Misoshiru de Kanpai!

Vol.06 Ch.035.5 Omake

Vol.01 Ch.001 Can I have your Miso-soup? Vol.01 Ch.002 That's right, gotta extract Dashi Vol.01 Ch.003 Ten Flavor Miso-soup Vol.01 Ch.004 Normal and Special Vol.01 Ch.005 Fluffy Motherfly Flavor Vol.01 Ch.006 Flower Miso-Soup Vol.02 Ch.007 Precipitate...? Vol.02 Ch.008 “Motherly” Love Lunchbox Vol.02 Ch.009 A grown man appears!? Vol.02 Ch.010 Memory in Clams Vol.02 Ch.011 Door to Summer Vol.03 Ch.012 Things that change, and things that don't Vol.03 Ch.013 13-14 Vol.03 Ch.014 Shinshu Summer Trip 1 - “A Rival?!” Vol.03 Ch.015 Shinshu Summer Trip 2 "Next to You" Vol.03 Ch.016 Shinshu Summer Trip 3 “The town where Miso-soup and Zen Shines” Vol.03 Ch.017 Full of Memories, full of toppings Vol.03 Ch.018 Sepia Colored Longing Vol.03 Ch.019 The true mother’s taste Vol.03 Ch.020 Good Night Vol.03 Ch.021 Autumn’s Sweeeet, sweet Miso Soup Vol.03 Ch.022 Ah, let’s get dashi ~again~ Vol.04 Ch.023 Advancing Together Vol.05 Ch.024 Advancing Together Vol.05 Ch.025 Ski Trip - Day Two “Forbidden Name” Vol.05 Ch.026 Ski Trip - Day Three “Zen and Yae” Vol.05 Ch.027 Ski Trip - Souvenir "Their Secret" Vol.05 Ch.028 Christmas★Fever Vol.05 Ch.029 The Bell Rings for Miso Soup Vol.05 Ch.029.5 Afterword Vol.06 Ch.030 Order! Diet Miso Soup?! Vol.06 Ch.031 Sweetness Under Wraps Vol.06 Ch.032 Soup de Miso Vol.06 Ch.033 The Lingering Snow Vol.06 Ch.034 Lie and Promise Vol.06 Ch.035 The Usual Miso Soup Vol.06 Ch.035.5 Omake Vol.07 Ch.021.5 Vol.07 Ch.036 Vol.07 Ch.037 Vol.07 Ch.038 Vol.07 Ch.039 Vol.07 Ch.040 Vol.07 Ch.041 Vol.07 Ch.041.5 Vol.07 Ch.042
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