Ranma 1/2

Vol.38 Ch.009 The Final Chapter

Vol.01 Ch.001 Here's Ranma Vol.01 Ch.002 Ranma's secret Vol.01 Ch.002.2 Ranma's Secret Vol.01 Ch.003 I hate man! Vol.01 Ch.004 Never, Never, Never Vol.01 Ch.005 To the tree-borne kettle-girl Vol.01 Ch.006 Body and Soul Vol.01 Ch.007 You´ll understand soon enough Vol.01 Ch.008 Because there´s a girl he likes Vol.02 Ch.001 You´re cute when you smile Vol.02 Ch.002 The hunter Vol.02 Ch.003 Bread Feud Vol.02 Ch.004 Showdown Vol.02 Ch.005 A bad cut Vol.02 Ch.006 Who says you´re cute Vol.02 Ch.007 The transformation of Ryoga Vol.02 Ch.008 He´s got a beef Vol.02 Ch.009 Kodachi, the Black Rose Vol.03 Ch.001 The love of the Black Rose Vol.03 Ch.002 Take care of my sister Vol.03 Ch.003 I´ll see you lose Vol.03 Ch.004 Hot competition Vol.03 Ch.005 I give up Vol.03 Ch.006 Darling Charlotte Vol.03 Ch.007 A kiss in the rink Vol.03 Ch.008 Lips at a loss Vol.03 Ch.009 Lips at war Vol.04 Ch.001 I´ll never let go Vol.04 Ch.002 Burning the bridges Vol.04 Ch.003 Ryoga explodes Vol.04 Ch.004 The waters of love Vol.04 Ch.005 Kiss of death Vol.04 Ch.006 You I love Vol.04 Ch.007 Akane gets shampooed Vol.04 Ch.008 Shampoo cleans up Vol.04 Ch.009 Formula #911 Vol.04 Ch.010 Bie Liao ( Goodbye) Vol.05 Ch.001 Looking for a weak spot Vol.05 Ch.002 Weak spot - Found! Vol.05 Ch.003 Cat Hell Vol.05 Ch.004 Cat-Fu Vol.05 Ch.005 You´d have kissed anybody Vol.05 Ch.006 Shampoo Rides Again Vol.05 Ch.007 Attack of the wild Mousse Vol.05 Ch.008 The martial arts magic show Vol.05 Ch.009 Cat´s tongue got you Vol.05 Ch.010 The phoenix pil Vol.05 Ch.011 All´s fair at the fair Vol.06 Ch.001 War of the melons Vol.06 Ch.002 Naval engagement Vol.06 Ch.003 Kitten of the sea Vol.06 Ch.004 Care to join me? Vol.06 Ch.005 Training meals Vol.06 Ch.006 The breaking point Vol.06 Ch.007 The immortal man Vol.06 Ch.008 Fast break Vol.06 Ch.009 The way of tea Vol.06 Ch.010 Meet Miss Satsuki Vol.06 Ch.011 Proposal accepted Vol.07 Ch.001 It´s fast or it´s free Vol.07 Ch.002 Eye´s o the prize Vol.07 Ch.003 Noodles, anyone? Vol.07 Ch.004 I won´t eat it! Vol.07 Ch.005 The evil wakes Vol.07 Ch.006 He´s something else Vol.07 Ch.007 Bathhouse battle Vol.07 Ch.008 Moonlight serenade Vol.07 Ch.009 The wrath of Happosai Vol.07 Ch.010 The scent of a woman Vol.07 Ch.011 Fathers know best Vol.08 Ch.001 Instant Spring Vol.08 Ch.002 No Need For Ranma Vol.08 Ch.003 The Destroyer Strikes Vol.08 Ch.004 Just One More Kiss Vol.08 Ch.005 Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo? Vol.08 Ch.006 Romeo? Romeo? Romeo?! Vol.08 Ch.007 Not Your Typical Juliet Vol.08 Ch.008 A Kiss to the Victor Vol.08 Ch.009 Quest for the Hidden Spring Vol.08 Ch.010 The Trouble with Girls' Locker Rooms Vol.08 Ch.011 From the Spring, Springs a Message Vol.09 Ch.001 The Way the Cookie Crumbles Vol.09 Ch.002 Negative Feelings Vol.09 Ch.003 Take Me Out to the Bathtub Vol.09 Ch.004 ...I Ate the Whole Thing Vol.09 Ch.005 "Okonomiyaki" Means "I Love You" Vol.09 Ch.006 Saucy Reply Vol.09 Ch.007 Ukyo's Secret Vol.09 Ch.008 Ryoga vs. Ukyo Vol.09 Ch.009 Love Letters in the Sauce Vol.09 Ch.010 Ryoga's What?! Vol.09 Ch.011 At Long Last... the Date! Vol.10 Ch.001 Happosai Days Are Here Again Vol.10 Ch.002 One Moment to Love Vol.10 Ch.003 I Won't Fall in Love! Vol.10 Ch.004 The Abduction of...Akane? Vol.10 Ch.005 Duck, Ranma, Duck! Vol.10 Ch.006 Akane Becomes a Duck Vol.10 Ch.007 Fowl Play Vol.10 Ch.008 The Happiest Mousse Vol.10 Ch.009 Tsubasa Kurenai Busts Loose! Vol.10 Ch.010 Lunchtime Lunacy Vol.10 Ch.011 The Perfect Match Vol.11 Ch.001 Ryoga, Come Home Vol.11 Ch.002 Oh, Brother! Vol.11 Ch.003 Get Lost, Yoiko! Vol.11 Ch.004 The Ultimate Technique Vol.11 Ch.005 Get the Secret Scroll! Vol.11 Ch.006 The Fire-Burst of Terror! Vol.11 Ch.007 Embraceable You Vol.11 Ch.008 Hold Me Close Vol.11 Ch.009 Akane's Power-Up! Vol.11 Ch.010 Super Badminton Vol.11 Ch.011 Serious Side Effects Vol.12 Ch.001 The Return of the Principal Vol.12 Ch.002 Journey into the Principal's Office Vol.12 Ch.003 The Principal of the Thing Vol.12 Ch.004 One Hairy Day Vol.12 Ch.005 Shear Folly Vol.12 Ch.006 Gonna Make You Tardy! Vol.12 Ch.007 The Soap of Happiness Vol.12 Ch.008 Cupids, Draw Back Your Bow Vol.12 Ch.009 Don't Follow Me Vol.12 Ch.010 Who Do You Love? Vol.12 Ch.011 Give Me a Little Hug Vol.13 Ch.001 The Legendary Moxibustion of Evil Vol.13 Ch.002 The World's Weakest Man Vol.13 Ch.003 Weak for Life?! Vol.13 Ch.004 The Valley of Moxibustion Vol.13 Ch.005 Training in the Spiral of Hell Vol.13 Ch.006 The Inflammable Man Vol.13 Ch.007 The Roar of Heaven Vol.13 Ch.008 The Great Rematch Vol.13 Ch.009 St. Happosai Vol.13 Ch.010 Burn, Happy, Burn Vol.13 Ch.011 The Paper Chase Vol.14 Ch.001 Ranma Reborn Vol.14 Ch.002 Who Will Bell the Cat? Vol.14 Ch.003 Kitty Takes a Bride Vol.14 Ch.004 Swim Like a Hammer Vol.14 Ch.005 Courage Under Water Vol.14 Ch.006 Step Outside! Vol.14 Ch.007 The Mark of the Gods Vol.14 Ch.008 Face Off! Vol.14 Ch.009 The Mark of the Pig Vol.14 Ch.010 Akane Guesses the Secret! Vol.14 Ch.011 Santa's Little Disciples Vol.15 Ch.001 When You Wish upon a Sword Vol.15 Ch.002 May I Cut In? Vol.15 Ch.003 The Final Wish Vol.15 Ch.004 The King Is Wild Vol.15 Ch.005 Never Bet Your Life Vol.15 Ch.006 Put on a Poker Face Vol.15 Ch.007 The Virtues of Training Vol.15 Ch.008 Target Pigtail Vol.15 Ch.009 Let Your Hair Down Vol.15 Ch.010 The Whisker's Secret Vol.15 Ch.011 Hair Raising Vol.16 Ch.001 Let's Go to the Hot Vol.16 Ch.002 Screamin' at the Hot Springs! Vol.16 Ch.003 Three-Leg Scramble Vol.16 Ch.004 Hot Bath! Vol.16 Ch.005 Ranma Gives Up?! Vol.16 Ch.006 The Final Choice Vol.16 Ch.007 A Goal Too Far Vol.16 Ch.008 Kung Fu Stew Vol.16 Ch.009 Bad Manors Vol.16 Ch.010 La Miserable Vol.16 Ch.011 Lekaraté de Foie Gras Vol.17 Ch.001 Bathroom Training Vol.17 Ch.002 Who Masters What? Vol.17 Ch.003 Dinner Wars The Final Course! Vol.17 Ch.004 Do Not Dessert Me Vol.17 Ch.005 Hand-Me-Down Ranma Vol.17 Ch.006 The Terrible Truth Vol.17 Ch.007 Nabiki's Feelings Vol.17 Ch.008 I'm the Victim Here! Vol.17 Ch.009 I'm Sorry, Akane Vol.17 Ch.010 Maze of Love Vol.17 Ch.011 The Curse of the Scroll Vol.18 Ch.001 Spring Demon Vol.18 Ch.002 The Demon's Tale Vol.18 Ch.003 Find Akane! Vol.18 Ch.004 S.W.A.T. (Save Widdle Akane Team) Vol.18 Ch.005 The Watery Grave Vol.18 Ch.006 The Geyser Traps Vol.18 Ch.007 Boiling Retaliation Vol.18 Ch.008 The Snap of Elastic Vol.18 Ch.009 What's in a Name? Vol.18 Ch.010 Back to the Freak-ture! Vol.18 Ch.011 And Back and Back and Back… Vol.19 Ch.001 Melonhead Vol.19 Ch.002 The Horror of Party Beach Vol.19 Ch.003 Catcher in the Rind Vol.19 Ch.004 The Sauce of Ten Years Vol.19 Ch.005 For the Love of Sauce Vol.19 Ch.006 The Truth About the Truth Vol.19 Ch.007 The Honeymoon Period Vol.19 Ch.008 Please Hate Me Vol.19 Ch.009 Nightmare on Hot Springs Street Vol.19 Ch.010 Paper Dolls of Love Vol.19 Ch.011 The Pill of Obedience Vol.20 Ch.001 The Lion's Roar Vol.20 Ch.002 Prelude to Defeat Vol.20 Ch.003 Unlucky Blow Vol.20 Ch.004 Emotional Impact Vol.20 Ch.005 Lion Versus Tiger! Vol.20 Ch.006 The Weight of Victory Vol.20 Ch.007 New Year's Curse Vol.20 Ch.008 Ring Proposal Vol.20 Ch.009 The Plum and the Prune Vol.20 Ch.010 Sibling Warfare Vol.20 Ch.011 The Scandal Breaks! Vol.21 Ch.001 When Daddy Was Strong Vol.21 Ch.002 Time to Leave the Nest Vol.21 Ch.003 The Cradle from Hell Vol.21 Ch.004 Mark of the Cherry Blossom Vol.21 Ch.005 Akane's Feelings Vol.21 Ch.006 Storm of Petals Vol.21 Ch.007 L! O! V! E! Vol.21 Ch.008 Cheerleading for Love Vol.21 Ch.009 Win One for the Lover Vol.21 Ch.010 Equals in Love Vol.21 Ch.011 Love vs. Love Vol.22 Ch.001 Love Always Wins Vol.22 Ch.002 Ranma Meets His Mother Vol.22 Ch.003 A Man's Vow Vol.22 Ch.004 Risky Reunion Vol.22 Ch.005 Even If It's Just a Glance Vol.22 Ch.006 Mother and Son… Together! Vol.22 Ch.007 Sudden Hate!! Vol.22 Ch.008 Say You Love Me!! Vol.22 Ch.009 Love's Counterstrike Vol.22 Ch.010 Who Loves Who? Vol.22 Ch.011 The Phantom Lingerie Vol.23 Ch.001 Pantyhose Taro Returns! Vol.23 Ch.002 The Black Secret Vol.23 Ch.003 The Hot Water Fortress Vol.23 Ch.004 Tentacular Spectacular Vol.23 Ch.005 Stomperella Vol.23 Ch.006 The Fairy Tale Ending Vol.23 Ch.007 The Violence of Cooking Vol.23 Ch.008 The Carp of Misery Vol.23 Ch.009 Carpy Deum Vol.23 Ch.010 Quit Carping Vol.23 Ch.011 One-Punch Vol.24 Ch.001 The Guest at the Cat Café Vol.24 Ch.002 The Animal Kingdom Vol.24 Ch.003 The Lost Treasure Vol.24 Ch.004 Battle of the Hot Springs Women! Vol.24 Ch.005 Race to Treasure Mountain Vol.24 Ch.006 Death on Treasure Mountain Vol.24 Ch.007 The Tragedy of the Pail Vol.24 Ch.008 The Waterfall of Secret Treasure Revealed! Vol.24 Ch.009 An Ever-Elusive Treasure Vol.24 Ch.010 The Confession of Rage! Vol.24 Ch.011 Rise Up, Ranma! Vol.25 Ch.001 A Man Again! Vol.25 Ch.002 Welcome Home, Ranma! Vol.25 Ch.003 The Ultimate Teacher! Vol.25 Ch.004 The Eight Mysterious Treasures Vol.25 Ch.005 The World's Most Powerful Woman Vol.25 Ch.006 Go for the Pressure Points! Vol.25 Ch.007 The Formation from Hell Vol.25 Ch.008 The Eight Treasures Change Return Vol.25 Ch.009 The Ultimate Health Regimen Vol.25 Ch.010 Akane's Journey Vol.25 Ch.011 Recovered Memories Vol.26 Ch.001 The Secret of the Forest Vol.26 Ch.002 The Water of Life Vol.26 Ch.003 In the Shade of the Forest Vol.26 Ch.004 See Ya, Akane Vol.26 Ch.005 The King of Beasts Emerges!! Vol.26 Ch.006 The Orochi and Its Fury Vol.26 Ch.007 The Eight Head Vol.26 Ch.008 Take Care of Her Vol.26 Ch.009 Blow Your Horn!! Vol.26 Ch.010 Let's Go Home Vol.26 Ch.011 These Words I Send to You Vol.27 Ch.001 Danger Home Visit Ahead! Vol.27 Ch.002 Target Soun! Vol.27 Ch.003 Danger Fight Path of Love! Vol.27 Ch.004 The Unbeatable Lens Vol.27 Ch.005 Tearful Apology!! Vol.27 Ch.006 The Lowliest Jerk Vol.27 Ch.007 Demon Dog of the Sea Vol.27 Ch.008 Compliment Me! Vol.27 Ch.009 Curséd Cave of Broken Loves Vol.27 Ch.010 Exit of Misery Vol.27 Ch.011 Give Back the Tests!! Vol.28 Ch.001 Mother, I Am Ranma Vol.28 Ch.002 Thousand-Mountain vs. Thousand-Sea Vol.28 Ch.003 Ranma vs. Ranma Vol.28 Ch.004 Intensive Training!! Vol.28 Ch.005 A Letter from Mother Vol.28 Ch.006 Quick as Lightning- The Thousand Seas! Vol.28 Ch.007 House of the Sea, House of the Mountain Vol.28 Ch.008 Thousand-Mountain Tragedy Vol.28 Ch.009 The Invisible Strike Vol.28 Ch.010 The Truth of the Secret Scrolls Vol.28 Ch.011 Ranma's Tears Vol.29 Ch.001 The Terror of the Phoenix Sword! Vol.29 Ch.002 The Immortal Phoenix Sword Vol.29 Ch.003 The Seeds of Tragedy Vol.29 Ch.004 Motherhood Flower, Please Vol.29 Ch.005 Shampoo - Captive! Vol.29 Ch.006 The Forest of Poisonous Plants Vol.29 Ch.007 The Ultimate Medicine Vol.29 Ch.008 Evil and the Bean Vol.29 Ch.009 The King of Poverty's Challenge Vol.29 Ch.010 The King of Debt vs. the Queen of Debt Vol.29 Ch.011 For the Love of Ten Yen Vol.30 Ch.001 Spring Comes to Ryoga Vol.30 Ch.002 LOVE the Pig! Vol.30 Ch.003 The Perfect Couple Vol.30 Ch.004 Experimental Herb · Towering Hair Vol.30 Ch.005 Infinite Battle "Ki" Vol.30 Ch.006 Let's Study! Vol.30 Ch.007 The Tragic Legend of the Black Cherry Tree Vol.30 Ch.008 Ranma Catches a Cold Vol.30 Ch.009 A Hot Reunion?! Vol.30 Ch.010 Ranma Till Morning Vol.30 Ch.011 The Cursed Spatula Vol.31 Ch.001 Happosai's New Disciple Vol.31 Ch.002 Secret Treasure * Brocade Butterfly Vol.31 Ch.003 Special Move * Wild Butterfly Dance! Vol.31 Ch.004 Lucky Day… My Family's Away! Vol.31 Ch.005 Alone With Them Both Vol.31 Ch.006 The Umbrella of Love Vol.31 Ch.007 Get Ready for Swim Class! Vol.31 Ch.008 Cold Summer Noodles Vol.31 Ch.009 The Doll of Vengeance Vol.31 Ch.010 The Doll's Trap Vol.31 Ch.011 Aloha School Vol.32 Ch.001 The Glowing Girl Vol.32 Ch.002 The Other Rouge!! Vol.32 Ch.003 Source of Power Owner's Manual Vol.32 Ch.004 A Beautiful Friendship Vol.32 Ch.005 Beware! Blows of Strength Vol.32 Ch.006 The White Lily Vol.32 Ch.007 Battle of the Boyfriends! Vol.32 Ch.008 The Chosen One Vol.32 Ch.009 Ranma's Plot Vol.32 Ch.010 The First Time I Said What I Felt Vol.32 Ch.011 The Great Divide Vol.33 Ch.001 Love Medicine Vol.33 Ch.002 Kasumi Gets Mad Vol.33 Ch.003 The Mushroom of Time Vol.33 Ch.004 To the Mushroom Forest! Vol.33 Ch.005 16cm Short Vol.33 Ch.006 The Two Shampoos Vol.33 Ch.007 Payback's a Saint Vol.33 Ch.008 The Drawn and Quartered Horse Vol.33 Ch.009 Saotome Family (Onsen) Vacation Vol.33 Ch.010 Stop That Octopus! Vol.33 Ch.011 Masked Death Match! Vol.34 Ch.001 Shotgun Beans!! Vol.34 Ch.002 The Little Heart Vol.34 Ch.003 Whack the Principal! Vol.34 Ch.004 Bow Down! Vol.34 Ch.005 Busted! Vol.34 Ch.006 The Punishment of Perv-Boy! Vol.34 Ch.007 Mama, Papa, and Tata Vol.34 Ch.008 Looking His Best Vol.34 Ch.009 See Me for What I Am Vol.34 Ch.010 Incense of Spring Sleep Vol.34 Ch.011 The Three-Year Smile of Death Vol.35 Ch.001 The Two Ranmas Vol.35 Ch.002 An Isosceles Love Triangle Vol.35 Ch.003 Get That Compact!! Vol.35 Ch.004 The Ultimate Couple Vol.35 Ch.005 Playing House Vol.35 Ch.006 The Sisters of Terror! Vol.35 Ch.007 The Saddest Kunoichi Vol.35 Ch.008 Runaway Ninja! Vol.35 Ch.009 Ranma vs. Konatsu Vol.35 Ch.010 Konatsu's Happiness Vol.35 Ch.011 Bamboo Leaves of Love Vol.36 Ch.001 The Conspiracy of Jellyfish Beach Vol.36 Ch.002 Coming Soon Vol.36 Ch.003 A Visit to the Family Grave Vol.36 Ch.004 The Saotome Family Reunion Vol.36 Ch.005 A Mother's Doubts Vol.36 Ch.006 Ranma's Seppuku Vol.36 Ch.007 Reunion and Farewell Vol.36 Ch.008 Goodbye Ranma?! Vol.36 Ch.009 A Package from Mother Vol.36 Ch.010 Bet on the Ring!! Vol.36 Ch.011 The Sales Force Vol.37 Ch.001 Messenger from Jusenkyo Vol.37 Ch.002 Battle for the Map! Vol.37 Ch.003 Egg Shampoo Vol.37 Ch.004 China Bound!! Vol.37 Ch.005 The Prince of Ho'o Peak Vol.37 Ch.006 The Labyrinth Beneath Vol.37 Ch.007 Dogfight Above the Peak Vol.37 Ch.008 Akane in the Spring Vol.37 Ch.009 Bad News at Jusenkyo Vol.37 Ch.010 Akane Breaks Out! Vol.38 Ch.001 The Phoenix and the Dragon Vol.38 Ch.002 The Saffron Egg Vol.38 Ch.003 The Spout of the Dragon Vol.38 Ch.004 A Last, Sweet Memory Vol.38 Ch.005 Saffron Reborn Vol.38 Ch.006 Ranma Battles Saffron!! Vol.38 Ch.007 The Power of the Gekkaja Vol.38 Ch.008 Akane's Smile Vol.38 Ch.009 The Final Chapter
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