Vol.13 Ch.092 Strike x Surprise

Vol.01 Ch.001 Encounter x Afflatus Vol.01 Ch.002 Contract x Chaos Vol.01 Ch.003 Synchronization Attack Vol.01 Ch.004 Conversion x Panic Vol.01 Ch.005 Victory x Conflict Vol.01 Ch.005.5 Side Story Vol.02 Ch.006 Contact x Experiment Vol.02 Ch.007 Crossing x Opportunity Vol.02 Ch.008 Impatience x Inspiration Vol.02 Ch.009 Clash x Recoil Vol.02 Ch.010 Transcendental x Share Vol.02 Ch.011 Enforce x Load Vol.02 Ch.012 Rest x Hardening Vol.02 Ch.013 Grief x Eye-Witness Vol.03 Ch.014 Self-Scorn x Misconceive Vol.03 Ch.015 Approach x Vigilance Vol.03 Ch.016 Spirit x Agreement Vol.03 Ch.017 Confusion x Shock Vol.03 Ch.018 Destiny x Resolve Vol.03 Ch.019 Proficiency x Indecision Vol.03 Ch.020 Restraint x Self-Sacrifice Vol.03 Ch.021 Encounter x Give & Take Vol.03 Ch.021.5 Special - Akane's Afternoon Vol.04 Ch.022 Sightseeing x Yearning Vol.04 Ch.023 Deliverance x Invocation Vol.04 Ch.024 Mistake x Reunion Vol.04 Ch.025 Sensation x Cowardice Vol.04 Ch.026 Counter-current x Disaster Vol.04 Ch.027 Search x Overview Vol.04 Ch.028 Sacred Ground x Sacred Tool Vol.04 Ch.029 Swim x Unexpected Encounter Vol.05 Ch.030 Languish x Reminiscence Vol.05 Ch.031 Entreaty x Impatience Vol.05 Ch.032 Astonishment x Understanding Vol.05 Ch.033 Investigation x Heartache Vol.05 Ch.034 Cornered x Refusal Vol.05 Ch.035 Crisis x Reminiscence Vol.05 Ch.036 Clan x Confession Vol.05 Ch.036.5 [Special Chapter] The Young Akane Vol.06 Ch.037 Twilight of the Silver Lion (1) Vol.06 Ch.038 Twilight of the Silver Lion (2) Vol.06 Ch.039 Twilight of the Silver Lion (3) Vol.06 Ch.040 Twilight of the Silver Lion (4) Vol.06 Ch.041 The War Gods' Deadly Game Vol.06 Ch.042 Gratitude x Discomfort Vol.06 Ch.043 Enmity x Solace \ [Special Chapter] Akane's Depression Vol.06 Ch.043.5 Vol.07 Ch.044 Crash x Fright Vol.07 Ch.045 Attraction x Breakaway Vol.07 Ch.046 Comeback x Shining Star Vol.07 Ch.047 Hear Out x Kick In Vol.07 Ch.048 Rebuke x Criticize Vol.07 Ch.049 Disgust x Affection Vol.07 Ch.050 Uneasiness x Exhaustion Vol.07 Ch.050.5 [Special Chapter] Century-old Lovers Vol.08 Ch.051 Ineffective x Enraged Vol.08 Ch.052 Resentment x Discouragement Vol.08 Ch.053 Despair x Capture Vol.08 Ch.054 Suffering x Exhaustion Vol.08 Ch.055 Resuscitation x Loss Vol.08 Ch.056 Technique x Infusion Vol.08 Ch.057 Escape x Return Vol.08 Ch.058 Invitation x Silhouette Vol.09 Ch.059 Throbbing x Resolve Vol.09 Ch.060 Budding x Reminiscence Vol.09 Ch.061 Utter Defeat x Unconsciousness Vol.09 Ch.062 Speechless x Bloodshed Vol.09 Ch.063 Escape x Falsehood Vol.09 Ch.064 Bashfulness x Banquet Vol.09 Ch.065 Fighting Spirit x Accord Vol.09 Ch.065.5 [Special Chapter] Another Story of Black God Vol.10 Ch.066 Quick Attack x Protection Vol.10 Ch.067 Intercept x Pressure Vol.10 Ch.068 Willpower x Unconsciousness Vol.10 Ch.069 Verge of Death x Powerless Vol.10 Ch.070 Defeat x Sympathy Vol.10 Ch.071 Weakness x Synchronisation Vol.10 Ch.072 Fall x Accent Vol.10 Ch.073 Terra Line x Obstacle Vol.10 Ch.073.5 [Special Chapter] Akane's Decisive Weapon Vol.11 Ch.074 Worry x Unease Vol.11 Ch.075 Tiger and the Wing ① Vol.11 Ch.076 Tiger and the Wing ② Vol.11 Ch.077 Tiger and the Wing ③ Vol.11 Ch.078 Tiger and the Wing ④ Vol.11 Ch.079 Virtue x Astray Vol.11 Ch.080 Consciousness x Recognition Vol.11 Ch.081 Determination x Resistance Vol.12 Ch.082 Complete Synchro Vol.12 Ch.083 Cycle x Awakening Vol.12 Ch.084 Fever x Nursing Vol.12 Ch.085 Hunter x Extending Vol.12 Ch.086 Confession x Holding Back Vol.12 Ch.087 Concealment x Apology Vol.12 Ch.088 Stranger x Friend Vol.13 Ch.089 Justification x Speculation Vol.13 Ch.090 Nostalgia x Negotiations Vol.13 Ch.091 Overpowered x Offguard Vol.13 Ch.092 Strike x Surprise Vol.13 Ch.093 Opposite x Gender Vol.13 Ch.094 Devil's Scent Vol.13 Ch.095 Assassin x Promise Vol.13 Ch.095.5 Black God Fairy Tale Vol.14 Ch.096 Advice, Lecture Vol.14 Ch.097 Mana and Yuna Vol.14 Ch.098 Mana and Yuna 2 Vol.14 Ch.099 Mana and Yuna 3 Vol.14 Ch.100 Mana and Yuna 4 Vol.14 Ch.101 Mana and Yuna 5 Vol.14 Ch.102 Mana and Yuna 6 Vol.14 Ch.102.5 Another Story of Black God 2nd Vol.15 Ch.103 Mana and Yuna 7 Vol.15 Ch.104 Mana and Yuna 8 Vol.15 Ch.105 Mana and Yuna 9 Vol.15 Ch.106 Spirit Conspiracy 1 Vol.15 Ch.106.5 Akane's Date Vol.15 Ch.107 Spirit Conspiracy 2 Vol.15 Ch.108 Spirit Conspiracy 3 Vol.15 Ch.109 Spirit Conspiracy 4 Vol.15 Ch.109.5 Let's Go to the Public Bath! Vol.15 Ch.109.7 Bonus Track Vol.16 Ch.110 Spirit Conspiracy 5 Vol.16 Ch.111 Spirit Conspiracy 6 Vol.16 Ch.112 Specter x Scheme Vol.16 Ch.113 Battle Instinct Vol.16 Ch.114 Clever Scheme. Secret Plan 1 Vol.16 Ch.115 Clever Scheme. Secret Plan 2
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