Orange Yane no Chiisana Ie

Vol.07 Ch.055 Crybaby Ryou-chan

Vol.01 Ch.001 My Dream Home Vol.01 Ch.002 Respective Circumstances Vol.01 Ch.003 Natchi! Vol.01 Ch.004 A Secret Roommate Vol.01 Ch.005 The Melancholy of Shotaro Vol.01 Ch.006 Appeal to the Wife Vol.01 Ch.007 Mom Vol.01 Ch.008 I'm Back! Vol.02 Ch.009 Work hard, Dad! Vol.02 Ch.010 Evil Uncle Vol.02 Ch.011 Rain Shelter Vol.02 Ch.012 Grass-Lot Baseball Vol.02 Ch.013 Misunderstanding Vol.02 Ch.014 An Annoying Person Vol.02 Ch.015 Nakayoshi-san Vol.02 Ch.016 Night of the Typhoon Vol.03 Ch.017 Neighborhood Athletic Meet Vol.03 Ch.018 Friends Vol.03 Ch.019 Lipstick Mark?! Vol.03 Ch.020 Father's Thoughts Vol.03 Ch.021 Are We Really A Family? Vol.03 Ch.022 You can Do It, Father Vol.03 Ch.023 Our Secret Vol.03 Ch.024 Children's Restaurant Vol.04 Ch.025 Natchi's Secret Vol.04 Ch.026 Malicious Mother-in-law Vol.04 Ch.027 Do Your Best, Mama Vol.04 Ch.028 Sorrowful Kiss Vol.04 Ch.029 Mean Aunts Vol.04 Ch.030 Wedding Ring Vol.04 Ch.031 Embrace You Vol.04 Ch.032 It's a Chu! Vol.05 Ch.033 Uncle of Stocks... Vol.05 Ch.034 Scary Elder Sister Vol.05 Ch.035 Misunderstanding Vol.05 Ch.036 Papa's Stay Vol.05 Ch.037 Huge Chance Vol.05 Ch.038 Don't Lose, Mama! Vol.05 Ch.039 Golden Love Vol.05 Ch.040 Merciless Grandmother Vol.06 Ch.041 Memory Album Vol.06 Ch.042 Little Romance Vol.06 Ch.043 Obaa-chan's Feelings Vol.06 Ch.044 Obaa-chan's Smiling Face Vol.06 Ch.045 Malicious Aunts Vol.06 Ch.046 Don't Lose, Mama Vol.06 Ch.047 Unite Our Strength Vol.06 Ch.048 Goodbye, Obaa-chan Vol.07 Ch.049 A Lost Child of 11 Vol.07 Ch.050 I Want To Be Loved Vol.07 Ch.051 The Reason I'm in Love with You Vol.07 Ch.052 Mama Understands!? Vol.07 Ch.053 Natchi Runs The Club!? Vol.07 Ch.054 The Potential of Mothers Vol.07 Ch.055 Crybaby Ryou-chan Vol.07 Ch.056 Teamwork Vol.08 Ch.057 Fashion Show Vol.08 Ch.058 Big Brother Youta Vol.08 Ch.059 Reunion Vol.08 Ch.060 Shoutarou-san's Father Vol.08 Ch.061 Everyone Get Along Vol.08 Ch.062 Rina and Youta Vol.08 Ch.063 Family Vol.08 Ch.064 Mama and Papa's Wedding (END)
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Caution to under-aged viewers: The series Orange Yane no Chiisana Ie contain themes or scenes that may not be suitable for very young readers thus is blocked for their protection. If you are 18 and above, Please click here to continue reading.


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