Kyoukai no Rinne

Vol.22 Ch.210 Tragic Conclusion

Vol.01 Ch.001 The Mysterious Classmate Vol.01 Ch.002 Legend of the Instrument Shelter Vol.01 Ch.003 Behind the Gym at Four Vol.01 Ch.004 A Familiar Woman Vol.01 Ch.005 O-NE-E-SA-N Vol.01 Ch.006 Mystery of the Club Building Vol.01 Ch.007 Contract Cat Vol.01 Ch.008 Afraid to Sleep Vol.02 Ch.009 The Dish of Vows Vol.02 Ch.010 Reunion Vol.02 Ch.011 Songstress of the Pool Vol.02 Ch.012 Something Lost Vol.02 Ch.013 Curse Vol.02 Ch.014 Duel in the Burrow of the Rabbit Vol.02 Ch.015 No Place for the Soul to Return Vol.02 Ch.016 Welcome to Hell! Vol.02 Ch.017 Debt Hell or as I Like to Think of It--Playing with Fonts Vol.02 Ch.018 Stream of a Thousand Winds Vol.03 Ch.019 The Transfer Student Vol.03 Ch.020 If You Don't Mind, Let's Be Friends First Vol.03 Ch.021 A Fun Date Vol.03 Ch.022 One Hundred Thousand Yen Vol.03 Ch.023 The Price of Power Vol.03 Ch.024 Shinigami Scythe Vol.03 Ch.025 Allure of the Pumpkin Head Vol.03 Ch.026 Hall of the Damashigami Vol.03 Ch.027 Draw Me Vol.03 Ch.028 Black & White Vol.04 Ch.029 Negative Vol.04 Ch.030 President Vol.04 Ch.031 Damashigami Company Vol.04 Ch.032 Inauguration Ceremony Vol.04 Ch.033 Kyuketsukasha Vol.04 Ch.034 Handprint Vol.04 Ch.035 You Don't Disapprove of That Vol.04 Ch.036 Shinigami Ageha Vol.04 Ch.037 Sister's Whereabouts Vol.04 Ch.038 Bride Examination Vol.05 Ch.039 The Hot Secretary's True Identity Vol.05 Ch.040 Rich Girl Vol.05 Ch.041 Just a Simple Thanks Vol.05 Ch.042 Soul Eater King Vol.05 Ch.043 The Unopenable Bookshelves Vol.05 Ch.044 Roses and Soy Sauce Vol.05 Ch.045 The Cursed Track Star Vol.05 Ch.046 I Dont Want Him to Know Vol.05 Ch.047 The Haunted Cedar Vol.05 Ch.048 Yo-Yo Memories Vol.06 Ch.049 The Power Stone's Curse Vol.06 Ch.050 The Chain of Negativity Vol.06 Ch.051 Spirits Vol.06 Ch.052 The Look-Alike Ghost Vol.06 Ch.053 Love Song Vol.06 Ch.054 The Shinigami Clerk Vol.06 Ch.055 Seizure Vol.06 Ch.056 Capital Vol.06 Ch.057 Inside the Crate Vol.06 Ch.058 Ring of Judgement Vol.07 Ch.059 The Summer Festival Mystery Vol.07 Ch.060 The Teddy Bear Memory Vol.07 Ch.061 Welcome to Nirvana House Vol.07 Ch.062 The Spirit Way Stone Vol.07 Ch.063 The Voices from the Shrine Vol.07 Ch.064 Bakeneko Vol.07 Ch.065 The House where Ghosts don't tread Vol.07 Ch.066 Expired Vol.07 Ch.067 The Horticulture Club Incident Vol.07 Ch.068 How the Curse was cast Vol.08 Ch.069 Homestay Training Vol.08 Ch.070 The Story Behind the Alligator Woman Vol.08 Ch.071 Chibi's Memories Vol.08 Ch.072 Introduction to an Evil Spirit Vol.08 Ch.073 Supervisory Liability Vol.08 Ch.074 Party of Five, This Way Vol.08 Ch.075 The Friendy Square Vol.08 Ch.076 The Curse of the Kitchen Counter Vol.08 Ch.077 The Strangling Scarf Vol.08 Ch.078 The Present Vol.09 Ch.079 Sleep, Exam Student Vol.09 Ch.080 I'll Be Waiting at the Rink Vol.09 Ch.081 Extra Infusion Vol.09 Ch.082 Within the Letter Box Vol.09 Ch.083 The Secret of the Numbers Vol.09 Ch.084 Ramen Kaedama Vol.09 Ch.085 Goal Fulfillment Vol.09 Ch.086 The Wig's Regret Vol.09 Ch.087 Oboro's Revenge Vol.09 Ch.088 The Contract and the Mongoose Vol.10 Ch.089 A Black Cat's Life Vol.10 Ch.090 Partner Vol.10 Ch.091 The Vanishing Bus Stop Vol.10 Ch.092 Digital Camera Ghost Vol.10 Ch.093 Message Vol.10 Ch.094 The Vanishing Membership Fee Vol.10 Ch.095 The Cost of Pride Vol.10 Ch.096 Dream Court Vol.10 Ch.097 Shinigami's Taboo Vol.10 Ch.098 Potergeist Vol.11 Ch.099 Unsee Candy Vol.11 Ch.100 The Target is Sakura Vol.11 Ch.101 Where's Rinne? Vol.11 Ch.102 The Puppy in the Rain Vol.11 Ch.103 Poverty Moth Vol.11 Ch.104 The Jealous Cat Vol.11 Ch.105 The Half-Price Haunted House Vol.11 Ch.106 This Isn't a Date! Vol.11 Ch.107 Hot Hot Hot! Vol.11 Ch.108 The Wandering Watermelon Vol.12 Ch.109 The Center of Attention Event Vol.12 Ch.110 The Black Cat Ranking Test Vol.12 Ch.111 The Cat Tower Battle Vol.12 Ch.112 Let's Cooperate! Vol.12 Ch.113 Battle Royale Vol.12 Ch.114 Overwhelmed in Battle Vol.12 Ch.115 The Cursed Straw Doll Vol.12 Ch.116 Let's Talk Seriously Vol.12 Ch.117 The Wandering Power Stone Vol.12 Ch.118 Matsutake Mushroom Madness Vol.13 Ch.119 Lend Me Some Money? Vol.13 Ch.120 The Mikazuki Store For All Your Scythe Needs Vol.13 Ch.121 Hansei My Half Life Vol.13 Ch.122 Would You Like Some Wax? Vol.13 Ch.123 False Accusations Vol.13 Ch.124 The Tragedy of M Vol.13 Ch.125 The Sweets Spirit Vol.13 Ch.126 The Delicious Monitor Vol.13 Ch.127 The Christmas Condition Vol.13 Ch.128 The Blank Ema Vol.14 Ch.129 The Mystery of Koshikudake Hill Vol.14 Ch.130 The Elder's Inheritance Vol.14 Ch.131 Oni and Setsubun Vol.14 Ch.132 The Curse from 100 Years Ago Vol.14 Ch.133 Kitsune Removal Vol.14 Ch.134 The Mystery Of The Transfer Student Vol.14 Ch.135 Renge Revealed Vol.14 Ch.136 The 100th Soul Vol.14 Ch.137 Aim for the Top Vol.14 Ch.138 Welcoming the New Neighbours Vol.15 Ch.139 Omamori Strap Vol.15 Ch.140 The Flood of Evil Spirits Vol.15 Ch.141 The Whispering Princess Vol.15 Ch.142 The Breakup Set Vol.15 Ch.143 The False Couple Vol.15 Ch.144 The God of Separation Vol.15 Ch.145 Stiff Shoulders Vol.15 Ch.146 Tracking And A Reunion Vol.15 Ch.147 Suspicions Vol.15 Ch.148 Back In Those Days Vol.16 Ch.149 Recovery Cream Vol.16 Ch.150 The Dream Umbrella of Love Vol.16 Ch.151 The First Union Rally Vol.16 Ch.152 I'll Lend You My Right Arm Vol.16 Ch.153 The Runaway Victim Vol.16 Ch.154 The River of Treasure Vol.16 Ch.155 The Promised Necklace Vol.16 Ch.156 The Location of the Necklace Vol.16 Ch.157 One Coin Investigation Vol.16 Ch.158 The Campsite Devil Vol.17 Ch.159 Seven Days of Love Vol.17 Ch.160 The Infinite Grudge Vol.17 Ch.161 The Hands from the Tatami Mat Vol.17 Ch.162 The Cursed Cashbox Vol.17 Ch.163 Open After 7 Days Vol.17 Ch.164 The Evil 4th Lane Vol.17 Ch.165 A Wish to the Moon Vol.17 Ch.166 The Mysterious Lion-Dogs Vol.17 Ch.167 Enter the Miko! Vol.17 Ch.168 Vengeful Spirit's Revenge Vol.18 Ch.169 The Get-Rich-Quick Mushroom Hunt Vol.18 Ch.170 The Long Story Vol.18 Ch.171 The Nabe Pot and the Governor Vol.18 Ch.172 Mannequa and Coaty Vol.18 Ch.173 Special Bonus Vol.18 Ch.174 I Don't Want Him To Know Vol.18 Ch.175 Uncovered Memories Vol.18 Ch.176 Kuroboshi Sansei Vol.18 Ch.177 Ski Slope Surprise Vol.18 Ch.178 The Cash Box from Hell Vol.19 Ch.179 Black Cat Kids Party Vol.19 Ch.180 Cursed Valentine Vol.19 Ch.181 Devil Type A, Shinigami Type B Vol.19 Ch.182 Who!? Vol.19 Ch.183 Midas Wax Vol.19 Ch.184 At the Graduation Ceremony Vol.19 Ch.185 Enforced Pawning Vol.19 Ch.186 The Terrifying Outdoor Training Vol.19 Ch.187 The Forgetball Vol.19 Ch.188 Fancy Choker Vol.20 Ch.189 Cleaning the Whole Wheel of Reincarnation Vol.20 Ch.190 The Store That No Customers Visit Vol.20 Ch.191 Bring My Girlfriend Vol.20 Ch.192 Just Money Vol.20 Ch.193 Is it True? Vol.20 Ch.194 Sakura's Mood Vol.20 Ch.195 We're not Dating Vol.20 Ch.196 The Legendary Sacred Ashes Vol.20 Ch.197 From Inside the Walls Vol.20 Ch.198 A Cherry Tomato Buffet! Vol.20 Ch.199 Something in the Tunnel Vol.21 Ch.200 The Evil Spirit of the Guest House Vol.21 Ch.201 Bug Spirit Hunting Vol.21 Ch.202 Eggplant Romance Vol.21 Ch.203 Red Soumen Vol.21 Ch.204 The Madam of the Shopping Mall Vol.21 Ch.205 A Witch's Descendants Vol.21 Ch.206 The First Ordeal Vol.21 Ch.207 Mystery of the Flower Bed Vol.21 Ch.208 The Chasing Sound Vol.22 Ch.209 The Ominous Prophecy Vol.22 Ch.210 Tragic Conclusion Vol.22 Ch.211 The Silver Scythe Vol.22 Ch.212 Mysterious Event at the Children's Center Vol.22 Ch.213 Rinne, The Suspect Vol.22 Ch.214 The Black Square Vol.22 Ch.215 Nothing Inside Vol.22 Ch.216 Incubus Capture Training Vol.22 Ch.217 Dreamlike World Vol.22 Ch.218 Santa's Grudge Vol.23 Ch.219 Search Thoroughly Vol.23 Ch.220 Good-Fortune Pot Vol.23 Ch.221 Hated Vol.23 Ch.222 Newspaper Delivery Vol.23 Ch.223 The Mindless Mask Vol.23 Ch.224 The Secret Hot Spring Inn Vol.23 Ch.225 Enjoy! Vol.23 Ch.226 The Pet Food on the Porch Vol.23 Ch.227 Where's the Bank Deposit?! Vol.23 Ch.228 Springtime Evil Spirit Capturing Vol.24 Ch.229 The Cursed Crystal Ball Vol.24 Ch.230 The Key to Breaking the Curse Vol.24 Ch.231 The Little Box of White Magic Vol.24 Ch.232 Placeholder 1993 Vol.24 Ch.233 Rainbow Colored Bamboo Shoot Vol.24 Ch.234 Oihagizuki Vol.24 Ch.235 Exorcism Special Training Boxed Lunch Vol.24 Ch.236 Sakura vs The Black Fox Vol.24 Ch.237 The Legend of the Locker Vol.24 Ch.238 Spirit Elevator Vol.25 Ch.239 The Ghost of the June Bride Vol.25 Ch.240 The Vanished Weather Hutch!? Vol.25 Ch.241 The Bible of Legend Vol.25 Ch.242 Gold License Vol.25 Ch.243 Justifiable Means Vol.25 Ch.244 Serious Battle Vol.25 Ch.245 Black Report Card Vol.25 Ch.246 The Expectant Ghost Vol.25 Ch.247 Inflatable Ghost Raft Vol.25 Ch.248 The Mysterious Fireworks Vol.26 Ch.249 Ferocious Campsite Vol.26 Ch.250 One Hundred Ghost Stories Vol.26 Ch.251 Eyeball Stalker Vol.26 Ch.252 The Blessed Feather Vol.26 Ch.253 The Ring and the Seal Vol.26 Ch.254 The Shinigami Murderer Vol.26 Ch.255 The Rude Casualty Vol.26 Ch.256 The First Mackerel Festival Vol.26 Ch.257 Special Guardian Sacred Bird Vol.26 Ch.258 Neck Man Vol.27 Ch.259 The Hades Promise Vol.27 Ch.260 Don't Turn Around Vol.27 Ch.261 Casette Tape Scream Vol.27 Ch.262 The Cold Room Vol.27 Ch.263 To Crunch Vol.27 Ch.264 Decoration Vol.27 Ch.265 Until the Bell Tolls Vol.27 Ch.266 The Evil Spirit's Legacy Vol.27 Ch.267 Mystery Hints Vol.27 Ch.268 Rumors Vol.28 Ch.268 The Vicious Dog Capture Supplementary Lesson Vol.28 Ch.269 The Vicious Dog Capture Supplementary Lesson Vol.28 Ch.270 Snowy Stairs Vol.28 Ch.271 NAGARA Vol.28 Ch.272 Apologize at the Family Altar Vol.28 Ch.273 The Curse of the Splurge Vol.28 Ch.274 The Ash and the Longing Vol.28 Ch.275 Cinderella Date Vol.28 Ch.276 Please Charge It Vol.28 Ch.277 The Result of Great Effort Vol.28 Ch.278 Spring Marriage Interview Vol.29 Ch.279 Talking Mimi-chan Vol.29 Ch.280 Suzu is Missing Vol.29 Ch.281 The Black Cat Ritual Vol.29 Ch.282 Mother's Day Present Vol.29 Ch.283 Mirror Man Vol.29 Ch.284 The Ideal Smile Vol.29 Ch.285 The Earlier 30,000 Yen Vol.29 Ch.286 Revenge Vol.29 Ch.287 Shinigami Prince Vol.29 Ch.288 The Cursed Paper Slip Vol.30 Ch.289 The Goddess of Wisdom Vol.30 Ch.290 The Bell of Love Vol.30 Ch.291 Short Cut Vol.30 Ch.292 Pigtails Are Disgusting Vol.30 Ch.293 Simulation Vol.30 Ch.294 The Girl in the Ice Vol.30 Ch.295 The Teacher and the Balloon Vol.30 Ch.296 Show Me Your Back Vol.30 Ch.297 Medusa Mask Vol.30 Ch.298 Turn to Stone! Vol.31 Ch.299 The Rusted Holy Sword Vol.31 Ch.300 Growing Hair Vol.31 Ch.301 Renge's License Vol.31 Ch.302 Number Chase Vol.31 Ch.303 I Want to Believe Vol.31 Ch.304 I Want the Bouquet Vol.31 Ch.305 The Witch's Coven Vol.31 Ch.306 Secret Meeting Vol.31 Ch.307 The Red Weather Hutch Vol.31 Ch.308 Have a Hot Water Bottle Vol.32 Ch.309 Beautiful Window Vol.32 Ch.310 Christmas Exorcism Party Vol.32 Ch.311 Black Ceremonial Arrow Vol.32 Ch.312 I Want to Bite You Vol.32 Ch.313 The Maiden's Scythe Vol.32 Ch.314 Looking at Something Vol.32 Ch.315 Otome's Memory Vol.32 Ch.316 The History of the Disappearance Vol.32 Ch.317 Lies and Truths Vol.32 Ch.318 White Ghost Vol.33 Ch.319 Kokkurisan Vol.33 Ch.320 The Curse of Calligraphy Vol.33 Ch.321 The Cat Cafe Mystery Vol.33 Ch.322 Rare Red Vol.33 Ch.323 Slasher Film Vol.33 Ch.324 Gold Ghost Vol.33 Ch.325 Philosopher's Stone Vol.33 Ch.326 Mr. Kabakichi Vol.33 Ch.327 The Two Who Did Not Meet Vol.33 Ch.328 Whistle and Detergent Vol.34 Ch.329 Ghost Temple Talisman Vol.34 Ch.330 Blurred Memo Vol.34 Ch.331 Mr. Kusakari Vol.34 Ch.332 Ageha, Go Home Vol.34 Ch.333 Spoiled Living Vol.34 Ch.334 Shortcut Alley Vol.34 Ch.335 The Backdoor in the Garden Vol.34 Ch.336 Curse Words Vol.34 Ch.337 The Fooling-Around Spot Vol.34 Ch.338 Don't Approach the Deck Vol.35 Ch.339 The Sunflower Labyrinth Vol.35 Ch.340 The Magical Sea Urchin Rice Vol.35 Ch.341 The Tragedy of the Food made with Flour Vol.35 Ch.342 The Story of Horatarou Vol.35 Ch.343 The Tree of Sin Vol.35 Ch.344 The Price of Love Vol.35 Ch.345 The Memorable Inn Vol.35 Ch.346 The Friendship Master Vol.35 Ch.347 Ebisu-sama Style Vol.35 Ch.348 Spirit Summoning Vol.36 Ch.349 The Disappearance of Black Cats Vol.36 Ch.350 The Mystery of the Black Cats' Secret Meeting Vol.36 Ch.351 The Hidden History of the Black Cats' Secret Meeting Vol.36 Ch.352 The Fruit of Hell Vol.36 Ch.353 Afraid of Hot Vol.36 Ch.354 Will Something Come Out? Vol.36 Ch.355 In the Tree Vol.36 Ch.356 Good Luck Omikuji Vol.36 Ch.357 The Thing in the House Vol.36 Ch.358 How to use a Hibachi Vol.37 Ch.359 Rainfall Vol.37 Ch.360 The Dirty Note Vol.37 Ch.361 Special Chocolate
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