One Outs

Vol.01 Ch.001 Premonition

Vol.01 Ch.001 Premonition Vol.01 Ch.002 Errors Vol.01 Ch.003 Praise Vol.01 Ch.004 Pride Vol.01 Ch.005 Conceit Vol.01 Ch.006 Instant Vol.01 Ch.007 Rematch Vol.01 Ch.008 Destiny Vol.02 Ch.009 Despair Vol.02 Ch.010 Right Arm Vol.02 Ch.011 Contract Vol.02 Ch.012 Impatience Vol.02 Ch.013 Right Vol.02 Ch.014 Provocation Vol.02 Ch.015 Chance Vol.02 Ch.016 Sentence Vol.03 Ch.017 Farewell Vol.03 Ch.018 Conditions Vol.03 Ch.019 Intentional Walk Vol.03 Ch.020 Fastball Vol.03 Ch.021 Strategy Vol.03 Ch.022 Double-dealing Vol.03 Ch.023 Irregularity Vol.03 Ch.024 Bandage Vol.03 Ch.025 Conspiracy Vol.04 Ch.026 Revival Vol.04 Ch.027 Dignity Vol.04 Ch.028 Revolt Vol.04 Ch.029 Relaxation Vol.04 Ch.030 Interruption Vol.04 Ch.031 Irony Vol.04 Ch.032 Immortality Vol.05 Ch.036 Vol.05 Ch.038 Vol.05 Ch.039 Vol.05 Ch.043 Disorder Vol.06 Ch.044 Vol.06 Ch.045 Conviction Vol.06 Ch.046 War Situation Vol.06 Ch.047 Vol.06 Ch.048 Vol.06 Ch.049 Vol.06 Ch.050 Vol.07 Ch.053 Vol.07 Ch.054 Deception Vol.07 Ch.055 Backlight Vol.07 Ch.056 Onslaught Vol.07 Ch.057 Insight Vol.07 Ch.058 Justice Vol.07 Ch.059 Volunteer Vol.07 Ch.060 Pursuit Vol.07 Ch.060.5 The Final Summer (Extra) Vol.08 Ch.061 Self Destruction Vol.08 Ch.062 Venom Vol.08 Ch.063 Vol.08 Ch.064 Command Vol.08 Ch.065 Forestall Vol.08 Ch.066 Counterfeit Vol.08 Ch.067 Contract Provisions Vol.08 Ch.068 Counter-Attack Vol.08 Ch.069 Indication Vol.09 Ch.070 Line of Sight Vol.09 Ch.071 Conjecture Vol.09 Ch.072 Cooperation Vol.09 Ch.073 Phenomenon Vol.09 Ch.074 Origin Vol.09 Ch.075 Concealment Vol.09 Ch.076 Untrodden Vol.09 Ch.077 Provocation Vol.09 Ch.078 Blind Spot Vol.10 Ch.079 Sniping Vol.10 Ch.080 Authenticity Vol.10 Ch.081 Ruin Vol.10 Ch.082 Collapse Vol.10 Ch.083 Obstruction Vol.10 Ch.084 Sold Vol.10 Ch.085 Trade Vol.10 Ch.086 Return Vol.10 Ch.087 Howl Vol.11 Ch.088 Corruption Vol.11 Ch.089 Diversion Vol.11 Ch.090 A Glimpse Vol.11 Ch.091 Opportunity Vol.11 Ch.092 Fault Vol.11 Ch.093 Trust Vol.11 Ch.094 Protean Vol.11 Ch.095 Remaining in Obscurity Vol.11 Ch.096 Talent Vol.12 Ch.097 Suspended Vol.12 Ch.098 A Chance of Winning Vol.12 Ch.099 Game Vol.12 Ch.100 Supremacy Vol.12 Ch.101 Revelation Vol.12 Ch.102 Vol.12 Ch.103 Start Vol.12 Ch.104 Arousal Vol.12 Ch.105 Confidence Vol.13 Ch.106 Weapons Vol.13 Ch.107 Clock Vol.13 Ch.108 Gears Vol.13 Ch.109 Interference Vol.13 Ch.110 Snye Vol.13 Ch.111 Performance Vol.13 Ch.112 Entertainment Vol.13 Ch.113 Crushing Defeat Vol.13 Ch.114 Stalemate Vol.14 Ch.115 Sinking Ship Vol.14 Ch.116 Omen Vol.14 Ch.117 Disguise Vol.14 Ch.118 Comfort Vol.14 Ch.119 Annihilation Vol.14 Ch.120 Vulture Vol.14 Ch.121 Secret Plot Vol.14 Ch.122 Confidentiality Vol.14 Ch.123 Inauguration Vol.15 Ch.124 State of Gerontocracy Vol.15 Ch.125 Conditions Vol.15 Ch.126 Catalyst Vol.15 Ch.127 Harmony Vol.15 Ch.128 Chaos Vol.15 Ch.129 Extortion Vol.15 Ch.130 Gambling Vol.15 Ch.131 Pursuit Vol.15 Ch.132 Arrangement Vol.16 Ch.133 Declaration Vol.16 Ch.134 A Play On Words Vol.16 Ch.135 Weak Point Vol.16 Ch.136 Lip Reading Vol.16 Ch.137 Constraint Vol.16 Ch.138 Glamour Vol.16 Ch.139 Liberation Vol.16 Ch.140 Wipe Out Vol.16 Ch.141 Fissure Vol.17 Ch.142 Molting Vol.17 Ch.143 Transformation Vol.17 Ch.144 Misunderstanding Vol.17 Ch.145 Doubt Vol.17 Ch.146 Pitfall Vol.17 Ch.147 Hope Vol.17 Ch.148 Counteroffensive Vol.17 Ch.149 Counter-Flow Vol.17 Ch.150 Analysis Vol.18 Ch.151 Stages Vol.18 Ch.152 Barrier Vol.18 Ch.153 Clever Scheme Vol.18 Ch.154 Cornered Vol.18 Ch.155 Descent Vol.18 Ch.156 Siege Vol.18 Ch.157 Torrent Vol.18 Ch.158 Assassin Vol.18 Ch.159 Perseverance Vol.19 Ch.160 Prediction Vol.19 Ch.161 Reward Vol.19 Ch.162 Reward Vol.19 Ch.163 Optimism Vol.19 Ch.164 Enticement Vol.19 Ch.165 Glamour Vol.19 Ch.166 Into One Vol.19 Ch.167 Male and Female Vol.19 Ch.168 Last Game - Laurels Vol.20 Ch.033 Vol.20 Ch.034 Vol.20 Ch.035 Vol.20 Ch.037 Vol.20 Ch.040 Vol.20 Ch.041 Vol.20 Ch.042 Vol.20 Ch.051 Vol.20 Ch.052 Vol.20 Ch.168.1 Vol.20 Ch.168.2 Vol.20 Ch.168.3 Vol.20 Ch.168.4 Vol.20 Ch.168.5 Vol.20 Ch.168.6 Vol.20 Ch.168.7
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