Mousou Telepathy

Ch.188 Honest Yashima

Ch.001 Something That Only Nakano-san Can See Ch.002 Something Toda-kun Sees Ch.003 First Encounter Ch.004 Nobody Knows Ch.005 Just In His Head Ch.006 Introduce Yourself Ch.007 Control Ch.008 Nakano-san x7 Ch.009 Doormat Girl Ch.010 Goody Two-shoes Ch.011 An Act of Kindness With an Ulterior Motive Ch.012 A Girl Named Azuma Manami Ch.013 A Battle for Supremacy Ch.014 Her First Ch.015 Relationships Ch.016 A vs F Ch.017 Do Your Maths, Nakano Ch.018 x= Delusion Ch.019 The Ideal and the Reality Ch.020 Presence Ch.021 No Good Traits Ch.022 No Comment. Ch.023 That Won't Happen Ch.024 A Warning Ch.025 Acknowledgement Ch.026 According to Mana Ch.027 Might Happen if You Say So Ch.028 With All Her Courage Ch.029 And the Answer is Ch.030 Just a "What If" Ch.031 Ch.032 Ch.033 Ch.034 Ch.035 Ch.036 Ch.037 Ch.038 Ch.039 Ch.040 Ch.041 Ch.042 Ch.043 Ch.044 She Figured it Out...Probably Ch.045 Ch.046 Ch.047 Ch.048 Ch.049 Ch.050 Ch.051 Ch.052 Ch.053 Ch.054 Ch.055 Ch.056 Ch.057 Ch.058 Ch.059 Ch.060 Ch.061 Ch.062 Ch.063 Ch.064 Ch.065 Ch.066 Ch.067 Ch.068 Ch.069 Ch.070 Ch.071 Ch.072 Ch.073 Night Before the School Trip Ch.074 Relieved Ch.075 Biggest in Japan Ch.076 Inversely Excited Ch.077 A Fap Memento Vol.07 Ch.703 Vol.07 Ch.704 Vol.07 Ch.705 Vol.07 Ch.706 Vol.07 Ch.707 Vol.07 Ch.708 Vol.07 Ch.709 Vol.07 Ch.710 Vol.07 Ch.711 Vol.07 Ch.712 Vol.07 Ch.713 Vol.07 Ch.714 Vol.07 Ch.715 Vol.07 Ch.716 Vol.07 Ch.717 Vol.07 Ch.717.5 Ch.078 The Morning in Tokyo Ch.079 This is Ch.080 Panic Train Ch.081 Nakano Separated Ch.082 Moment of Despair Ch.083 A Loud Call Ch.084 Lightning Strike Warning Ch.085 Can't Say It Out Loud Ch.086 An Unfair Thought Ch.087 Boys Being Boys Ch.088 Acceptance and Resolve Ch.089 A Companion Ch.090 Popularity Arrives Ch.091 Dinner Ch.092 He Said It Himself Ch.093 Hissy Fit Ch.094 Too Much White Noise Ch.095 Awkward Ch.096 「 」 Ch.097 It Had Already Started Ch.098 Lie Ch.099 Called Out Ch.100 I Hate You Ch.101 No Laughing Matter Ch.102 Mind Gone Blank Ch.102.5 Volume 1 Extras Ch.103 Good Point Ch.104 Digging a Deeper Grave Ch.105 Desperation Ch.106 New Perk Ch.107 Not Gonna Let You Sleep Tonight Ch.108 Her Father and Brother Ch.109 All According to Plan Ch.110 Can't Look at Her That Way Ch.111 An Important Detail Ch.112 Not a Goddess, But Merely a Girl Ch.113 Interested Ch.114 Girls Meeting in a Bathroom Ch.115 Grumpy No Matter What Ch.116 Time for Retrospection Ch.117 He's Aware Ch.118 Hit By Stray Arrows Ch.119 You Did Great Ch.120 For Someone Else Ch.121 Operation Leaked Ch.122 Secretly Hurt Ch.123 The Murder of Yashima-kun Ch.124 Don't Cry Ch.125 Sent Off Ch.126 She's Thought About It Ch.127 My Idle Thoughts To You Ch.128 Already Been Said a Lot Ch.129 Wrapped Around Her Finger Ch.130 Maternal Instincts Kicking In Ch.131 First Time Anyone Asked Ch.132 3 Hours of Blind Love Ch.133 ButButButBut Ch.134 He Was Behind Her Ch.135 Busy Ch.136 A Horrible Husband Ch.137 Self-Admonition Ch.138 That's a Bit Too Strict Ch.139 Better Clean Up Later Ch.140 A Cunning Plan Ch.141 Always Cute Ch.142 Evasive Maneuvers Ch.143 Mistake the Means For the End Ch.144 He's Serious Ch.145 I Know Ch.146 Both Lead To the Same Result Ch.147 A Mom Knows Ch.148 Grew Up With Shoujo Manga Ch.149 Can't Stop Ch.150 No Matter What Ch.151 The Blue Ogre Doesn't Exist Ch.152 We Can't Ch.153 No Resets Ch.154 Return of the Little Devil Ch.155 An Inser... Injection Ch.156 Change Ch.157 Pandora's Box Ch.158 Strictly Better Ch.159 A Week of Hell Ch.160 Toggled On Cheats Ch.161 Grew Up with S?h?o?u?n?e?n? Hentai Manga Ch.162 Can’t Say It Ch.163 A Water Dripping Weird Guy Ch.164 Calm Nakano Ch.165 Too Easy Ch.166 That's Where He's Different Ch.167 Tell It Like It Is Ch.168 Like Nothing Happened Ch.169 Mom, You're Too Easy Ch.170 Animals Are Awesome Ch.171 You're All Okay With It? Ch.172 Shimizu the Loyal Dog Ch.173 On Guard Even Against a Junior Ch.174 Jealous of a Junior Ch.175 Rubbing It In Ch.176 Hayato Scolds Ch.177 Smiles More When She’s Feeling Unpleasant Ch.178 A Good Senpai Ch.179 Who? Ch.180 Now It's Official Ch.181 Sister Ch.182 There's History To His Taste Ch.183 Fist Pump Ch.184 He's Usually The One Who Teaches Ch.185 So You Like Him? Ch.186 An Experiment Ch.187 Back To Reality Ch.188 Honest Yashima Ch.189 Unavoidable Cheating Ch.190 Passed the Point of Making Fun Ch.191 Although Their Expressions are the Same Ch.192 Never Underestimate Your Opponent Ch.193 Shimizu, the Iron Wall Ch.194 A Matter of Course Ch.195 Only He Knows Ch.196 Strategy Meeting Ch.197 It's a Strength To Swallow Your Pride Ch.198 Back to Square One Ch.199 Collapse Ch.200 Ch.201 A Summer Dream Ch.202 Uncalled For Ch.203 Useless Psychic Ch.204 Alienated Ch.205 A Crack Ch.206 Oasis Ch.207 Lost For Words Ch.208 The Color of Tears Ch.209 Her Words Back Then Ch.209.5 Volume 2 Extras Ch.210 That Day Ch.211 Lost Ch.212 Found Ch.213 Going Back Ch.214 Moving Forwards Ch.215 He was Found Ch.216 She Found Him Ch.217 Mine Ch.218 Yours Ch.219 Q. Ch.220 A. Ch.221 A Finder of Someone's Lost Property Ch.222 A Finder of Someone's Heart Ch.223 There's No Way He Can Say It Ch.224 Nobody Like Him Ch.225 Switched On Ch.226 And Then She Self-Destructed Ch.227 Level 3 Nakano Interpreter Ch.228 Yes, It Is Ch.229 Not You Ch.230 Not Enough Skill Points Ch.231 I Thought I Said Something Nice Ch.232 Hm? Ch.233 Silence Ch.234 I Love You, Senpai Ch.235 Can't Win At Anything Ch.236 Don't Look at Me Ch.237 Revised Ch.238 Meaningless Competition Ch.239 Self-Degradation Ch.240 It Won’t Be That Easy Ch.241 The Obvious Punchline Ch.242 A Girl's Swimsuit and Her Emotions Ch.243 Best Summer Ever Ch.244 Best Death Ever Ch.245 Can’t Take It Any Longer Ch.246 Depicting a Yukata Ch.247 Close, But No Kitty Ch.248 His Invitation Comes Like a Hurricane Ch.249 Yashima's Betrayal Ch.250 A Double Date Proposal Ch.251 Basically a Purple Dog Ch.252 Way Too Late Ch.253 A Barrage of Compliments Ch.254 Azuma Psychic Research Lab Ch.255 Like a Doting Parent Ch.256 Uh Ch.257 CV Toda Hayato Ch.258 More Engaging Than Games Ch.259 Cut Ch.260 The Name in His Mind Ch.261 Selfish Mana Ch.262 She Won't Answer Ch.263 She Doesn't Feel Down Anymore Ch.264 Let's Go Home Together Ch.265 Disciplinary Destruction Committee Ch.266 Pansies Ch.267 Straight to the Point Ch.268 2016 New Year's Eve SP Ch.269 2017 New Year's SP "Happy New Year!" Ch.270 2017 New Year's SP "New Year Resolutions" Ch.271 2017 New Years SP “First Dream of the Year?” Ch.272 Why? Ch.273 Already on the Edge of the Cliff Ch.274 Intuition Ch.275 An Incomplete Plan Ch.276 Seaweed Bursting Out Ch.277 I'm Impressed by the Kids Nowadays Ch.277.5 Behind the scenes (278) Ch.278 Trespassing (Given Permission) Ch.279 A Rough Question, A Rough Answer Ch.280 But Does That Include You Ch.281 Desire, Will And Emotions Ch.282 It’ll Turn Him On Ch.283 Kyoto's Hachiko (190cm) Ch.284 Everyone's Shimizu-kun Ch.285 The Raw Material is Good Ch.286 Lonelier Than a Loner Ch.287 Dazed Ch.288 Her Limit Ch.289 A Gap Ch.290 A Prince Ch.291 Nothing He Could Do Ch.292 Kindness Ch.293 Meanwhile Ch.294 Exposed Ch.295 Machine Gun Interrogation Ch.296 Brutal Ch.297 Farewell My First Love Ch.298 First Time Ride is Free Ch.299 A Straight-Man's Primal Instincts Ch.300 Second Confession Ch.301 The Answer is Ch.302 Life is Unfair Ch.303 Chivalry Ch.304 Thus Spoke Mana-san Ch.305 That Should Include Me Ch.306 Infectious Delusions Ch.307 Rakuchu Soccer ? 3rd Year - Group Chat Ch.308 Even His Delusions Ch.309 If This Goes On Ch.310 Will Disappear Ch.311 Different Than Last Time Ch.311.5 Volume 3 Extras Ch.312 Let Me Say It Ch.313 Misunderstandings Continue Ch.314 What???? Ch.315 A Certain Student's Weekend Ch.316 Difference in Opinions Ch.317 Giving His First Impression Ch.318 Okay Ch.319 Includes the Suffering Ch.320 She Knows How it Works Ch.321 Even If It’s Not Love Ch.322 That Could Be Love Ch.323 Now What Ch.324 Catfight Ch.325 Not A Diss Ch.326 Dead On With The Topic Ch.327 You Don't Get It! Ch.328 Who's Wrong Here? Ch.329 Exactly Ch.330 The Summer Where Nothing Happened Ch.331 The Face of Joy Ch.332 Her Conclusion (For Now) Ch.333 Uniform Number Ch.334 Dilemma Ch.335 More Crying People Ch.336 The School Lunch Quintet Ch.337 Hawaii Ch.338 A Beacon of Hope Ch.339 Anomalous Situation Ch.340 Career Planning Ch.341 Silent Attention Seeker Ch.342 The Perfect School Festival Ch.343 A Storm Ch.344 Mana’s Wish Ch.345 Toda’s Wish Ch.346 Caught Being Interested Ch.347 Smile Ch.348 She Means It Ch.349 Because Of Everyone Ch.350 I Hate Horror Ch.351 You’re Flattering Me Ch.352 Away Game Ch.353 You Never Do Anything Ch.354 Classmate Ch.355 Great News Ch.356 A Silent Yell Ch.357 Never Letting You Go Ch.358 Her Inaudible Disappointment Ch.359 People Change Ch.360 Breaking Her Heart Ch.361 Her Unchanging Self Ch.362 More Than Just Out of Politeness Ch.363 Not Willing to Understand Ch.364 Just for Today Ch.365 Falling Short of His Expectations Ch.366 Everyone Makes Mistakes Ch.367 The Phantom Of His Regret Ch.368 You Have No Clue Ch.369 Now It’s My Turn Ch.370 That’s Why Shimizu is so Great Ch.371 Hey, You Made Her Cry~ Ch.372 You Gotta Go Home Some Day Ch.373 A Nuisance Ch.374 Chapter 29 Ch.375 Two Idiots Ch.376 Welcome back Ch.377 The Magical Phrase Ch.378 Confession Ch.379 Brenda Ch.380 Realized Once Again Ch.381 Allergy Ch.382 Meeting Eyes Ch.383 Yeey? Ch.384 An Actual Genius Ch.385 Just Her Personnal Point Of View Ch.386 Her Original Form Ch.387 Because You Worked So Hard Ch.388 Don't Get Too Excited Ch.389 Mental Rehearsal Ch.390 Might As Well Just Kill Me Ch.391 Don't Use Four Point Restraints Ch.392 Seeking His Attentionby Ch.393 Promise For Tomorrow Ch.394 An Unexpected Side Ch.395 He Was a Pro Ch.396 A Barrier Ch.397 Difficult Ch.398 The Feeling of Approval Ch.399 Exposed Ch.400 Yesterday's Promise Ch.401 When She’s Dense Too Ch.402 High School Life Ch.403 She Finally Realizes Ch.404 Special Treatment Ch.405 What is Love Ch.406 An Encounter Ch.407 Oh, He Had One Ch.408 Get a Lead At the Turn Ch.409 Kinda Unhappy Even Though She Understands Ch.410 Bribery Ch.411 Even Nakano is Aware Ch.412 Manifest Ch.413 Spot the Difference Ch.414 Crumbling Down Ch.415 Welcome Ch.416 To the Hell of Colours Ch.416.5 Volume 4 Extras Ch.417 A Psychopath Ch.418 What's Gotten Into You Ch.419 Mana's Ego Ch.420 Something He Already Knew Ch.421 Rambling Ch.422 From 1 to 100 Ch.423 Physically Waking Her Up Ch.424 Eye to an Eye Ch.425 The Only Sensible Choice Ch.426 Paid Services Ch.427 She's There Ch.428 A Ghost Going Outside Ch.429 Before the Colours Start to Kick in Again Ch.430 Calm Down Ch.431 What's Wrong With It? Ch.432 No More Please Ch.433 A Direct Order of Submission Ch.434 Virtual Reality Ch.435 All Along Ch.436 No Use Talking To You Right Now Ch.437 An Experiment at Mana Laboratories Ch.438 Putting the Pieces Together Ch.439 Just Laugh It Off Ch.440 Huh Ch.441 Starting From There Ch.442 The Pain Was All Real Ch.443 Proposal Ch.444 Going Pale Ch.445 Dropping a Bombshell Ch.446 Seems Like you Finally Noticed Ch.447 Too Late, You Thought About It Ch.448 I'm Honestly Hurt Ch.449 Bummed Out Ch.450 N.T. Field Ch.451 I’d Let This Slide Ch.452 Sounds Good Ch.453 You Just Have to Ask Him Out Ch.454 Deciding What a Person Thinks Ch.455 Is This a Date? Ch.456 You Played Yourself Ch.457 That's Super Rude Ch.458 Weaknesses Ch.459 Looks Aren't Everything Ch.460 For a Little Longer Ch.461 Kept You Waiting Ch.462 Upon Close Inspection Ch.463 No Way Out Ch.464 Force-Quit Ch.465 He's Blushing Ch.466 Meanwhile, Azuma-san Ch.467 Sloppy, But It'll Do Ch.468 Just Do It Ch.469 Can't Act Ch.470 Self-Preservation Ch.471 Playing Him Up Ch.472 Nakano Ayako is an Idiot Ch.473 Her Own Fantasies Ch.474 Balanced Out Ch.475 Honesty Ch.476 Mana Has Taken the Lead Ch.477 Now or Never Ch.478 Even the Densest Idiot Would Realize Ch.479 Desire and Self-Defense Ch.480 He's a Living Animal Ch.481 At His Gaze Ch.482 From Etou-san's Point of View Ch.483 Appearances Ch.484 You're the Real Heroine Ch.485 What Did You Expect Ch.486 Observing Big Brother Ch.487 Together With the Sister Ch.488 Consuming Grudge Ch.489 Little Sister >>> Big Brother Ch.490 Honorifics Ch.491 A Question Ch.492 Playing Around Ch.493 Expectations and Reality Ch.494 Everyone’s a Role Model Ch.495 Mom >> Little Sister >>> Big Brother Ch.496 A Broken Man Ch.497 Yes to Both Ch.498 Stop Right There Ch.499 Believe it or Not, She's Already 17 Ch.499.1 Ch.500 Tell Her She’s Wrong Ch.501 An Advantage Ch.502 Everything Ch.503 Thank You Ch.504 I Should Walk Home Ch.505 Tell Ch.506 Knew Ch.507 Dis Ch.508 Tease Ch.509 The Battling Poker Faces Ch.510 Like a Waterfall Ch.511 → ( ← ) ? Ch.512 Distant Ch.512.5 Volume 5 Extras Ch.513 Great Work Ch.514 Ch.515 Vocabulary Ch.516 Early Symptoms Ch.517 Award for Best Idea Ch.518 Folding Clothes Ch.519 Written All Over Her Face Ch.520 Normal Ch.521 Look of Disgust Ch.522 Unnoticed Confession Ch.523 I Was Just Using That Ch.524 Birthday Ch.525 Going Mad Ch.526 Overreaction Ch.527 One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure Ch.528 But But Ch.529 You've Caused This Ch.530 Let’s Do This Ch.531 Whatever Happens, Happens Ch.532 To Hell With It Ch.533 Perfect Timing Ch.534 Just Checking Ch.535 A Crazy Person Ch.536 The Limit of Her Imagination Ch.537 Lowkey Burn Ch.538 A Bad Feeling Ch.539 Choosing Your Path Ch.540 Not Going According to Plan Ch.541 Difference in Values Ch.542 A Visitor Ch.543 Panic Ch.544 I Know It’s Bad Ch.545 Sorry About My Parents Ch.546 Worried Ch.547 I Have No Ambition Ch.548 Toda's Plan For the Date Ch.549 The Wishful Thinking of Nakano's Father Ch.550 Don’t Know If I Should be Scared or Happy Ch.551 One Step Forward, Two Steps Back Ch.552 It’s Easier to Not Move On Ch.553 The Reality Ch.554 Poor Speaker Ch.555 Absolute Farce Ch.556 Uni Students Ch.557 It’s All The Same In The End Ch.558 ↑↑↑ Ch.559 ↑↑↑ Ch.560 Fall Ch.561 Very Well Ch.562 Shut Up Ch.563 Fox's Sleep Ch.564 Low Level Psychological Warfare Ch.565 High Level Ch.566 Oh No, It’s Like a Manga!! Ch.567 Tell Him What You Want Ch.568 Promise Ch.569 Chicken Ch.570 Mum Why Ch.571 Looking Ahead Ch.572 This Is What I Hate About You Ch.573 Dense Ch.574 There's Nothing You Can Hide Ch.575 Hypocrite Ch.576 He is Facing the Other Way Ch.577 He’s Always the Conversation Starter Ch.578 Misunderstanding Ch.579 Desire Ch.580 K Ch.581 Apology Ch.582 5-7-5 Ch.583 Beautiful Ch.584 Look Straight Ahead and Move Forward Ch.585 Toda > Nakano Ch.586 Small Ch.587 Human Ch.588 Not Happening Ch.589 That Made Me A Little Nervous Ch.590 Dilemma of the Third Wheel Ch.591 Practice Ch.592 Ch.593 Already Won Ch.594 Boom Ch.595 Ahead of the Pack Ch.596 Straight to a Minefield Ch.597 Panic Ch.598 RIP Plans Ch.599 My Thoughts Exactly Ch.600 Weaknesses Ch.601 Teachers are People Too Ch.602 Impatience Ch.603 Signs of Winter Ch.604 That Thing in December Ch.605 She's Gone Nuts Ch.606 Thinking About You Ch.607 Winter Cram Course Ch.608 It Does Happen!! Ch.609 Super Excited Ch.610 Carrot and Stick Ch.611 Short Fuse Ch.612 Now You've Done It Ch.612.5 Volume 6 Extras Ch.613 Escape Ch.614 Now That You’ve Said It Ch.615 She’s On Top of The World Ch.616 Om Nom Nom Ch.617 No Objection Ch.618 Same Old Ch.619 Catching On Ch.620 At The Stationery Store Ch.621 It’s a Date! Ch.622 It’s Not Very Effective Ch.623 Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve Ch.624 Practice in Secret Ch.625 Yeah, That’s It Ch.626 Disaster Level Ch.627 Blush Ch.628 Hm? Excuse me? Ch.629 One Fantasy Too Many Ch.630 Flag Ch.631 What We’d Typically Do Ch.632 Brave Ch.633 Yeah, So What? Ch.634 He’ll Probably Be Dead By The Time It’s New Year’s Ch.635 Reminiscence Ch.636 When 108 Times is Not Enough Ch.637 Outcast Ch.638 Manaa-channn Ch.639 Piggybacked Ch.640 Close Proximity Ch.641 Fear Ch.642 Dread Ch.643 Ch.644 Self-Observation Ch.645 The Difference Ch.646 She Doesn’t Even Know What Happened Ch.647 Whaaat?! Whaaat?! Ch.648 Fin. Ch.649 Unlikely Source of Motivation Ch.650 A New Semester Ch.651 Hug!! Ch.652 Hmm Ch.653 Aged Like Fine Wine Ch.654 Not Too Confident Ch.655 Congratulations Ch.656 Listen To Me Ch.657 Goals Ch.658 Losing Weight Ch.659 Ch.660 Ch.661 Ch.662 Ch.663 Ch.664 Ch.665 Ch.666 Ch.667 Ch.668 Ch.669 Ch.670 Ch.671 Ch.672 Ch.673 Ch.674 Ch.675 Ch.676 Ch.677 Ch.678 Ch.679 Ch.680 Ch.681 Ch.682 Ch.683 Ch.684 Ch.685 Ch.686 Ch.687 She Isn't in Any Clubs Though Ch.688 Girls Ch.689 Ch.690 Contract Ch.691 Ch.692 Ch.693 Becoming Toda Ch.694 Extensive Information Ch.695 Eek Ch.696 Ch.697 What Are You Being Proud Of Ch.698 Ch.699 Ch.700 Ch.701 Ch.702 Ch.703 Ch.704 Ch.705 Ch.706 Ch.707 Ch.717.6 Ch.717.7
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