Magico (IWAMOTO Naoki)

Vol.01 Ch.003 Unwavering Heart

Vol.01 Ch.001 Ritual of the Two Vol.01 Ch.002 Oath to One Another Vol.01 Ch.003 Unwavering Heart Vol.01 Ch.004 Your Real Identity Vol.01 Ch.005 Hints of Uneasiness Vol.01 Ch.006 Ferocious Magical Girl Vol.01 Ch.007 Forest of the Devils Vol.02 Ch.008 For the Sake of Whom? Vol.02 Ch.008.5 [Side Story] Vol.02 Ch.009 Thank You Vol.02 Ch.010 In the Night of Falling Stars Vol.02 Ch.011 Family Vol.02 Ch.012 Fool's Town Vol.02 Ch.013 Straight Forward Vol.02 Ch.014 Praline's Blessing Vol.02 Ch.015 The Most Precious Treasure Vol.02 Ch.016 Three of Perpetual Darkness Vol.02 Ch.017 Phoenix Mage Melchior Vol.02 Ch.018 Balthazar of the Devil's Ice Vol.02 Ch.019 Cinderella of 100 Hits Vol.02 Ch.020 Each Respective Bond Vol.02 Ch.021 The Sword of Oath Vol.02 Ch.022 More, and Always Vol.02 Ch.022.5 Magico Side Story Vol.02 Ch.023 Dress Up Girl! Vol.02 Ch.024 Couples Impact!!! Vol.02 Ch.025 Opening!!! Vol.02 Ch.026 Q&A Vol.02 Ch.027 Vol.03 Ch.028 The Truth Vol.03 Ch.029 Secret Vol.03 Ch.030 The Present Vol.03 Ch.031 A Wavering Heart, Fireworks, and Bombs Vol.03 Ch.032 Battle of the Brides Vol.03 Ch.033 Courage Vol.03 Ch.034 The Quickening Vol.03 Ch.035 The Final Ritual Competition Vol.03 Ch.036 Magic Rumble!!! Vol.04 Ch.037 To the End of a Thousand Words!!! Vol.04 Ch.038 Vol.04 Ch.039 Vol.04 Ch.040 Vol.04 Ch.041 Vol.04 Ch.041.5 ~The Black Cat Santa~ Vol.04 Ch.042 Vol.04 Ch.043 Othello Death Match!!! Vol.04 Ch.044 Trading Pieces Vol.04 Ch.045 Their Wills Are Passed Down!!! Vol.04 Ch.046 Comet Summon!! Vol.05 Ch.047 Decisive Full Power!!! Vol.05 Ch.048 The Best Battle Vol.05 Ch.049 Complete Conclusion!!! Vol.05 Ch.050 Home Party!!! Vol.05 Ch.051 setting off on their various journeys Vol.05 Ch.052 The Ambitious One Vol.05 Ch.053 The Assault of The Marriage Proposal Vol.05 Ch.054 What's Inside the Box? Vol.05 Ch.055 17th Period Vol.05 Ch.056 The Amusement Park of Fear!!! Vol.05 Ch.056.5 ~ Spring ~ Vol.05 Ch.057 Accelerate Vol.05 Ch.058 Present Vol.05 Ch.059 Two Smiles Vol.05 Ch.060 Because it's you Vol.05 Ch.061 Lie Vol.05 Ch.062 Deeper than Darkness Vol.05 Ch.063 Welcome Home Vol.05 Ch.064 Rebirth Vol.06 Ch.065 Everyone’s Ritual Vol.06 Ch.066 Epilogue
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