Kuroko no Basuke

Vol.30 Ch.275 However Many Times

Vol.01 Ch.001 I Am Kuroko Vol.01 Ch.002 Monday at 840 on the Rooftop Vol.01 Ch.003 I Am Serious Vol.01 Ch.004 He Might Not Be a Decent One Vol.01 Ch.005 It's Not Just for Show Vol.01 Ch.006 It's Perfect If I Can't Win Vol.01 Ch.007 I'm Counting on You on the Counterattack Vol.02 Ch.008 I Am Going Vol.02 Ch.009 I Made a Promise Vol.02 Ch.010 Man Proposes, God Disposes Vol.02 Ch.011 Your Basketball Vol.02 Ch.012 Bring It Back Vol.02 Ch.013 Let's Go! Vol.02 Ch.014 I'll Tell You Two Things Vol.02 Ch.015 Definitely Strong!! Vol.02 Ch.016 We'll See Something Incredible Vol.03 Ch.017 Doesn't It Fire You Up? Vol.03 Ch.018 Let's Give It a Look Vol.03 Ch.019 It Made Me Realize Again Vol.03 Ch.020 It Will Be All Right Vol.03 Ch.021 We Overcame It Vol.03 Ch.022 Don't Worry Vol.03 Ch.023 In Order to Win Vol.03 Ch.024 It Even Died for That Sake Vol.03 Ch.025 Well Then... Vol.04 Ch.026 It Would Be a Problem Vol.04 Ch.027 He's a Veteran Vol.04 Ch.028 I'm Sorry Vol.04 Ch.029 That's Not the End! Vol.04 Ch.030 I Am Leo Vol.04 Ch.031 I'll Win! Vol.04 Ch.032 What's "Victory"? Vol.04 Ch.033 Charge! Vol.04 Ch.034 That Is What I Mean by "Man Proposes" Vol.05 Ch.035 I Believed in You! Vol.05 Ch.036 Let's... Compete Again Vol.05 Ch.037 Idiots Don't Win! Vol.05 Ch.038 I've Come! Vol.05 Ch.039 They're Just Alike Vol.05 Ch.040 Don't Make Me Laugh! Vol.05 Ch.041 Tea, You Mean? Vol.05 Ch.042 This Is Just the Beginning! Vol.05 Ch.043 Got It Vol.06 Ch.044 This Won't Work! Vol.06 Ch.045 Face Off Vol.06 Ch.046 Not Bad, eh? Vol.06 Ch.047 We'll Count on You! Vol.06 Ch.048 Y'all Are Insane Guys! Vol.06 Ch.049 Let's Duel Vol.06 Ch.050 Your Basketball Vol.06 Ch.051 I Will Never...! Vol.06 Ch.052 A New Challenge Vol.07 Ch.053 Who Are You? Vol.07 Ch.054 That's Why I Don't Like Him Vol.07 Ch.055 That's Talent Vol.07 Ch.056 Abandoning Vol.07 Ch.057 It's Not "Want" Vol.07 Ch.058 Leave It to Me! Vol.07 Ch.059 Let's Begin Vol.07 Ch.060 Don't Make Me Laugh Vol.07 Ch.061 Try Jumping Vol.08 Ch.062 I Know What I Have to Do!! Vol.08 Ch.062.5 [Extra] - Tip Off - Vol.08 Ch.063 I'll Win, Even If It Kills Me Vol.08 Ch.064 Still Immature! Vol.08 Ch.065 Who Do You Think? Vol.08 Ch.066 Here's a Small Warning Vol.08 Ch.067 I Quit Vol.08 Ch.068 I Don't Think It's Strange Vol.08 Ch.069 What's Gonna Happen Vol.08 Ch.070 Don't Misjudge Me-! Vol.09 Ch.071 They're Monsters Vol.09 Ch.072 Don't Talk Like You Can Win! Vol.09 Ch.073 Make Him Pay! Vol.09 Ch.074 I've Got This Here! Vol.09 Ch.075 Never Expected to See You Here Vol.09 Ch.076 I'll Say I'm His Big Brother? Vol.09 Ch.077 I've Made Up My Mind Vol.09 Ch.078 Be My Opponent! Vol.09 Ch.079 At Winter Cup! Vol.09 Ch.080 Please Take a Look Vol.10 Ch.081 Engine On Vol.10 Ch.082 Let's Go Have Fu~n Vol.10 Ch.083 Declaration of War, Please Vol.10 Ch.084 We're Finally Here Vol.10 Ch.085 Once Is Enough Vol.10 Ch.086 There's Only One Answer Vol.10 Ch.087 This Is Much Worse Than Just Tough Vol.10 Ch.088 Run!! Vol.10 Ch.089 I've Been Waiting Vol.11 Ch.090 Come On... It's Time for the Debut! Vol.11 Ch.091 I Surpassed It Ages Ago Vol.11 Ch.092 Time's Up Vol.11 Ch.093 That's Exactly What I Want Vol.11 Ch.094 It's Time for a Cleanup! Vol.11 Ch.095 Then Let's Make One Vol.11 Ch.096 Give Up Vol.11 Ch.097 It's Seirin High School's Basketball Team!! Vol.11 Ch.098 Thank God I Met You Guys Vol.11 Ch.099 I'll Be Back Soon Vol.12 Ch.100 There's No Way We Wouldn't Be Fired Up Vol.12 Ch.101 I'll Definitely Beat You!! Vol.12 Ch.102 That's Why I Decided Vol.12 Ch.103 You'll Lose Vol.12 Ch.104 That's the Trap Vol.12 Ch.105 It's Trust Vol.12 Ch.106 I Just Get That Feeling Vol.12 Ch.107 Stop Messing Around Vol.12 Ch.108 I'm Tired of Waiting Vol.13 Ch.109 It's Been a While Vol.13 Ch.110 Please Take Good Care of Us! Vol.13 Ch.111 We'll Dive Right In Vol.13 Ch.112 We'll Commence the Winter Cup! Vol.13 Ch.113 I Kept You Waiting Vol.13 Ch.114 This Time, We Definitely... Vol.13 Ch.115 Take the Lead!! Vol.13 Ch.116 I'll Be Disappointed Vol.13 Ch.117 Only When He's at His Very Best!! Vol.14 Ch.118 He Really Hates to Lose Vol.14 Ch.119 Just What I Was Thinking Vol.14 Ch.120 Useless Effort Vol.14 Ch.121 This Time, I'll Vol.14 Ch.122 Can You Leave It to Me? Vol.14 Ch.123 He's Beside Himself with Joy Vol.14 Ch.124 You'll Get Cold Vol.14 Ch.125 It's an Upset!! Vol.14 Ch.126 Let's Be Friendly Vol.15 Ch.127 They're Out of Options Vol.15 Ch.128 We Win Now! Vol.15 Ch.129 It's Better Than Losing Here Vol.15 Ch.130 The Final 4th Quarter Vol.15 Ch.131 Yeah... I Have Faith Vol.15 Ch.132 I Can't Stop Aomine-kun Vol.15 Ch.133 I'm in Your Debt Vol.15 Ch.134 Even Still, the Number One Is Vol.15 Ch.135 Because, I Believe in Him Vol.16 Ch.136 I'll Win No Matter What!! Vol.16 Ch.137 Like We'd Lose Vol.16 Ch.138 The One I Believe In Is Vol.16 Ch.139 Time's Up!! Vol.16 Ch.140 Really, Thank Goodness Vol.16 Ch.141 Nice to Meet You Vol.16 Ch.142 Please Teach Me Vol.16 Ch.143 There's No Way It's That Easy Vol.16 Ch.144 I Can't Wait Vol.17 Ch.145 Tip Off!! Vol.17 Ch.146 Let's Stop 'Em Vol.17 Ch.147 I'll Protect It Vol.17 Ch.148 First Point!! Vol.17 Ch.149 You Can't Compete with a Switchable Blade Vol.17 Ch.150 Leave it to Me!! Vol.17 Ch.151 I Want to Crush it Down Vol.17 Ch.152 Shield of Aegis Breaker Vol.17 Ch.153 It's Obvious Vol.18 Ch.154 I Got It...!! Vol.18 Ch.155 I'll Crush Them All Vol.18 Ch.156 It's Just Trash Vol.18 Ch.157 Please Win Vol.18 Ch.158 I Don't Want to Lose Vol.18 Ch.159 Where Did He Go?! Vol.18 Ch.160 Thank Goodness I Kept Playing Vol.18 Ch.161 You Are Just Looking Down On Us Vol.18 Ch.162 Who Are You? Vol.19 Ch.163 Seirin's Ace Vol.19 Ch.164 Something To See Vol.19 Ch.165 Enough Already Vol.19 Ch.166 We'll Win!!! Vol.19 Ch.167 It's Do Or Die!! Vol.19 Ch.168 It's Over!! Vol.19 Ch.168.5 [Extra Arc] Vol.19 Ch.169 So That's Just How It Is Vol.19 Ch.170 I'm Just Killing Time Vol.19 Ch.171 It's Mine Now Vol.20 Ch.172 Don’t You Get in My Way! Vol.20 Ch.173 Give Up Vol.20 Ch.174 Fine, I'll Take It Vol.20 Ch.175 I'll Teach You Vol.20 Ch.176 That's All It Is Vol.20 Ch.177 I Don't Know Vol.20 Ch.178 You'll Find Out Soon Enough Vol.20 Ch.179 He Has Not Given Up Vol.20 Ch.180 They're Similar To You Guys Vol.21 Ch.181 I'll Give Them to You Vol.21 Ch.182 You Won't Reach Vol.21 Ch.183 Now, Let's Go Vol.21 Ch.184 Strike First for Certain Victory! Vol.21 Ch.185 I Can't Help But Laugh Vol.21 Ch.186 It's Your Time to Shine! Vol.21 Ch.187 You Have Teammates, You Know Vol.21 Ch.188 It's Pointless To Say Anything Vol.21 Ch.189 The True Light Vol.22 Ch.190 That's Why I'll Go All Out Vol.22 Ch.191 You're Completely Visible Vol.22 Ch.192 Got Any Complaints Vol.22 Ch.193 Don't Underestimate Us!! Vol.22 Ch.194 In order to Win Vol.22 Ch.195 It's The Climax Vol.22 Ch.196 We Can’t Let Our Guard Down For A Second Vol.22 Ch.197 They'll Get Devoured Vol.22 Ch.198 This Time, For Sure Vol.22 Ch.198.5 Extra Vol.23 Ch.199 A Near-Impossible Feat Vol.23 Ch.200 I've Found The Answer Vol.23 Ch.201 It's According to Plan Vol.23 Ch.202 I Never Expected... Vol.23 Ch.203 He's An Amazing Player Vol.23 Ch.204 A Day Of Clear Blue Skies Vol.23 Ch.205 I No Longer Know Vol.23 Ch.206 It's Up to Him Vol.23 Ch.207 Welcome Vol.24 Ch.208 I'm Alright Vol.24 Ch.209 You Can Do It! Vol.24 Ch.210 I Already Knew Vol.24 Ch.211 See You Vol.24 Ch.212 I Feel Like I Can't Lose Vol.24 Ch.213 The Lion And The Rabbit Vol.24 Ch.214 I'm Looking Forward To It! Vol.24 Ch.215 Let's Do Our Best Vol.24 Ch.216 ...Sorry Vol.24 Ch.217 Let's Go Vol.25 Ch.218 Even If It's Just For Now Vol.25 Ch.219 Thank You Very Much Vol.25 Ch.220 I've Forgotten Vol.25 Ch.221 Te... Tsu... Ya. Vol.25 Ch.222 We're No Longer... Vol.25 Ch.223 ...I'm The Worst Vol.25 Ch.224 I'm... Envious Vol.25 Ch.225 What Business Do You Have? Vol.25 Ch.226 What Is Victory? Vol.26 Ch.227 I Am Kuroko Vol.26 Ch.228 We’ve Been Friends This Whole Time! Vol.26 Ch.229 I'm Going Vol.26 Ch.230 I Accept Your Challenge Vol.26 Ch.231 It Begins Vol.26 Ch.232 The Final Tip-Off! Vol.26 Ch.233 Isn't This Kinda Bad For Him? Vol.26 Ch.234 It's Now Or Never Vol.26 Ch.235 This Is Best, Isn't It? Vol.26 Ch.236 They've... Been Broken...!? Vol.27 Ch.237 Don't You Think It's Naive? Vol.27 Ch.238 Isn't He The Spitting Image Of...? Vol.27 Ch.238.5 Girls' Talk Vol.27 Ch.239 I Am All The More Pleased Vol.27 Ch.240 Super Serious Vol.27 Ch.241 It's So Frustrating... Vol.27 Ch.242 I'll Show You Something N.I.C.E. ? Vol.27 Ch.243 I've Already Won Vol.27 Ch.244 That Was Bad Vol.27 Ch.245 A Miracle Won't Happen Vol.28 Ch.246 Not Good Enough Vol.28 Ch.247 I Won't Accept It Vol.28 Ch.248 I Don't Feel Like Surrendering It Yet Vol.28 Ch.249 It All Starts Here Vol.28 Ch.250 The Weight of Determination Vol.28 Ch.251 I Still Have A Use For You Vol.28 Ch.252 A Llama Once Told Me Vol.28 Ch.253 Leave This To Me Vol.28 Ch.254 I Can't Match Him Vol.29 Ch.255 We're Gonna Do Our Best! Vol.29 Ch.256 I'm Doing All That I Can Like This Vol.29 Ch.257 Let's Do This, Rakuzan!! Vol.29 Ch.258 We Can't Stop You Anymore Vol.29 Ch.259 I'll Definitely Stop This Shot!! Vol.29 Ch.260 A Word of Advice Vol.29 Ch.261 That's Enough Vol.29 Ch.262 Why Don't You Give Up? Vol.29 Ch.263 Please Stop Akashi!! Vol.30 Ch.264 It Is The First Time!! Vol.30 Ch.265 Since We Don’t Have The Leisure For That Vol.30 Ch.266 Who Are You? Vol.30 Ch.267 It's Been A While, Hasn't It? Vol.30 Ch.268 What Can They Do Against This? Vol.30 Ch.269 Don't Give Up!! Vol.30 Ch.270 It Was You All Along, Wasn't It? Vol.30 Ch.271 One Hundred Years Too Early Vol.30 Ch.272 Risk It All!! Vol.30 Ch.273 This is the Final Play Vol.30 Ch.274 Match’s End!! Vol.30 Ch.275 However Many Times
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