Minamoto-kun Monogatari

Vol.09 Ch.197 This Is Not a Monitor

Vol.01 Ch.001 The Beautiful Aunt Vol.01 Ch.002 The First Vol.01 Ch.003 The First Is My Cousin Vol.01 Ch.004 Get Used to a Woman's Body Vol.01 Ch.005 Taking a Bath Vol.01 Ch.006 Asahi's Interest Vol.01 Ch.007 For Limited Time Vol.01 Ch.008 Cousin Vol.01 Ch.009 Matchmaking Vol.01 Ch.010 So Cute Vol.01 Ch.011 Sweet Setup Vol.01 Ch.012 Two People in the Theater Vol.01 Ch.013 Taking Advantage in the Theater Vol.01 Ch.014 My Aunt's Chest Vol.01 Ch.015 Raw Juicy Tits Vol.01 Ch.016 Reflection and Regret Vol.01 Ch.017 Asahi and Asagao Vol.01 Ch.018 Asahi, Gloom, and Irratation Vol.01 Ch.019 House Call Vol.01 Ch.020 Favorite Girl Vol.01 Ch.021 I Want to Ask, But I Better Not Vol.02 Ch.022 Can I do More? Vol.02 Ch.023 More with Asahi Vol.02 Ch.024 This Might Work Vol.02 Ch.025 I'm Amazing Vol.02 Ch.026 Cousins are Difficult Vol.02 Ch.027 Punishment or Seduction? Vol.02 Ch.028 Wanting to Confirm her Feelings Vol.02 Ch.029 Detour to Success Vol.02 Ch.030 Deep and Melting Vol.02 Ch.031 Insufficient Patience Vol.02 Ch.032 Carnivore Vol.02 Ch.033 Cleanup Vol.02 Ch.034 Dress Up Vol.02 Ch.035 To strip or not to strip Vol.02 Ch.036 Lap Pillow Vol.02 Ch.037 Aoi’s Secret Vol.02 Ch.038 Childhood Vol.02 Ch.039 Beautiful Neighbor Vol.02 Ch.040 A Drive at Night Vol.02 Ch.041 At The Parking Lot Vol.02 Ch.042 I Want to be Spoiled Vol.02 Ch.043 On the Receiving End? Vol.02 Ch.044 Not Listening Vol.03 Ch.045 Misunderstanding Vol.03 Ch.046 Switch Vol.03 Ch.047 Better… Vol.03 Ch.048 A Strange Habit Vol.03 Ch.049 A Substitute Vol.03 Ch.050 Praise Vol.03 Ch.051 The Secret is Out Vol.03 Ch.052 A Normal Conversation Vol.03 Ch.053 False Peace Vol.03 Ch.054 Small Room Vol.03 Ch.055 Sudden Reunion Vol.03 Ch.056 Past Girl Vol.03 Ch.057 Her Present Self Vol.03 Ch.058 Exposed Witness Vol.03 Ch.059 Looking Down Vol.03 Ch.060 Bad Boy Vol.03 Ch.061 Only in the Imagination Vol.03 Ch.062 Receiving Help Vol.03 Ch.063 Nothing Special Vol.03 Ch.064 In broad daylight Vol.03 Ch.065 Unable to Forget Me Vol.03 Ch.066 Bed and Research Vol.03 Ch.067 Picking the 3rd Target Vol.04 Ch.068 A Plain Girl Vol.04 Ch.069 Sewing Vol.04 Ch.070 For a Set Period of Time Vol.04 Ch.071 Origins Of Her Fear Vol.04 Ch.072 Like a Couple Vol.04 Ch.073 A Mean Valuation Vol.04 Ch.074 Not Against It Vol.04 Ch.075 Repaying the Kiss Vol.04 Ch.076 Could You Show Me Vol.04 Ch.077 Turn off the lights Vol.04 Ch.078 Shaking and Shyness Vol.04 Ch.079 Before the last train Vol.04 Ch.080 Because of me? Vol.04 Ch.081 Worries About the Girlfriend Vol.04 Ch.082 Homemade food and a request Vol.04 Ch.083 Extraordinary Vol.04 Ch.084 Shaking Hand Vol.04 Ch.085 Deep Valley Vol.04 Ch.086 Eyes filled with expectation Vol.04 Ch.087 Weird Feeling Vol.04 Ch.088 Existing Vol.04 Ch.089 Sleeping Time Vol.05 Ch.090 All the way Vol.05 Ch.091 What Feelings Vol.05 Ch.092 The Deadline Vol.05 Ch.093 Confessing Vol.05 Ch.094 What Will You Do? Vol.05 Ch.095 How to make them swoon Vol.05 Ch.096 Murakami Visits Vol.05 Ch.097 An Evening Chat Vol.05 Ch.098 Just be Honest Vol.05 Ch.099 Observation and Encounter Vol.05 Ch.100 Image Gap Vol.05 Ch.101 Looking for Memories Vol.05 Ch.102 A Reason for Her Affection Vol.05 Ch.103 Overflowing Emotion Vol.05 Ch.104 Bluff Vol.05 Ch.105 Contrast Vol.05 Ch.106 Wanting to know everything Vol.05 Ch.107 As You Are Now Too Vol.05 Ch.108 The Way They Are Vol.05 Ch.109 Serious Feelings Vol.05 Ch.110 Confusion Vol.05 Ch.111 Backroom deal Vol.06 Ch.112 Being Loved Vol.06 Ch.113 On The Beach Vol.06 Ch.114 Even If I Seduce Someone Vol.06 Ch.115 The Appeal of Waka Murasaki Vol.06 Ch.116 First Talk in a While Vol.06 Ch.117 Of Course No Vol.06 Ch.118 Perhaps It’s Not On Purpose Vol.06 Ch.119 Undressing Vol.06 Ch.120 Mixed Bathing Vol.06 Ch.121 After the exam Vol.06 Ch.122 The Glasses Girl Vol.06 Ch.123 In a Supermarket Vol.06 Ch.124 Her Inner Feelings Vol.06 Ch.125 Zoo and Cages Vol.06 Ch.126 The Power of Alcohol Vol.06 Ch.127 Sweet Cheek Rubbing Vol.06 Ch.128 I'm Better Vol.06 Ch.129 Utsusemi's Feelings Vol.06 Ch.130 Pestering Vol.06 Ch.131 Growing Vol.06 Ch.132 Obstacle and Continuation Vol.06 Ch.133 Feelings Vol.07 Ch.134 Open Campus Vol.07 Ch.135 Different Vol.07 Ch.136 Training Vol.07 Ch.137 As a Real Man Vol.07 Ch.138 Electric Fan Vol.07 Ch.139 Little Brother Vol.07 Ch.140 Needs Vol.07 Ch.141 When I Was Weak Vol.07 Ch.142 On the Way Home Vol.07 Ch.143 A Long-Awaited Training Vol.07 Ch.144 Questions Coming In Turns Vol.07 Ch.145 Endurance Vol.07 Ch.146 Private Coaching Vol.07 Ch.147 Terumi's Theory Vol.07 Ch.148 At the Pool Vol.07 Ch.149 Eating & Talking Vol.07 Ch.150 Nanigashi no In? Vol.07 Ch.151 Pressing Vol.07 Ch.152 A Junior-high Schooler’s View on Love Vol.07 Ch.153 A Change in Her Feelings Vol.07 Ch.154 Date Plans Vol.07 Ch.155 Nervous Vol.07 Ch.156 Smell of Sweat Vol.08 Ch.157 Condition For A Curse Vol.08 Ch.158 Reaching My Limit? Vol.08 Ch.159 False Courage Vol.08 Ch.160 530 AM Vol.08 Ch.161 The Room Next Door Vol.08 Ch.162 Jealousy and a Request Vol.08 Ch.163 Unbeknownst to Him Vol.08 Ch.164 Adultery or Not? Vol.08 Ch.165 Which One's Dangerous? Vol.08 Ch.166 Her Secret Vol.08 Ch.167 Wanted to Help Vol.08 Ch.168 Most Important Event Vol.08 Ch.169 Indecision Vol.08 Ch.170 Reflected on Your Actions Vol.08 Ch.171 Measurements Vol.08 Ch.172 Atmosphere Around the Festival Vol.08 Ch.173 Just Before the Pageant Vol.08 Ch.174 Betting Vol.08 Ch.175 The Competing Beauties Vol.08 Ch.176 Catwalk Vol.08 Ch.177 Results Announcement Vol.08 Ch.178 Stepping and Stepping Vol.08 Ch.179 Having an Issue with You Vol.09 Ch.180 A Sudden Notice Vol.09 Ch.181 Self-Control From Both Sides Vol.09 Ch.182 Before They Part Vol.09 Ch.183 Another Denial Vol.09 Ch.184 Secret Training Vol.09 Ch.185 The Voice Behind the Door Vol.09 Ch.186 Nothing At All Vol.09 Ch.187 A Method to Make Frieds Vol.09 Ch.188 A Naughty Voice Vol.09 Ch.189 A Plain Woman Vol.09 Ch.190 Looking Down From Above Vol.09 Ch.191 What Should I Do? Vol.09 Ch.192 Sweetheart Vol.09 Ch.193 Understanding Breakup Vol.09 Ch.194 I'm Not... Vol.09 Ch.195 First Kiss Vol.09 Ch.196 Let Me Take It Off For You Vol.09 Ch.197 This Is Not a Monitor Vol.09 Ch.198 The Few Minutes of Passivess Vol.09 Ch.199 In Accordance with the Script Vol.09 Ch.200 Poker Face Vol.09 Ch.201 Cheeky, Aren't You? Vol.09 Ch.202 Transformation Vol.09 Ch.203 First Obstacle Vol.10 Ch.204 At Night Vol.10 Ch.205 Omnivorous Vol.10 Ch.206 Return Vol.10 Ch.207 The Day I Became Nineteen Vol.10 Ch.208 A Beautiful Sight Vol.10 Ch.209 Go Easy On Me Vol.10 Ch.210 Mixed Bathing Vol.10 Ch.211 Beneath the Mask Vol.10 Ch.212 Sorry to Intrude Vol.10 Ch.213 More Than Herself Vol.10 Ch.214 Seeing Through Her Guise Vol.10 Ch.215 Exchange Vol.10 Ch.216 Fool Vol.10 Ch.217 You-Know-What Vol.10 Ch.218 There's No Telling... Vol.10 Ch.219 On His Back Vol.10 Ch.220 One Woman Play Vol.10 Ch.221 Endure It Vol.10 Ch.222 Desires And Bouquets Vol.10 Ch.223 Pervert Vol.10 Ch.224 Does it Hurt? Vol.10 Ch.225 Last-Ditch Effort Vol.10 Ch.226 Lukewarm Vol.10 Ch.227 Reaction Vol.10 Ch.228 The Night Wears On Vol.10 Ch.229 Indulgence Vol.10 Ch.230 As Punishment Vol.10 Ch.231 More Than Lovers Vol.TBD Ch.232 Vol.TBD Ch.233 Vol.TBD Ch.234 Vol.TBD Ch.235 Vol.TBD Ch.236 Vol.TBD Ch.237 Vol.TBD Ch.238 Vol.TBD Ch.239 Vol.TBD Ch.240 Vol.TBD Ch.241 Vol.TBD Ch.242 Straight to the point Vol.TBD Ch.243 Vol.TBD Ch.244 Vol.TBD Ch.245 Vol.TBD Ch.246 Vol.TBD Ch.247 Vol.TBD Ch.248 Vol.TBD Ch.249 Vol.TBD Ch.250 Vol.TBD Ch.251 Growth Period Vol.TBD Ch.252 Overwriting Vol.TBD Ch.253 Exactly Alike Vol.TBD Ch.254 Vol.TBD Ch.255 Vol.TBD Ch.256 Vol.TBD Ch.257 Vol.TBD Ch.258 Vol.TBD Ch.259 Vol.TBD Ch.260 Vol.TBD Ch.261 Vol.TBD Ch.262 Vol.TBD Ch.263 Vol.TBD Ch.264 [Spoiler Alert] Vol.TBD Ch.265 [Spoiler Alert] Vol.TBD Ch.266 Vol.TBD Ch.267 Vol.TBD Ch.268 Vol.TBD Ch.269 Vol.TBD Ch.270 Vol.TBD Ch.271 Vol.TBD Ch.272 Vol.TBD Ch.273 Vol.TBD Ch.274 Vol.TBD Ch.275 Vol.TBD Ch.276 Vol.TBD Ch.277 Vol.TBD Ch.278 Vol.TBD Ch.279 Vol.TBD Ch.280 Vol.TBD Ch.281 Vol.TBD Ch.282 Vol.TBD Ch.283 Vol.TBD Ch.284 Vol.TBD Ch.285 Vol.TBD Ch.286 Vol.TBD Ch.287 Vol.TBD Ch.288 Vol.TBD Ch.289 Vol.TBD Ch.290 Vol.TBD Ch.291 Vol.TBD Ch.292 Vol.TBD Ch.293 Make Me Think Of You Vol.TBD Ch.294 Vol.TBD Ch.295 Vol.TBD Ch.296 Vol.TBD Ch.297 Vol.TBD Ch.298 Vol.TBD Ch.299 Vol.TBD Ch.300 Vol.TBD Ch.301 Vol.TBD Ch.302 Vol.TBD Ch.303 Vol.TBD Ch.304 Vol.TBD Ch.305 Vol.TBD Ch.306 Vol.TBD Ch.307 Vol.TBD Ch.308 Vol.TBD Ch.309 Vol.TBD Ch.310 Vol.TBD Ch.311 Vol.TBD Ch.312 Vol.TBD Ch.313 The Best Vol.TBD Ch.314 Vol.TBD Ch.315 Vol.TBD Ch.316 Vol.TBD Ch.317 Vol.TBD Ch.318 Vol.TBD Ch.319 Vol.TBD Ch.320 Not Enough Vol.TBD Ch.321 Vol.TBD Ch.322 Which One? Vol.TBD Ch.323 Vol.TBD Ch.324 Vol.TBD Ch.325 Vol.TBD Ch.326 Vol.TBD Ch.327 Vol.TBD Ch.328 Vol.TBD Ch.329 Vol.TBD Ch.330 Improving Vol.TBD Ch.331 Vol.TBD Ch.332 Vol.TBD Ch.333 Vol.TBD Ch.334 Vol.TBD Ch.335 Vol.TBD Ch.336 Vol.TBD Ch.337 Vol.TBD Ch.338 Vol.TBD Ch.339 Vol.TBD Ch.340 Coming Strong Vol.TBD Ch.341 Never Vol.TBD Ch.342 Vol.TBD Ch.343 Vol.TBD Ch.344 Vol.TBD Ch.345 Empty Vol.TBD Ch.346 Conscience Vol.TBD Ch.347 Vol.TBD Ch.348 Vol.TBD Ch.349 Vol.TBD Ch.350 Vol.TBD Ch.351 Vol.TBD Ch.352 Vol.TBD Ch.353 Vol.TBD Ch.354 Vol.TBD Ch.355 Vol.TBD Ch.356 Vol.TBD Ch.357 Vol.TBD Ch.358 Vol.TBD Ch.358.5
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