Mai Ball!

Vol.06 Ch.037 Franklin International High School!

Vol.01 Ch.001 I Can't Say That I Love You! Vol.01 Ch.002 Reika's Trial! Vol.01 Ch.003 Conjure me Courage! Vol.01 Ch.004 Welcome To The Girls Football Club! Vol.01 Ch.005 Girls Among Themselves! Vol.01 Ch.006 Play Football With Me! Vol.01 Ch.007 Love Is A World War! Vol.02 Ch.008 Starting The Training! Vol.02 Ch.009 The Mini Game! Vol.02 Ch.010 Passes To Kuni! Vol.02 Ch.011 This Is Our Party! Vol.02 Ch.012 Meeting At The Bathhouse! Vol.02 Ch.013 Yes, of course! Vol.02 Ch.014 Postman! Vol.03 Ch.015 Twins are Always Together! Vol.03 Ch.016 We will win for him! Vol.03 Ch.017 This is Reika Hakurai! Vol.03 Ch.018 A Fiery First Half! Vol.03 Ch.019 Jaina's World! Vol.03 Ch.020 Activate the Charm! Vol.03 Ch.021 Just 15 Minutes! Vol.04 Ch.022 Coach?! Vol.04 Ch.023 Time's up! Vol.04 Ch.024 Give us Kunimitsu! Vol.04 Ch.025 Victory despite a Draw! Vol.04 Ch.026 Leaving the Club!? Vol.04 Ch.027 Grass Soccer! Vol.04 Ch.028 The Training Camp begins! Vol.05 Ch.029 Welcome Home! Vol.05 Ch.030 Comparing the Bustlines again!? Vol.05 Ch.031 Growing Appeal! Vol.05 Ch.032 Beach Soccer - Second Half! Vol.05 Ch.033 He only thinks about Soccer! Vol.05 Ch.034 The Boys Tournament starts! Vol.05 Ch.035 Yeah, right! Vol.06 Ch.036 Yeah! Vol.06 Ch.037 Franklin International High School! Vol.06 Ch.038 Secret Weapon! Vol.06 Ch.039 The First Competitive Match! Vol.06 Ch.040 Kijikita vs. Franklin! Vol.06 Ch.041 Tight Marking! Vol.06 Ch.042 Head-to-Head! Vol.07 Ch.043 The Proof of our Efforts! Vol.07 Ch.044 'Kijikita-ness'! Vol.07 Ch.045 Kijikita Meeting! Vol.07 Ch.046 Changing the System! Vol.07 Ch.047 Bad Girl! Vol.07 Ch.048 Stealth Mode! Vol.07 Ch.049 The Gambler Vol.08 Ch.050 Everyone Fights Together! Vol.08 Ch.051 I'll definitely...! Vol.08 Ch.052 Kijikita's Fangs! Vol.08 Ch.053 Our Last Counter! Vol.08 Ch.054 The Result! Vol.08 Ch.055 The Bonds of Battle! Vol.08 Ch.056 A New Resolve! Vol.09 Ch.057 The Best of Friends! Vol.09 Ch.058 The Strength to Change… and to Not Change! Vol.09 Ch.059 On My Own Two Feet! Vol.09 Ch.060 One More Goal! Vol.09 Ch.061 Full of Surprises! Vol.09 Ch.062 Believe in Reika! Vol.09 Ch.063 It doesn't count! Vol.10 Ch.064 The Ringleader! Vol.10 Ch.065 10 vs. 1! Vol.10 Ch.066 Premium Elegance MAX! Vol.10 Ch.067 Study Session! Vol.10 Ch.068 Grand Integrated Strategy for Joint Operations! Vol.10 Ch.069 Wild Cats! Vol.10 Ch.070 Fuckin' Crazy! Vol.10 Ch.071 A Premonition of Chaos! Vol.10 Ch.072 Captain's Orders! Vol.10 Ch.073 A Blatant Dive! Vol.10 Ch.074 Unbalanced! Vol.10 Ch.075 All We Can Do is Believe! Vol.10 Ch.076 Why?! Vol.10 Ch.077 She Can’t Be Stopped! Vol.10 Ch.078 My Team! Vol.10 Ch.079 One Thing! Vol.10 Ch.080 Kunimitsu's Plan! Vol.10 Ch.081 My Allies, My Enemies…! Vol.10 Ch.082 I'm a Forward! Vol.10 Ch.083 Seesaw Match! Vol.10 Ch.084 There's No Time…! Vol.10 Ch.085 Guts! Vol.10 Ch.086 Their Strategy...! Vol.10 Ch.087 Enjoy Yourself! Vol.10 Ch.088 Higher and Higher! Vol.10 Ch.089 Smile Vol.10 Ch.090 Cooldown! Vol.10 Ch.091 Strike Partners! Vol.10 Ch.092 Secret Feelings! Vol.10 Ch.093 Invincibles! Vol.10 Ch.094 Believe in Your Team! Vol.10 Ch.095 12th Man! Vol.10 Ch.096 Man-Marking! Vol.10 Ch.097 Vol.10 Ch.098 Vol.10 Ch.099.1 Commence the Comeback! (Part 1) Vol.10 Ch.099.2 Commence the Comeback! (Part 2) Vol.10 Ch.099.3 Commence the Comeback! (Part 3) Vol.14 Ch.100.1 The True Value of an Ace! (Part 1) Vol.14 Ch.100.2 The True Value of an Ace! (Part 2) Vol.14 Ch.100.3 The True Value of an Ace! (Part 3) Vol.14 Ch.100.4 100th Chapter Commemorative Special (Part 1) Vol.14 Ch.100.5 100th Chapter Commemorative Special (Part 2) Vol.14 Ch.101.1 A Hot-Blooded Duel! (Part 1) Vol.14 Ch.101.2 A Hot-Blooded Duel! (Part 2) Vol.14 Ch.101.3 A Hot-Blooded Duel! (Part 3) Vol.14 Ch.102.1 One Last Chance! (Part 1) Vol.14 Ch.102.2 One Last Chance! (Part 2) Vol.14 Ch.102.3 One Last Chance! (Part 3) Vol.14 Ch.103.1 Reika the Gambler! (Part 1) Vol.14 Ch.103.2 Reika the Gambler! (Part 2) Vol.14 Ch.103.3 Reika the Gambler! (Part 3) Vol.14 Ch.104.1 Riria Konbaru's True Talents! (Part 1) Vol.14 Ch.104.2 Riria Konbaru's True Talents! (Part 2) Vol.14 Ch.104.3 Riria Konbaru's True Talents! (Part 3) Vol.14 Ch.105.1 The Final Whistle! (Part 1) Vol.14 Ch.105.2 The Final Whistle! (Part 2) Vol.14 Ch.105.3 Vol.14 Ch.106.1 Vol.14 Ch.106.2 Vol.14 Ch.106.3 Vol.14 Ch.107
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