Medaka Box

Vol.15 Ch.131 You Can Set a Trap

Ch.000 Vol.00 Ch.000 Vol.01 Ch.001 I call the Student Council to action Vol.01 Ch.002 That Will Suffice Vol.01 Ch.003 I Guess You're the Right One... Vol.01 Ch.004 That's Unnecessary Behavior Vol.01 Ch.005 "If You Want to Express Your Gratitude..." Vol.01 Ch.006 I Won't Tell You Not to Lose Vol.01 Ch.007 "In the Middle of It All..." Vol.02 Ch.008 Stole the Show Vol.02 Ch.009 Go Ahead and Eat Vol.02 Ch.010 You Could've Drowned Vol.02 Ch.011 I Never Expected You to Understand Vol.02 Ch.012 I Like You More than Money Vol.02 Ch.013 Do You Do This with Everyone? Vol.02 Ch.014 It's Just Clothing Vol.02 Ch.015 Butting Heads Vol.02 Ch.016 Looking Down on People as Fundamentally Depraved Vol.03 Ch.017 Because I Decided to Try Hard Vol.03 Ch.018 That's Not Fair Vol.03 Ch.019 Kurokami Medaka's 4th Trump Card Vol.03 Ch.020 I Am the Student Council President Vol.03 Ch.021 You Went Overboard Vol.03 Ch.022 What Do You Guys Think? Vol.03 Ch.023 4136163735641? Vol.03 Ch.024 Everyone Says That Vol.03 Ch.025 It's Never Been Done to Me Vol.04 Ch.026 My Sister, My Sister, My Sister! Vol.04 Ch.027 The Things that Happen at the School I Attend Vol.04 Ch.028 We're Waiting for You Vol.04 Ch.029 LA Vol.04 Ch.030 Sigh, What a Pain Vol.04 Ch.031 I Won't Increase Vol.04 Ch.032 This is a Touching Session! Vol.04 Ch.033 So I'll Kill You Vol.04 Ch.034 Won't Kill Your Life Vol.05 Ch.035 He's Normal Cool Vol.05 Ch.036 Let's Be Wary of Bad Skin Vol.05 Ch.037 Sorry, but, I'm Making It My Business Vol.05 Ch.038 Both Being Bad, and Destroying Things Vol.05 Ch.039 For Abnormals to Be Free Vol.05 Ch.040 I'll Be There Vol.05 Ch.041 The Only Thing Greater than I Vol.05 Ch.042 Searching the World Over Vol.05 Ch.043 But the You of the Past Vol.06 Ch.044 We Have to Run Vol.06 Ch.045 Take the Shortcut Vol.06 Ch.046 Who Are You? Vol.06 Ch.047 You're All Fools Vol.06 Ch.048 Within the Entire Party, You're... Vol.06 Ch.049 I Am Not Vol.06 Ch.050 You're Medaka-Chan's Enemy Vol.06 Ch.051 Then You Tell Me Vol.06 Ch.052 Why Were You Born? Vol.07 Ch.053 This is the Flask Plan Vol.07 Ch.054 What on Earth Are You!? Vol.07 Ch.055 You Did Something Bad Vol.07 Ch.056 I'm Your Superior from Middle School Vol.07 Ch.057 I Dislike Being Frank Vol.07 Ch.058 Let's Be Friends, Everyone Vol.07 Ch.059 Being Loved is Better than Being Hated Vol.07 Ch.060 Because a Girl's Love Is... Vol.07 Ch.061 Don't You Dare Talk About Love Vol.08 Ch.062 I'm Not a Hero Vol.08 Ch.063 The Minus 13's Class Motto Vol.08 Ch.064 I'll Do It Vol.08 Ch.065 The Student Body President of Hakoniwa Academy Is Vol.08 Ch.066 What of It? Vol.08 Ch.067 We Are the Student Council Vol.08 Ch.068 It's About Accepting Vol.08 Ch.069 You Have Become Stronger Vol.08 Ch.070 I Love You Vol.09 Ch.071 Come Again when It's Over Vol.09 Ch.072 Even If Everybody Forgot Me Vol.09 Ch.073 From Now on, I Will... Vol.09 Ch.074 Please Win for Sure Vol.09 Ch.075 It's Not a Reason to Give Up Fighting Vol.09 Ch.076 My Older Sister Kurokami Kujira Vol.09 Ch.077 There's No Way I Can Win Against This Vol.09 Ch.078 I Want You to Show Me Vol.09 Ch.079 Just the Right Handicap Vol.09 Ch.079.5 Omake The President's Day Off Vol.10 Ch.080 He'll Return + [Gaiden] Vol.10 Ch.081 My Love Was Real Vol.10 Ch.082 I'm Your Son Vol.10 Ch.083 He Loves His Comrades Vol.10 Ch.084 I Wonder If We Could Understand Each Other Vol.10 Ch.085 I've Been Looking Forward to It Vol.10 Ch.086 It Was an Unexpected Accident After All Vol.10 Ch.087 Obvious Popularity Vol.10 Ch.088 Nice to Meet You Vol.11 Ch.089 And There's Only One Rule Vol.11 Ch.090 Now and Long Ago Vol.11 Ch.091 Even If There Are Mistakes Vol.11 Ch.092 I Was Told We'd Be Equals Someday Vol.11 Ch.093 We're Just Impartial Non-Humans Vol.11 Ch.094 The Making of Kurokami Medaka's Successor Vol.11 Ch.095 If You Were Alone... Vol.11 Ch.096 Because It's My Job! Vol.11 Ch.097 Please Don't Laugh Vol.12 Ch.098 The Level of Difficulty is B Vol.12 Ch.099 Please Tell Me Just One More Thing Vol.12 Ch.100 Create A Themed Quiz, Please Vol.12 Ch.101 Good Luck Then Vol.12 Ch.102 Do Not Desire Anything Vol.12 Ch.103 If I Am Be Able To Do That There Will Be No Problems Vol.12 Ch.104 A Skill Holder and an Unskilled Vol.12 Ch.105 I Just Like It Vol.12 Ch.106 I Don't Have a Heart Vol.13 Ch.107 I Don't Know Any Other Way to Live Vol.13 Ch.108 There's Nothing More Magnificent than That Vol.13 Ch.109 I Think You Should Be Thankful to Those People Too Vol.13 Ch.109.5 [Extra] Vol.13 Ch.110 You Can't See It But Vol.13 Ch.111 Playing Around Is the Right Idea Vol.13 Ch.112 To Say That You're Special Vol.13 Ch.113 Meda Trial Vol.13 Ch.114 We Might Beat Kurokami Medaka Vol.13 Ch.115 This Is Where You Say Vol.14 Ch.116 "I" Vol.14 Ch.117 No Mercy to Those Who Oppose Vol.14 Ch.118 I'm Going to Turn Vol.14 Ch.119 Tsurubami Kamome Vol.14 Ch.120 Not Even a Smile Vol.14 Ch.121 A Person Killing Another Vol.14 Ch.122 I Heard About It But... Vol.14 Ch.123 Before the Fight with Zenkichi Vol.14 Ch.124 But the Cost was Great Vol.15 Ch.124.5 Omake Good Loser Kumagawa Vol.15 Ch.125 What Is a Win? Vol.15 Ch.126 What's Important in Some One's Heart Is Vol.15 Ch.127 That's Why, Next Year, Medaka-chan Will Vol.15 Ch.128 Unlike Justice Which Must Prevail Vol.15 Ch.128.5 Good Loser Kumagawa Vol.15 Ch.129 For That Reason This Game Is Most Definitely... Vol.15 Ch.130 ! Want Them to Have Fun Vol.15 Ch.131 You Can Set a Trap Vol.16 Ch.132 This Is the Spring Time of Youth Vol.16 Ch.133 You Are No One But Yourself Vol.16 Ch.134 You Are the Main Character Vol.16 Ch.135 Shout Vol.16 Ch.136 That Song Is Definitely Vol.16 Ch.137 We Will Use the Suggestion Box Vol.16 Ch.138 If You Wish to Change Medaka-chan Vol.16 Ch.139 I Thought That It Was Wrong for Me to Live Vol.16 Ch.140 Life Is Epic Vol.17 Ch.141 Before I Can Be Happy Vol.17 Ch.142 My Opponents Lack Nothing Vol.17 Ch.143 No, It's Not for That Reason Vol.17 Ch.144 Hakoniwa Academy's 100th Student Council Committee Vol.17 Ch.145 Will Still Be Alive Tomorrow Vol.17 Ch.146 I Didn't Mean to Laugh Vol.17 Ch.147 Feel Like Your Luck Is At An All Time Low Vol.17 Ch.148 I am Medaka-chan's Older Sister Vol.17 Ch.149 Why Did I Come Here Vol.18 Ch.150 I want to be like that Vol.18 Ch.151 We Don't Run Away Vol.18 Ch.152 This Seems Like a Price Worth Paying, Doesn't It? Vol.18 Ch.153 After the End of this Battle Vol.18 Ch.154 What Is Important to Me Now Vol.18 Ch.155 For the Sake of Zenkichi Vol.18 Ch.156 I am Kurokami Medaka Vol.18 Ch.157 My Loss Would Have Been Decided Vol.18 Ch.158 I Have No Words to Say Vol.19 Ch.159 Shiranui Hansode is Vol.19 Ch.160 Welcome to the Shiranui Village Vol.19 Ch.161 What we're really protecting is Vol.19 Ch.162 Everything about Hakoniwa Academy Vol.19 Ch.163 Fresh Vol.19 Ch.164 Born to Destroy the World Vol.19 Ch.165 The Thirteen Party Vol.19 Ch.166 I'll Crush Him Before the Day is Over Vol.19 Ch.167 I Definitely Won't Tell You Vol.20 Ch.168 The First and Only Bias Action Vol.20 Ch.169 Hakoniwa General Hospital Ruins Vol.20 Ch.170 Tsurubami Fukurou Vol.20 Ch.171 I Lied Too Much Vol.20 Ch.172 Sleep My Baby, Sleep ? Vol.20 Ch.173 What is a "Song"? Vol.20 Ch.174 I Hate Lies Vol.20 Ch.175 Real Eater Vol.20 Ch.176 You're Forgiven Vol.21 Ch.177 Up Until Now, That Guy Vol.21 Ch.178 I Cannot Promise That Vol.21 Ch.179 I Love People Vol.21 Ch.180 Kurokami Final Vol.21 Ch.181 You Lost Vol.21 Ch.182 My words will reach Vol.21 Ch.183 His Heart Was Full Vol.21 Ch.184 And Medaka-chan Vol.21 Ch.185 One Plus One Is Vol.22 Ch.186 It's Good-Bye Here Vol.22 Ch.187 The 100 Flowers Run Vol.22 Ch.188 Was it a good memory? Vol.22 Ch.189 Now that I think about it, ever since the beginning Vol.22 Ch.190 Once, at Hakoniwa Academy Vol.22 Ch.191 Ten years have passed Vol.22 Ch.192 Kurokami Medaka is still well (END) Vol.22 Ch.192.5 Good Loser Kumagawa Chapter 2 Vol.22 Ch.192.6 Good Loser Kumagawa Chapter 2 Vol.22 Ch.192.8 Omake Box
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