 The Ultimate Ruke of Victory Ch.195 The Tenacious Bat Ch.196 Never Never Never Surrender Ch.197 Gibbim a Shird!! Vol.21 Ch.198 Ideas and Realities Vol.21 Ch.199 The Normal Kawato Vol.21 Ch.200 Hypnosis Vol.21 Ch.201 Too Fast Vol.21 Ch.202 Can You Hear the Hiratsuka Call? Vol.21 Ch.203 Ahh, That Idiot Vol.21 Ch.204 Extended? Excellent! Vol.21 Ch.205 The Mound of Soul Vol.22 Ch.206 18.44m Vol.22 Ch.207 Evolution Vol.22 Ch.208 Thank You Vol.22 Ch.209 Heroes Vol.22 Ch.210 Cause and Effect Vol.22 Ch.211 Nikogaku Crsis Vol.22 Ch.212 One Hard Day Vol.22 Ch.213 Imbalance Vol.22 Ch.214 Dark Horse Vol.22 Ch.215 Like a Cat, Ignorant of Love, It Will Still Play With a Ball Vol.23 Ch.216 TV Broadcast Vol.23 Ch.217 The New Megurogawa Vol.23 Ch.218 The Good, the Bad and the Hiratsuka Vol.23 Ch.219 Brother Vol.23 Ch.220 Mismatch Vol.23 Ch.221 Time To Live! Vol.23 Ch.222 Anesthesia Vol.23 Ch.223 Resolve Vol.23 Ch.224 Captain Vol.24 Ch.225 It'll Be Okay Vol.24 Ch.226 So It Was Me Vol.24 Ch.227 For That One At Bat Vol.24 Ch.228 Willpower Vol.24 Ch.229 Kawato Isn't Here Vol.24 Ch.230 An Elixir Vol.24 Ch.231 Run, Tumbling Dice! Run! Vol.24 Ch.232 Baseball is Lightning Through a Grass Forest Vol.24 Ch.233 Let's Go, Nikogaku! Vol.TBD Ch.000 [One Short] Vol.TBD Ch.233.5
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