Moon Phase

Vol.03 Ch.015 Kinkel Strikes Back

Vol.01 Ch.001 The Girl From Schwartzquelle 1 Vol.01 Ch.002 The Girl From Schwartzquelle 2 Vol.01 Ch.003 The Girl From Schwartzquelle 3 Vol.01 Ch.004 Returning to Japan Vol.01 Ch.005 Reunion Vol.02 Ch.006 A New Life Vol.02 Ch.007 The Night of the Full Moon Vol.02 Ch.008 Ama Vampire Vol.02 Ch.009 Dangerous Temptations Vol.02 Ch.010 Of Jagan and Beds Vol.02 Ch.011 Honest Feelings Vol.03 Ch.012 Omen Vol.03 Ch.013 Mother's Shadow Vol.03 Ch.014 The Old Man's Big Role Vol.03 Ch.015 Kinkel Strikes Back Vol.03 Ch.016 Awaken and Protect Vol.03 Ch.017 The Power of the Kiss Vol.03 Ch.018 Honest Feelings Vol.04 Ch.019 Kinkel's Pride Vol.04 Ch.020 The Laughing Invitation Vol.04 Ch.021 The Strange Dinner Vol.04 Ch.022 Kinkel's Secret Vol.04 Ch.023 Beneath the Sunlight Vol.04 Ch.024 Conclusion Vol.04 Ch.025 The Girl and the Sunrise Vol.05 Ch.026 Luna Vol.05 Ch.027 Vampire in the Sunlight Vol.05 Ch.028 Minds Passing By Vol.05 Ch.029 Confession Vol.05 Ch.030 Luna Is Me and I Am Luna Vol.05 Ch.031 The Memory of Hoiji Vol.06 Ch.032 The One Who is Spinning Vol.06 Ch.033 Strange Photo Vol.06 Ch.034 Kouhei's Decision Vol.06 Ch.035 Elfriede's Past, Part 1 Vol.06 Ch.036 Elfriede's Past, Part 2 Vol.06 Ch.037 Elfriede's Past, Part 3 Vol.06 Ch.038 Letter from Grandfather Vol.07 Ch.039 I Want to be Stronger Vol.07 Ch.040 Bond Vol.07 Ch.041 Kouhei's Training Vol.07 Ch.042 Vampire Raid Vol.07 Ch.043 Attack of Balgus Vol.07 Ch.044 Lens and Art Vol.07 Ch.045 I hate Luna Vol.08 Ch.046 Seal of the Pure Eyes Vol.08 Ch.047 The Price of Erasing Power Vol.08 Ch.048 The Important "Timing" Vol.08 Ch.049 Invasion! Jeda's Magic Eyes Vol.08 Ch.050 Good-bye, Kouhei Vol.08 Ch.051 Kouhei, Awakening!! Vol.08 Ch.052 The Battle!! Hazuki vs. Art Vol.09 Ch.053 Jeda, the Traitor Vol.09 Ch.054 Hazuki's Feelings Vol.09 Ch.055 A Truly Special Kiss Vol.09 Ch.056 An Important Forgotten Thing Vol.09 Ch.057 Unnamed Island Festival Vol.09 Ch.058 I Suddenly Want to Wash Your Back Vol.09 Ch.059 Freya Strikes Vol.10 Ch.060 Old Island Vol.10 Ch.061 Kaoru's Heart Vol.10 Ch.062 Freya's Scenario Vol.10 Ch.063 Hazuki and Yayoi Vol.10 Ch.064 Song of the Nameless Island Vol.10 Ch.065 The Tree of Negative Energy Vol.10 Ch.066 A Happy Future Vol.11 Ch.067 The Sins of the Sister Vol.11 Ch.068 Freya's Order Vol.11 Ch.069 Grandmother to the Rescue Vol.11 Ch.070 An Old Woman's Feelings Vol.11 Ch.071 Freya's True Power Vol.11 Ch.072 The Unnamed One and Oyakata-sama... Vol.11 Ch.073 A Fateful Reunion Vol.11 Ch.074 Hazuki Taken, Art Abandoned Vol.12 Ch.075 Tsukuyomi Eclipse Side Vol.12 Ch.076 A Slight Clue Vol.12 Ch.077 Hazuki's Sister, "Art" Vol.12 Ch.078 A New Mistress Vol.12 Ch.079 Speaking the Truth Vol.12 Ch.080 Someone Familiar Appears?! Vol.12 Ch.081 Our Time Together is Short Vol.12 Ch.109 With You Just the Way You Are
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