Midori no Hibi

Vol.03 Ch.024 Secrets of the Flesh

Vol.01 Ch.001 The Right-Hand Girlfriend Vol.01 Ch.002 The One Longed After Vol.01 Ch.003 The Lonely 'Mad Dog' Vol.01 Ch.004 The Desk's Distance Vol.01 Ch.005 The Secret Companion Vol.01 Ch.006 Something Important Vol.01 Ch.007 Chin-Ups Vol.01 Ch.008 A Pitiful Man Vol.01 Ch.009 One Quiet Day Vol.01 Ch.010 The Kiss of a Prince Vol.02 Ch.011 Farewell, Midori (Part 1) Vol.02 Ch.012 Farewell, Midori (Part 2) Vol.02 Ch.013 Operation Decoy Vol.02 Ch.014 An Unknown Side Vol.02 Ch.015 The "Pomade" Kid Vol.02 Ch.016 A Wife's Duty Vol.02 Ch.017 The Look of Passion Vol.02 Ch.018 The Return of the Nightmare Vol.02 Ch.019 Real Mother Vol.02 Ch.020 The Kiss of the King Vol.02 Ch.021 Unexpressed Feelings Vol.03 Ch.022 Seduction Attack Vol.03 Ch.023 The Path of a Man Vol.03 Ch.024 Secrets of the Flesh Vol.03 Ch.025 The Pursuer Vol.03 Ch.026 Make Me a Man! Vol.03 Ch.027 Sawamura's Type Vol.03 Ch.028 Tonight We "Take it Off!" Vol.03 Ch.029 Love Training Vol.03 Ch.030 Exam Time Vol.03 Ch.031 The Will of the Soul Vol.03 Ch.032 True Happiness Vol.04 Ch.033 Go for It, Ayase! Vol.04 Ch.034 The Mad Doctor's Counterattack Vol.04 Ch.035 My Girlfriend Vol.04 Ch.036 The Mysterious Girl Vol.04 Ch.037 The Hopeless Romantic Vol.04 Ch.038 The Well Known Secret Vol.04 Ch.039 the Elegy of Man Vol.04 Ch.040 The Group Work of Love Vol.04 Ch.041 Mark of the Samurai Vol.04 Ch.042 Their World Vol.04 Ch.043 Indomitable Courage Vol.05 Ch.044 Power's Limits Vol.05 Ch.045 I Hate Dogs Vol.05 Ch.046 Real Woman Vol.05 Ch.047 Reliable Man Vol.05 Ch.048 Final Request Vol.05 Ch.049 The Links of Fate Vol.05 Ch.050 Reason for Living Vol.05 Ch.051 Propose Vol.05 Ch.052 American Deception Vol.05 Ch.053 Fateful Reunion Vol.05 Ch.054 Kouta's Choice Vol.06 Ch.055 Mud-Caked Glory Vol.06 Ch.056 Victory Ceremony Vol.06 Ch.057 Ultimate Otaku Vol.06 Ch.058 Seiji's First Love Vol.06 Ch.059 Desired Woman Vol.06 Ch.060 Cupid of Love Vol.06 Ch.061 Proof of Wildness Vol.06 Ch.062 State of Emergency Vol.06 Ch.063 The Newtype's Power Vol.06 Ch.064 Expression of Love Vol.06 Ch.065 Sawamura's Decision Vol.07 Ch.066 Shameful Woman Vol.07 Ch.067 Telepathy Vol.07 Ch.068 Hidden Feelings Vol.07 Ch.069 Street Fight Baseball Vol.07 Ch.070 Father and Son Vol.07 Ch.071 Existence of Friends Vol.07 Ch.072 Farewell Party Vol.07 Ch.073 Farewell, Lucy Vol.07 Ch.074 The Limits of Patience Vol.07 Ch.074.5 Midori's Days In The glorius Edo Vol.08 Ch.075 Fair and Square Vol.08 Ch.076 Step Towards a Dream Vol.08 Ch.077 Girl Genius Vol.08 Ch.078 Final Option Vol.08 Ch.079 The Greatest Girl Vol.08 Ch.080 Vague Attitude Vol.08 Ch.081 Confession Vol.08 Ch.082 True Feelings Vol.08 Ch.083 Once More Vol.08 Ch.084 Diary Vol.08 Ch.085 New Days(End) Vol.11 Ch.090 The Man Who's Been Confided In Vol.11 Ch.091 The Evolution of the Kings Vol.11 Ch.092 Of How a Crown is Unnecessary
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