Vol.04 Ch.019.5 EX

Vol.01 Ch.001 The Birth of Smallest Hero Vol.01 Ch.002 The First Crime Vol.01 Ch.003 Hero's Front Line is Violent Vol.01 Ch.004 Sentimental Girl with Angel Wings Vol.02 Ch.005 Trouble Conference Room in Jackall Vol.02 Ch.006 That isn't A Secret Vol.02 Ch.007 The Pot Dish is Good!! Vol.02 Ch.008 Surprised Party Full of Heroes!! Vol.02 Ch.009 Shove it! Vol.03 Ch.010 Lose His Illusions Vol.03 Ch.011 The Melancholy of Mirea Mizushima Vol.03 Ch.012 Akihabara Defense Corps Vol.03 Ch.013 I'm a Fatman!! Vol.03 Ch.014 Rio's Hardship Vol.04 Ch.015 Magazine Debut!? Though very Happy, I am Shameful. Vol.04 Ch.016 Threat of "S" Vol.04 Ch.017 Light and Shadow Vol.04 Ch.018 Quit The Hero Vol.04 Ch.019 Shooto Katsuragi Raising Project Vol.04 Ch.019.5 EX Vol.05 Ch.020 Fatman Returns Vol.05 Ch.021 Trouble Sisters Vol.05 Ch.022 Runaway Android !? Vol.05 Ch.023 Insensitive Boy & Innocent Girl Vol.06 Ch.024 Unchain Vol.06 Ch.025 Food Chain Vol.06 Ch.026 The Connected World Vol.06 Ch.027 Intersecting Desire Vol.06 Ch.028 Fierce Fight!! Vol.06 Ch.028.5 EX Ratman -- A Certain Combatant's Recruitment Vol.07 Ch.029 Factor Vol.07 Ch.030 Factor -- Part II Vol.07 Ch.031 Shining Ray Vol.07 Ch.032 The Connecting World Vol.07 Ch.033 Cherry blossoms that bloom in spring Vol.07 Ch.034 Mizushima sisters' holiday Vol.08 Ch.035 Strongest Legendary Shibuya!! Vol.08 Ch.036 Let's go to the beach!! Vol.08 Ch.037 Billy's last session -- Part I Vol.08 Ch.038 Billy's last session -- Part II Vol.08 Ch.039 The truth? Bankruptcy!!? Vol.08 Ch.040 Rematch Vol.09 Ch.041 Another ''S'' Vol.09 Ch.042 Scar Vol.09 Ch.043 Ride on the big wave!! Vol.09 Ch.044 Hero Vs. Hero Vol.09 Ch.045 The Second Round Vol.09 Ch.046 A Forlorn Hope Vol.09 Ch.046.5 Episode EX Vol.10 Ch.047 Conclusion Vol.10 Ch.048 The man of sin Vol.10 Ch.049 Concealed Truth Vol.10 Ch.050 The Second Invasion Vol.10 Ch.051 Memories Vol.10 Ch.051.5 The Important One Vol.11 Ch.052 Light of Hope Vol.11 Ch.053 The First Hero Vol.11 Ch.054 Message Vol.11 Ch.055 The Smallest Hero Vol.11 Ch.056 The Sin Vol.12 Ch.057 Negative Legacy Vol.12 Ch.058 The Last Hero Call Vol.12 Ch.059 Disaster Vol.12 Ch.060 When it was depended on you + EPILOGUE [END]
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