Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro

Ch.095 Psychology

Ch.000 Extra Story Ch.001 Hand Ch.002 Depression Ch.003 Face Ch.004 Meal Ch.005 Flavour Ch.006 Prey Ch.007 Nest [House] Ch.008 High [Point of View] Ch.009 Cord Ch.010 "Chick" Ch.011 1 [The First One] Ch.012 Fishing Ch.013 Strangle Ch.014 Question Ch.015 One [Alone] Ch.016 Filming Ch.017 Look Ch.018 Box Ch.019 Tail Ch.020 Person Ch.021 Difference Ch.022 X [Anonymous] Ch.023 Splash Ch.024 Career Ch.025 Bomb Ch.026 Row Ch.027 Wager Ch.028 Dog Ch.029 Reveal Ch.030 Secret Ch.031 Dreamlike Ch.032 Breath Ch.033 Solace Ch.034 Outside Ch.035 Rank Ch.036 Past Ch.037 Tolerance Ch.038 Face Ch.039 Betrayal Ch.040 Double-Cross Ch.041 Cold Ch.042 Subordinate Ch.043 Brother Ch.044 Hair Ch.045 Bite Ch.046 Chief Ch.047 God Ch.048 Aya Ch.049 Wall Ch.050 Statue Ch.051 Moon Ch.052 Parasite Ch.053 Meanwhile Ch.054 Shadow Ch.055 Branch Ch.056 O [Circle] Ch.057 Failure Ch.058 Chromosome Ch.059 Hand Ch.060 Test Ch.061 Brain Ch.062 Fever Ch.063 Fire Ch.064 Sudden Ch.065 Want Ch.066 Spring Ch.067 Everything You Want Ch.068 Card Ch.069 Hit Ch.070 Image Ch.071 Dive Ch.072 Plan Ch.073 Gun Ch.074 Stab Ch.075 Return Ch.076 Return 2 Ch.077 Him Ch.078 Run Ch.079 Chase Ch.080 Itch Ch.081 Fifty Percent Ch.082 Key Ch.083 Demands Ch.084 Yako Ch.085 Light Ch.086 Expenses Ch.087 Three People Ch.088 Two People Ch.089 One person Ch.090 0 [-] Ch.091 Forget Ch.092 Desk Ch.093 Horse Ch.094 Woman Ch.095 Psychology Ch.096 New Ch.097 Evil Ch.098 Earn Ch.099 Run Ch.100 Young Ch.101 Child Ch.102 Words Ch.103 Evidence Ch.104 6 colours-7colours Ch.105 Inherit Ch.106 Main Performance Ch.107 Transmission Ch.108 Village Ch.109 109-110 (Ai) Ch.111 Read Ch.112 Yoru Ch.113 Leech Ch.114 Kidnap Ch.115 Straight-Man Ch.116 Change Ch.117 Value Ch.118 Gate Ch.119 Failure Ch.120 Foul Ch.121 Evil Ch.122 Call Ch.123 Tea Ch.124 Disease Ch.124.1 Translation Omake Ch.125 Haruka Ch.126 Men and Women Ch.127 Criminal Ch.128 Police Ch.129 Bug Ch.130 Mania Ch.131 Dream Ch.132 Idiot Ch.133 Fish Ch.134 Rain Ch.135 Downpour Ch.136 Dragon Ch.137 Ticks Ch.138 Sadist Ch.139 Fold Ch.140 Father Ch.141 Protect Ch.142 Diplomacy Ch.143 Chocolate Ch.144 Event Ch.145 Icon Ch.146 Stake Ch.147 Hammer Ch.148 Conquest Ch.149 Cast Aside Ch.150 Dig Ch.151 Cooperation Ch.152 Entrust Ch.153 Bubble Ch.154 Witness Ch.155 Assassin Ch.156 Differ Ch.157 Past Ch.158 Curse Ch.159 Plants Ch.160 Lose Ch.161 Strength(Weakness) Ch.162 Paper (Result) Ch.163 Ch.164 Ch.165 Ch.166 Ch.167 Ch.168 Droplet Ch.169 Demonstration of Sadism Ch.170 6 (True Character) Ch.171 Master (Genuine Article) Ch.172 Fishing (Fishing) Ch.173 Ch.174 Ch.175 Ch.176 Ch.177 Ch.178 Ch.179 Ch.180 Ch.181 Lie (Evil Intent) Ch.182 Happiness (Happiness) Ch.183 Abandonment (Giving Up) Ch.184 Connection [Relation] Ch.185 Meeting [Leave] Ch.186 Return (Return) Ch.187 Hand [Slap] Ch.188 Ch.189 Ch.190 Ch.191 Ch.192 Ch.193 Ch.194 Ch.195 Ch.196 Ch.197 Ch.198 6 [Six] Ch.199 Death[Death] Ch.200 Demon Ch.201 Human Ch.202 Mystery
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