Pocket Monster Special

Vol.21 Ch.250 Pokemon Adventures Vol.15 Ch.250

Vol.01 Ch.001 VS Mew Vol.01 Ch.002 VS Bulbasaur Vol.01 Ch.003 VS Kangaskhan Vol.01 Ch.004 VS Pikachu Vol.01 Ch.005 VS Onix Vol.01 Ch.006 VS Gyarados Vol.01 Ch.007 VS Rhydon Vol.01 Ch.008 VS Starmie Vol.01 Ch.009 VS Fearow Vol.01 Ch.010 VS Voltorb Vol.01 Ch.011 Buzz Off, Electabuzz! Vol.01 Ch.012 Wake Up -- You're Snorlax Vol.01 Ch.013 Sigh For Psyduck Vol.01 Ch.014 That Awful Arbok! Vol.02 Ch.015 Wartortle Wars Vol.02 Ch.016 Tauros the Tyrant Vol.02 Ch.017 The Jynx Jinx Vol.02 Ch.018 A Tale Of Ninetales Vol.02 Ch.019 Blame It On Eevee Vol.02 Ch.020 Meanvile..Vileplume! Vol.02 Ch.021 Long Live The Nidoking! Vol.02 Ch.022 A Hollow Victreebel Vol.02 Ch.023 Make Way For Magmar! Vol.02 Ch.024 What A Dragonite Vol.02 Ch.025 You Know... Articuno! Vol.02 Ch.026 Holy Moltres Vol.02 Ch.027 Kalling Kadabra Vol.03 Ch.028 Peace of Mime Vol.03 Ch.029 Go For The Golbat Vol.03 Ch.030 Zap! Zap! Zapdos! Vol.03 Ch.031 The Art Of Articuno Vol.03 Ch.032 A Little Kadabra'll do it Vol.03 Ch.033 The Winged Legends Vol.03 Ch.034 And Mewtwo Too!? Vol.03 Ch.035 And Mewtwo... Three Vol.03 Ch.036 Drat That Dratini! Vol.03 Ch.037 Golly, Golem! Vol.03 Ch.038 Long Live The Nidoqueen?! Vol.03 Ch.039 Just a Spearow Carrier Vol.03 Ch.040 A Charizard... And a Champion! Vol.04 Ch.041 Ponyta Tale Vol.04 Ch.042 Do Do That Doduo Vol.04 Ch.043 Sea Sea Seadra Vol.04 Ch.044 Do Wrong, Dewgong! Vol.04 Ch.045 Cloystered Vol.04 Ch.046 Whacked by Marowak! Vol.04 Ch.047 Purrrr-sian Vol.04 Ch.048 Paras Sight Vol.04 Ch.049 As Gastly As Before Vol.04 Ch.050 Lapras Lazily Vol.04 Ch.051 Electro Magneton Vol.04 Ch.052 Growing Out Of Gengar Vol.05 Ch.053 Can't Catch Caterpie? Vol.05 Ch.054 Pidgeotto Pick-Me-Up Vol.05 Ch.055 The Primeape Directive Vol.05 Ch.056 The Coming Of Slowpoke(Eventually) Vol.05 Ch.057 Ekans The Ecstasy Vol.05 Ch.058 The Kindest Tentacruel Vol.05 Ch.059 Hitmonlee Baby(One More Time) Vol.05 Ch.060 Breath Of Dragonair Part 1 Vol.05 Ch.061 Breath Of Dragonair Part 2 Vol.05 Ch.062 Breath Of Dragonair Part 3 Vol.05 Ch.063 Extricated From Exeggutor Vol.05 Ch.064 Putting It On The Line...Against Arcanine Vol.05 Ch.065 Karate Machop Vol.06 Ch.066 Punching Poliwrath Vol.06 Ch.067 Can You Diglett? Vol.06 Ch.068 Jigglypuff Jive Vol.06 Ch.069 Playing Horsea Vol.06 Ch.070 Allied By Alakazam Vol.06 Ch.071 Muk Raking Vol.06 Ch.072 Weezing Winks Out Vol.06 Ch.073 Valiant Venomoth Vol.06 Ch.074 Make Way For Magikarp Vol.06 Ch.075 Electrode's Big Shock! Vol.06 Ch.076 Take A Chance On Chansey Vol.06 Ch.077 Striking Golduck Vol.06 Ch.078 Victim Of Venusaur Vol.07 Ch.079 Airing Out Aerodactyl Vol.07 Ch.080 Draggin' In Dragonair Vol.07 Ch.081 Aerodactyl Redux Vol.07 Ch.082 Eradicate Radicate Vol.07 Ch.083 Bang The Drum Slowbro Vol.07 Ch.084 Clefabulous Clefable Vol.07 Ch.085 Gimme Shelder Vol.07 Ch.086 Double Dragonair Vol.07 Ch.087 Ryhorn Rising Vol.07 Ch.088 The Beedrill All And End All Vol.07 Ch.089 The Might Of...Metapod!? Vol.07 Ch.090 The Legend Vol.08 Ch.091 VS Murkrow Vol.08 Ch.092 Vs Hoothoot Vol.08 Ch.093 VS Sneasel Vol.08 Ch.094 VS Elekid Vol.08 Ch.095 Fume! Stantler, Fume! Vol.08 Ch.096 VS Donphan Vol.08 Ch.097 VS Bellsprout Vol.08 Ch.098 VS Totodile Vol.08 Ch.099 VS Sunkern Vol.08 Ch.100 VS Unown Vol.08 Ch.101 VS Teddiursa Vol.08 Ch.102 VS Ursaring Vol.08 Ch.103 Houndour From the Dark Vol.09 Ch.104 VS Ariados Vol.09 Ch.105 VS Smeargle Vol.09 Ch.106 VS Sudowoodo Vol.09 Ch.107 VS Gligar Vol.09 Ch.108 VS Quilava Vol.09 Ch.109 VS Ampharos Vol.09 Ch.110 Vs. Piloswine Vol.09 Ch.111 VS. Tyranitar Vol.09 Ch.112 VS Red Gyarados Vol.09 Ch.113 VS Delibird (1) Vol.09 Ch.114 VS Delibird (2) Vol.09 Ch.115 VS Forretress Vol.09 Ch.116 VS Scizor Vol.10 Ch.117 VS Slugma Vol.10 Ch.118 VS Chikorita Vol.10 Ch.119 VS Flaaffy Vol.10 Ch.120 VS Staryu Vol.10 Ch.121 VS Corsola Vol.10 Ch.122 VS Qwilfish Vol.10 Ch.123 VS Dragonair Vol.10 Ch.124 VS Skarmory Vol.10 Ch.125 VS Misdreavus Vol.10 Ch.126 VS Jumpluff Vol.10 Ch.127 VS Miltank Vol.10 Ch.128 VS Ditto Vol.10 Ch.129 VS Girafarig Vol.11 Ch.130 Suicune (1) Vol.11 Ch.131 Suicune (2) Vol.11 Ch.132 Suicune (3) Vol.11 Ch.133 Catch that Azumarill! Vol.11 Ch.134 Heads on Heracross Vol.11 Ch.135 Larvitar's Too Cunning Vol.11 Ch.136 Your Shadow, Crobat! Vol.11 Ch.137 Raikou & Entei Part 1 Vol.11 Ch.138 Raikou & Entei Part 2 Vol.11 Ch.139 Buzz On, Raichu! Vol.11 Ch.140 Dodrio, Watch Out! Vol.11 Ch.141 Sticky Lickatung! Vol.11 Ch.142 Duck, It's Remoraid! Vol.12 Ch.143 Kiss away Cleffa! Igglybuff! Vol.12 Ch.144 Ice-skating Swinub Vol.12 Ch.145 When Sandslash Gets Rowdy Vol.12 Ch.146 Lugia (Part 1) Vol.12 Ch.147 Lugia (Part 2) Vol.12 Ch.148 Lugia (Part 3) Vol.12 Ch.149 Water-Riding Kingdra Vol.12 Ch.150 Light Up My Days, Chinchou! Vol.12 Ch.151 Upstream-Swimmer Lanturn Vol.12 Ch.152 Butterfly Butterfree Vol.12 Ch.153 The Mightiest Ho-Oh Vol.12 Ch.154 Stop the Pranks, Yanma! Vol.13 Ch.155 Heads on Kabutops! Vol.13 Ch.156 Mighty Flight, Noctowl! Vol.13 Ch.157 Electrifying Magnemite Vol.13 Ch.158 Mighty Cuts Scyther! Vol.13 Ch.159 159&160 Returning Pupitar&Claws on Porygon 2 Vol.13 Ch.161 Flames From Entei Vol.13 Ch.162 Spinning Top Hitmon Top Vol.13 Ch.163 Cherry Bellossom Vol.13 Ch.164 Stop Snoring, Slowking Vol.13 Ch.165 Lugia & Ho-Oh (Part 1) Vol.13 Ch.166 Lugia & Ho-Oh (Part 2) Vol.14 Ch.167 The Last Battle I Vol.14 Ch.168 The Last Battle II Vol.14 Ch.169 The Last Battle III Vol.14 Ch.170 The Last Battle IV Vol.14 Ch.171 The Last Battle V Vol.14 Ch.172 The Last Battle VI Vol.14 Ch.173 The Last Battle VII Vol.14 Ch.174 The Last Battle VIII Vol.14 Ch.175 The Last Battle IX Vol.14 Ch.176 The Last Battle X Vol.14 Ch.177 The Last Battle XI Vol.14 Ch.178 The Last Battle XII Vol.14 Ch.179 The Last Battle XIII Vol.15 Ch.180 The Last Battle XIV Vol.15 Ch.183.5 Vol.16 Ch.191 191-193 Vol.16 Ch.194 VS Mawile Vol.16 Ch.195 VS Makuhita Vol.16 Ch.196 VS Beldum Vol.16 Ch.197 VS Hariyama Vol.16 Ch.198 VS Plusle & Minun (198-201) Vol.17 Ch.203 Vol.17 Ch.203.2 Vol.18 Ch.215 Vol.18 Ch.221.9 Vol.19 Ch.227 Vol.19 Ch.233.8 Vol.20 Ch.239 Vol.21 Ch.250 Pokemon Adventures Vol.15 Ch.250 Vol.22 Ch.260 Vol.23 Ch.270 Vol.23 Ch.271 Vol.23 Ch.272 Vol.23 Ch.273 Vol.23 Ch.274 Vol.23 Ch.275 Vol.23 Ch.276 Vol.23 Ch.277 Vol.23 Ch.278 Vol.23 Ch.279 Vol.24 Ch.280 Vol.24 Ch.281 Vol.24 Ch.282 Vol.24 Ch.283 Vol.24 Ch.284 Vol.24 Ch.285 Vol.24 Ch.286 Vol.24 Ch.287 Vol.25 Ch.288 Vol.25 Ch.291 Vol.25 Ch.296 Vol.26 Ch.001 Vol.27 Ch.309 vs. Milotic Vol.27 Ch.310 vs. Shuckle Vol.27 Ch.311 vs. Dusclops Vol.27 Ch.312 vs. Regirock Vol.27 Ch.313 vs. Regice Vol.27 Ch.314 vs. Smeargle Vol.27 Ch.315 vs. Surskit I Vol.27 Ch.316 vs. Surskit II Vol.27 Ch.317 vs. Shedinja Vol.28 Ch.318 vs. Shedinja II Vol.28 Ch.319 vs. Vileplume I Vol.28 Ch.320 vs. Vileplume II Vol.28 Ch.321 vs. Kirlia Vol.28 Ch.322 vs. Sceptile Vol.28 Ch.323 vs. Charizard I Vol.28 Ch.324 Vs. Charizard II Vol.28 Ch.325 Vs. Starmie Vol.28 Ch.326 Vs. Lapras Vol.28 Ch.327 Vs. Gulpin Vol.29 Ch.328 The Final Battle I Vol.29 Ch.329 The Final Battle II Vol.29 Ch.330 The Final Battle III Vol.29 Ch.331 The Final Battle IV Vol.29 Ch.332 The Final Batlle V Vol.29 Ch.333 The Final Battle VI Vol.29 Ch.334 The Final Battle VII Vol.29 Ch.335 The Final Battle VIII Vol.29 Ch.336 The Final Battle IX Vol.29 Ch.337 Epilogue Vol.30 Ch.338 vs. Starly Vol.30 Ch.339 vs. Bidoof Vol.30 Ch.340 vs. Luxio Vol.30 Ch.341 Vs. Kricketot Vol.30 Ch.342 Vs. Cranidos Vol.30 Ch.343 Vs. Combee Vol.30 Ch.344 Vs. Bronzor Vol.30 Ch.345 Vs. Rotom Vol.30 Ch.346 Vs. Roserade I Vol.31 Ch.347 Vs. Roserade II Vol.31 Ch.348 Vs. Stunky Vol.31 Ch.349 VS. Probopass and Magnezone Vol.31 Ch.350 VS. Buneary Vol.31 Ch.351 VS. Pachirisu Vol.31 Ch.352 VS. Abra and Croagunk I Vol.31 Ch.353 VS. Abra and Croagunk II Vol.31 Ch.354 VS. Unown I Vol.31 Ch.355 VS. Unown II Vol.32 Ch.356 Vs. Meditite and Riolu I Vol.32 Ch.357 Vs. Meditite and Riolu II Vol.32 Ch.358 Vs. Staravia and Skuntank I Vol.32 Ch.359 Vs. Staravia and Skuntank II Vol.32 Ch.360 Vs. Gible Vol.32 Ch.361 Vs. Bibarel and Hippopotas Vol.32 Ch.362 Vs. Drapion and Kricketune I Vol.32 Ch.363 Vs. Drapion and Kricketune II Vol.32 Ch.364 Vs. Skorupi Vol.33 Ch.365 Vs Carnivine Vol.33 Ch.366 Vol.33 Ch.367 Vol.33 Ch.368 Vol.33 Ch.369 Vol.33 Ch.370 Vol.33 Ch.371 Vol.33 Ch.372 Vol.33 Ch.373 Vol.33 Ch.374 Vol.34 Ch.375 Vs. Bronzong II Vol.34 Ch.376 Vs. Staraptor Vol.34 Ch.377 Vs. Rapidash Vol.34 Ch.378 Vs. Gliscor Vol.34 Ch.379 Vs. Lucario I Vol.34 Ch.380 Vs. Lucario II Vol.34 Ch.381 Vs. Vespiquen and Mothim I Vol.34 Ch.382 Vs. Vespiquen and Mothim II Vol.34 Ch.383 Vs. Wingull Vol.34 Ch.384 Vs. Magby Vol.35 Ch.385 Vol.35 Ch.386 Vol.35 Ch.387 Vol.35 Ch.388 Vol.35 Ch.389 Vol.35 Ch.390 Vol.35 Ch.391 Vol.35 Ch.392 Vol.35 Ch.393 Vol.35 Ch.394 Vol.36 Ch.395 Vol.36 Ch.396 Vol.36 Ch.397 Vol.36 Ch.398 Vol.36 Ch.399 Vol.36 Ch.400 Vol.36 Ch.401 Vol.36 Ch.402 Vol.36 Ch.403 Vol.36 Ch.404 Vol.37 Ch.405 Vol.37 Ch.406 Vol.37 Ch.407 Vol.37 Ch.408 Vol.37 Ch.409 Vol.37 Ch.410 Vol.37 Ch.411 Vol.37 Ch.412 Vol.38 Ch.413 Vol.38 Ch.414 Vol.38 Ch.415 Vol.38 Ch.416 Vol.38 Ch.417 Vol.38 Ch.418 Vol.38 Ch.419 Vol.38 Ch.420 Vol.38 Ch.421 Vol.38 Ch.422 Vol.39 Ch.423 Vol.39 Ch.424 Vol.39 Ch.425 Vol.39 Ch.426 Vol.39 Ch.427 Vol.39 Ch.428 Vol.39 Ch.429 Vol.39 Ch.430 Vol.40 Ch.431 Vol.40 Ch.432 Vol.40 Ch.433 Vol.40 Ch.434 Vol.40 Ch.435 Vol.40 Ch.436 Vol.40 Ch.437 Vol.40 Ch.438 Vol.40 Ch.439 Vol.40 Ch.440 Vol.40 Ch.441 Vol.41 Ch.442 Vs. Oddish Vol.41 Ch.443 Vs. Aipom Vol.41 Ch.444 Vs. Togepi Vol.41 Ch.445 Vs. Koffin Vol.41 Ch.446 Vs. Weavil Vol.41 Ch.447 Vs. Feraligatr Vol.41 Ch.448 Vs. Parasect Vol.42 Ch.449 Vs. Rhyperior Vol.42 Ch.450 Vs. Hitmonchan Vol.42 Ch.451 Vs. Xatu Vol.42 Ch.452 Vs. Arceus I Vol.42 Ch.453 Vs. Arceus II Vol.42 Ch.454 Vs. Arceus III Vol.42 Ch.455 Vs. Arceus IV Vol.42 Ch.456 Vs. Arceus V Vol.43 Ch.457 Vs. Arceus VI Vol.43 Ch.458 Vs. Arceus VII Vol.43 Ch.459 Vs. Arceus VIII Vol.43 Ch.460 Vs. Arceus IX Vol.43 Ch.461 Fussing and Fighting Vol.43 Ch.462 Choices Vol.43 Ch.463 A Nickname for Tepig Vol.43 Ch.464 Black's First Trainer Battle Vol.44 Ch.465 Lights, Camera... Action Vol.44 Ch.466 An Odd Speech Vol.44 Ch.467 Letting Go Vol.44 Ch.468 Listening to Pokemon Vol.44 Ch.469 Welcome to Striaton City!! Vol.44 Ch.470 Their First Gym Battle Vol.44 Ch.471 Battle at the Dreamyard Vol.45 Ch.472 Wheeling and Dealing Vol.45 Ch.473 Battle at the Museum Vol.45 Ch.474 Defeating Stoutland Vol.45 Ch.475 The Mystery of the Missing Fossil Vol.45 Ch.476 A Direct Attack and a Daunting Defense Vol.45 Ch.477 Lost in the Big City Vol.45 Ch.478 Big City Battles Vol.45 Ch.479 The Case of the Missing Pokemon Vol.46 Ch.480 Vs. Victini Vol.46 Ch.481 Vs. Bisharp Vol.46 Ch.482 Vs. Maractus Vol.46 Ch.483 Vs. Emolga Vol.46 Ch.484 Vs, Zebstrika Vol.46 Ch.485 Vs. Servine Vol.46 Ch.486 Vs. Throh & Sawk Vol.46 Ch.487 Vs. Mienshao Vol.46 Ch.488 Vs. Deerling Vol.47 Ch.489 VS Palpitoad Vol.47 Ch.490 VS Thundurus & Tornadus Vol.47 Ch.491 VS Vanillite Vol.47 Ch.492 VS Excadrill Vol.47 Ch.493 VS Krokorok Vol.47 Ch.494 VS Swoobat Vol.47 Ch.495 VS Swanna Vol.48 Ch.496 VS Tornadus & Thundurus & Landorus I Vol.48 Ch.497 VS Tornadus & Thundurus & Landorus II Vol.48 Ch.498 VS Cryogonal Vol.48 Ch.499 VS Tirtouga Vol.48 Ch.500 VS Meloetta I Vol.48 Ch.501 VS Meloetta II Vol.48 Ch.502 VS Rufflet Vol.48 Ch.503 VS Munna Vol.48 Ch.503.5 Vol.49 Ch.504 VS Vanillish Vol.49 Ch.505 VS Beartic Vol.49 Ch.506 VS Cobalion & Terrakion & Virizion I Vol.49 Ch.507 VS Cobalion & Terrakion & Virizion II Vol.49 Ch.508 VS Darmanitan Vol.49 Ch.509 VS Archeops Vol.49 Ch.510 VS Samurott Vol.50 Ch.511 VS Gothitelle Vol.50 Ch.512 VS Druddigon Vol.50 Ch.513 VS Croagunk Vol.50 Ch.514 VS Deino Vol.50 Ch.515 VS Keldeo I Vol.50 Ch.516 VS Fraxure Vol.50 Ch.517 VS Beheeyem Vol.50 Ch.518 VS Unfezant Vol.51 Ch.519 VS Keldeo II Vol.51 Ch.520 Zekrom VS Reshiram I Vol.51 Ch.521 Zekrom VS Reshiram II Vol.51 Ch.522 Zekrom VS Reshiram III Vol.51 Ch.523 Zekrom VS Reshiram IV Vol.51 Ch.524 Zekrom Vs. Reshiram V Vol.51 Ch.524.5 Zekrom VS Reshiram V - 2 Vol.52 Ch.525 VS Scolipede Vol.52 Ch.526 VS Genesect I Vol.52 Ch.527 VS Genesect II Vol.52 Ch.528 VS Genesect III Vol.52 Ch.529 VS Foongus Vol.52 Ch.530 VS Vullaby Vol.52 Ch.531 VS Frillish Vol.53 Ch.532 VS Tornadus Vol.53 Ch.533 Vol.53 Ch.534 Vol.53 Ch.535 VS Beheeyem Vol.53 Ch.536 VS Kyurem I Vol.53 Ch.537 VS Kyurem II Vol.53 Ch.538 Vol.53 Ch.539 Vol.53 Ch.540 Vol.53 Ch.540.5 Vol.54 Ch.541 Vol.54 Ch.541.5 Vol.54 Ch.542 Vol.54 Ch.543 Vol.54 Ch.543.1 Vol.54 Ch.543.2 Vol.54 Ch.544.1 Vol.54 Ch.544.2 Vol.54 Ch.545.1 Vol.54 Ch.545.2 Vol.55 Ch.160 Vol.55 Ch.181 Vol.55 Ch.182 Vol.55 Ch.183 Vol.55 Ch.184 Vol.55 Ch.185 Vol.55 Ch.186 Vol.55 Ch.187 Vol.55 Ch.188 Vol.55 Ch.189 Vol.55 Ch.190 Vol.55 Ch.192 Vol.55 Ch.193 Vol.55 Ch.199 Vol.55 Ch.200 Vol.55 Ch.201 Vol.55 Ch.202 Vol.55 Ch.204 Vol.55 Ch.205 Vol.55 Ch.206 Vol.55 Ch.207 Vol.55 Ch.208 Vol.55 Ch.209 Vol.55 Ch.210 Vol.55 Ch.211 Vol.55 Ch.212 Vol.55 Ch.213 Vol.55 Ch.214 Vol.55 Ch.216 Vol.55 Ch.217 Vol.55 Ch.218 Vol.55 Ch.219 Vol.55 Ch.220 Vol.55 Ch.221 Vol.55 Ch.222 Vol.55 Ch.223 Vol.55 Ch.224 Vol.55 Ch.225 Vol.55 Ch.226 Vol.55 Ch.228 Vol.55 Ch.229 Vol.55 Ch.230 Vol.55 Ch.231 Vol.55 Ch.232 Vol.55 Ch.233 Vol.55 Ch.234 Vol.55 Ch.235 Vol.55 Ch.236 Vol.55 Ch.237 Vol.55 Ch.238 Vol.55 Ch.240 Vol.55 Ch.241 Vol.55 Ch.242 Vol.55 Ch.243 Vol.55 Ch.244 Vol.55 Ch.245 Vol.55 Ch.246 Vol.55 Ch.247 Vol.55 Ch.248 Vol.55 Ch.249 Vol.55 Ch.251 Vol.55 Ch.252 Vol.55 Ch.253 Vol.55 Ch.254 Vol.55 Ch.255 Vol.55 Ch.256 Vol.55 Ch.257 Vol.55 Ch.258 Vol.55 Ch.259 Vol.55 Ch.261 Vol.55 Ch.262 Vol.55 Ch.263 Vol.55 Ch.264 Vol.55 Ch.265 Vol.55 Ch.266 Vol.55 Ch.267 Vol.55 Ch.268 Vol.55 Ch.269 Vol.55 Ch.289 Vol.55 Ch.290 Vol.55 Ch.292 Vol.55 Ch.293 Vol.55 Ch.294 Vol.55 Ch.295 Vol.55 Ch.297 Vol.55 Ch.298 Vol.55 Ch.299 Vol.55 Ch.300 Vol.55 Ch.301 Vol.55 Ch.302 Vol.55 Ch.303 Vol.55 Ch.304 Vol.55 Ch.305 Vol.55 Ch.306 Vol.55 Ch.307 Vol.55 Ch.308 Vol.55 Ch.513.5 Vol.55 Ch.546.1 Vol.55 Ch.546.2 Vol.55 Ch.547.1 Vol.55 Ch.547.2 Vol.55 Ch.548 Vol.55 Ch.548.1 Vol.55 Ch.548.2 Vol.55 Ch.548.3 Vol.55 Ch.548.4
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