Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

Vol.01 Ch.006 The Dungeon's Center

Vol.01 Ch.001 His Name Is Aladdin Vol.01 Ch.002 His Name Is Alibaba Vol.01 Ch.003 Aladdin and Alibaba Vol.01 Ch.004 Dungeon Diving Vol.01 Ch.005 Adventure Vol.01 Ch.006 The Dungeon's Center Vol.01 Ch.007 Dungeon's Menace Vol.02 Ch.008 Aladdin's True Identity Vol.02 Ch.009 Tyrant Vol.02 Ch.010 Sabotage Vol.02 Ch.011 Necropolis Vol.02 Ch.012 Place that Strains Life Vol.02 Ch.013 Magician of World Creation Vol.02 Ch.014 Lord of the Dungeon Vol.02 Ch.015 Clear Vol.02 Ch.016 The Promise Vol.02 Ch.017 Day of the Journey Vol.03 Ch.018 Rukh Vol.03 Ch.019 The Great Kouga Empire Part 1 Vol.03 Ch.020 Slave Hunting Vol.03 Ch.021 Legend Vol.03 Ch.022 War Vol.03 Ch.023 The Home of Souls Vol.03 Ch.024 Dungeon Capturer Vol.03 Ch.025 Pai-mon Vol.03 Ch.026 Guide Vol.03 Ch.027 The Scar That Can't Disappear Vol.04 Ch.028 The "Finalist" Warrior Clan Vol.04 Ch.029 Slave Vol.04 Ch.030 Miracle Vol.04 Ch.031 Banquet Vol.04 Ch.032 Road to Balbadd Vol.04 Ch.033 His Name is Sinbad Vol.04 Ch.034 Answer Vol.04 Ch.035 The Fog Dissipates Vol.04 Ch.036 The Fog Troupe Vol.04 Ch.037 Moon Watching Vol.05 Ch.038 Junkyard Street Vol.05 Ch.039 Incident Vol.05 Ch.040 Rest Assured Vol.05 Ch.041 Attack Vol.05 Ch.042 Alibaba and Sinbad Vol.05 Ch.043 Alibaba and Ahbmad Vol.05 Ch.044 Black Sun Vol.05 Ch.045 His Name is Judal Vol.05 Ch.046 Two "Magi" Vol.05 Ch.047 Magic Vol.05 Ch.048 Ugo Vol.06 Ch.049 A New Visitor Vol.06 Ch.050 Melee Vol.06 Ch.051 After the Battle Vol.06 Ch.052 Alibaba and Sahbmad Vol.06 Ch.053 Savior Vol.06 Ch.054 Duty Vol.06 Ch.055 Determination Vol.06 Ch.056 The Djinn's Metal Vessel Vol.06 Ch.057 Dowry Vol.06 Ch.058 Djinn Equip! Vol.07 Ch.059 Assault Vol.07 Ch.060 Repeated Showdown Vol.07 Ch.061 Rebellion Vol.07 Ch.062 Alibaba's Answer Vol.07 Ch.063 Alibaba's Sophism Vol.07 Ch.064 The Republic of Balbadd Vol.07 Ch.065 Cassim's Reply Vol.07 Ch.066 Holy Palace's Aladdin Vol.07 Ch.067 Night Clash Vol.07 Ch.068 The Black Rukh's Djinn Vol.08 Ch.069 The Will of Revolution Vol.08 Ch.070 Bird Vol.08 Ch.071 Alibaba Vol.08 Ch.072 Wisdom of Solomon Vol.08 Ch.073 Rukh's Will Vol.08 Ch.074 Something Sublime Vol.08 Ch.075 Cassim Vol.08 Ch.076 Smile Vol.08 Ch.077 Sindria Kingdom Vol.08 Ch.078 Magicians Vol.09 Ch.079 Alibaba's Sword Vol.09 Ch.080 Eight Generals Vol.09 Ch.081 Mahrajan's Night Vol.09 Ch.082 A Big Country Vol.09 Ch.083 Everyone's Daily Life Vol.09 Ch.084 Kougyoku and Sinbad Vol.09 Ch.085 The Culprit is? Vol.09 Ch.086 His Name is Ren Hakuryuu Vol.09 Ch.087 The Royal Prince and the Imperial Prince Vol.09 Ch.088 The Voyage Towards Zagan Vol.09 Ch.088.5 Extra Illustration of Sindria Kingdom Vol.10 Ch.089 The Best Thing I Can Do Now Vol.10 Ch.090 Another Dungeon Vol.10 Ch.091 In Zagan Vol.10 Ch.092 Zagan's Appearance Vol.10 Ch.093 Halharl Rasars Vol.10 Ch.094 Your Power Vol.10 Ch.095 Weakling Vol.10 Ch.096 Zagan's Magic Vol.10 Ch.097 Activation Vol.10 Ch.098 Assassin Vol.10 Ch.098.5 Extra Hakuryuu and His Sister and Sometimes Seishun Vol.11 Ch.099 The Dark Metal Vessel Again Vol.11 Ch.100 Trump Card Vol.11 Ch.101 Dark Djinn Equip Vol.11 Ch.102 Extreme Magic Vol.11 Ch.103 Turn of Fate Vol.11 Ch.104 The True Nature of Strength Vol.11 Ch.105 Dungeon Conqueror Vol.11 Ch.106 I Can Still Fight!! Vol.11 Ch.107 Fury Vol.11 Ch.108 Swordsmen Vol.12 Ch.109 Genius Vol.12 Ch.110 The Fourth Magi Vol.12 Ch.111 Dungeon Conqueror's Banquet Vol.12 Ch.112 Path Vol.12 Ch.113 Curse Vol.12 Ch.114 High King Vol.12 Ch.115 Inside Alibaba Vol.12 Ch.116 Turning Point Vol.12 Ch.117 The Premonition of a New Journey Vol.12 Ch.118 The Reason For Determination Vol.13 Ch.119 Pairing Vol.13 Ch.120 Zepar Vol.13 Ch.121 Departure Vol.13 Ch.122 The Journey By Boat Vol.13 Ch.123 Pirates Vol.13 Ch.124 Zagan's Activation Vol.13 Ch.125 Breaking Into Vol.13 Ch.126 The Pirate's Fortress Vol.13 Ch.127 Ice Spear Vol.13 Ch.128 Mother Vol.14 Ch.129 Independence Vol.14 Ch.130 Dark Memories Vol.14 Ch.131 Bitter Enemy Vol.14 Ch.132 Confession Vol.14 Ch.133 Gentle Person Vol.14 Ch.134 The Night Before Farewells Vol.14 Ch.135 Traveling Alone Vol.14 Ch.136 Ren Kouha Vol.14 Ch.137 Daily Special Training Vol.14 Ch.138 Daily Lessons Vol.15 Ch.139 Laem Empire Vol.15 Ch.140 Yambala Vol.15 Ch.141 Colosseum Vol.15 Ch.142 Fusion Vol.15 Ch.143 The High Priestess Vol.15 Ch.144 The Great Rift Vol.15 Ch.145 Gathering Vol.15 Ch.146 One World Vol.15 Ch.147 A New Emperor Vol.15 Ch.148 Another 6 Months Later Vol.16 Ch.149 Titus Alexius Vol.16 Ch.150 Aladdin vs. Titus Vol.16 Ch.151 Aberrant Magic Vol.16 Ch.152 Titus' True Identity Vol.16 Ch.153 Mission Vol.16 Ch.154 Cooperation Vol.16 Ch.155 The 5th Level Authorization District Vol.16 Ch.156 Livestock Vol.16 Ch.157 Magoi Furnace Vol.16 Ch.158 Ideology Reformation Vol.17 Ch.159 The Magician's Solitude Vol.17 Ch.160 The Magician's Country Vol.17 Ch.161 Transformation Vol.17 Ch.162 The Truth About Mogamett Vol.17 Ch.163 Zemi Vol.17 Ch.164 The Truth About Titus Vol.17 Ch.165 Genesis Vol.17 Ch.166 Before the Beginning of the War Vol.17 Ch.167 War Cry Vol.17 Ch.168 Guardian Deities Vol.18 Ch.169 The Power of the People Vol.18 Ch.170 Magic Weapon Vol.18 Ch.171 Prey Vol.18 Ch.172 Fanalis vs. Magicians Vol.18 Ch.173 The King of the Beasts Vol.18 Ch.174 The Power of a Magi Vol.18 Ch.175 Fighting Spirit Vol.18 Ch.176 Barbatos Vol.18 Ch.177 The High Priestess Vol.18 Ch.178 The Dark Spot Vol.19 Ch.179 Towards the Deepest Sector... Vol.19 Ch.180 Ren Kouha - The King's Vessel Vol.19 Ch.181 Completion Vol.19 Ch.182 Amon's Djinn Equip Vol.19 Ch.183 Confrontation Vol.19 Ch.184 Titus and Marga Vol.19 Ch.185 The Last Power Vol.19 Ch.186 Kouen and Alibaba Vol.19 Ch.187 The Great Assembly Vol.19 Ch.188 The Djinn Warriors Vol.20 Ch.189 Ten Thousand Vol.20 Ch.190 Union of Flames Vol.20 Ch.191 The One Who Eats Rukh Vol.20 Ch.192 Fierce Attacks Vol.20 Ch.193 The Treacherous Magi Vol.20 Ch.194 The Hour of Downfall Vol.20 Ch.195 Full Power Vol.20 Ch.196 Hesitation Vol.20 Ch.197 The Message Vol.20 Ch.198 Welcome Home Vol.20 Ch.198.5 Vol.21 Ch.199 After the War Vol.21 Ch.200 Manly Tears Vol.21 Ch.201 The Invitation Letter to Balbadd Vol.21 Ch.202 Alibaba's Household Vol.21 Ch.203 Madly in Love Vol.21 Ch.204 Sinbad and Yunan Vol.21 Ch.205 What is a King Vessel? Vol.21 Ch.206 Evening at an Old Friend's House Vol.21 Ch.207 At Cassim's Grave Vol.21 Ch.208 The Man Called Ren Koumei Vol.22 Ch.209 Unified Ideology Vol.22 Ch.210 Conditions Vol.22 Ch.211 The Fanalis' Homeland Vol.22 Ch.212 Dirty Hands Vol.22 Ch.213 The Summit Vol.22 Ch.214 The Homeland Where He Was Born Vol.22 Ch.215 Legend Vol.22 Ch.216 His Name is Solomon Vol.22 Ch.217 The Other Species Vol.22 Ch.218 The Great Sinners Vol.23 Ch.219 Solomon's True Identity Vol.23 Ch.220 Something in Common Vol.23 Ch.221 Lovesickness Vol.23 Ch.222 Mother Dragon Vol.23 Ch.222.5 David's Prophetic Writing Vol.23 Ch.223 Close Vol.23 Ch.224 Courtship Vol.23 Ch.225 The Future Vol.23 Ch.226 King Solomon Vol.23 Ch.227 The Decisive Final Battle Vol.23 Ch.228 David's Plan Vol.24 Ch.229 The World's Strongest Magic Vol.24 Ch.230 David and Solomon Vol.24 Ch.231 The World in Another Dimension Vol.24 Ch.232 Solomon's World Vol.24 Ch.233 The Rebellion Against the Light Vol.24 Ch.234 The Revolt of the Eight-point Star Vol.24 Ch.235 The Return of Solomon Vol.24 Ch.236 Solomon's Avatar Vol.24 Ch.237 How the New World Came to Be Vol.24 Ch.238 Aladdin's Suggestion Vol.25 Ch.239 Expectations of the Three Countries Vol.25 Ch.240 The Black Magi's Answer Vol.25 Ch.241 Different Decisions Vol.25 Ch.242 Hakuryuu's Determination Vol.25 Ch.243 The Djinn of Truth and Conviction Vol.25 Ch.244 The Black King Vessel Vol.25 Ch.245 The Power of the New Djinn Vol.25 Ch.246 The Admonition of Phenex Vol.25 Ch.247 The Decisive Battle at the Capital Vol.25 Ch.248 Judar's Trump Card Vol.26 Ch.249 Hakuryuu's Resolve Vol.26 Ch.250 The New Emperor Vol.26 Ch.251 Hakuryuus's Imperial Edict Vol.26 Ch.251.5 Extra Vol.26 Ch.252 The Reunion of Two King Vessels Vol.26 Ch.252.5 Extra Vol.26 Ch.253 An Unyielding Battle Vol.26 Ch.254 The Determination to Not Turn Back Vol.26 Ch.255 The Power of Omniscience Vol.26 Ch.256 The Invisible Power Vol.26 Ch.257 Belial's Djinn Equip Vol.26 Ch.258 The Decisive Battle between Extreme Magic Vol.27 Ch.259 The End of the King Vessel Vol.27 Ch.260 The Extreme Power of Magic Vol.27 Ch.261 After the Deathmatch Vol.27 Ch.262 Knowing Good From Evil Vol.27 Ch.263 Aladdin's Will Vol.27 Ch.264 Alibaba's Whereabouts Vol.27 Ch.265 The Beginning of the Great War Vol.27 Ch.266 Encounter With the Unknown Vol.27 Ch.267 The Night Before the Decisive Battle Vol.27 Ch.268 The Battle of Kanan Vol.28 Ch.269 The Duty of a General Vol.28 Ch.270 Encirclement Strategy Vol.28 Ch.271 Breaking Through The Enemy's Formation Vol.28 Ch.272 The Battle of the Households Vol.28 Ch.273 The Original Plan Vol.28 Ch.274 The Course of the War is Reversed Vol.28 Ch.275 The Bottom of the World Vol.28 Ch.276 The Will of God Vol.28 Ch.277 The Desired World Vol.28 Ch.278 Confrontation Between Brothers Vol.29 Ch.279 The Winner and the Loser Vol.29 Ch.280 The Execution Vol.29 Ch.281 The Direction of Revenge Vol.29 Ch.282 A New Act Begins Vol.29 Ch.283 Alibaba's Return Vol.29 Ch.284 Changes to the World Vol.29 Ch.285 In the Trading Company Headquarters Vol.29 Ch.286 The World Innovator Vol.29 Ch.287 The Journey to Rakushou Vol.29 Ch.288 The New World Under Strain Vol.30 Ch.289 Alibaba's Power Vol.30 Ch.290 Reunion With a Friend Vol.30 Ch.291 Direct Negotiations Vol.30 Ch.292 The Beginning of the Counterattack Vol.30 Ch.293 The First Signs of Kou's Revival Vol.30 Ch.294 The Leftover Assets Vol.30 Ch.295 The Strategist's Secret Plan Vol.30 Ch.296 Towards Vol.30 Ch.297 Prospectus of Success Vol.30 Ch.298 As Someone Who Stands Above Vol.31 Ch.299 Reim's Way of Doing Things Vol.31 Ch.300 To Each His Own Path Vol.31 Ch.301 As a Delegate Vol.31 Ch.302 Rivals Vol.31 Ch.303 The Battle of the New Era Vol.31 Ch.304 A Voice from Beyound Vol.31 Ch.305 Incompatible Intentions Vol.31 Ch.306 Arba's Intentions Vol.31 Ch.307 Preparations Complete Vol.31 Ch.308 The Guardian Vol.32 Ch.309 Yunan vs Arba Vol.32 Ch.310 The Results of Training Vol.32 Ch.311 The Rematch Vol.32 Ch.312 The Showdown With Al Thamen Vol.32 Ch.313 Arba´s Tenacity Vol.32 Ch.314 Reunion. And then... Vol.32 Ch.315 Making the Rounds Vol.32 Ch.316 David's Whispers Vol.32 Ch.317 Sinbad's Bonds Vol.32 Ch.318 The Board of Directors' Response Vol.33 Ch.319 Kougyoku's Gratitude Vol.33 Ch.320 Arba's Proposal Vol.33 Ch.321 Sinbad's Smile Vol.33 Ch.322 To the Heights Vol.33 Ch.323 The Adventure Never Ends Vol.33 Ch.324 The Gods' Multi-Layered Structure Vol.33 Ch.325 The Sage Who Served the King Vol.33 Ch.326 A Very Bad Feeling Vol.33 Ch.327 Dumped Vol.33 Ch.328 A Shared Hope Vol.34 Ch.329 The Greedy King of Man Vol.34 Ch.330 Together, To The Rukh Vol.34 Ch.331 Alibaba's Choice Vol.34 Ch.332 The Greatest King Vessel Vol.34 Ch.333 The Gate to the Sacred Palace Vol.34 Ch.334 Mid-Collision Vol.34 Ch.335 The Seven Dungeons Vol.34 Ch.336 An Irrational Fate Vol.34 Ch.337 The Conviction of Wrath and Heroes Vol.34 Ch.338 An Irrational Fate Vol.35 Ch.339 Conviction of Falsehood and Prestige Vol.TBD Ch.340 A Battle to See Right from Wrong Vol.TBD Ch.341 Conviction of Souls and Puppetry Vol.TBD Ch.342 The Innovator Vol.TBD Ch.343 A Certain Space Vol.TBD Ch.344 All Was Planned Vol.TBD Ch.345 A Magical Connection Vol.TBD Ch.346 Neither Future Vol.TBD Ch.347 Feeling Of Nothingness Vol.TBD Ch.348 The Possibilities Of Great Magic Vol.TBD Ch.349 The People Involved Vol.TBD Ch.350 Something Great and Impossible Vol.TBD Ch.351 The Magic To Return The World To The Rukh Vol.TBD Ch.352 The Key To The Sacred Palace Vol.TBD Ch.353 Collection of the Rukh Vol.TBD Ch.354 The Battle To Protect The World Vol.TBD Ch.355 The Hierarchy Of God Vol.TBD Ch.356 Requiem Vol.TBD Ch.357 A Member Of The World Vol.TBD Ch.358 A Different Destiny Vol.TBD Ch.359 The Metal Vessels Are For This Day's Sake Vol.TBD Ch.360 Alibaba's Answer Vol.TBD Ch.361 The Final Blow Vol.TBD Ch.362 Destiny's Furthest Ends Vol.TBD Ch.363 Together This Time Vol.TBD Ch.364 A Cruel But Free Path Vol.TBD Ch.365 The Great Dungeon Towers Vol.TBD Ch.366 The Coward Vol.TBD Ch.367 A Chaotic World Vol.TBD Ch.368 Breaking Point Vol.TBD Ch.369 Wishes
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