Vol.06 Ch.033 007 / From Amamizukan with Love

Vol.01 Ch.001 Sex and the Amars Vol.01 Ch.002 Pretty Woman Vol.01 Ch.003 Sukiyaki Western Django Vol.01 Ch.004 Enchanted Vol.01 Ch.005 Next Next! Amars Vol.01 Ch.006 Take Me to the Aquarium Vol.02 Ch.007 Clear and Present Danger Vol.02 Ch.008 I Want to Become a Jellyfish Vol.02 Ch.009 Seven Amars Vol.02 Ch.010 Fatal Attraction Vol.02 Ch.011 Driving Mr. Hanamori Vol.02 Ch.012 In the Closet Vol.03 Ch.013 Rotten Financial Islands Vol.03 Ch.014 Clara's Holiday Vol.03 Ch.015 Million Dollar Baby Vol.03 Ch.016 Romeo & Juliet? Vol.03 Ch.017 A Moment to Remember Vol.03 Ch.018 Deep Blue Vol.04 Ch.019 Beautiful Person Vol.04 Ch.020 The Affair of the Necklace Vol.04 Ch.021 ER Emergency Room Vol.04 Ch.022 Some Like It Hot? Vol.04 Ch.023 The Rose of Versailles? Vol.04 Ch.024 Close Encounters of the Third Kind Vol.05 Ch.025 Deep Impact Vol.05 Ch.026 Hamlet 2 Vol.05 Ch.027 The Big Blue Vol.05 Ch.028 Jellyfishdog $ Millionaire Vol.05 Ch.029 Because You're My Cute Person Vol.05 Ch.029.5 Kuragehime Heroes Ch. 1, 2 Vol.06 Ch.030 T Loved Him Twice Vol.06 Ch.031 Dolly Girls Vol.06 Ch.032 Amars Countdown to Extinction Vol.06 Ch.033 007 / From Amamizukan with Love Vol.06 Ch.034 Party Monster Vol.06 Ch.034.5 Kuragehime Heroes Ch. 3 Vol.07 Ch.035 Showgirls Vol.07 Ch.036 A Clockwork Amars Vol.07 Ch.037 Gossip Girl Vol.07 Ch.038 The Orphanage Vol.07 Ch.039 The Secret in Their Eyes Vol.07 Ch.039.5 Kuragehime Heroes Ch. 4, 5 Vol.08 Ch.040 Jellyfish The Dancing Maharaja Vol.08 Ch.041 007 / The Spy Who Loved Me Vol.08 Ch.042 Confessions of a Shopaholic! Vol.08 Ch.043 And Then There Were None Vol.08 Ch.044 If She Looks Back, Is It Love? Vol.08 Ch.044.5 Kuragehime Heroes Ch. 6, 7 Vol.09 Ch.045 Flame & Citron Vol.09 Ch.046 Is it Bad to Just Have Fun? Vol.09 Ch.047 MONSIEUR HIRE Vol.09 Ch.048 My Date with Shuu-Shuu Vol.09 Ch.049 About a Cherry Boy Vol.09 Ch.049.5 Kuragehime Heroes Ch. 8 \ [Bonus Manga] Vol.10 Ch.050 Evening Dresses Dream of Jellyfish Vol.10 Ch.051 The Sorcerer's Little Brother Vol.10 Ch.052 Casual Line Vol.10 Ch.053 Tomorrow World Vol.10 Ch.054 Shuu, Tsukimi and the Amars Vol.11 Ch.055 Exhibition for Geeks Vol.11 Ch.056 Toxic Jellyfish Princess Vol.11 Ch.057 Jellyfish, Dyed Black Vol.11 Ch.058 Fashion War Asia's Leader Vol.11 Ch.059 President Fish is Here Yaa! Yaa! Yaa! Vol.11 Ch.059.5 Extra Vol.12 Ch.060 Singapore Thrilling Vol.12 Ch.061 The Little Match Girl Vol.12 Ch.062 Feel Free to Call Me Vol.12 Ch.063 Midnight Flight Vol.12 Ch.064 Far Away and Always with You Vol.13 Ch.065 The Lord of the Rings Vol.13 Ch.066 Last Party Vol.13 Ch.067 Catch Her If You Can Vol.13 Ch.068 Cinderella Time Won't Turn Back Vol.13 Ch.069 A Box, White Shirt, And Me Vol.14 Ch.070 The Devil Wears a White Shirt Vol.14 Ch.071 Good Jellyfish Hunting Vol.14 Ch.072 In the Pool Vol.14 Ch.073 Earth Vol.14 Ch.074 The Wolf of Singapore Street Vol.14 Ch.074.5 Kuragehime Heroes Ch. 10 Vol.15 Ch.075 Jellyfish Up in the Tower Vol.15 Ch.076 The Monster of Singapore Vol.15 Ch.077 Casino Royale Vol.15 Ch.077.5 Episode.1 Amars Eve Vol.16 Ch.078 [email protected] Vol.16 Ch.079 Dinner for Amars Vol.16 Ch.080 Shall We Marry? Vol.16 Ch.081 Innocent Koibuchi Boys Vol.16 Ch.081.5 Cross-Dressing Eve Vol.17 Ch.082 ○○ Dresses Vol.17 Ch.083 Jellyfish Resurgence Vol.17 Ch.084 Final Episode
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